US Cellular Service Outage, Problems

When there is a US Cellular outage or problem with payments, billing, phone networks etc this can get you the customer a little angry. But thanks to Is Down Right Now USA you can have your say and report when any issue occurs, being it any of the above etc.

Other issues with US Cellular can include not being able to login to your account being it online or via mobile, apps not loading or website ( being down. Maybe you are having issues with customer service and support, or it could be something to do with your 4G network that is causing troubles for you. Whatever your problem is please do report right here.

US Cellular servers can come down due to maintenance, and phone users can be left without signal, not being able to receive / make calls as well as problems with texting. Please do let us know what location you are in along with your problem.

US Cellular status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if US Cellular is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with US Cellular? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Paul

    My service is down today again in Milwaukee, it went down then came back up and now off again. lol

  • Sherrie

    US Cell problems in Madison, not able to text anyone.

  • Chase

    Today everything is fine for me. However, last week was bad in San Diego

  • Chris Shockley

    I made a payment to activate my account online today and my phone is still not active and the customer service said they cant find my payment but its on my bank statement what can I do

  • Ashley Nicole Weeks

    Can’t call or receive/send texts in Tryon, NC

  • Louie Bertorelli

    No cell service, blackout, in Potter Valley, California 95469 again!!!!!!! It’s out more than it is working this month.

  • Tammie Leigh Lawson

    Service is terrible ! No signal!! Phone is breaking up can’t make calls or send texts. Have full WiFi but no signal!!!

  • Tammie Leigh Lawson

    No signal on Fries Virginia what’s wrong called US Cell and they want me to Factory Reset!!! Noooooo

  • Joseph Dzbinski

    Only works on wifi

  • Elaine Brigman

    APP hasn’t loaded for over a week here in Door Co , WI. I keep track of usage and It’s time to pay the bill!

  • Carolan L Brooks

    Can’t text (keyboard won’t show) but can call out & receive calls.

  • Carolan L Brooks

    Can’t text but can call out & receive calls.

  • Bradford Hammond

    Is US Cellular service down now?

  • Bradford Hammond

    Is US Cellular down now?