US Bank Login Problems

Customers of the US Bank are well aware problems do arise and when they do they either need answers or wish to see if others are in the same predicament. What is your US Bank service status right now? Please do share on this page any problem you are having no matter how big or small along with your location.

The US Bank main issues include not being able to access via online banking login, home mortgage payment not going through, customer service not giving adequate information as well as the official website being down.

Other issues include the US Bank mobile app download not working or crashing upon opening. Maybe your bank card has been declined for not obvious reason, please share with us today your concerns or any questions you have.

US Bank status reports for Saturday 29th of February 2020

To find out if US Bank is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with US Bank? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Kelly

    Online banking on the official website is not working, each time i try to login its saying try again.

  • Max

    My US Bank app on my phone keeps crashing when I try to login. I have an Android Samsung model.

  • Angie

    How typical is that, my bank card has been canceled and now have to wait for a new one. Thanks to those that tried to take money from my bank.

  • Issard

    Tried to transfer money from my account to my savings account and it declined it. Tried logging in again and it worked, strange and so hope i have not transferred twice.

  • AlySanG

    Since yesterday I can log in to the mobile app but I cannot access an account to make a mobile deposit. When I click on the 3 dots to the right of the account, I get a perpetual spinner. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I’ve closed all other apps. This spinner has been going for 10 minutes this time.

  • tanya

    online website keeps crashing. hits a 404 bad error whenever I try logging in

  • tanya

    online website is down. I keep hitting a 404 error page whenever I log in

  • AP Prophet

    All USBanking systems are down across the country, from what the bank teller at the main st Blue Springs branch relayed.

  • Sue Mowan

    Us bankmobile app is not working either

  • Plato

    USBank web site down for two days

  • Pamla

    US Bank App not working…not recieving code to log in.

  • David Barnett

    Down in Nashville TN.

  • Michael

    Called the Local Branch and they said no problems then the Online Banker said yes there is a problem but no time for resolution. Now we have the problem. Oregon

  • Edward

    Been trying to check on my account for the past few days and can’t get on. I don’t get it haven’t heard of any other banks having issue like this.

  • Betty Corke

    Can not log in to online banking. This is a real problem need balance now.

  • Timbercruiser

    New Mobile APP refuses to install. Says not optomized for my system (2 year old 64 GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S). Other APP worked fine until update required. Guess I am supposed to run out and buy a new unit every time US decides to add some new nonsense junk to what was once a fairly useable APP.

  • Beth Graf

    The mobile app is crap. UPLOAD DELETE AND TURN PHONE OFF AND ON EACH TIME I NEED TO USE IT??!!??!! ARE YOU IDIOTS SERIOUS???!!! and now the website won’t allow a login! I opened a case 3 weeks ago (after I complained for 2 months but no one would open a case because then they don’t need to address it) and then the email case worker “helping” (insert sarcasm) tried to lamely tell me it was a problem with my wifi because I said when I turn it off I can login using my data.PROBLEM WITH THIS YOU CRACK SHOT EXPERTS I NEVER SAID THIS. INSTEAD OF PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH TO TRY AND CLOSE YOUR CASE HOW ABOUT YOU FIX THIS ISSUE LIKE I AM GOING TO. I AM GOING TO JOIN A CREDIT UNION THIS WEEK TO SCRAPE US BANK OFF!! I SUGGEST EVERYONE DO THE SAME.

  • John Pond

    I haven’t been able to access my account online for at least 30 days. When I try to log in it keeps saying “Sorry, our system is currently unavailable. Please try again”. How is a major bank website down for 30 days? This is crazy…do they not have a great IT team? I can’t make my payment online… will they send me a paper bill again (after I opted for paperless)?

  • Lena Swayze

    I havent been able to use my bank card for weeks! Ive put in for a new card and still havent received anything. I work during banking hours and cannot access my funds! Do you know howbembarrassing it is for someone to have money in the bank and try to order from McDonald’s and then have your card decline? Like what is that about!!! It started with a chip malfunction at a gas station when i was trying to pay for gas. And i wasnt able to use the magnetic strip after it told me to swip my card. U.S Bank is failing in a big way.

  • Derek Burnett

    I haven’t been able to login to the online site in over a month. What a disgrace.

  • Irma Fountain

    when the bank online is down especially when bills are due !! I go to first app they made for online . That’s the only app that has never giving me any problems, it may be old but it still works!! (whatch im going to jinks myself) When they made a MAKEOVER FOR MOBILE ONLINE BANKING !!! OMG!! its a nightmare signing in it drops, or the page repeats itself.Paying a bill it never passes the security answer BUT if your paying an issue credit card from them BELIEVE me it sure hell take it when you hit summit !

  • Jamie Rico

    The US BANK APP SUCKS HARD CORE!!!! Install uninstall install uninstall. Why the hell do I need to keep doing this??? Flippin irritating. I love US BANK. But the APP SUCKS!!!!!! I’ve been on phone everyday woth US BANK for 2 weeks for this issue. I’m soooooooo irritated and over this crap.

  • Busbettis Polamalu

    US Bank website is non-functional – unable to login – cc cust from MA

  • Charlee K Cooper

    Did you install the new App update? Periodically they change to keep your info safe. Yay!! for US Bank for caring about their customers and issues which, Can happen if they don’t stay on top of cyber crime. Check in Apps – just saying instead of bashing

    A loyal US Bank customer

  • Charlee K Cooper

    Be more responsible where you lay your card. Just don’t toss it in your purse or put it next to your phone etc. I have had the same card for 9 years now with no issues. Your phone will damage your card!

  • Damaris Purtle

    Try clearing your browser history and cookies. Or, try a different browser.

  • AmyL

    online system has not worked for over a month. A little communication to customers who have not been able to log in would go a long way. NOT happy that I had to go to bank to deposit checks and now can not verify if they have cleared. In the olden days, when systems were upgraded, there was the option to toll back the update if it didn’t work. thoughts?

  • Alan Hensley

    Just bought a galaxy tab A, and app says not compatable?

  • Gee Miller

    Chrome said unavailable…IE worked fine.

  • Suzette Gacek

    Can’t log in to online banking, this is so irritating.

  • Janet Kocis

    Cannot log in to online banking using the app. Have been trying all day! Irritating!!!

  • Gigi Capaul

    Web site both mobile app and full website is always down! Why?

  • Robert J. Kimble

    i believe it is intentional, so you are forced to pay aditional fees, is there a class action against US Bank yet?

  • Tom Moore

    I have not been able to login to online banking for the pass 6 days. I phoned 888-22-6507 but there was a language problem and was not able to continue the process. I like to check my online statement weekly as is suggested by US Bank. If possible email detailed direction on recovering my account,,,

  • Denise

    I just opened a checking account with US bank and downloaded the Mobil app. It’s saying my account number is wrong when I go to create. Very frustrating.

  • Edward Movall

    why is US Bank online down?

  • Claire P

    I cannot log in to mobile banking or U.S. Bank’s web site.