US Bank Login Problems

Customers of the US Bank are well aware problems do arise and when they do they either need answers or wish to see if others are in the same predicament. What is your US Bank service status right now? Please do share on this page any problem you are having no matter how big or small along with your location.

The US Bank main issues include not being able to access via online banking login, home mortgage payment not going through, customer service not giving adequate information as well as the official website being down.

Other issues include the US Bank mobile app download not working or crashing upon opening. Maybe your bank card has been declined for not obvious reason, please share with us today your concerns or any questions you have.

US Bank status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if US Bank is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with US Bank? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Kelly

    Online banking on the official website is not working, each time i try to login its saying try again.

  • Max

    My US Bank app on my phone keeps crashing when I try to login. I have an Android Samsung model.

  • Angie

    How typical is that, my bank card has been canceled and now have to wait for a new one. Thanks to those that tried to take money from my bank.

  • Issard

    Tried to transfer money from my account to my savings account and it declined it. Tried logging in again and it worked, strange and so hope i have not transferred twice.

  • AlySanG

    Since yesterday I can log in to the mobile app but I cannot access an account to make a mobile deposit. When I click on the 3 dots to the right of the account, I get a perpetual spinner. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I’ve closed all other apps. This spinner has been going for 10 minutes this time.

  • tanya

    online website keeps crashing. hits a 404 bad error whenever I try logging in

  • tanya

    online website is down. I keep hitting a 404 error page whenever I log in

  • AP Prophet

    All USBanking systems are down across the country, from what the bank teller at the main st Blue Springs branch relayed.

  • Sue Mowan

    Us bankmobile app is not working either

  • Plato

    USBank web site down for two days

  • Pamla

    US Bank App not working…not recieving code to log in.

  • David Barnett

    Down in Nashville TN.

  • Michael

    Called the Local Branch and they said no problems then the Online Banker said yes there is a problem but no time for resolution. Now we have the problem. Oregon

  • Edward

    Been trying to check on my account for the past few days and can’t get on. I don’t get it haven’t heard of any other banks having issue like this.

  • Betty Corke

    Can not log in to online banking. This is a real problem need balance now.

  • Timbercruiser

    New Mobile APP refuses to install. Says not optomized for my system (2 year old 64 GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S). Other APP worked fine until update required. Guess I am supposed to run out and buy a new unit every time US decides to add some new nonsense junk to what was once a fairly useable APP.

  • Beth Graf

    The mobile app is crap. UPLOAD DELETE AND TURN PHONE OFF AND ON EACH TIME I NEED TO USE IT??!!??!! ARE YOU IDIOTS SERIOUS???!!! and now the website won’t allow a login! I opened a case 3 weeks ago (after I complained for 2 months but no one would open a case because then they don’t need to address it) and then the email case worker “helping” (insert sarcasm) tried to lamely tell me it was a problem with my wifi because I said when I turn it off I can login using my data.PROBLEM WITH THIS YOU CRACK SHOT EXPERTS I NEVER SAID THIS. INSTEAD OF PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH TO TRY AND CLOSE YOUR CASE HOW ABOUT YOU FIX THIS ISSUE LIKE I AM GOING TO. I AM GOING TO JOIN A CREDIT UNION THIS WEEK TO SCRAPE US BANK OFF!! I SUGGEST EVERYONE DO THE SAME.

  • John Pond

    I haven’t been able to access my account online for at least 30 days. When I try to log in it keeps saying “Sorry, our system is currently unavailable. Please try again”. How is a major bank website down for 30 days? This is crazy…do they not have a great IT team? I can’t make my payment online… will they send me a paper bill again (after I opted for paperless)?

  • Lena Swayze

    I havent been able to use my bank card for weeks! Ive put in for a new card and still havent received anything. I work during banking hours and cannot access my funds! Do you know howbembarrassing it is for someone to have money in the bank and try to order from McDonald’s and then have your card decline? Like what is that about!!! It started with a chip malfunction at a gas station when i was trying to pay for gas. And i wasnt able to use the magnetic strip after it told me to swip my card. U.S Bank is failing in a big way.

  • Derek Burnett

    I haven’t been able to login to the online site in over a month. What a disgrace.

  • Irma Fountain

    when the bank online is down especially when bills are due !! I go to first app they made for online . That’s the only app that has never giving me any problems, it may be old but it still works!! (whatch im going to jinks myself) When they made a MAKEOVER FOR MOBILE ONLINE BANKING !!! OMG!! its a nightmare signing in it drops, or the page repeats itself.Paying a bill it never passes the security answer BUT if your paying an issue credit card from them BELIEVE me it sure hell take it when you hit summit !

  • Jamie Rico

    The US BANK APP SUCKS HARD CORE!!!! Install uninstall install uninstall. Why the hell do I need to keep doing this??? Flippin irritating. I love US BANK. But the APP SUCKS!!!!!! I’ve been on phone everyday woth US BANK for 2 weeks for this issue. I’m soooooooo irritated and over this crap.

  • Busbettis Polamalu

    US Bank website is non-functional – unable to login – cc cust from MA

  • Charlee K Cooper

    Did you install the new App update? Periodically they change to keep your info safe. Yay!! for US Bank for caring about their customers and issues which, Can happen if they don’t stay on top of cyber crime. Check in Apps – just saying instead of bashing

    A loyal US Bank customer

  • Charlee K Cooper

    Be more responsible where you lay your card. Just don’t toss it in your purse or put it next to your phone etc. I have had the same card for 9 years now with no issues. Your phone will damage your card!

  • Damaris Purtle

    Try clearing your browser history and cookies. Or, try a different browser.

  • AmyL

    online system has not worked for over a month. A little communication to customers who have not been able to log in would go a long way. NOT happy that I had to go to bank to deposit checks and now can not verify if they have cleared. In the olden days, when systems were upgraded, there was the option to toll back the update if it didn’t work. thoughts?

  • Alan Hensley

    Just bought a galaxy tab A, and app says not compatable?

  • Gee Miller

    Chrome said unavailable…IE worked fine.

  • Suzette Gacek

    Can’t log in to online banking, this is so irritating.

  • Janet Kocis

    Cannot log in to online banking using the app. Have been trying all day! Irritating!!!

  • Gigi Capaul

    Web site both mobile app and full website is always down! Why?

  • Robert J. Kimble

    i believe it is intentional, so you are forced to pay aditional fees, is there a class action against US Bank yet?

  • Tom Moore

    I have not been able to login to online banking for the pass 6 days. I phoned 888-22-6507 but there was a language problem and was not able to continue the process. I like to check my online statement weekly as is suggested by US Bank. If possible email detailed direction on recovering my account,,, [email protected]

  • Denise

    I just opened a checking account with US bank and downloaded the Mobil app. It’s saying my account number is wrong when I go to create. Very frustrating.

  • Edward Movall

    why is US Bank online down?

  • Claire P

    I cannot log in to mobile banking or U.S. Bank’s web site.

  • John B

    Can’t login to US Bank online.

  • James Schwaller

    Sorry, our system is currently unavailable. Please try again

  • N Nichols

    Haven’t been able to log in to USBank all morning & I’ve tried multiple entry points. It says: 400 Bad Request; Request Header Or Cookie Too Large; nginx

  • N Nichols

    Haven’t been able to log in to USBank all morning & I’ve tried multiple entry points. It says: “400 Bad Request; Request Header Or Cookie Too Large; nginx”

  • gdh19

    Website is down again. How are we to view our accounts, pay bills, do normal banking functions when your website is down 24/7? Do we need to move all of our accounts to one of your multiple competitors?

    What is the ETA on it being fixed and your gameplan to prevent future occurances?

    Your truly,

    The entire USBank Customers

  • Michael

    I get all white page with nothing… Love to be able to pay my bills

  • Slundy99

    US Bank online mortgage payment is not working, try to log in and get this response: Sorry, our system is currently unavailable. Please try again.

  • Manda

    what the hell for 3 days ive been trying desperately to get through to us bank reliacard my card hasnt been working and i cant log into my account literally all of my money is in my account and the card will not work 🙁 I hate US BANK!


    I’m having problems logging into my account.

  • Suzette Gacek

    Online says having technical problems!

  • Katie Perez

    Online app isn’t working.

  • Lorna Lund Collins

    Can’t log in online

  • Michael Haines

    Can’t login after entering password and access code. Called support at 800-872-2657. Recorded message after the initial greeting states that the system is down due to “unplanned maintenance”, which could mean anything, but overall not good. Nothing to indicate how long this will last.

  • 4- Speed

    Dito.. wanted see if MY Stimulus money has been deposited……………

  • Chris Williams

    Why does this happen so much??

  • Cindy Cicotte

    Been down in Michigan since april 1st,wtf is going on…nothing like leaving us in limbo.


    I only have a credit card with them. Got my gov’ment corona-check yesterday! Wanted to login so I can pay-off my account balance. So, they lock-down their website, so I can’t pay it off. Come’mon US Bank, interest on $556.76 ain’t going to break tha bank, I hope not….


    Got mine yesterday! Mo Money, Mo Money.. Good luck and be safe 🙂


    I’ve been a customer for over 12 years. I give em 5 STARS. Never had a login problem before. Only had a problem yesterday, but was able eventually login. But can’t get logged in today at all. Hope they fix it soon. For a minute, I thought they lockdown their system because they did want me to pay off my balance wit the gov’ment money I just got.

  • Jayson

    It has nothing to do with you wanting to pay off your debt. EVERYONE IS LOGGING IN TO SEE THE CHECK! that’s the issue.

  • Linda

    It appears online banking is down again. Just tried it. Anyone else getting into their account?

  • Christina Williams

    I can not get money out of my account no one is answering the phones

  • Jessie J

    Can’t get in over here. Seems fishy. No other banks having issues at this time and their website traffic is probably very high as well. Is this simply a coincidence or is there something happening behind the scenes with stimulus checks? They were one of the banks that did not clarify their position on whether they would use stimulus checks to pay off owed debt… you decide.

  • Sandra

    I can’t get in our accounts either. I was able to get on a few hours ago but now I can’t.

  • Christine Glass

    Have been trying all morning. Get all the way to logging in, wait, wait, wait then message that they are not working.


    The check is not the issue, it maybe bandwidth, but for sure you are 2 stupid to get a joke.

  • Scott Harrison

    There will be big fish to fry they start taking a bunch of peoples money , and after the fact if they would lose 90% of current customers , Or well I would hope.

  • Marv

    Logged on around 6 am today, no problem signing on but no check or deposit Signed on again around 9 am to pay some bills, no response. Have tried many times since but still unable to connect.

  • Tom Parker

    Glad I have money in another bank as US Bank seems to have ongoing problems. I know for one that first chance I get I will no longer be a part of their unreliable system.

  • Steve Suslik

    Yes, the system is down, and it has been down on a regular basis in the past 2 weeks. Very unreliable. It used to be up almost 100% of the time. They clearly are not prepared for this.

  • Michelle Van Meter

    I haven’t been able to access my acct online for 2 days. I am able to access the app for my iphone. I’m in Reno Nv. I tried the “Bill Pay” via the app today to pay a bill…it appears to have worked…I will know one way or the other once it posts to the biller acct I sent it to.

  • Ben Franklin’s Glasses

    Can’t use app to transfer money to another bank as you can on website.

  • socalvillaguy

    Issues with both the mobile app and Quicken connection. I’m able to do basic things on the website.

  • Jim Duley

    I downloaded their mobile app, but it reports a problem when I finally authenticate. That’s been ongoing since 4/15. Same thing with Quicken. I AM able to log into their website, though, and look at account data. I’ve been reading reports of issues with a lot of banks since the covid DDs have started. Figures!

  • Priscilla Forest Williams

    Was on phone yesterday..for over an hour…no answer…I can not pay my credit card…at least they could do is state there is a problem when you call..instead of wasting my time…I may be rethinking this card…

  • GodZirra

    Yep, that’s what I get as well.

  • weatherman66

    I’ve been getting this login message for a couple of weeks on my Google browser “Sorry, our system is currently unavailable. Please try again.” I switched to Firefox and I got in for about a week but not this morning. Same error message. I.e. Sorry, our system is currently unavailable. Please try again.
    I’m able to get in on my cellphone which is better than nothing. The research I’ve done says it’s been a windows update that’s at fault. I don’t get it because the message from USBank says “Sorry, OUR system is currently unavailable. Please try again”. It sounds like USBank id admitting it IS their problem. FIX it our I will change Banks.

  • Eric Montes

    I have been put on hold for over 10 days now. Music plays but times 3-4 hours pass, still on hold with music going using multiple phones,…disco on every call. US bank reliacard terminated my card for which they charged me $15 for replacement for overnight mail and still nothing came to my house. No customer service, no tracking number sent to my phone” just a text msg card was sent and they took 15 out for overnight”….nightmare. 580 i got paid from unemployment that I needed desperately. Now I have no choice but to transfer everything to a bank account before are CARES fund is paid backdated 3 weeks. Forget about the other money,…they wont answer to resolve…over 34hrs of hold time in 10 days trying to get tracking or anyone on phone. Called US bank direct,..they will not offer any assistance for reliacard…GL what a bunch of jerks at a time like this…

  • Sarah Davis

    So ive tried all day today to talk to customer service about my us bank reliacard my unemployment was paid to it on the 18th and was suppose to be disbursed today 4/20 and i have yet to recieve my payment, i waited on hold a total of 4 hrs today 3 different calls because all of a sudden the call is ended out of nowhere….

  • Theresa Melton

    I cant use my card at all!! Have money on thwre but all it doea is decline

  • rosa rios

    I had log in problems a few days ago, I was able to log in after a day or 2

  • rosa rios

    My thoughts exactly, we also have BOA & Capital One 360 ACH for cash flow, but after this issue, it made me reconsider if I should still continue to have my direct deposit with US Bank. I do not

  • Allen Scott

    Got sent the Reliacard for UC disbursement. Tried to log in and was blocked with a “too many incorrect attempts” on the first attempt. Five days later and I still can not get in. Have spent hours and hours on hold over the past few days. Thought 2AM would be a good time to try. Three hours later I am still on hold. WTH?

  • Daniel Ward

    I have been trying for a week to get onto US Banks web site. As of today April 22, 2020 it is still down.

  • Upset citizen

    From Michigan and been calling for days an nothing but a busy signal… When it finally rings u wait for ever n nobody answers… This is very important i cant touch MY own money or fix issues which is frustrating….

  • Brandon Pagan

    If anyone is confused the reason US Bank is down and not working is because their the ones who issue UC and with millions of people filing after being let go from their jobs closing during this pandemic it’s out a lot of stress on their servers. I too can’t access my funds or make purchases online as all my transactions get declined and have their customer support won’t pick up with such a high demand and volume of people trying to call with similar issues good luck getting an answer.

  • SquamLuv

    They are down. I’ve been trying since yesterday to access my state unemployment funds – my only source of income right now. I get an error message that says “Unable to validate your card account, please try again”. I received a payment two weeks ago and had no problem accessing and transferring the funds to my checking account, so this is a new issue that is with US Bank Reliacard itself, not on my end.

    I tried calling but only get a busy signal. I called my local State Rep’s office and asked them to look into the matter and they said they would. I encourage everyone to do the same – this is unacceptable, especially at this terrible time – contact your local state representative.

  • Vicki Babbitt

    I need to pay some bills, but can’t get in to do it (for the past three days now). What can I do?

  • Boot Licker

    Have a Reliacard from USBANK for my unemployment. I haven’t received a dime since March 29th and I finally get funds added to my Reliacard and for some reason I can’t access or use my funds at all. No one will answer and since Saturday night I’ve been on hold for little over 2 hours each time then the phone hangs up. I can’t get any help from anyone else at US Bank and it’s a JOKE. Please USBank I have 3 mouths to feed and bills to pay.

  • Boot Licker

    Any answer?

  • Boot Licker

    Any answers?

  • Vicki Babbitt

    no; I did see others, saying the same thing, though.

  • Deadeded

    Was on hold with 2 phones for 3 1/2 hours today after the 6 hour wait I gave up on yesterday, I finally got through because I can’t log into my account online or on the app and I can’t buy food or my meds. I was so happy to get through and told the lady my issue and asked her to please call back if we get disconnected, she said she couldn’t do that, placed me on hold. 10 minutes later it hung up on me. I have no way to get my meds, my mom and dad both died this year and I was diagnosed with throat cancer. I’m done.

  • Jessyca Bridges

    Does anyone know how to transfer money from ReliaCard to another bank?

  • Kareema

    I’m going to sue the crap out of them disgusting this has been going on for over a month unacceptable

  • KH

    I’ve not been able to get into my account for two weeks. Plan to close account as soon as I can reach someone.

  • xxDaPrincexx

    Why issue something if your not gonna monitor it, I can’t log in I even put everything correct even the verification which says something is entered incorrectly I know for a fact I’ve entered it in correctly I even showed people while I did it, this site, app & card & customer service is pathetic, why give us money when we can’t do anything with it this is for our situation all this did was make it worse, it went from no money to having money but can’t use it ain’t nothing worse then that as far as money goes, this is beyond ridiculous, it makes no sense, literally nothing on the app or site works, my solution GO TO TURKEY HILL OR WELLS FARGO ATM & TAKE THE MONEY OFF & PUT IT ON YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, I however don’t like banks now will have to have a bank so that I can put all of my money on it vs a 500 dollar limit wit debit cards

  • Patriots

    Can login to my account through the android mobile app but not the most recently updated edge nor firefox browser, what is the problem exactly before I call technical support.

  • Darlene Demiraiakian

    Been trying to call US Bank Home Mortgage automated system, since the 1st, but all I get is a busy signal.

  • Matthew Sweatt

    Apple ID won’t take my US Bank Reliacard even though it clearly states that it does, and Sony will not accept the card either for any online purchases whatsoever. It’s hit and miss everywhere else. Can someone please help me out with this?

  • i can log in but when i get in i can’t click on anything! My cursor
    moves but won’t click on nothing. Any other site my cursor works. But
    not on the us bank website.

  • john

    same here on cursor, customer support said it was in my system. ok why does it work other sites

  • Joshua Glynn

    Same ever get fixed

  • Marc Sherman

    I have been trying to transfer money from the US Bank ReliaCard to my bank account for two weeks. The transfer always fails.
    I have tried calling the customer service number at all hours and can never get through. I’ve been put on hold for an hour or more,
    only to have the call then drop.

  • Shari Sullivan

    My card has been locked for a week now. I can’t get through to talk to anyone on any numbers. Been on hold for hours and hours to be disconnected. Online website and Mobile app aren’t working. I log in and it says you’re account is locked click here to unlock. It then asked me my security questions which states my answers are wrong, which they are not. It all started with stating my password was wrong and it wasn’t. But then it says I’ve had too many attempts and to call customer service. What am I going to do? All my money is on that card. I can’t pay bills I can’t do anything. I’m freaking out

  • Lisa J Steinslofer

    Today is now Monday July 27th. It has now been a week of my card being unusable. No access to my money. It has been working fine and all of a sudden stopped working. Spent all last week on two phones calling, waiting for hours and being cut off. Finally an agent answered and said she couldn’t help me because her system was down. took my number but never called back. Just need to change PIN. Automated system is non-existent, Website and APP have nothing. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON?? Is the entire system just down? If so, why don’t they just tell everyone? My next move may have to be a lawyer.

  • Marcy Fralick

    Saturday August 8, 2020 4th straight week that I can’t access USBank through Firefox on my desktop PC. Says, “System is temporarily unavailable”, yet I can get on using Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox on my iPhone/iPad. I’ve deleted the sign-in page from my PC, reinstalled it, same issue. I use Firefox for my main browser, but on the PC, have to use Chrome for USBank.

  • Fee Nicole

    Thur Sept 3rd 2020 can’t use card or get money off atm on automated system when call and on app on my phone says money is there and available called keep getting hung up on no one answers is card down?

  • Stark and Stark

    Can’t log into my usbank app

  • Brenton L Schaffer

    So wtf is going on, can anyone provide an answer as to when it will be fixed

  • ChSara Torres-Spam

    Nov 4th 2020, de pua unemployment status shows payment made/processed on 11/3, but my reliacard does not show a deposit or any pending deposits. It always hits my bank the day after unemployment processes it. Is this just me or is anyone else having issues with it?

  • SusieQue

    Keep getting this message when trying to transfer to my bank account – “Unable to validate your card account, please try again”.
    Reads like the problem is their end. I’ll keep trying.

  • Khue Nguyen

    I have the same problem just now. Was your solved by any chance?

  • Charlotte Powers

    I can’t log in to the online site as it says my password or user name or incorrect, which is not true, Then it says it is experiencing unusually high traffic and to try again. The same thing happened last night.

  • Charlotte Powers

    I also have trouble logging in on the mobile website as it says someone else is using my cell phone. Then when I finally get in, I can’t deposit checks, as it kicks me out and I have to start over after taking pictures of the checks.

  • Dan Okrasinski

    Now that US Bank has closed many of their branches it is more important than ever to be able to access their web site. Why has it been so difficult to log in for the past week or so. Is it due to certain hours of operation ?

  • I have been having serious issues with accessing online banking for well over six months now and it is steadily getting worse! Now I have to attempt 10+ times to get in (just opens eventually). Often I get the message “too many attempts…reset your password”. I have gone through five password resets in the last three months due to this problem. A service tech admitted to me that they are having “software problems” but this has been going on form months! That is atrocious service! Time to change banks!

  • Ken

    I try to login to the ReliaCard app, and get the response “there’s a problem on our end – it shouldn’t last long, so please try again soon”, but it’s been saying that for a month or two now. Idk if this is the reason for the error message or not, but when I originally created my username, it has a special character in it (an underscore symbol)…I had to update the app like two months ago, and ever since then, it won’t let you enter a special character in the username field

  • Curtis

    Why haven’t I received my monthly utility reimbursement for July 2021

  • Beth Womble

    My us bank app isn’t working it days the problem is on their end

  • Amanda

    The app will not let me log in and the website is totally down.

  • Devyn

    The app is saying that there are problems on their end with accessing my account

  • Ballzakk

    Won’t let me log in says problems on your end