Tinder App Down, Login Failed

One of the best dating apps out there for mobile devices has to be Tinder, and with over 9 billion matches since its release there are times when there are issues. This may be the world’s best dating app but now and then problems do occur where he Tinder app can go down for a number of reasons.

Many issues such as Tinder crashing, login failed, not being able to download and install properly. You can find your match and message, even though no one can message you unless you swipe right on others profiles users have encountered problems where messages have not been sent or received.

Issues have occurred when users have had a mobile notification saying they have received a message, but when they open it there is nothing there has this happened to you?

Have you had issues trying to un-match people or trying to authenticate through Facebook? If you are having any of the above troubles or anything else to do with the Tinder app please do share them with us below.

Tinder App status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Tinder App is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Tinder App? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Eddie

    My Tinder is still down and out, not been working now for like 2 days.

  • Lisa

    I got a notification yesterday on my phone about a match and when i opened there was nothign there. Talk about build my hopes up.

  • Kerry

    All my matches and messages have disappeared, how come this has happened and has this happened to you?

  • Hector

    Tinder login is failing.

  • Jacob

    I try to login and it keeps saying login failed for me.

  • Lennie

    I cannot access Tinder, the app is crashing on me.

  • Elizabeth

    What is better, Tinder or Plenty of Fish? Tinder keeps shutting down on me so getting bored with it.