tracking problems

USPS tracking problems can occur when say the tracking number cannot be found, or there is a total outage where has gone offline. Other issues encountered could be to do with forwarding and priority mail, deliveries of packages etc. Whatever reason you have a problem with USPS share with Is Down Right Now.

The USPS (United States Postal Service) now has over 617,000 workers with over 211,000 vehicles working to get you delivery to you. But services to falter now and then and the U.S. Mail service, the main issues that will impact users the most would be a outage and of course mail or packages getting lost or not turning up for delivery when they were supposed to, and if this happens we want to know about it.

Complaints in the past have included a few customers saying they would use UPS rather than USPS because things do not get delivered when they are supposed to. The overall service is good, but if you are a customer with a complaint about the website or service then please share with the community below.

USPS status reports for Saturday 21st of September 2019

To find out if USPS is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with USPS? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Emma

    Is the tracking not working for everyone? Because my tracking is stuck on August 1st.
    It is still in transit, what’s going on?!?

  • Emma

    My package was at Jamaica NY and it left, my package is in transit for 9 days now!

  • Suz

    USPS picked up a large item yesterday 8/6/19 (priority mail) and the tracking number is still not updated. It’s showing USPS is still waiting for the item. I will contact the end user to verify they get the package.

  • Bree

    I have 2 packages 1 been in preshipment for a week the other is the replacement and still says in preshipment from yesterday. I have revived 1 that had timely updates but not these

  • Ben

    Mines to but since the 29th and only updated once did you ever receive yours?

  • Emma

    It has been in transit for 12 days now. It still says August 1st, so probably not scanned yet. I contacted them today, hopefully they find it. Nope, haven’t received it yet.

  • Mike Gilmer

    USPS charges for Priority Mail with tracking but when you try to track it online, it says they are having problems with their system and cannot track anything. USPS sucks.

  • Troy Yang

    USPS not sending text update (after request) on USPS tracking

  • Brandon Sherbs

    Usps tracking not working at all right now..typical..unable to track anything..what a joke.

  • Kristin Honshul

    My tracker keeps saying regional weather delay but the storm is long gone.. I really need to know if my package is on time.. From Florida to Alabama

  • kcfield

    Cannot login to USPS website. Error code 405 (Ann Arbor, Michigan area)

  • Rebecca Sonnick

    usps is down in Minnesota too.

  • Chaotis

    Parcel is not updating current information

  • Daizy May

    My tracking hasn’t updated for a week now…I really hate usps