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UPS (United Parcel Service) is one of the largest logistics and shipment companies in the world, and with over 15 million packages per day being delivered to over 6 million customers there will be UPS problems from time-to-time.

They deliver to over 220 countries and territories globally, so mail and packages may not get to you when you expect it too. Some of the main issues with the delivery service includes the UPS tracking website, customers in the past have tried entering their tracking number and do not see any results.

Are you having problems with your UPS tracking number not working or with any other delivery? You may have UPS login issues, the website is not loading for you, or packages / mail not turning up on time. Whatever the reason of complaint / problem, please do share them with this UPS community.

UPS status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if UPS is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with UPS? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Ailsa

    I cannot seem to find my tracking number, how can i follow my tracking thing on UPS now? Help much appreciated.

  • Mattie

    If I have lost my UPS login details how can i access UPS?

  • Brian

    I have had no problems at all with UPS, one of the best delivery companies in the world if you ask me, oh and their trucks look good.

  • Tami

    UPS said on Twitter their services are being impacted in the Baltimore, Mayland areas, what do they mean services are being impacted? Overall or case by case?

  • Tami

    UPS package still hasn’t been delivered yet, is there a facility outage or something or have they lost it?

  • Tammii

    Is there an outage or shortage of drivers or something because i am still waiting for my package, two days late so far.

  • Nicholas

    I have not seen an outage for a while, but what I have seen is the tracking being down. My package was delayed by two days and i could not even track it. I did get a refund on delivery.

  • Jeff

    I’ve ordered from walmart 3 times in a row, and they all used UPS delivery for sitetostore, but the tracking number has NEVER showed any progress on any of the orders

  • Amy

    The package I was supposed to receive on Monday just came in today and the ones that were supposed to arrive Friday are still not here. The days on my tracking info are all mixed up and incorrect.

  • Phil C

    When will UPS tracking be available?

  • Deborah Rubio Simmons

    UPS gave out duplicate number to alot of packages now I can’t even track and it is late . Don’t know if lost or rerouted. UPS get it together .

  • Kathy Jones

    i have had multiple orders from multiple shippers and the expected delivery date doesn’t show up. I am also receiving delivery notifications the next day instead of minutes after the delivery arrives. I think there is a technical issue. I went round and round with online chat and they have their heads stuck in the sand. Why won’t they just let me know that they are having issues, they are working on it and all will be well. This is so frustrating. If they don’t know they have an issue they need to be informed and no one will let me do that.

  • Carlos

    This is silly because i tracked my parcel and tracking went from Origin Scan straight to Out For Delivery, there was nothing in the middle. Strange.

  • Ia

    I was supposed to receive my package on June 23rd and today is June 28th and still not got it. Even the shipping process said it was all good for the date of 23.

  • Ron B.

    I sent one package to my son and also ordered a product for myself. Neither tracking number seems to work when I use UPS Tracking. The response I get is that the number can’t be tracked and I should contact the sender to see if the number is correct. Since I am copying the number from the store receipts, why don’t they work?

  • Vikie

    I live in Kentucky and my parcel has been sent back to my mother who sent it to me, the address was correct as well as delivery requirements. My mum showed me on Skype the parcel and payment receipt.

  • Patricia

    I have ordered of Amazon for many years now and no hassle at all with deliveries, but this time round it was UPS and still not had my parcel after 2 weeks even though I was supposed to get after 3 days. The tracking details say the package was handed over to UPS but nothing since.

  • Saba

    Just track my shipment yesterday and it was arriving on time. This morning when I type in my tracking number nothing shows up on their site??

  • Angus Fangus

    My tracking # continues to come back saying no action available at this time. I checked with the shipper and it seems the package was stuck at Customs but they assure me package is on the way and will be delivered this week. does no action available at this time seem to be a UPS problem or is it with my package?

  • Kenneth Jordan

    Multiple tracking numbers from Amazon showing as unrecognized…. all of them should be valid and in-progress

  • Ireland Burleson

    Yesterday on July 6th, 2019 my package said it would be arriving tomorrow by the end of the day. I went back onto UPS to see if it delivered and it said my tracking number was invalid? I went to my mailbox and I had no package and it wasn’t by my front door.

  • Elouise VanHelsing

    UPS is DOWN

  • sleddogs

    UPS is down 2:31 pm 9/18/2019

  • Peter Jay

    Loaded trailers are stacking up at hubs with no apparent schedule to unload and sort. Since March 26th UPS no longer guarantees delivery until further notice…look it up..Don’t order anything shipped UPS you will not get it.