Time Warner Cable, Spectrum problems

Time Warner Cable (TWC) aka now Spectrum is very well known for supplying its phone service, television and Internet over cable. Not only are these services supplied to businesses they are also provided to individuals. But nothing ever runs smoothly and this is when many problems materialize, such as a complete Time Warner Cable / Spectrum outage with one of the services above.

The main problems at Time Warner Cable include Internet outages, customers having issues with their login; phone network goes down without warning and so forth. But other issues can occur such as ESPN HD in Kentucky going down, most of the time these problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

It doesn’t matter how small or big your problem is, we would like you to share them below, please remember to add your location as well as this will provide everyone with a Time Warner Cable outage map. Let this be your Spectrum service status page.

Time Warner Cable status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Time Warner Cable is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Time Warner Cable? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Lily

    Why is TWC Internet down again, this is pathetic.

  • Norbit

    Before anyone starts complaining about Time Warner Cable, yes there were a few issues earlier with service it happened to me. But you have to remember the weather is diabolical at the moment and this bad weather is in the area where they have there stations.

  • Sky

    TWC wifi is down for me at the moment, if they keep supplying me with issues rather than serice then they will most definitely loose a customer.

  • Kath

    Internet and cable out yet again. Off more than its on lately. And why do I pay them?

  • Darlena

    No Internet in Morrisville area, even though one of my friends says they have service back up and running.

  • Nolene

    No cable in Burlington, NC.

  • Paddy

    Niagara Falls, NY TWC Internet is down.

  • Sadey

    My Internet was out yesterday for a while in Ellicottville, NY

  • Joanie

    Whe I opened the TWC website all I got was the 503 service unavailable massage.

  • Robert Resner

    Our phone line has not worked now for at least three days. I chatted on line with TWC and they could give me no timing on a fix.

  • Dakota

    Internet is really really slow, TWC is not m=normally this painfully slow, are the servers having an update or something?

  • Kerri

    In Texas and got no TWC Internet.

  • Julian

    Cable is down in California.

  • Sheperd

    My internet is down and out in California. What time will it be back online.

  • Jamie

    There seems to be a time warner internet outageat the moment, i have no internet or tv.

  • Alvin

    I am down in Wilmington,CA. Now I cannot do the work i intending on doing becasue I have no Internet at home, should of stayed in the office.

  • Carrey

    Apparently TWC is doing some maintenance – this was scheduled for around 5.30AM PST in Lancaster, CA.

  • Allen

    I got no TWC service in Palmdale.

  • Benjamin

    I live in Dayton, OH and our service has progressively gotten worse and worse as of about 6 months ago. Tonight is the worste it has been as far back as I can remember. Internet keeps cutting out. Thought maybe there was too much traffic on home network so I reset our password and kicked all devices off. Not even one device will access the internet right now with the updated password. I am really starting to hate TWC. Sooooooooo disappointed in them.

  • Luis

    TWC outage yet again, what a wonderful service we get hey!!!! I am out in Texas.

  • Martin

    I am in Raleigh and this is the 2nd time on 4 days i have had not internet service.

  • Nigel

    I am down and out in Sullivan Co, NY

  • Kerry

    Charleston, SC is down, no TWC service for 2 hours now.

  • Forde

    It’s been down since last night/early AM today – it’s now 21:20 16JUN2016 EDT. Called TWC and she said ‘it was an issue with my modem not connecting to the server” and then stopped. I said ok, and asked if they could diagnose from there what the problem might be and what I could do. She then replied that it was because I was in an outage area …. OK wow. tell me that first and why and what you as a company are doing – don’t start with it’s my modem. When asked about the work on it, she said yes and she would add my phone number to an automated call back system for when it was fixed . Have a good day ….and obviously keep guessing. Thanks TWC and Cox (guess I spelled that right)

  • Forde

    BTW . Forde (below) is in the Sandhills of NC. From outage maps, it looks like most of the state is affected.
    just wish they would give an idea of what’s going on, because I need to run my business tomorrow, and it’s hard when they cannot figure out how to run their’s.
    Hope whoever reads this is well.

  • Denver

    Internet and cable TV down in Kyle, Texas.

  • Richard

    Is there a Time Warner Cable TV and Phone outage in Hillsborough, NC? I seem to have lost connection with the service.

  • Tina

    There is an TWC Internet outage in Dallas area.

  • Meagan

    TWC internet is down in 53182.

  • Brian

    Time Warner Cable business class is not what I expected, it keeps losing connection.

  • sporley


  • uk

    We haven’t had cable since the 11th!!!! Our internet speed is ridiculous now as well. There was an outage last Saturday and I FOUGHT for days to get things straightened out, there was a downed pole down the street, internet came back on Tuesday, cable never did, such a joke!!!!!

  • Margaret Monte

    No phone or Internet 12056

  • KB_Steelers216_Clippers

    this is ridiculous. internet has been down all day
    and since i see how bad it is over the country there should b a discount for our next billing cycle !

  • Lost and a drift

    INTERNET ,TV, phone all down in Carrollton Texas

  • RG

    Cable Down since yesterday. Greensboro NC

  • Laura

    Internet up and down for the last 2 days. 28442 NC

  • Joe

    Internet is down I’m Staten island NY and it looks like parts of NJ

  • Casey

    Seriously having issues with my Time Warner Cable login to email.

  • Jason

    Having the idea in my head that Spectrum would be better than TWC had me thinking I was just ready for the mental hospital. Since Spectrum took over things have go worse, does anyone else agree?

  • Kyle

    TWC outage yet again, I am located in Albany 12210 and have no internet.

  • Janice

    Phone and internet are not alive, they have died a slow death and have no idea how to stay with them after the hassle i have been having, Why spectrum why did you kill it off.

  • William

    I have very slow connection, i have 350 Mbps connection but only getting 170 Mbps.

  • Wanda Wyatt

    Just got my internet and phone back in Los Angeles County.

  • Bonnie Martin

    anybody in Terre Haute IN get internet back?

  • Beverly Williams Gedvillas

    Is internet and cable down in HIllsborough NC

  • Rose Villaraos Manning

    It is today

  • XCLN

    Down in New York City since around Noon today

  • tom terrific

    Ohio changed DNS to Google worked (

  • Joe roesch

    Spectrum sucks. Have had no service in staten island new york since 3:15 PM today. Seems like problem is country wide from what I’m reading.

  • Adrienne Daughdrill

    Timewarnerspectrum is down in Madison county Kentucky.internet not sure about thier other services

  • Schmay

    Spectrum has been spotty for 2 weeks on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington 🙁

  • Perry Chamberlain

    Spectrum Time Warner is down in Palmdale North Los Angeles county since midnight no internet

  • Eldred E Coot

    I watched BBVLKY_01 for over one hour instead of KET. I see no reason why program can not continue after a weather report. A solid blank screen helps no one.
    I also wish you had KET-2 so I could catch up with the programs you F up.

  • Nancy Stoll

    No internet in Hamburg, NY since about 11:30 AM ET”

  • Dave

    Terribly slow download speeds in dayton ohio area

  • Kevin Winstead

    Did not receive the normal emails I receive daily from 1am to 7am Pacific Time on Nov 18, 2019. No response from road runner chat I had an hour or two ago. While emails are now coming in, the 10 or so I normally receive have not been forwarded.

  • Nancy Ryan South Carolina

    My Spectrum cable and internet is down in Hartsville SC.
    Out since 9am.!!!!