TracFone Wireless Outage, Problems

Prepaid wireless service provider TracFone Wireless offers services to USA, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and part of America Movil. Services can run a little crazy sometimes and questions need answering, if you have any TracFone problems at all this is where you can report them.

Are you experiencing a TracFone Wireless outage? Seeing as they have account agreements with the likes of T-Mobile US, Verizon Wireless, and U.S. Cellular, Sprint and AT&T you can expect services to falter now and then.

Main TracFone issues can include unable to text or call due to no service, lost minutes, promo codes not working when trying to purchase online, official website down or balance not showing when you login.

Customers in the past have complained about their phones not working, when calling a customer service number they never get through and when they do are on the phone far too long. Customer minute’s cards not registering, not able to login to online accounts, activation and reactivation transfers are not working as well as account app not working on phone or online. Report your issues today along with what device you are using and location please.

TracFone Wireless status reports for Sunday 21st of July 2019

To find out if TracFone Wireless is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with TracFone Wireless? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jane

    When trying to add airtime I have to call customer services to do it because when I do the normal way by adding my minutes it is never correct.

  • Bill

    I just purchased a TracFone Moto E. for just $20 and I am over the moon, the cam is a little rubbish but the rest of the phone is great. Only downside is trying to add minutes.

  • Tina Chaney

    My tracfone won’t dial out, no matter what number I try (April 27, 2017)
    North Alabama

  • Carol DeLis

    “mobile customer unavailable….” when calling Home Depot! WiFis is up, have “restarted”, serv days until July 19, Srandard Data on, Airplane off. how many bars does it take to get connectivity?

  • Roe Polizzi Antinore

    My husband and I both have tracfones and both of them will not even turn on right now.

  • My husband’s Tracfone and our daughter’s Straight Talk (A Tracfone affiliate) won’t work. No calls in or out. Eastern Upper Peninsula, Michigan. 6/18/17

  • checky2121

    As of today, 8/16 – no service in New Hampshire

  • Jeremiah Long

    I have a tracphone provided by safelink .I been out since Hurricane Irma went through Sunday to now a week already ..just crazy

  • Kevin J. Flanagan

    my service in Gainesville FL has been down for more than 48 hours. What is going on???

  • Kevin J. Flanagan

    3 days in a row with NO SERVICE!!! When is this going to be fixed? What do we do in an emergency when we can’t call 911?

  • Russ

    Second day of no service. Can’t even get through to customer service on another phone.

  • Thomas Porter

    At about 7 lastnight I had NO service and its now almost 9a the next day and still no service. Its been super windy though.. ugh

  • William Friedman

    You back up?

  • Kevin J. Flanagan

    I fixed the problem by taking out the battery and putting it back in.

  • Thomas A. Deplorable

    Can not check my balance. Can not sign in on Phone or on computer.

  • Robyn Smith

    No service since last night . Address 1221 State Hwy 241 Haleyville Al

  • Brenda Robarge

    No service in New Ipswich, NH since last night.