T-Mobile US network problems

T-Mobile US provides a mobile phone and Internet service in America, which includes voice mail, text messages to businesses and individuals. Worst case for customers is when there is a total service outage where both signal and network is lost. Other issues could be the T-Mobile US website going down, some may have issues with customer service, whatever the issue please update us with your issue.

T-Mobile USA network problems

Is T-Mobile US down right now? If the answer is yes please comment below, with your problem, what device you are using and the location the issue is occurring. If the T-Mobile goes down customers are left without calls, messaging etc, if the website servers has an outage customers are unable to purchase any phones, tablets, look at deals or buy accessories.

If you are having any T-Mobile coverage, signal problems please let this be your service status page. This is your page if there are any T-Mobile US network problems etc.

T-Mobile US status reports for Sunday 30th of April 2017

To find out if T-Mobile US is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with T-Mobile US? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Kyen Nguyen

    Service is back in orange county

  • Robert Warner

    This is sad you can’t even dial 911 wtf tmoble. Their on it when you don’t pay your though. There needs to be some type of repercussions for this issue

  • Robert Warner

    Finally service back on temecula ca.

  • Robert Warner

    I take that back still no service I can text with wifi but I can not call out

  • Wendy L Talley

    Verizon is down too it’s not just T-Mobile

  • Wendy L Talley

    From thier complaint page..
    Problems at Verizon
    Verizon is having issues since 10:01 AM EDT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

  • Denee

    Can call out finally but cant do anything else…St. Louis, MO

  • Chad A Crouch

    Service bacl kansas city. … currently on hold… im requesting my esp be wiped out and new phones stat

  • Denee

    Just got of the phone with t-mobile and was told they have no idea when all the services will be up and fully functional but hey if i want I can call back sometime later tomorrow and possible get some kind of reimbursement for how long the service was out for…..yeah…..NOT HAPPY….in St. Louis MO.

  • Paul

    service is up in bonnieville, Kentucky.

  • Paul

    Your esp? Why new phones?

  • Perry chamberlain

    @tmobile Cell and data down here in Los Angeles for the last three hours, still down

  • Torie DuVall

    Baytown, Texas. I’ve been without service for going on roughly 12 hours . Why exactly do I pay t mobile again ? Ugh

  • Torie DuVall

    I have a 6s+ and I have no service .

  • George Mitchell

    Bryan Texas, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge No service for calling or data

  • Perry chamberlain

    I have driven 65 miles north of los Angeles, for work,and the cellular and data network are still down.
    No service in the palmdale area as well.
    Looks like most of southern California, is still down. No cell service or LTE data

  • D’Angelo Dee Laney

    I’m in Columbus ohio, I had no service for over 3hrs. Couldn’t make a call, or anything for more then 3 hours…. and no explanation of why…..

  • Maggie Marlow

    T mobile pay as you go mobile phone from UK. No reception or ability to send message or phone. St. Petersburg, florida

  • Erin McKinley

    Yes, my service is down in Mesa, AZ. I phone 6. I have no phone or internet service.

  • Rin

    Castro valley, CA IPhone 7 network is down

  • Lynn

    I can’t send a text, and haven’t been able to for 4 hours…

  • Anthony

    I can make calls but can’t do anything else

    Fort Bragg NC

  • Jamie NOrris

    I’m I’m fuquay Varina NC and I haven’t had service since Friday. I went to Raleigh Sunday to get a signal.

  • Lee Kubachka

    10/10/16, since 5:30pm – No data, no cell service. Southern Pines, NC

  • Robert Ferracane

    Westchester, NY. – cannot phone or text for last four hours, on MotoX. Never experienced this before.
    What’s going on?

  • Papaboulay Mangoya

    what`s going on with Tfuck mobile 1week no service !!!!!

  • Forrest L Connor

    Been almost a week with no T-Mobile service. What is up?

  • caucasionally

    Scranton, PA. Service down since 1pm, 10-13-16


    Yes I am having trouble with my service too. All day.

  • http://usalbertik.wix.com/albert Albert Mamalyga

    I’m currently in Russia. I have no service whatsoever. Can’t even call T-Mobile for troubleshooting. Never had this problem overseas.

  • Hristina N

    I am having problems with TMobile almost a week. No calling, no messages, no network. We have 4 lines. All the same. Terrible! Schiller Park, Illinois

  • Custo


  • Everette Keith

    Data has been horribly slow on phone OR hotspot (example: 5 seconds of YouTube video after 10-15 seconds of’buffering’) for about 6 weeks now: Oneplus X (AOSP type ROM or Oneplus software).
    Naturally NO support from T-MO cuz OPX is not a supported device.

  • Troy

    Internet is down in Milroy PA

  • gary nowlyn

    No Power on phone.

  • billy omer

    t-mobile is down in eugene oregon 97403 today 10-16-16

  • D.G

    No service no calls, messages etc. Galaxy S5 ,Hazel Crest IL.

  • Grace

    Houston, Texas signal loss every day on t-mobile network no service, calls and txt fail to go through service use to be great on t-mobile but lately it has gone to crap, been with this company for years now seriously thinking about switching

  • Maggie

    I cannot make, receive phone calls or send or receive text messages. This also happened on Friday. I am on the far west side of NYC. This is getting ridiculous and I don’t want to pay for two days of no service.

  • Tee

    Phone is down who else ?

  • Matt Borucki

    No calls in or out, but I have data and texting

  • Kelly Greek

    No calls in or at. Texting seems to be working. Data is spotty. Hard to work from home without a phone!!

  • Sclernix Dewop

    No data or text in Chicago. Am i the only one?

  • American

    Phone just lost service then came back with only 4G in Austin TX. What’s going on?

  • Stinger

    No service in Polk County GA

  • Tina Waller

    No service outside of liberty, tx. Very frustrating…. The only reason I am in here is because I have WiFi……

  • JStephD

    Is service down in Cincinnati OH?

  • Crystal Hadden

    No data services it says I have T-Mobile 4 bars and lte but I have nothing wth this sucks I am over road truck driver I rely on my phone for conditions etc

  • Hugh

    Still having issues in Maitland/Altamonte/Casselberry Florida areas. Get it together or get out of the business!

  • Rene Salinas

    We, T-Mobile patrons should get a free month after the day service has been restored or I will switch to another provider.

  • Rene Salinas

    Threaten them to switch to a more reliable provider, no mention which will give you a better deal.

  • Amanda Rosser

    I am having network issues as of right now it’s been about 4 hours smh

  • Amanda Rosser

    Philadelphia PA

  • Random Unhappy Dude

    No one picks up in Customer Support.. “We are unable to take your call at this time”..

  • Lee PriceJohnson

    Is it you? Is it MetroPCS? Is it. Android? Idk…but somebody needs to lay off the wacked out signal interruption!

  • Celeste Harrell

    Been in Santa Cruz for 12 hours and no service

  • Karen Neill

    Olympia, WA – Been having problems all afternoon

  • Alethea Earhart

    No service, Salem, OR. I am so frustrated with TMobile!

  • Jhiggz Kharique Merritt

    No internet service Northern Nj
    ..lol get off my line feds

  • Scott gato

    No service in Tampa Florida since about 7am this morning. Come on T-Mobile what’s going on. Is all T-Mobile customers going to get a nice credit for being with out service all day and most of the night. I’m pissed & not very happy with T-Mobile…

  • 4humanrights

    I have no service currently in Los Angeles.

  • Andrew D Johanson

    Signal loss in salisbury,md. On my galaxy s7 and wifes s7 edge

  • Jarrett Williams

    Horrible signal on me and my wife’s iphone 7 in mcbee south carolina.

  • Shana Arndt

    Can’t pay bill. Says it is experiencing difficulty with service. Clinton Township MI

  • LotusStyle

    Very slow mobile Internet speeds. Almost like it is running in 2g or 3g mode instead of LTE. iMessage in text won’t send unless I send it as SMS on my iphone 7. Websites that used to work no longer load. Forget about Imgur or YouTube…. barely works. Affected area: Cypress CA and Tustin CA.

  • Olesyaua

    No service in NY since yesterday

  • Maria

    Can’t access anything on the internet since this morning. I’m here in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Isabelle Pablo

    Email to my bf using t-mobile internet keeps coming back as undelivered. Then he gets online but has not received any email during the “blackouts”. Reno area

  • Craig

    No service in western NY since yesterday 01/02/17

  • Lesia Lepley-Fail Lepley

    Coden, Alabama, 36523 area . NO Phone No Internet, No Text! Right in the middle of talking to water company about a busted water pipe at my house and totally lost all service! I have no idea if they heard me or not. :(

  • D Sexton

    T-mobile down in Lewisburg, WV for two days!

  • Cliff Baugher

    In Fort Myers Fla & no service for 2 days….

  • Geri Jeter

    All day outage in Reno, NV. No data, voice or text.

  • Evan

    No service in Rexburg Idaho since 1pm MDT

  • Austin Asplund

    Me too :/

  • Preslie

    No service in Rexburg ID since yesterday at 1pm

  • Holly S.

    No phone or messaging in Hastings, MN; Internet works fine

  • Diane M. Drawbaugh

    I have no service in Munnsville NY.

  • Diane M. Drawbaugh

    No text or phone right now

  • Yung Adamsville

    Atlanta, Ga Samsung galaxy s6 plus My calls, text, internet or data hasn’t been working since Friday smh

  • Jaren White

    No 4gLTE Hammond, Indiana

  • jaie cutler

    Can’t dial out, answer calls, anything requiring outgoing can’t do it.

  • jaie cutler

    Murray, ut.cant call or listen to vm going on 2 days.

  • Keytah Murray

    Hope an emergency don’t occur! Can’t dial out or receive calls. This is awful, I am so not happy. I’m thinking about switching carriers.
    Tucker Ga!

  • ANNA

    down in WV…this is day 19…NOT A HAPPY CAMPER SNOOPY !!!

  • ANNA

    Day 21 with no signal/service in WV…Looking for recompense of 1 month service as I’ve paid in advance for this month…Using Nokia #6010 older model and Nokia x2 locked to TMOBILE…WOW ! Looking to see if they can be unlocked to switch carrier…

  • Manz3480

    93637 3/4 bars of lte yet internt does not work

  • Anna

    Day 24 in WV.. When is this going to end? Thank goodness I have a landline and a desktop still !!

  • perspicacious_progressive

    Smart Stay or Smart Screen doing its own thing (the Samsung EYE Icon). Phone very busy with 4G LTE incoming/outgoing traffic when idle. Always issues with ability to make calls/send SMS. Phone has been acting very strange the past week.

  • Luis

    Samsung galaxy 7 no network connection no calls, no txt and no data as of right now

  • Luis

    Oh forgot to add in Cudahy CA Samsung galaxy 7 no service

  • G money

    Same here g im in hp no service. Wack!!!!

  • Anna

    Requested info to unlock my phones from T-Mobile after cust serv. rep stated ” there is
    nothing wrong here and nothing wrong with partner tower {ATT} as far as I am concerned…Your phones are broken and it not our problem” After 12 years with this service I am DONE…Switched to ATT…By the way this is day 25 no service/signal.
    SHAME ON YOU !!! PS…ALL phones are working now with ATT…

  • Teresa Clark

    Samsung Galaxy s5 , we have 4 phones with tmobile. One is t-mobile.Com the other 3 are thru Walmart family mobile carrier is t-mobile and none of our phones will make calls, text or internet. This is reducuolus. Pahrump, NV

  • Lasolasguy

    T mobile service out on my lg10….
    Hallandale beach Florida …01/30/17

  • azpooch

    No data; No signal; No service whatsoever
    1/30/17 All day
    Samsung galaxy s7 edge
    Chandler, AZ

  • Blair

    no service no signal cant txt cant make a call what is the point in having a phone if it doesn’t work why am I paying for a service that does not work 02-02-17

  • Joshua

    ZTE zmax pro, Georgetown co 80444. Lost service yesterday around 1pm and haven’t had any service since?? I have wifi!! It’s morning and I use my phone for work. Please help.

  • Long Time Customer

    Me too. Gtown, CO. Lost service yesterday…still down. This happens every time we have high winds here…which is often. Last few times it took 2-3 days to restore service.

  • Long Time Customer

    If you drive down the frontage road to about Lawson you can get service

  • Long Time Customer

    Update…still down here but tmobile has a ticket for the outage. No ETA on repair.

  • Jesse Lopez Jr

    Its down in port lavaca, tx

  • Ben Hill

    Down in Lompoc CA going on 4 hr

  • Sherri Majors

    TMobile Network has been spotty here in Northern Nevada for the past three days. On Friday it was out for 15 hours..
    Would love to know if there’s a ETA for up time or fix?

  • Sanggil Han

    It has been NO SERVICE for over 8 hours please fix this problem.
    I live in La Crescenta, CA 91214


    LTE down for one week in Oklahoma!

  • Scott

    No service westbrook me help

  • Maggie Zotti

    The whole North side of Westmont Il is down and is affecting police and for the whole village. ETA on fix? -village employee.

  • Todd Davis

    Havnt been able to make or receive txts or calls since 11am,in central Massachusetts. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM

  • Desi_Princess

    Can’t wait to leave this slow ass network. Ordered unlimited data 3 days ago and my phone has been slow ever since. It took 6 minutes for one Internet page to load. Called tech support and they said the towers were down in my area (90008). Would have been nice to get a text from Tmobile 3 DAYS AGO informing me of this, like they text me when my payment is due.

  • Ang Jakobitz

    No service, text, 4g Minnesota. I am tired of this.

  • Rose

    No service since 9:30a.m Harvey, Illinois

  • Cal 20 Sailor

    I have 3G service, but T-Mobile’s website is down and I cannot get into my account or shop for plan upgrades…and T-Mobile has done NOTHING to communicate this issue to its customers!!!!!!!! Guess it’s time to look at Verizon again…

  • Tammy Seekins

    Vancouver Washington my mobile data has been unusually spotty today and for the past hour absolutely no mobile data so I can’t call can’t receive calls can’t get voice mails can’t text and I’m not receiving emails either.

  • Tammy

    Thank you T-Mobile for letting me comment as a guest

  • Sadaf Khan

    I have no service for almost 5 days now!!! I have a samsung galaxy and I live in North Carolina. Without my Wi-Fi, I can not call/ text nor can I receive them! I use the LTE/3g/2g

  • Sadaf Khan

    Omg! Same!! Did u ever get it fixed?

  • Dolly James Kiuru

    My calls keep on dropping anytime if am receiving or calling and my mobile network has been bad since last week. I have a Sony xperia z2 and ZTE phone.honestly the signal and coverage is bad and am becoming very upset.

  • Frances Farnsworth Jones

    No signal on my phone, says emergency calls only. Huntsville Alabama

  • Krissy K

    Chelmsford ma, tmobile -no calls in or out. recorded message “all systems are buzy blah blah blah” Internet only through cable, text messages are inconsistent. ..got 4 from yesterday at 6am, out if order and lots of repeat texts…Website says no outage?

  • Tim

    Flint mi, auburn hills mi, brighton mi, I lost signal 2 days ago at 5am and now I cant seem to get service almost at all when I do it don’t last I just got a plan with you 2 weeks ago and was happy up front and as of now im about to just go to Verizon they have a working network. your site says no problems and went to a store and was asked how me not having a network is there problem well I just joined your network im a paying customer and I would like to know whats going on. The problem is not fixed stop saying it is and if this is considered fixed I will gladly cancel and go to Verizon. I use my phone for work and to talk to my son while im gone this need to be taken care of asap

  • Sacramento / Elk Grove, CA

    No service since 9:30 a.m Sacramento, California

  • Jose Cervantes

    Can’t get on the internet. Plus its showing I’m on a 2gig data plan which I’m not and I’m currently on a 10 gig data plan

  • B.A.

    I get dropped calls every 3-5 minutes like I’m out of range even with having four bars.

    Lgk10. Saint Paul, Mn.

  • Sheepish

    No service, kalamazoo, MI

  • Panagiotis Papachronopoulos

    No reception college point NY 11356
    It says searching for the last 2 hours

  • Victoria “Vicky” Martinez

    Phone has been saying t mobile network not available for an hour now

  • Josie

    Yes. Cannot connect to network, cannot make calls, receive texts, or browse the internet. San Diego Ca. Galaxy s5.

  • Brad

    No Service for the past 3 hours, Minneapolis, MN

  • Shirley

    not able to text or make phone calls on iPhone, Pacific Grove, CA

  • DT

    My daughters iPhone 7 hasn’t worked right for 3 days! She can’t text, browse the Internet and can only make calls using wifi. Serious outage is going on.

  • Margaret I

    No servive South Carolina

  • Karen West

    Galaxy edge s7 has not been able to connect to any cell service, appearing as no bars or marked by an x. Been traveling from maine to mass for two weeks and have been unable to get anything.

  • Jeannie Woods

    GALAXY s6 down in Virginia Beach Virginia

  • Leric

    iphone 6s plus, It just says no service. Norfolk VA

  • Vonn

    Portsmouth, Va no service

  • Phil

    Service back up in Va beach

  • Phil

    Ok service back down @ 10:17 am

  • Mya Eison


  • Mya Eison

    Service is down in Philadelphia PA

  • Tim Bradley-Harris

    Colorado Springs CO

  • Nakia S Aubrey

    Service is down..iphone 6 waxahachie texas…why??

  • Brian kenndell

    What the f**k. Hey Nakia Aubrey

  • Marilynn Harris

    3-5 times a day it states tmobile not working or connection issues

  • Lisa Sanders Greenawalt

    Service is in and out today. I’ve tried all morning to use Facebook and other apps. When I called a family member the call kept dropping. Independence, MO

  • Evan Whiting

    service keeps turning off in Menlo Park CA, everyone on the block cannot make or recieve calls or texts

  • Bonnie Troy

    I’ve had problems with voicemail, texting, and no service no internet. In and out. Constantly. This past week has been awful. This past year has been a mistake. I will look for another carrier. What a shame.
    Milton, Florida area

  • Victoria Williams

    No service in Atlanta Ga. Service was fine yesterday!

  • Angela Echeverri

    Problems with GPS apps most of the day in Los Angeles, CA

  • K Hurst

    Losing cell signal every morning around 6am since Saturday 4-15-17 in Dayton, OH.

  • Harm van der Veen

    No services for weeks already , bad company , must go out of busines!

  • Dwayna Hendrickson

    The tmobile app isnt working half the time and for 4 days my internet sux. Slower than a snail!

  • Erik Selakoff

    no service. I’m in Manhattan, 10029. Cannot send/receive texts, cannot send/receive emails, can occasionally make a call connect but it will either drop or the other person will sound like they are speaking gibberish. iphone 4s. My guess is they are changing their network so asnot to work with older phones, forcing customers to buy newer ones.

  • matt

    Spotty service in Tulsa, OK. Could be the weather???

  • K.C

    Spoke with tech support, basically they are upgrading all their 4G LTE networks and getting rid of the old U1900 band network (which many old phone uses), only phones that are newer that is compatible with their new band frequency can have faster internet, otherwise that “E” data internet will probably not go away and will be stuck with very very slow data internet. Only solution is to upgrade to a newer phone, otherwise you’re stuck with “E”. Good job, T-mobile!

  • Katie Ashment

    Been having issues with losing my data while on the phone for months, Easter Sunday was the worst ready to change companies

  • Ramy

    Internet is very slow or non existant in Long Island City Queens NY. Can’t send or receive emails imessages or check any social media. This has been going on for the past week or so….. Please HELP!! Fix this

  • Lynnette

    My service worked great up until January of this year now I can’t even make a phone call stream any data at all I’m thinking about going to Verizon I’m here in Detroit Michigan

  • EJ

    Im in Dallas Tx. I cant make calls or receive them. I keep getting mobile network not available…