T-Mobile US network problems

T-Mobile US provides a mobile phone and Internet service in America, which includes voice mail, text messages to businesses and individuals. Worst case for customers is when there is a total service outage where both signal and network is lost. Other issues could be the T-Mobile US website going down, some may have issues with customer service, whatever the issue please update us with your issue.

Is T-Mobile US down right now? If the answer is yes please comment below, with your problem, what device you are using and the location the issue is occurring. If the T-Mobile goes down customers are left without calls, messaging etc, if the website servers has an outage customers are unable to purchase any phones, tablets, look at deals or buy accessories.

If you are having any T-Mobile coverage, signal problems please let this be your service status page. This is your page if there are any T-Mobile US network problems etc.

T-Mobile US status reports for Wednesday 12th of May 2021

To find out if T-Mobile US is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with T-Mobile US? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Linda

    My signal is very weak in New York.

  • Zelda

    I’m having issues in Southern Maine with my network.

  • Angry

    Everytime i try and text someone it fails to send.

  • Devon

    I am in Prescott, AZ and got no T-Mobile service at all, this is crazy.

  • Erin

    I have no signal, texts, calls, anything with T-Mobile in Colorado.

  • Netty

    No T-Mobile phone or data service most of yesterday in Seattle. Things seem a lot better today.

  • Jessie

    I only have data only, no calls or text.

  • Irene

    In Oklahoma City and have no T-Mobile service, calls and texts not working is the issue here.

  • Artem

    T-Mobile is down for me in Colorado

  • Jarrad

    Also in Oklahoma and nothing.

  • Ginnie

    Is anyone having T-Mobile issues in Englewood?

  • Mollie

    Not able to make calls still in Florida, it was down yesterday and then came back online and then went again. And here we are again.

  • Jose

    Is anyone else experiencing a T-Mobile outage at the moment? I am located in Ohio

  • Tiffany

    Yes I am located in Brooklyn, ny and me and my mothers phone is acting up her phone is a Samsung 4s she can’t send text and my phone is the iPhone 5s and my text messages are coming in so delayed

  • Oliver

    Two days ago i paid my T-Mobile bill and was happy with the bill considering i used a lot for my business, but it seems a little funny how two days ago i pay the bill and the last two days i have had no service and not 3G or 4G.

  • Sarah

    I pay a lot of money per month for my phone and contract so i would at least expect a service. But i have no ability to send text messages because network is useless.

  • Leah

    I’m in Massachusetts and had no service, then it came back now its off again.

  • Kari

    My texts are still screwed up. This is getting so old.

  • Denise Christman

    No network here in Central Iowa for the last three days!! Come on guys, get it fixed!!!

  • Alex AG

    Texting and network very slow today 2 bars at the most… Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Alex AG

    Supposedly from site the network was down yesterday

  • Mariah Myers

    i live in Rio Rancho, NM my phone has been acting up since yesterday. I do not receive calls only voice mails after the call was missed but no missed call notification, my text messages are not sending, and my internet only works when using company or home WiFi. I have a Galaxy s6 Edge love the phone, love the service, just want it to work properly.

  • Nq

    Ugh data is 1 mbps lte where? ???

  • VST

    My brother and I both have T-Mobile and both of our phones have been losing network connection on and off for three days now. He has a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. We live in Elk Grove Village, IL 60007.

  • KoloheWiz

    Here in Honolulu it seems to have suddenly gone down today. I can’t find any information about it anywhere online.


    No T-Mobile/ iWireless service in Des Moines, IA. Unable to text, call or use data.
    When will service be restored?

  • Hp

    Im from Secaucus nj, I lost signal on my tmobile note 4 around 4am today and is 5:31 am now and still no signal what’s going on?

  • Natalia

    heyy! haven’t been able to call since 5pm! (iphone6s/Huntingdon Valley, PA)

  • Shelli

    Haven’t been able to receive or make calls since 3:00 today. Can only text. That’s it. I’m in Phila. God forbid if I need to call 911.

  • Paula

    I haven’t been able to use my phone here in Maricopa, Az…phone just says NO SERVICE

  • becky

    I am receiving and sending messages to other carrier phones just fine but am not receiving messages from friends with t mobil and they are not receiving mine from my t mobil phone even though the status says “delivered”, in salem oregon, anyone else having that problem?

  • John Gee

    NOT ON ANY NETWORK message on droid. put simm into older flip phone- still no connection. Been having issues like this for a month at least. went on chat with rep and was told I was the only one having this issue- other users are fine- I call BS on that, there is 2 other tmobile users in the house having the same issue. Was told they are “upgrading” the network. Located in Hot Springs, Ar.

  • Respect

    T-Mobile data not working in SW Colorado Springs. Calling works, connection to data shows 4G, but no internet access. Tried 3 separate devices on two different accounts.

  • UnbeWeeBabo

    Phoenix 85008. No network no signal. Service has always been fair at best and that’s intermittent. Last 2 weeks horrible slow to no. Now nothing.

  • Jak

    4G LTE down, only 2G. Just started my service yesterday, and I am not pleased by this.

  • Jak

    #Northeast Ohio

  • Anna

    Spotty service for about 2 weeks now today it’s even worse we have a V10 Note 4 and LGK all have spotty to no service

  • Anna

    Southeast TX

  • I am getting the same thing here in souththern ohio for about 2 days now

  • Hello Jose — I am experiencing very slow speeds and have been for the last couple of days. I called T-Mobile support and they mentioned that there was some work being done on some towers and that the work would take a little more than 48 hours to be completed. This is the first time this has happened and I have faith that the problem will be fixed after the weekend.

  • Michael Gold

    My text messages are not always going through on my s7. Same for my wife on her iphone 6 and

  • Al budding

    constant dropped calls, or calls that ring once and go to voice mail.

  • Sharily Ndria

    Haven’t tried to text today yet, but just before midnight last night, my texts started acting weird.
    Right before it stopped working, I’d type a text, and it would take almost a minute to show up, and a message that messages wasn’t responding and gave choice to wait or close messages. Usually if I hit wait, it would work. Then it started failing
    Started acting up with the new update I got a couple weeks ago, I think?

  • Sharily Ndria

    I’m in Minnesota

  • Irene Castillo

    still down Phoenix Arizona

  • andrew plaisance

    Service went down 30 min ago lockport la. If you call customer service they deny any outages

  • franky

    Lost Internet last night thinking of going to Verizon cause I can’t signal in over half the places I go still paying big money for Internet that’s not there out of service in Philadelphia PA 1208 am

  • Zim

    Can not call or text on my phone. Can not dial 611 for help. Can not log into Tmobile account. No way to contact Tmobile. Have not been able to use my phone for 2 days while on vacation.

  • Vik

    Completely lost all service (both 4G and phone) ten minutes ago.

  • Matt Lehrer

    No voice or data in North St. Petersburg, FL

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    For over a month now I been having issues in Lakeland Florida. Can’t recieve or send texts or phone calls. I contact tmobile they told me it’s my son card not storing the data from the tower. Sent me a new SIM card which it’s doing the same thing. They offered me the cell spot router. And still having trouble getting with text and talk

  • Nate Woodruff

    Yesterday, my Samsung s6 edge plus started overheating and losing battery power four times faster than usual. It’s also dropping all calls in areas where I’ve never had any problems. Internet is running slow, often times saying g to retry due to timed out conneutron. I’m also getting not registered to network messages when my 4g icon says 4g is fine and I have 5 bars for signal.

    About to lose a loyal customer of 6 years if this isn’t resolved by my next conference call for work.

  • Nate Woodruff

    And no I don’t have other things turned on causing the battery to drain. Running all the same software as I was a week ago when I had no issues

  • DeeWilli =}

    My moms out in san francisco ca voive n text

  • Yanna Bonna

    My iPhone 6 isnt working. LTE goes on edge. And claims I have no service often.

  • Jeff


  • Robert Amick

    Service out in my area. When will it return? This causing lots of problems for me. Spartanburg SC

  • ricky huynh

    T-mobile is so slow in my area it has been like a month. Plz fix this fast! Thanks t-mobile u guys are the best

  • Todd Rubi

    HTC One, no service… updated a few days ago, but have been on Wi-Fi since, now noticing no service … Gilbert AZ

  • Tshering Tamang

    t mobile sucks. i am in Houston in the loop , 5-10 call drops in 40 calls. i am tired of their solution too. all the do is samething over and over but problem is not getting better at all

  • Logan

    Network down for at least 4 hours now in Chattanooga TN using IPhone 6

  • User

    Absolutely no service for the last 2 hours using iPhone 7 in Sarasota, FL!

  • Lauren Condon

    No service in Auburn, Al since September 19th. using IPhone 5S

  • sean

    Lost all service in and around about a mile of my house, Evans City PA. Had 4 bars 3 days ago.

  • Irakli

    no service since 19 th september.iphone6 .NYC

  • Brian Krupski

    Little to no service in Arden Hills, MN

  • AJ

    no service in las vegas, nv

  • Sonia Patino

    I need to pick up my little brother and I don’t know where he is because I can’t call him this is ridiculous ! Had to go to boyfriends house to use WiFi this is horrible what about emergencies you guys are horrible

  • Ladie V Kawigirlzxtenr

    No Internet or call service in Minnesota.

  • Eman Aquino

    Phone service working but internet data isn’t working in Hawaii

  • arthur pineda

    No signal here in Los Angeles

  • Christopher Strader

    No Internet service here in Oak Harbor Washington for over 2 hours now

  • johanna feliciano

    No signal here in, Orlando Florida

  • Tiff love

    No internet service in San Antonio

  • Scott Parker

    Unable to connect (full signal but bars all red) for mobile internet on zte z-917 hotspot in Moreno Valley CA

  • Jesse J Martin

    I got nothing I’m on Wi-Fi i cannot get anything no calls anywhere (Cleveland Ohio)

  • Travis Gould

    Nothing here in Longview, WA. No data for 2 hrs and cant connect to the t-mobile helpline

  • Lisa Deneka

    Nothing no calls mobile network disconnected no data no sms no nothing
    Tampa fl

  • Angie

    I have no connection no messaging or calls connected to wifi ( Northridge, CA )

  • Megan

    I have nothing either, customer care won’t even go through. No data, I’m on Wi-Fi right now, not even calls will go through. I’m all the way in wa

  • Michael Winterton

    No phone, no Internet, cellular data network is down in Tacoma Washington

  • fame links

    No Internet service in Hacienda Heights, CA 91745.

  • Forrest Milne

    Same here, mine is down, at least I got a strong wifi

  • Gino Lafranco

    No service Brooklyn ny

  • Leilani

    IPhone 7 plus, I have no data and can’t connect to customer service. All numbers is disconnecting calls

  • Wes

    No data for OKC or 4g LTE

  • Joy

    Wtf is going on

  • Wes

    Does anyone know what’s going on

  • Runsell De Jesus

    Theres no connection here in diamond bar too..
    Im using WIFI
    But i got connected again .. Only 4G
    But then it was gone again

  • Joy

    Screw T-Mobile

  • Daniel

    I got Verizon hahahaha

  • JoAlbert Rodriguez

    Phone won’t work unless its connected to wifi. Here in Albuquerque New Mexico

  • Mike

    No data service in Seattle for 2 hours now

  • JoAlbert Rodriguez

    Does anyone know what’s going on?

  • Linked Devices

    No data in SF. This is crazy. I can make calls but it feels like I’m in the 90s again. I wonder what happened.

  • Jennifer Wilkerson

    Complete BS……. Thanks for the heads up T-Mobile. It’s apparent you knew there have been issues spreading across the US since the 19th, hope that something will be done SOON!!

  • Coleman

    No data in SF!!!!!!

  • Eddiee

    Yasss i got service again

  • Jayme

    No phone calls, messaging or data for either of my lines. I’m on wifi…..

  • Jade Rosjun

    We got the same problem. No 4G LTE no data.

  • Candice

    Phone service in and out, no data for the last hour and a half. Provo UT

  • Stephan Phillips

    No service in Houston

  • Lucas

    No 4g lte or data in Albuquerque, NM. Come on T-Mobile!

  • DaJuan Bynum

    Where are you nothing in central il

  • Lugubriousflea

    West Sacramento, CA down…

  • This is crap…

    No service in Dallas, Tx.

    I better be getting a credit for this crap….

  • Lorenzo

    No data in Houston Tx

  • DJ David

    All 4G data is down in Denver (the city to which EVERYONE and mother is seemingly moving)…

  • brent heidenreich

    No service in Orlando Florida 🙁 wtf tmobile

  • Babyleg

    No service in Arkansas either

  • Lisa

    Thought I was the only one!! I’m in PHOENIX AZ my phone stopped working at work I’m home now with wifi that God it works on wifi! COM’ON TMOBILE GET YOUR S*** TOGETHER THIS HAS HAPPEND A DAY AGO TO. SO FRUSTRATING ESPECIALLY WITH THE PRICE I PAY!!!!!!

  • Gabby

    I agree

  • Clevenger23

    lost my LTE, and 3G signals. can sometimes get a CDMA signal. no data, no texting, and also can’t call t-mobile, their customer service line is down. tried 4 different numbers.

  • Alejandra

    No service, for anything.. my devices are two galaxy note 5 and I am in San Diego, CA. I also have 2 Mini I pads with no service and it’s also with TMobile..

  • brent heidenreich

    Yup pretty shitty of them

  • Kimberly Stigen

    No service in Blaine Minnesota either!

  • rich

    No service/data
    Honolulu hawaii

  • Lachi Therealmelody

    Im in miami i do uber.. i would like to see how they going to pay all the money im loosing because i dont have 4g. And my signal get blank .. and also i receibe not registered in ntwork message

  • Ray millz

    Service is down in Columbus, Oh too. My signal keeps jumping from no service to 3bar 4g but it still gets no signal at 4g. I have a iPhone 5S btw.

  • Okoye Jenkins

    No service in Duluth GA no internet no messaging can barely make calls

  • Ray millz

    You think they’ll have to come out their pockets ?

  • Richard Morgan

    No service in Seattle. There one minute, restarted my phone, and bam! Gone.

  • Crystal Winchester

    Down in Sacramento! I Uber and Lyft. This network is gonna pay. Damn it! Ive lost a lot of $ tonight.

  • musa

    Using Samsung s5 no data service in Flushing, Queens, N.Y.C.

  • Brent Stone

    Seattle, no data

  • Crystal Winchester

    WTF is going on?!?!?! Down in Sac Town CA

  • Joseph Rosales

    Nationwide outage. FML. I thought my phone bill was due and paid it off for nothing.

  • Demon

    New york completly down just says no service

  • Lachi Therealmelody

    I dont think they are going to do crap.. if they just say sorry nothing else its going to happen they dont care.. if the few of us comenting leave the company they will still be the same .. no harm to them

  • Lachi Therealmelody

    Tell me!!!! So pissed

  • Lachi Therealmelody

    Its so amazing how they just dont say anything.. the same way they cut your phone when you dont pay i would like to see how they are going to pay me for my time… been not comunicated!!! Not been able to work…. im loosing money right now!!!!!! Piece of S.

  • its Lycamobile time

    Still down in greater Los Angeles, (Baldwin Hills) as been for 4 1/2 hours now…

  • Joe

    I Uber here in Phoenix and have nothing. Posting on my home wifi since I can’t drive.

  • rich

    I was thinking same thing

  • Nartymmij23

    My Internet is down, can call but can’t call customer care

  • its Lycamobile time

    its a serious hack… No Doubt

  • Juan José Mendoza

    down here in Gainesville, FL. F_t.mbiIe-Society 03:46

  • rich

    Calls/texts hit or miss
    No data

  • rich

    Same here

  • Juan José Mendoza

    lests just go back to the MySpace dayz boii… #nowayjose

  • Juan José Mendoza

    FINALLY!!!! srvrs up woohoo o/ bad to the cyber-multimedia world… lol

  • Lachi Therealmelody

    Also when trying 611 its says phone changed by sim crazy have any of u guys get that message?

  • S. Eds

    Same here, ugh could’ve paid something more urgent.

  • desmoondo

    this is a relief to know everything is disconnected. I knew damn well I paid my bill before I left on vacation

  • Juan José Mendoza

    hopfIIy not in a bad way lol its was a DDoS 🙂

  • Jpazzy

    Was on the freeway 880 Oakland playing rhapsody music app then bamm! Network shuts down. Its been 3hours now. I’m a uber driver I need to get back out there already!!! please fix asap thanks

  • Tina Casella

    No service for anything without using WiFi – I’m in CT

  • Jpazzy

    Back on here in the norcal bay! Right after I post lol thanks!!!!

  • Ian

    Down in riverside California, didn’t become aware till the last hour but down since then at latest

  • ronald rosa jr

    down in las vegas

  • Juan José Mendoza

    and i clearly damn know that i paid my phone bill this passed morning haha

  • David Marlow

    Been down in the colony TX 75056 for about 2 hours now. Was told by t-mobile that when my next month’s bill generates to call for a credit

  • Michael s

    Down in Portland Oregon

  • rich

    Data is up and running

  • Bruce James

    Down in Studio City, California

  • Big James

    Down in Chicago, all over Chicago.. what’s the best estimate of coming back online

  • مبادل

    Down in stillwater oklahoma I haven’t had service in 2 hours. Samsung Galaxy s7

  • jose topez

    About 3 hours without data, at least. 4g just came back on in Massachusetts

  • Doraemon

    In Sunnyvale California …not Stable
    No data connection …up and down ..
    Also in Berlin Germany with T Mobile data connection down…

  • Stacy

    No phone service at all, no data, no phone, no text

  • Edith Lansang

    No connection no service at all here, can’t make phone calls in Fremont, Ca.

  • Stacy

    No service at all in Hayward, CA

  • Jennifer LoBianco

    Still no service in Chicago..been out since 12:30 however, I did Receive an inbound call at 2am. Haven’t been able to reach back out or send text. Def no internet. WiFi is working.

  • Denia Batista

    My phone has been out without service since about 1am in tue morning. And so has my mother. Power cycled my phone and i have reception now, but it’s not the greatest.

  • Stacy Smith

    My T-Mobile has been out since midnight here in Denver. While I do have very sporadic 4G, I have yet to get my full service of 4G LTE.

  • Elizabeth

    tmobile get it together lost service here as well in CT for almost 4 hours! Not cool at all might I add my husband had to call out due to not having any service and we couldn’t even get ahold of customer service a courtesy message would’ve been nice!!!!

  • Suzie

    In SF now and mine is up. But, yesterday I had sketchy data in Tracy CA. Data has been slow and hard to get on the TMobile server for data purposes for the past 3 weeks (I have unlimited). it is extremely annoying when you rely on your phone for many things. Please fix soon.

  • Christine Guerrero

    Total tmobile service was down late last night in Oceanside, Ca. I tried rebooting and checking for 30 mins and nothing, by then I had to go to bed it was around 11:30pm. Not good. For as long as I have been using TMobile, I have never seen a total outage before where I couldn’t even make a call either.

  • Shea

    Down in Virginia Beach

  • Laura Moses

    Service has been out for me for almost 12 hours now. No phone calls, no text messages, no data in Long Beach, CA.

  • Amy Hurst

    Down for me in Auburn Alabama

  • Seini

    No service here in Chubbuck Idaho.

  • NW WA St

    Next to no data, reminds me of 5.6k dial up

  • Deric

    No network. No text. Only phone calls and wifi. Los Angeles area down for the last 4 days

  • SarahG

    Nadda. No text. No wifi. No data. Nadda. Sucks. Take money off my bill!!!

  • SarahG

    Louisville KY

  • Marines94

    Yes, I am down now and I called T-Mobile and verified and they indicated I gave been down since 21 Sept 2016. I thought I had a problem with my replaced Note 7. But my Note 7 is fine. I just hope T-Mobile fixes the problem soon.

  • Marines94

    Forgot my location. I am in San Antonio, Texas area…

  • Tony Gobran

    much of main houston is down surrounding cities are alright

  • JumpyParkour

    really slow service. richmond, texas.

  • Maleka Hawkins

    Not able to make calls Chicago Illinois.. For 2 days I need a free month of service I’m missing money I need my phone for work!!!

  • Felix Cedillo

    I’ve got really horrible service. My son was ill at school at 1pm. Didn’t get the text from my wife saying he was sick. School contacted me at 330 to get him. Awful! Looking to change provider asap!

  • Dana qb

    No calls, internet,.texts, nada unless connected to Wi-Fi since 6:20 pm thur 9/29. York, PA

  • Manny

    No voice, or data unless connected to Wi-Fi, thought it was just my phone till I looked here, Denver metro area.

  • Sandi Urbach

    No network, shows bars but can’t text or make calls. Houston Texas

  • Gaye Jenkins

    No network in spring texas(houston area). Now in and out. Never had total shutdown (no phone, text, or data) before.

  • Sandi Urbach

    I’m in Spring too. Same thing. I just left the store. They are upgrading all the LTE towers regionally over the next 2 weeks so service will be in and out. The guy in the store showed me how to change my connection setting to just 4G instead of LTE. This should help, so he said.

  • Gaye Jenkins

    Thanks for the update.

  • Michelle Rios

    No network data no calls going out.
    Littlefield texas

  • Steve

    Unable to reach out to humans with my phone. I’m scared and alone. I’ll have to settle on homemade pancakes and watch TV. Keller, TX

  • Willie

    Sporadic service from no service to getting calls cut off. Hit or miss 4G to no service in Denver Metro Area.
    Extremely frustrating.

  • Aisha Shanndoah

    No wifi for two days here in Smithfield, NC. Shows bars but won’t connect. Terrible service, I should never have switched to tmobile.

  • pinkkitty

    No data/ mobilehotspot shows service but not able to connect or reach mobile.hotspot to read text, los angeles ca.

  • Cassandra Castillo

    Same !!!

  • Melissa

    No service in Laveen az

  • Mohammad Hbayesh

    Yes it is down we don’t have service of any kind

  • Mohammad Hbayesh

    SLC. UT

  • Eric Turner

    no service in Phoenix really ?!?!?! Verizon is working great just fine

  • Eric Turner

    time to switch this is unacceptable

  • Eric Turner

    I’m with you Felix this is just sad Verizon is working perfect

  • brittany

    in chandler az no service for tmobile? who else is having this problem?

  • brittany

    i pay so much a month for this crap?

  • Michael Perez

    no service no bars no lte in mesa AZ

  • KP

    This is ridiculous. I’ve been with TMOBILE for 11 years and this is by far the worse. No service for over an hour in Cedar Hill, Tx. TMOBILE and Samsung really need to get their ish together!!!

  • Lisseth Mora

    Nothing here either. This is annoying! -San Jose, CA

  • Jackie

    I have no service

  • Cassandra Clairmont

    Down in new york….again.

    What is the issue here for this to keep happening?

  • nita

    I cant use my phone… is tmobile down in baltimore

  • Angi

    No service in the twin cities area in Minnesota… This seems to be happening a lot!

  • Angelica Moya Hernandez

    What about Tucson az?

  • Oscar

    No service in Orange California

  • Stephen Schwarz

    No service cell or data.
    309 Main St.
    Harleysville, Pa 19438

  • Angela

    3 phones, 3 separate plans, none are working. Maricopa, AZ

  • Kk

    No service Tucson az

  • Tayy

    No text no calls no bars just my WiFi . I can’t even use wifi calling. I’m in California like wtf

  • E

    No service in Rochester NY. Can’t even log in to My T-Mobile (logged in -> error, go to homepage -> everything shows N/A)

  • t3342left

    Same here in Maryland.

  • J

    Down Columbia, SC…. Did T-Mobile get hacked?

  • Mike

    2 separate phones, no network connection at all, Scottsdale, AZ

  • sue

    No service here in Las Vegas

  • Olivia N Prothaniel Harris

    Down in Indianapolis IN

  • Raiders

    No service in Honolulu, HI

  • Juanita vargas

    No service we can’t make or receive calls what’s going on ?

  • Olivia N Prothaniel Harris

    I bet it’s because of that new T-Mobile One plan, probably can’t handle unlimited data for everyone smh

  • socal_user

    no service in huntington beach ca as of 11:00p. this includes data.
    won’t connect to towers.

  • eriugcam

    No service here in Fort Wayne, IN

  • socal_user

    this should not be happening in a major metro area!

  • Hawaii

    No service in Hawaii! What is going on? Sounds like they got hacked!!!

  • Anthony Whatzreallygood Bellin

    Down in utah too.. Thought i was tripping like i know i paid my bill..

  • mm


  • Anthony Whatzreallygood Bellin

    Its probably the hurricane

  • Ian Ferrell

    No service in clarksville tn. I cant do anything but use Wi-Fi

  • Scott

    Im having the same issue im also in chandler

  • Feru

    No service in Aurora CO

  • Scott Manis

    No service for me either. Wtf my wifes tmobile phone is working just fine. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Scott Manis

    My wife also has tmobile ugh

  • Mirna

    Both mine and my moms phone are currently saying no service so thankful to have wifi right now .

  • Karla Osorio

    No service, San Francisco CA

  • cali

    ywah wtf. no service in yorba linda/ placentia

  • Maria

    No service in santa ana and i have an iphone 6s plus

  • Scott Manis

    I wonder what the issue is, possibly hurrican Matthew?

  • _Daarcyyyy

    Chandler, AZ too. Mine stopped working at 9:55pm 10/6/16

  • Liz

    No service in Virginia Beach

  • Garrett Hu

    1st it was nationwide LTE down last month and now this. Can’t even dial 911…this is a huge security issue. What would happen if there was a medical emergency? Their rates are the lowest so I guess you get what you pay for. This is simply not acceptable so I am switching back to AT&T as I have never had a problem in all the years I had AT&T. Sorry T-Mo I’m out.

  • _Daarcyyyy

    IPhone 7 plus “no service” starting @ 9:55 mt standard time 9/6/16…still no service.

  • Joe

    The network should have redundancy ( Mesh Topology or Hybrid).One Hurricane would not take out service for all these other places . Some Tech made an error, hit the red button, fdisked drive C or they got hacked.

  • Raquel

    I’m at home with my family and my uncle is actually having seizures. And we can’t even dial out.!!!

  • Scott

    I have a 7 plus no service for about a hour in chandler az

  • Raquel

    Albuquerque NM

  • Tor

    My iPhone 6s isn’t catching any service at all whatsoever but everyone else’s phones are and we are all in the same house with the same carrier, T-Mobile. I do not understand why my device is not catching signal and my wifi calling is not working

  • mack

    No service on 6p here in MN. Buddy with HTC10 and Tmo has lte, sitting right next to me. I know I paid my bill.

  • Joe

    Bad OTA update could be an issue as well.

  • Scott

    Same issue bro my wifes phone is working she has the 6s i have the 7plus ugh

  • Deplorable Patriot

    Down here in Pennsylvania…..no where near the hurricane.

    Talk about bad timing for T-Mobile. People can’t even call 911 in Florida

  • Misha

    Does anybody know when it’s gonna be running again?

  • Deplorable Patriot

    How does a hurricane in Florida affect a tower in rural Pennsylvania where I live?

  • Alexander Z

    No data/4G in San Gabriel, California. Noticed it around 10:00 pm. Using WiFi at the moment.

  • Tim

    down in chicago as well

  • Deplorable Patriot

    Shocked that the entire tower is shut down. No bars…no tower output, nothing. They are going to try and blame it on Matthew, just you watch.

    This is horrendous timing for TMO. Right in the middle of a hurricane and people can’t even communicate? Unreal….

  • mack

    I’ve got a nexus 6p. I cant even make emergency or wifi calls.

  • Michalia Negri

    No service in San Francisco for a while. Totally unacceptable

  • Ashley Danner

    No service in Bowie, md
    iPhone 6 Plus

  • Yuna Katz

    Samsung 7 no service for hours in New Jersey! This is BS!

  • Nancy Marie

    No service in Nampa idaho
    Galaxy S4

  • Scott

    This is some bs man i hate tmobile going back to verizon

  • Met

    No service here in San Diego ca. I thought it was my phone and it says “not registered on network “.

  • Deplorable Patriot

    I’m about 1 hr north of you…no bars at all!

  • Nancy Marie

    And I’m using and android and can guarantee its not an apple corp issue. I’m a apple tech working for teleperformance. My galaxy is out to. Making calls is hit or miss. Receiving is non existent.

  • Ashley Danner

    My phone just says “no service”

  • Yitzy Altman

    No service in Montreal Quebec roaming always worked wen I came to Canada but this visit it was working fine but it just stopped working shame on you T-Mobile I thought you better than that. I mean what if I was in danger RN it’s scary that a big trusted company can put ppl in danger (what if I was doing a million dollar deal but can’t close deal cuz service stopped) and y don’t u at least send a message that the service is out and will be fix WTF who is running T-Mobile #a2yo

  • Deplorable Patriot

    Yep…no service. No nothing. No wifi calling either!

  • Nancy Marie

    And I’m using and android and can guarantee its not an apple corp issue. I’m a apple tech working for teleperformance. My galaxy is out to. Making calls is hit or miss. Receiving is non existent

  • Alexandra

    No service in Phoenix,AZ yet my husbands older iPhone has service and we share a plan.

  • Dennisse

    No signal In Miami I thought it was because the hurricane ” Matthew ”

  • Chad A Crouch

    No service kansas city… I can’t even call 911

  • Scott

    Im having the same issue my wifes older iphone hase service but my new 7 plus has no service we also share a plan

  • Scott

    Wtf tmobile?

  • Ni

    Ok, I’m glad to see it’s not just me. I was wondering what was going on. I’m in Phoenix, AZ

  • Scott Manis

    Anyone have any sort of news on this issue?

  • Sabrina

    No service in Bakersfield CA. SERIOUSLY

  • Deplorable Patriot


  • Josh Nugent

    No service and I’ve been on hold for 30 minutes..

  • Scott Manis

    Im just happy that its not juat me,

  • Jose

    This is an attack by Russia or Donald trump

  • Scott Manis

    My guess is it was donald lol

  • Jose

    New York City not phone services

  • Deplorable Patriot

    Under a Donald Trump presidency, there would be no network outages

  • Ugh

    No service and I just want to call my boyfriend and go to sleep ):

  • Scott Manis

    Under donald trump we will go bankrupt like his companys

  • Michelle Maxwell

    No service in Magna/West Valley Utah on Samsung s5, sj7 and LG g3. Over a hour now no service and I have family back east dealing with the hurricane.

  • socal_user

    no signal in major metro areas what the hell happened?

  • Scott Manis

    I have a 7 plus no service

  • Ni

    I forgot to mention I’m using the Galaxy Note 4

  • Christie Rios

    They say their engineers are working on a fix. It will be up soon. Smdh

  • Deplorable Patriot

    Not before he shoves a 3 ft rod up your Mexican anus and sends you back to the $s1thole 3rd world country you came from you progressive leftist scum piece of crap

  • Scott Manis

    How did you find this out?

  • Ashley

    Talked to a rep at Tmobile after being on hold for 30 min. They said they are “working on the issue”. She offered me $20 credit towards my bill for the inconvenience!!!! I was like WTF is going on????? I said Did you guys get hacked like seriously this is CRAZY!!!! She offered no more explanation and kept saying they’re working on this issue!!!

  • Anatoliy

    What’s going on?!!!!!Got no service In Twin Falls, ID.
    My wife’s older phone works just wife.

  • PC

    Tmobile in Los Angeles is down also

  • Micaiah Barber

    no signal in Moreno valley California been down for about an hour or so now what the heck is going on im using the LG Nexus 5X never had this problem before

  • Jose

    I wonder is this situation is going to happen on Election Day…?……???????? Donald trump stop, stop

  • Christie Rios

    My friend called tmobile for me. I can’t call or text. Ridiculous.

  • Mary

    I asked a rep via chat and they said the same thing. This was an hour ago.

  • Scott Manis


  • socal_user

    my TMobile MVNO just told me, “the whole t-mobile network is down”.

  • Boo

    No service in LA

  • Scott Manis


  • Betty B

    iPhone6 and LGV10 in SLC UT. LG was working longer than iPhone. Been out for an hour or more.

  • Deplorable Patriot

    Donald Trump will kick the traitors and scum out of this country and restore law and order, and American conservative Christian values. This country has gone to hell

  • Christie Rios

    My friend was on for awhile. It’s a tech issue they are “working” on.

  • Subrat Nayak

    down in san francisco. any updates? how long ll it be down

  • Boo

    What’s going on?

  • Nancy Marie

    None in Nampa either

  • Kevin Bryan

    no service in tacoma washington state. wtf. samsung s5

  • Alpo

    No service in HI

  • Scott Manis

    Because of people like your dumb ass

  • Christopher Walter

    No service in St. Paul, MN can’t even call my own number from landline, tmobile support hangs up on me when i call them. tried 5 different phones., online chat reports 130 minute wait time

  • socal_user

    I know, and I was waiting for a call.

  • Scott Manis

    Im with hillary a true leader

  • Michelle Maxwell

    This is ridiculous that it seems the whole country/tmobile network is almost completely down and for almost 2 hours now

  • Johnny

    As a carrier they abide by the 99% rule. Anyone in Networking knows what I mean. They had to of gotten hacked or a Tech did something really stupid; I mean dumb to break the 99% rule as a carrier.

  • Leo

    Im in santa ana California no services at all For a whole hour now

  • Mallory Sherin

    No service. Denver =(

  • cptndamnit

    No service in Seguin, Tx

  • socal_user

    That’s what my TMobile MVNO said.

  • Nancy Marie

    They did same thing to me. Kept hanging u . Tried five times. They should credit everyone’s bills.

  • Scott Manis


  • Kevin

    Samsung galaxy 7 no service in los angeles ca

  • John

    I feel bad for the Emergency workers and people in the Hurricane who have no way to call for help!!! Good Job T-Mobile for going down right when a hurricane is ripping SE US a new one.

  • Chad A Crouch

    This is so effed up… my aunt is laying in a hospital sick af… no way to call nothing. .. they need to give us all a month free…

  • Scott Manis


  • Josh Nugent

    They need to “work” on answering calls…smh 40 minute wait time is ridiculous

  • Chad A Crouch

    God that’s awful

  • Kevin

    Agree we need free month for no service

  • Deplorable Patriot

    I’m not surprised that a cuck like yourself would support a globalist cuck like Parkinson’s Clinton. You’re a disgrace to this country

  • Deplorable Patriot

    Back in the day, a traitor like you would have been hung for treason.

  • Nick

    iPhone 6s Plus friend drunk can’t find him Pocatello Idaho. Be nice to be able to call him

  • Betty B

    We should spread this…. a free month or I leave for cricket

  • Leo

    We should all say somethinh about ir the my gi ve us a month free

  • Chad A Crouch

    Im down

  • Scott Manis

    I called and complained and they gave me 25 dollar credit

  • Scott Manis

    Me too

  • Teresa Fawbush

    Team mobile is down in Louisville Kentucky this sucks

  • Deplorable Patriot

    Hilarious ….nationwide network outage in the middle of a hurricane.

    Epic fail T-Mobile. Get your crap together. I’m a first responder and it’s times like these why our ambulance squad renewed our contract with Verizon instead of giving you a try. My personal cell phone is T-Mobile but he’ll even I’m starting to regret that after September;s outage and now this one????


  • Kevin

    Soread tmobile service free for a month for this crap

  • Amanda

    No service in Vegas…the best is that my husband has the same phone, same carrier, on the same plan and he has service right next to me?!?!

  • Scott Manis

    Same here im in az thow

  • Kelly702

    No service in Las Vegas

  • Deplorable Patriot

    Never had a single outage on cricket in the 2 years I was with them…even with that proxy data network crap they use. 100% reliable

    TMO has been dropping the ball all over the place. Last month’s outage now this one in the middle of a F’ing hurricane? Wtf is going on at this company….

  • Shan Albeso

    No service here on Oahu in the 808 also!!!! I NEED MY PHONE TMOBILE!!!!

  • Scott Manis

    I never had these issues with verizon

  • Chad A Crouch

    I cant even call to complain… I want my esp wiped away… new phones asap… it’s illegal not to be able to call 911

  • Christopher Walter

    worst part is they say that there are no network issues when calling, at least they could put a message on the automatic system saying “our entire network is down.”

  • Boo

    When will this be resolved?

  • Deplorable Patriot

    Heck even Sprint’s network is more reliable than this

  • Kayla

    No service in line tree Colorado

  • Jerry Ganczuk

    Down in MA

  • Scott Manis

    The tmobile guy switched to sprint why cant we?

  • Kayla

    Down in lone tree and Denver Colorado to

  • Deplorable Patriot

    He was the Verizon guy…

  • Scott Manis

    Oh yea. My bad

  • Jerry Ganczuk

    I just got off the phone with T-Mobile. All they said is it will be up within 24 hours. And that’s why I kept my landline…..

  • Dan Thallings

    No service in Midwest City, OK

  • Paris Landon

    T-Mobile down in Seattle, Wa

  • Scott Manis

    Ugh really

  • Deplorable Patriot

    It’s ok, memory loss is a chronic side effect of the disease called liberalism. Just look at Hillary Clinton.

  • Mario

    Sun Valley, CA – iPhone6s – no serive since 10:30pm 10/06/2016

  • Haley

    Down in Salt Lake City, Ut. Please fix!! Been down for close to two hours!

  • Chad A Crouch

    Omg r u effing serious

  • Scott Manis


  • Deplorable Patriot

    Did you ask for a bill credit?

  • Krystal

    Is anybody phone out in North Carolina because I’m highly upset right. I can’t call out but I can text. I am trying to call 911 and my parents can not even call out.

  • Scott Manis

    When i called i got a 25 dollar credit

  • Dawn McLoughlin

    Service down in the Denver metro area.

  • Gabrielle Seres

    This is not only effecting “T-Mobile” users but anyone who uses a company that is on their towers as well. Yes There are emergencies going on right now that we need to have our phones for; people on the east coast, family members in the hospital, and friends who need us and we can’t get a hold of them. Please T-Mobile get this fixed and help those companies and your customers be compensated for whatever happened tonight to cause this outage!!! This is not okay for so many who rely on our phones for so many things to have to be with out for whatever is going on you should have a back up plan or a protective plan.

  • Scott Manis

    I think the real reason that i am upset is because my wife is on my plan with a 6s and her service is working just fine but my 7 plus service is out wtf

  • Chriselle Santamaria

    No service in San Francisco!

  • Scott Manis

    Like 24 hours im hearing

  • Jean Kelley-Joyce

    T-Mobile has been out for over 2 hours in Central Massachusetts.

  • Chad A Crouch

    Very well said….

  • NotCool

    No service in Sacramento valley area. Calls to T-Mobile customers going straight to vm.

  • Karen

    in Lakewood , Washington

  • socal_user

    Have service now in Huntington Beach– after an hour of no signal!

  • Scott Manis

    Service is back for me toooo!!!!!!

  • Boo

    I have service now!

  • Alexandra

    Just got service back in Phoenix az

  • Anh Nguyen

    Service is back – SoCal

  • Wendy L Talley

    Down in Southern CA too…I can use my phone but not my tablet

  • Boo

    Goodnight guys! That sucked

  • Michelle Maxwell

    Service now calling tmobile now to give them a huge piece of my mind

  • Robert Warner

    No service in Temecula CA

  • Leo

    Still no signal wtf man

  • Leo

    Signal now finally

  • Michelle Maxwell

    Auto system is saying they are busy till 6am est wtf

  • Robert Warner

    Still no cellular network service(temecula ca socal). Can’t even use wifi calling this is some bs with all that’s going on

  • Betty B

    Just came back up in SLC

  • J

    Back up in Columbia, SC.

  • Michelle Maxwell

    Thanks tmobile for the major let down I’ll be calling verizon tomorrow best thing about tmobile atm is no contract

  • S

    Signal is back but no data.. is anyone like me?

  • Nancy

    Service back on in Hawaii