Twitter problems

There are so many ways to see if Twitter is down today, majority check the official Twitter server status page. But on Is Down Right Now users can come here, and share if they are having any problems at all with the micro-blogging website or apps etc.

Millions of people per day take to Twitter to send up to 140-characters into the micro-blogging Twittersphere, tweets can be sent via computer, BlackBerry, Windows, iOS and Android devices etc. Businesses, organizations, brands, celebrities and the general public take to Twitter on a daily basis to share their messages.

Because of the millions of people using the social platform on a daily basis, Twitter outages will occur on occasions. This is simply down to over use from news, celebrities, media, TV shows and anyone else who is active.

Some of the main Twitter problems to occur happen on iOS and Android apps, the website also goes down now and then as well as Twitter being down for maintenance. Twitter users are the first to broadcast if there is any downtime or other problems, they are a lot quicker at reporting then say the official server status page. Please do leave your feedback in the comments below if you have any problems with Twitter.

Twitter status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Twitter is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Twitter? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Precious

    I am trying to get onto Twitter, but for some reason the homepage isnt even loading not alone aloowing me to sign in.

  • Christine

    I ahve had a Twitter account for ages and yet i have been pegged as a bot, oh dear.

  • Lorraine

    Now and then the odd tweet does not send, I then hit the send butting three or four times and it just sits there on the tweet waiting to ve sent. But then like an hour later the tweets did get sent FOUR TIMES. So if your tweets do not send do NOT hit the send button more than once.

  • Kev

    After i make a search on Twitter for some reason it only returns 10, that is not right now is it?

  • Lonny

    Tweets and retweets have a mind of their ow at the moment. Majority of today has been hard being on Twitter to be fair.

  • Jimmy

    I keep getting these stupid people messaging me in Twitter all the time, they are the ones that can off me like 10,000 followers for $10. How do I stop them messaging me.

  • Jase

    Twitter doesn’t seem to want to play nice with my iPhone why cant they just get along. Nightmare at the moment getting on my twitter app.

  • Caren

    When I search Twitter it is only returning like 15 results, this is weird.

  • Nate

    Loading Twitter seems to be rather slow on my iPhone at the moment.

  • Shirlie

    I was getting this yesterday Nate, loading twitter was so slow i got bored and opened the web version on my smartphone.

  • Leighton

    How come I cannot follow anyone on Twitter, this is silly.

  • Ia

    Twitter on the iPad is not showing all search results, im probs seeing around 10 in the search.

  • Elizabeth

    Twitter went down on me yesterday, was unable to log in to the front page.

  • Jason

    Windsor, CT, Twitter is not working.

  • Lucy

    My account are blocked with profile page format issues.

  • Frosty

    Twitter search results yesterday (even though fine now) were messed up, only showed like 10 results.

  • Markie

    Twitter is just sitting on the same page when I logged in, with the wheel spinning.

  • Linford

    Seems to be very much like hard working getting a new Twitter account. This is my first time wanting to be on twitter and I went all through the set-up smoothly but still waiting for the confirmation email to work, each time i click the link nothing happens.

  • Mark

    Not getting many twitter search results show up for me.

  • Walters

    Twitter notifications are not coming through on my smartphone.

  • Rena

    Tweets do not seem to be showing for me in the right manner, basically all over the place. Cannot even go in to edit my profile, seems to be only today as never had issues before.

  • James

    is anyone having issues trying to access secure feed on Twitter? To put more to the twist of torment, I have issues all day yesterday trying to login to my Twitter account.

  • Murray

    My timeline is not showing up when i open Twitter, it is not showing anything which is weird. Is this a problem for anyone else?

  • Andrew

    Twitter search is not providing the amount of results it used to. Only half the page is filling. Works on desktop but not using app.

  • Mark

    There is a Twitter error when you go to the web version. There seems to be a technical error and no one knows why.

  • Kaine

    Twitter is down on all platforms, its down on my laptop, phone and tablet using WiFi, so i decided to try on 3G only and its still down. So it is definitely an internal problem with Twitter.

  • Clarence

    Twitter is not working in the U.S, not working on my laptop or my phone either on wifi or 3G.

  • Roberto

    I am using IE browser and i keep getting HTTP 403 error all of the time.

  • Peter

    I cannot access any of my three twitter accounts.

  • Jermaine

    I cannot login into my Twitter account.

  • Carla

    Is there issues with the Discord Twitter page, i cannot read the tweets…

  • Larry

    Twitter for iPhone seems to be having issues.

  • Sandy

    I have not been able to tweet for 6 hours now, this is so frustrating.

  • Craig

    Twitter is so slow in loaded pages for me today, so frustrating on my Android phone.

  • Susan Elizabeth

    I am locked out (who knows why) and phone code reset is not working.

  • R G Crook

    I have so many times been unable to logon and use Twitter…all day today