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USPS tracking problems can occur when say the tracking number cannot be found, or there is a total outage where has gone offline. Other issues encountered could be to do with forwarding and priority mail, deliveries of packages etc. Whatever reason you have a problem with USPS share with Is Down Right Now. tracking problems

The USPS (United States Postal Service) now has over 617,000 workers with over 211,000 vehicles working to get you delivery to you. But services to falter now and then and the U.S. Mail service, the main issues that will impact users the most would be a outage and of course mail or packages getting lost or not turning up for delivery when they were supposed to, and if this happens we want to know about it.

Complaints in the past have included a few customers saying they would use UPS rather than USPS because things do not get delivered when they are supposed to. The overall service is good, but if you are a customer with a complaint about the website or service then please share with the community below.

USPS status reports for Friday 28th of April 2017

To find out if USPS is down right now, see reports below.

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  • Danielle

    84054810005002000099310902 Why is this not showing up? I know the buyer received the package but I need to confirm this so that I can receive paypal funds.

  • Blair

    My package has been on pre shipment for six days its coming from hong king to california?

  • Neo

    LT346924597CN My item has not arrived to its destination yet. It was supposed to arrive by now. The tracking information is dated since 29st October and until today is still in transit. What is going on?

  • Jocelyn

    RL903515150CH This my tracking number and it says it’s “inbound out of customs” since Nov.2 and I have not got any updates or delivery.

  • Amarie

    I have several packages coming in domestically but it all says tracking status not available

  • Chai.

    I’ve shipped an item out 5 days ago and the shipping updated once but hasn’t again on the website. I’ve also ordered an item off eBay last week and the shipping has never updated it’s stuck. Idk what’s going on

  • Gerardo Ortiz

    I have a package say in the tracking fowarded to a diffrent address beacuse of fowarding instructions and hasent updated since nov 7 ,more than a week amd nothing. I call the 800 # and they never have a respond. Can anyone help whats going on?? Please

  • asdasd

    me too what so we do???? im worried!!!!

  • Gerardo Ortiz

    Does ur also says fowarded? If so how long has it been? I called today again but they told me they dnt knw nothing they just gona open a investigation. But they already oppened like 3 and still they cnt find the package

  • Bread

    I ordered an item and it’s been stuck as “Shipment accepted” since November 12th. Why is this happening? I don’t understand. It’s been stuck for 4 business days.

  • nate

    LZ189171307US I get the tracking updates from things that happened 8-10 hours ago! So delayed :( US -> Canada shipment. At noon today USPS tracking told me that last night at 10PM it left my airport to go to a Post Office, and nothing since. How will I actually know when it’s out for delivery, as it takes so long for the next update to show, even though it happened hours ago??!?!

  • cazador1403

    LK198233424US haven’t received my small package in almost half a month, they spectated time was 3rd of this month

  • Bryon Mccoy

    Is USPS tracking system down right now?

  • Lori

    9405509699938941998875 status “picked up” two days ago and nothing since. What gives?

  • A.J. Ruckman

    9461509699937069299150 has been “In Transit to Destination” to my city from a city 2 hours away for over 20 hours. There’s no way it could take that long, I think the tracking must be behind.

  • FlyersRights

    USPS tracking down since 6:23 am this morning. Plus I have two trackable packages not tracking since yesterday. Unbelievable.

  • Pissedtfoff

    All it’s telling me is label created usps awaiting item it won’t update anything, if usps is down when would it be up again?

  • The Great Queen Spider

    Ugh it just says “in transit” and has been saying that the last couple days. Package was supposed to be here today, but nope. Wish I could have had it shipped by UPS.

  • BigG91

    I have a package that says “departed usps sort facility” and it says in route to my destination. That was 2 days ago. Hasn’t updated since.

  • uspsbeingusps

    many packages stuck on acceptance. All sent day before Thanksgiving

  • Government is dumb

    Was supposed to have rush shipping and get here yesterday. Left the facility but never got updated so I have no clue whats going on, classic government workers.

  • TaeCole

    Package has been in customs for 7 days now, what is wrong?

  • freemind

    My package is supposed to have gotten here in Nigeria last week Friday but its not and no update about its whereabouts at USPS site. Please what do I do? Anyone with the same issue?

  • Janneth Orozco

    I sent a really really important package from san francisco to chicago through priority express, and all its telling me is status not available. I sent it out the day before thanksgiving and I was told it would be received on friday. Im freaking out what if they lost it

  • Salo,a

    I don’t know what has been happening with usps lately some many problems system down,package on hold in costums,delivery dates updates incorrect,,please,please,please,fix. It

  • Roni

    I printed an online label Saturday Dec 27th. Dropped off the package via drop box. It went in. Box was secured. Label was secured. Delivery is Dec 1st all my tracking says is shipping label created. Grateful that I got signature confirmation. So hoping once it’s signed and delivered I’ll get notifications.

  • RT

    my grandma sent me a little care package from my family in LA and sent one to my sister as well (who lives in NYC) she has received her package and I’ve not…. i live in boston which isn’t far at all from NYC.. and my care package was for my first chemo treatment tomorrow….. and USPS has done nothing to help at all.

  • Michele

    My package coming from UK has been sitting in NY since thanksgiving and i keep geeting emails that it is in transit from same place everyday is there a problem with system or is my package lost. Help

  • disgrunted customer

    I dropped off a package with USPS on November 29. It says “Shipping label created. USPS is still waiting on item.” What’s going on?

  • Papa

    Did it show up?

  • Ryan

    Did it show up

  • Papa

    Did it show up??

  • Papa

    Did it show up?

  • Papa

    Did it show up

  • Papa

    Did the package arrive

  • Papa

    Did it show up yet

  • Papa

    Did it arrive

  • Paola Hidalgo

    I have the exact issue

  • Jonah George (ShadowCooper77)

    I ordered a package from Florida from ebay. it said it was coming on the sixth of december which is a tuesday. then when it got shipped and i could track it, it said friday. it did not come on friday and the tracking updates are VERY late. It still says its coming on friday! its freaking saturday! It said that for so long. It updated today saying “in transit to destination”. i dont know how it takes TWO DAYS to get to new jersey from florida. I am really freaking pissed off with usps. It still hasn’t updated. I haven’t checked the mail yet. it is currently 5:33 PM. It will probably come on monday if it doesnt today and its just late. I really am pissed.

  • Jonah George (ShadowCooper77)


  • Jonah George (ShadowCooper77)


  • Mel H

    I ordered phone cases from someone in CA and they shipped it over 7 days ago. 3 days in and it went right back to where it was shipped. Then went to some other town in CA 2 days ago and nothing has updated since. It was suppose to be delivered today. I ordered a American Girl item from someone in IN and it took over 2 days to go 1 hour 47 minutes. It’s still in IN (different town). It was also suppose to be delivered today. (I’m in WI) Seems the USPS isn’t doing too well! I’ve been buying and selling on eBay since 2002 and this is the first time I’ve had items sit for that log or travel back to the same state.


    My package is supposed to arrive from Burlingame yesterday, but when I looked at the tracking today, it hasn’t updated the expected delivery day at all. So, please help.

  • Anger

    I have a package expected to arrive today, but USPS doesn’t even show it has received the package although Amazon states it was handed of to USPS in my city.

  • MAD

    My package is apparently in Kansas, even though I live all the way on the East, and it’s been in Kansas for like 2 days!!

  • Claudia

    I ordered a package from the USA to UK, the tracker hasn’t been updated in 5 days and the last thing it said was that it was leaving LA! I’ve ordered before and used the tracker but never has this issue!!

  • Noor Ul Ain Mansoor

    I’m literally having the same problem

  • Itsmy6

    This makes the 2nd time in less than a month that the tracking system has been useless. It either doesn’t update or is delayed 3+ hours. I get better results with Amazon’s site than I do with USPS.

  • Itsmy6

    Agree. I have had not one problem with UPS. All my shipping problems have to do with USPS.

  • Tiffany

    Have you had this problem figured out??

  • Itsmy6

    Mine is 3+ hours delayed.

  • Nico Viveros

    I hAd something shipped last wed and it was expected delivered by Monday and it is Tuesday and still has yet to update the last update was on the 2nd and it says ins transit to destination

  • Anger

    I have the exact same problem right now with the tracking

  • Yanavuth Suos

    The tracking system is not working at all. I am supposed to receive an important package that has been send 4 days ago and the tracking number is still not working. What is the point to pay more if you cannot even track it?

  • BigG91

    It must be due to a heavier volume of packages being shipped with the holidays. I do a lot of business (shipping & receiving) and I’ve been experiencing delays with tracking updates and delayed movement of my packages since a few days before thanksgiving. Priority shipping which is typically 2-3 days is taking about 4-5 days right now.

  • Jo Smith

    I ordered a package, rush delivery and it has been idle for SEVEN DAYS NOW on the tracking page. It’s saying “preparing for shipment” for SEVEN DAYS. I am beyond frustrated because I leave in a few days for a month. The package was ordered November 21st…and here it is December 7th.

  • Jo Smith

    Same problem

  • bjr

    What the hell is going on with usps tracking? I paid triple for certified receipt return-nobody knows where/when the package (envelope ) will be delivered. Same lady at Consumer Affairs (PA)called me four times today to verify my tracking number, then said a rep will call your back today-9:30pm here, no rep yet. I added her # to my reject call list. Package is 4 days beyond the expected delivery date-this time of year comes every year and usps should be better prepared for it. Crazy high fees for lousy service. The others(FedEx & UPS) will get my business moving forward.

  • Lg

    Package arrived from China to US sorting facility on 11/14. USPS says In Transit, expected delivery 11/19. It is now 12/8 and nothing delivered. No updates on USPS either. What the heck?

  • Krissy Mosley

    I still havent received my package and it was suppose to be delivered today but it keeps saying in transit and it won’t update my delivery date. I’m getting so annoyed. No updates have been made whatsoever. I paid for priority mail it should have been here by now.

  • Dino

    A package was sent to me around 3 today and I’m yet to get an update the tracking said it’s not found

  • Darren Millzy Mills

    I can trump this lol.. Parcel from USA to UK arrived in Heathrow on 2nd December. No update until 5th December at close to midnight to tell me my package is now in Singapore!! WTF?!? It’s still sat there now processed through the facility? No update in 4 days!!! Shocking service

  • Cora

    A package was supposed to be delivered on December 6th, but I still have not received it. The tracking info still says expected delivery day is December 6th. It is now December 9th.

  • Tracy

    A package that was sent priority mail was expected to be delivered by 12/9 but it was never delivered. My tracking info says”in transit to destination”. Last update was 12/7. This package is extremely important and I needed it before 12/11.

  • Wsk2006

    Package sent on November 30th has still not made it to me. Package is stuck in transit, which another package I ordered from the same place 4 days later was delivered. Usps is no help.

  • foxgirl

    I am having the same issue. I have a priority box coming, supposed to be here 12/7. It got sent to opa locke FL and departed there and now no updates other then in transit delayed. i need this pkg to. So frustrating.

  • Sara

    UPS dropped package to my local usps for delivery about 8 days ago and time stamped the exact day and time that usps received it. USPS has provided no update since then. Something tells me I won’t be receiving this package. Another package was coming via FedEx and they also transferred to usps for delivery… that status has switched from an expected delivery date to “pending”… I will just stick with FedEx and UPS from now. Even their customer service is light years ahead of USPS.

  • Aoife O’Leary

    Ordered something on 5th November, shipped on the 11th and no sign of it since. It shouldn’t take that long to ship to Ireland, awful service.

  • unicornhearts

    I bought something almost a week ago and when I click the available tracking number as a hyperlink, it still says tracking number cannot be found. Shouldn’t there be some tracking activity by now?

  • Rick

    Same here!! Exactly

  • Adam

    I ordered something on November 29th it was shipped December 3rd and has been stuck in transit since December 5th

  • Anna

    I sell on Etsy and I am APPALLED at the number of delayed tracking updates and packages that have been lost in transit this month. I realize it’s the holidays, but I’ve already had to reship two orders that never made it to their destination. Somehow they got “lost” and the USPS gives me the runaround whenever I call. I have packages that are supposed to be delivered two states from me and the last tracking update was over 24 hours ago. My customer’s expensive priority mail package that was sent and supposedly scanned (according to my receipt from my local USPS) at 1:30 pm today and is still showing “no tracking number found”. I’m a wonderful customer with USPS, shipping dozens of packages per day and I am disgusted that they continue to raise their prices, all the while their employees continue to not scan or improperly scan parcels. I do understand that the holidays will cause shipment delays, but ir takes two seconds to scan something. Get a grip.

  • Brandy Westerlund

    Someone is sending me a package from 1.5 hours away form me and its still saying it has not even been scanned since Monday! ON top of that I have over 80 dollars in photo gifts that have been without update since the 10th! What the heck is going on USPS! Get your act together!

  • Brian

    Even worse I sent a package on Monday morning at 8 o’clock from Maryland and it got to New York the next day and the tracking says it is still in New York and has not started to go overseas to Germany and then to Latvia.

    The last package I sent to Germany to my son arrived to him and for two days it’s still said the The package was in Dresden Germany, so for two days he had the package and the tracking was still off for two days and then finally the text messages that come with the tracking says the package arrived. So that just tells you how slow they are tracking is because when a person gets a package to days before it tells you it was delivered then you know they have serious problems at the USPS

  • Vanessa

    Same here. Priority mail. I live in CA and the package was sent to CO for some reason. Last updated 12/12/16. Was supposed to arrive on 12/13/16. I paid extra to have the tracking service so that I would know where my stuff is.

  • Vanessa

    Hi everyone. I’m waiting on a priority mail package. Was scanned every for three days then last scanned 12/12 in CO. I live in CA and don’t even know why it went to CO. ETA was 12/13 I called the local PO in the last town it was scanned in near Denver and they told me that they had a new ETA date of 12/16 and that I should be receiving a scan on 12/14. Nothing. You guys have me kind of worried because this is an important package. Does anyone on here end up eventually receiving their shipment but just really late?

  • Vanessa

    My UPS and FEDEX shipments have all made it here just fine. I even got my blue Coleman Roadtrip LXE grill dropped off today and that was shipped at the same time from even farther away!

  • kelly liu

    My item was dropped off on Friday but it still says “USPS Awaiting Item”.Its been almost a week and no updates. Is this happening to anyone else?

  • Brian

    Mine has been stuck in New York for the past two days trying to go overseas to Germany so I am just going to assume that my daughter’s birthday present is going to be late even though I sent it on a Monday and now it is Thursday still sitting without any updates, and I know it is not in Europe because when you check did European Postal website, and you put in the number from the package it says information unavailable. I’m kicking myself for not spending the extra $150 using UPS or FedEx to send a package. Never again

  • Rick


  • Rick

    I have several items still stuck in their origin post positions and those updates were in November!! It’s December and nothing is moving or updated AT ALL. I’m with you kelly.

  • Rick


  • Brian

    Yes it is absolutely a shame but they always seem to find a way for a reason to try to make more money by upping the postage and upping the international cost for sending packages but the service is absolutely horrible

  • Amanda

    My item went out on the 9th but has been saying in transit since the first stop…why aren’t more people being hired for the holidays to help with the increase in mail.Most companies are smart enough to keep enough staff to handle business or they lose said business

  • Rick

    Exactly, man. I agree Smgdh. I want my super bowl and world series rings!!

  • Rick

    Exactly!!!! SMDH!

  • Rick

    Same type of situation here for me. Shipped on November 18th.. last scan and “sorted through NEW YORK” on December 4. Estimated delivery date was supposedly December 5th. Yet it’s now December 16th!!! Wth.

  • Rick

    Exactly. Tracking hasn’t updated in a month now for me and my packages. Seriously frustrating and unbelievable

  • Rick

    I absolutely hate this world Smdh

  • Robin Engle- Standish

    Did it get there yet? I have a package mailed from NJ going to NY on 12/7 delivery date was supposed to be 12/9, its stuck as “in transit to destination” since 12/8. Will I ever get it or is it lost?

  • Robin Engle- Standish

    Did it get there yet? I have a package mailed from NJ going to
    NY on 12/7 delivery date was supposed to be 12/9, its stuck as “in transit to destination” since 12/8. Will I ever get it or is it lost???

  • Robin Engle- Standish

    I have a package mailed from NJ going to NY on 12/7 delivery date was supposed to be 12/9, its stuck as “in transit to destination” since 12/8. Will I ever get it or is it lost? It was first class.

  • D LaDena Fisher

    My first class package was mailed December 3 was supposed to be delivered on the 6th and has been in transit to destination ever since.

  • Robin Engle- Standish

    They can’t possibly have lost all of these deliveries I would think. I have to hope we will get ours eventually right?

  • D LaDena Fisher

    I hope so

  • Rick

    Smdh its like females only know how to respond or conversate with other females only smdh

  • Rick

    Why is this .. smfh I hate being me

  • Michelle

    I was shipping from USA, FL to Latvia. My package is stuck in new york for 4 days) Just processing through facitility)For 4 days)))) I dont think this year package will be delivered….

  • H Max

    Sent (2) Christmas packages from CA, Lg International Priority Mail (read $95 each postage) to the same recipient in Europe – sent one on Dec 7th, get pretty good tracking until it gets to the destination country, sent package #2 one day later, on Dec 8 and it tracks to LA until the next day, Dec 9 and has since not updated (12/16) “Your item was processed through our ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS) facility on December 9, 2016 at 8:28 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.” Strange … I send several packages to my friend over the year and no issues. Maybe there is a postal employee theft ring this year 😉

  • Brian

    You know someone in Latvia?

  • Enygma

    So this is my first time posting here, but I’ve been lurking for days while experiencing the same things as a lot of you. I’m hoping I can help a few of you out with this post.

    Rick–I can’t remember if you had posted that you have tracking numbers that had been at least accepted or not. Even if they were never scanned at all then it may be worth trying this so that the origin location is looked into.

    I was reading another thread on etsy when a seller had packages that were way overdue. She called a sort facility manager in her area and he gave her some jam up advice that she followed and her missing packages arrived within 24 hours. I’ve seen a couple of other people take her advice and they also have received or at least unstuck their packages.

    Overview of my situation (not nearly as bad as some of yours)……I had placed a priority package order with a regular vendor on Monday morning Dec. 15, and my vendor shipped it out by 11 AM as he always does. That Monday it was accepted, moved to the normal Tampa facility where it sat for over 24 hours before it updated to “in transit”. Next thing I knew, my package was in Tulsa, OK (always goes to Jacksonville) so obviously it caught the wrong bin out. Tulsa got it out fairly quick but sent it to Dallas. My package ceased to update at that point and got lost into the Dallas sorting facility (or so I thought).

    The expected delivery day came and went 2 days prior, and I took her advice on Friday and I received my package Saturday morning.

    1) Call your local post office and tell them that you want them to place an NDC package inquiry (Network Distribution Center). The manager at the sort facility that the advice lady spoke to had told her that they would either act like they had no idea what she was talking about or tell her they couldn’t. He said Do Not take no for an answer and tell them that you’ve heard it was protocol.
    ***I will add here that when I called my local and told them I needed the package inquiry they absolutely stated that they had no idea what I was talking about. I used the protocol line, and the post master said oh! Ok….yea….I am putting that in and I will call Jacksonville and find out what’s going on. ———I thought wait….I never mentioned Jacksonville (even though that’s where it finally goes) so how did he know he needed to call Jacksonville instead of Dallas where it was showing stuck? Because he was already running it and could see more than I could?

    2) You will need the tracking numbers to give the local post master for the NDC inquiry, but that’s all they really need. No content or package discription or anything. This isn’t the same as a mail recovery request.

    3)That was all… took about 5 minutes on the phone and left off with him stating he would call me back when he found out where my package was.

    He did not call back, however, my package magically updated to having arrived in Jacksonville 2 hours after I got off of the phone with him. They changed the status to DELAYED-IN TRANSIT. Jacksonville didn’t scan it again but chunked it on the next truck to my area. It was delivered this morning about 16 hours after my inquiry.

    I will add that it was found in the last sorting facility that it goes to before me so not every found package will get to you in hours, but what it does do is put an inquiry into the system which jump starts your missing or stuck package.

    To Rick Again— I don’t know if this will help with your situation except that it would turn the heat towards the facility that it was given to. Can’t hurt to try and I hope you get your packages. Your situation is ridiculous.

    TLDR — Call local post office, ask post master to run NDC package inquiry, give them tracking number, wait for your packages to appear (hopefully). I don’t know if it will work for everyone, but I’ve read about 7 different posts where it has (1 man’s package hadn’t updated in a month and he finally received an update in less than a 1 day and his package 2 days after doing this).

  • Christina B

    You too?! I am an Etsy seller as well, and oh-my-gosh! I am so frustrated with the lack of care I am seeing. It seems worse than last year, and last year I had to open no fewer than 11 cases to ensure my customers got their goods on time. This year, packages are just disappearing with no scans from my carrier or even the Portland, Oregon hub, then re-appearing in Seattle for no good reason days later. Looks like I’ll be on the phone to them again this year. Sheesh!

  • lisa Benallou

    I sent two 2-day Priority packages Thursday 8am. Each package contains all of my Christmas gifts for 2 entire families. A lot of time, effort and money went into the content of these boxes. USPS tracking was moving right along with updates until they departed the Grand Junction Colorado sorting facility Friday evening 6:47,pm. It’s now 11pm Saturday night and there’s still been no updates on either package. They should have reached the Denver sorting facility the same evening they departed Grand Junction. I’m worried sick. How could both packages suddenly vanish off the grid at the same time?….. Meanwhile I’ve been expecting a Christmas gift for my daughter to arrive at my home. Tracking shows me it made it across the country and got as far as Denver, then for some bizarre reason, tracking says it then went to Dead Mail. I’m shocked!

  • Patt

    Mine was stuck in NYC since Dec 10 . Destination is Thainland

  • Michelle

    my whole family is in Latvia and i am going there tomorrow.

  • Jevgenijs Jefrosinins

    can you please tell for how many days it was stuck?

  • Eiko

    Mines has been forever in transit to as well for the 4th day today since it left Los Angeles Dec 16. And haven’t updated ever since. It’s so bizarre and I’m worried already.

  • Vanessa

    Okay, thanks.

  • Mastax1234

    Is anyone else having their packages stuck on acceptance for days now? its like the package hasent even moved!

  • TB112815

    I have received the tracking number for my order from inked indicating that my purchase has shipped. According to USPS, “a shipping label has been created, this does not indicate that the receipt is USPS or the actual mailing date,” any ideas what that message means?

  • Rhonda Johnston

    I have a package of Christmas cupcake toppers that were mailed five days ago from one state away, Now they are telling me the packaged has been delayed and is sitting in Greensboro and will not arrive by the expected date, This is the second time I had problems getting my orders in the last two weeks, I understand this is a busy time of year but it is getting a bit ridiculous.

  • Jeremie Miller

    I have shipped several packages in the last week and non of the tracking is showing “excepted”. I hope they fix this soon

  • Candace1224

    My item has been showing in transit since Dec 8th….I need this item by Thursday but I guess that will not be happening

  • Jackie N Candace Alley

    When a label has been created that means the shipping party has made the label but it has not been received by USPS as of yet. It SHOULD show accepted once USPS has package in their hands. Hope this helps

  • DJP

    Shipped a package on the 14th, updated once on the 16th….no update since was supposed to be delivered today but obviously didn’t happen. WTF USPS???

  • Regan D.

    My seller shipped me a jacket on 28th of November. Stopped updating on the 9th. On the 18th, it updated that on the 10th it ‘departed’ from my local airport, I assume to the facility. No updates since whatsoever. I was supposed to get this altered in time for Christmas. Thanks USPS.

  • Robby

    I’m currently deployed to Central America where it is expected to take a while to receive packages. With that in mind my wife sent out my Christmas package on November 19th. I have the tracking number and so far I’ve tracked it from Alabama (origin) to Miami, to Nicaragua, to Honduras (the country I’m in) then back to Miami, Louisville, and finally Oakland California. I understand this is a busy season but for my package to be 3000 miles in the wrong direction after a month of waiting is pathetic. Additionally I will leave this country in a few more weeks, and if I haven’t received my package by then I’m pretty sure that I’ll just be without my $600 watch that my wife finally agreed to get me…. not to mention all of the pictures and small things my kids sent me. Does anybody know where to file complaints with the USPS? I can’t seem to find anything on their website about actually communicating with them.

  • Aminu

    What is going on, My item has been showing in transit since Dec 7th, and it says Your item departed a transfer airport in HEATHROW, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM on December 7, 2016 at 2:42 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
    Can someone explain this t

  • River Laurie

    A package from Austin to Houston shouldn’t take a week, even in Dec. No updates since it left the origin facility. Expected delivery date was today, and no changes. ☹️️

  • DSW

    ‘Should’ is the key word there. I do a lot of shipping through eBay where I print the label, then drop it off at the post office as metered mail. I’ve had several cases where it has taken DAYS for any tracking information to show up online. This worries both myself and my buyers quite a bit!

  • Stephanie Hoover

    Same with me. Sent two boxes at the exact same time. All the Christmas presents for my son and daughter-in-law. One went out immediately and arrived on time. The other sat at my local post office for over a day. I went in to ask where the box was. The clerk ACTUALLY told me “It’s not unusual for employees to steal packages.” I threatened to call police. Magically, box “re-appeared” on tracking… for 24 hours. Now, it’s been lost “in transit” for two days. No updates. No idea where second box is. Apologized to my son – told him it doesn’t look like his gifts will be getting to him. Heartbroken over this. Insurance that comes with Priority Mail won’t cover a fraction of value. Never assumed a Priority Mail box could simply vanish. I’m not in the financial position to go out and re-purchase everything. Even if I WAS – why would I even TRY to ship them again knowing there’s a good chance they’ll be stolen or lost…?

  • D. Curry

    USPS is a freaking joke! This makes no sense, tracking system not updating, postal workers leaving packages without knocking or ringing the doorbell and I’m standing right in my living room waiting. WTF!?

  • G. Lee

    I shipped 2 packages to same address. Used Fed-x for one and USPS for the other. The Fed-x was received 2 days ago and I went online to try to track the USPS one only to have a message that said “tracking unavailable.” Its a toy for xmas and I was assured it would arrive before today. Will not likely use USPS again.
    Need to go shopping now for toy. Geez.

  • Rob F>

    I’m absolutely disgusted with USPS.I sent my girls their presents and dresses for Christmas and first it was stuck in Philly for days with no updates and now it’s NYC since the 17th.It was over a hundred bucks to try and get the stuff there too.The worst part is I sent a package normal delivery a week earlier and it got there just fine.Seriously its not even the money,its just disgusting that they cant even update the system so I could tell them something.

  • tunafacialistic

    Well, Aminu, it goes something like this…

  • Rob F>

    I really think the US Postal Service should at least acknowledge the problem and issue some sort of apology.At least then thousands of people might be a little more understanding about things instead of thinking they were forgotten this year at Christmas.

  • Aminu

    Okay thanks but the item was shiped on the 1st December with an insurance which was supposed to be delivered within 1-3 days but its 24 days now….
    Should I still believe my package is safe?

  • Sam Charbonneau

    Package was shipped out on the 22. Updates went fine for ONE DAY and then got the “tracking updates unavailable” message. If it doesnt change by monday im going up to my post office. Absolutely ridiculous

  • K.K.

    Parcel sent out december 6 for Christmas. No tracking for 12 days, then one update, now 19 days later nothing. No chance of delivery Monday because Dec. 26th is a mail holiday. Never shipping this way again. Total nightmare.

  • Noel Chaw Li Wei

    Package was shipped out on 16 Dec for Christmas. Tracking was wack no update for 11 days and it has been long and it does not help with the tracking as it is very slow and it only tell me that Shipment Is Accepted

  • Jen Price

    The package I’m currently “tracking” isn’t technically doing too badly. It did go 48 hours without an update of any kind, and then only a vague “In Transit”, and hasn’t been updated again in the last 48 hours. I would be willing to cut them some slack, and assume this was due to the holiday, but…this is the 6th package I’ve watched tracking shenanigans happen on in the past 2 months. Packages taking 2.5 weeks to arrive Priority from Utah. Amazon Prime shipments that never arrive, or arrive up to 10 days late. The only common denominator in this mess is the USPS.


    I am really mad about right now about my package. I shipped it from USA going to Germany. I sent a priority mail last Dec 17 then being processed in Chicago and departed Dec 25, it arrived in Frankfurt Germany Dec 28. So I expected after 2 days ito will be at the Custom already but when I tract my package Jan 2, what , my package went to Australia. Really? USPS have a terrible service. I am not totally happy with your service. Now what to do about my package.

  • Nicole

    My package was has been “in transit to destination” for over a week with zero updates and has yet to make it anywhere or get scanned. This also happened a while back and my package was lost and not replaceable. I’m really not that satisfied with the service and am still waiting to see where my current package is!?

  • Elizabeth

    December 2016 Three packages in transit forever thru USPS postage paid taken to post office worker remembers accepting packages however no tracking number is given as they miss scanning these packages they claim but the major hub should have caught it they say as the bar code is on there. Transaction thru Ebay customer wants the package so you have to reimburse them although the package may arrive sometime down the road so the customer gets their money back and the item also which you cannot prove they got.

  • Rohin

    I am extremely disappointed with USPS services including tracking or more appropriately no tracking as well as their customer services. I order an iPad online more then a week ago and paid $39 to get it on time before a trip by January 3rd. The package was Priorty mail and insured. The tracking updates stoped the minute USPS received the package from the vendor.
    Right from that point forward the tracking just shows “On Transit”. Let’s not forget that the shipment was coming from New York to San Francisco Which is within 2 days delivery time for 1st class mail. I am still waiting with no real help from USPS customer service and my local post office.
    What a unreliable service with no real care for what the customers go through when they don’t care. I will never buy any online merchandise that uses USPS as the only option.

  • Lewis Familyisallthatsleft Bur

    That’s nothing I ordered a package on 11-25-2016. Which by there standards no later than 12-20-2016. As we can all see today is Jan.7 2017 and still no package. I haven’t been updated on tracking nothing has been scanned and before doing a review on this whole situation with USPS I was blaming the company I ordered from. Well I sent them a apology and now have USPS in my sights for why they haven’t been doing there jobs efficiently. They have the staff and they hire for holidays so idk. Hopefully they get it fixed soon or heck just get me my stuff!!!

  • 1llum1nat1

    I similarly have a package coming from NY to SF experiencing the same issues – Priority Mail, tracking showing “On Transit”. I was wondering if you have gotten your issue resolved, and if so, what was the issue with the delay? Thanks.

  • Madonna Paradise Unboxings

    My Registered International package from GB has not been updated
    since December 20, 2016 the package arrived in USA and it says Origin Post is Preparing Shipment has said that for 22 days now. The point of Registered Mail is so it won’t get lost. I have already contacted the Seller thinking the error was on their end, when I found out from the seller the package is state side and USPS has not been tracking the package. Get my package to me, or reimburse my money for losing a package that was registered so this incident would not occur.


    Have been unable to track my last three packages. One from Europe and two within the USA. All have tracking numbers and all have no tracking info even after delivery. USPS needs to stop pretending this is an isolated issue.

  • duncanSF

    Click-to-Ship postage paid Sunday morning Jan 08, delivery promised Jan 11 (Priority flat rate, CA to LA, “2 days”). Small package delivered to post office Sunday evening, Jan 08. End of third business day later the tracker is stuck on “USPS Awaiting Item” and recipient hasn’t seen the box. Tracking isn’t making us feel better about delays which is its real job. Down for me.

  • Lindale

    My package pinballed around Los Angeles for a few days. Then on this past Monday, it was marked as “In Transit.” It has not been heard of since, after almost a week.

  • Josh Martin

    I stopped getting text tracking alerts for my package 2 days ago. The package was supposed to arrive yesterday. The last text messages I got were that my package had “departed the USPS dstn facility”. According to the text messages, my package left that same facility three times… at different times! The package was from Best Buy, I think someone stole it.

  • Charlie

    I stopped using amazon because they will not stop using usps. We spend an average of 9000/year with amazon. USPS says it was undeliverable while we are sitting here or delivered and no package. Apparently usps workers can’t get out of their trucks and don’t work weekends. I pay premium for ups or FedEx. Everything else is now paperless. USPS can kiss my axx

  • Maria

    My international package says left New York in transit to destination which is ojio 4 days ago. No more updates at all is it still phong but not bring tracked

  • Amber Berard

    My package said it was sent from Sacramento,,CA the 16th then delivered to Sacramento, CA on the 17th, this is what I shows for today. Yesterday it showed my item was in my city of Phoenix, AZ and that was the 18th!

  • Coast Guard

    I paid almost $3 for tracking. The last update was 3 days ago stating the letter is in transit from Philadelphia. The letter contained a check which as already been cashed. The postal service is totally out of date with modern technology.

  • Cathy Blalock

    I have been waiting on 2 packages from China to USPS. China had tracking updates but once sent to USPS no more tracking updates. It has been over a month since both packages were on their way to the US. I do not understand why the US does not continue to keep the tracking up. If customers are paying for tracking then why aren’t they tracked? I have saw many complaints on this same subject it is not just me. People upset over the tracking being stuck after China sends it to US. Buyers angry with sellers. People having to refund buyers when the package shows up weeks later. It’s not the seller or buyers fault. The package should be tracked once it arrives in the US if it has a tracking number. Why is nothing being done about this? If we pay for a service we expect to receive what we have paid for. The USPS should be made to refund the cost of tracking if they refuse to track a package.

  • Marina Popescu

    Hi! I have a similar problem. I ordered some things from Colourpop Cosmetics (they are in California), which they shipped to me with USPS. they sent me the tracking number and when I entered the tracking number it shows that the parcel is on its way to Australia! The problem is that i live in Europe ( Romania). Maybe USPS has a problem with the tracking system? anyway, i still hope to receive my parcel…

  • Fe Phillips

    Hello Marina, finally my package arrived in Germany after a month. And the receiver had it already. But he need to pay extra tax at custom like €88 . Hope u able to have it. Lesson learned I won’t use usps anymore. They screwed me up twice already.

  • ConradLF

    I didn’t have any problem with getting the information, it was all very specific and organized. $7 to send a valuable letter and you get the comfort level of it’s tracking it’s whereabouts and estimated delivery,

    The problem is that I grabbed my mail one minute after the postman left on Saturday, January 21st. The letter in question was never delivered to my mailbox. II’s now Wednesday, January 25th and I spent an hour at the post office yesterday and they said they were going to speak to the carrier and track the envelope down. I didn’t hear from them all day. So an hour before my post office closes I called and explained the issue, The woman that answered said is this regarding the letter going to ***************.?

    She knew about my letter because she told me my address. She said can you hold I’ll be right with you? Yes, thanks. Then she left me on hold for an hour and just left me hanging while she went home. I use to answer phones for a living at the beginning of my career, I can guarantee you I never left anyone on hold for an hour, and after 2 minutes I would always pick up and ask them if they were okay to keep holding. She knew she wasn’t going to come back to the phone. She probably used that same phone to call her friend at the end of the day, and just watched my button blink for an hour….

    Why has it gotten so hard to send mail, if anything It’s even gotten easier, there is less mail in a day for the mail people to deal with.

    How hard is it to send mail from Colorado to Los Angeles? What makes me nervous is that this has happened twice and both of the items were checks being sent. Anyone think it could be a big problem with theft internally at the US Postal Service, which is why they don’t say anything?

    I hate to be so cynical but is the post office just systemic of these pathetic losers we have as our congressman and senators? When you apply for a state or government job, just stamp incompetent on the front of your resume.

    See, this is the exact reason that Al Gore went out and created the internet, then President Trump created e-mail, and HRC gave away all of their blueprints when she accidentally forgot to erase the 184 cc:s on her e-mail back to Al saying she was sending him the only extra copy left she had of the secret internet plans……………………

    But I digress, Below, for those of you that wonder what would be considered an example of adequate communication. The Post Office has the right idea, but can’t seem to do their only job requirement, send the item and deliver it, especially valuable items?
    Good Luck All!

    Updated Delivery Day: Saturday, January 21, 2017
    Product & Tracking Information

    Postal Product:
    Priority Mail™
    USPS Tracking®

    January 21, 2017 , 5:56 pm
    Delivered, In/At Mailbox
    Your item was delivered in or at the mailbox at 5:56 pm on January 21, 2017 in LOS ANGELES, CA 900

    January 21, 2017 , 10:20 am
    Out for Delivery

    January 21, 2017 , 10:10 am
    Sorting Complete

    January 21, 2017 , 7:16 am
    Arrived at Post Office

    January 21, 2017 , 12:57 am
    Arrived at USPS Destination Facility

    January 20, 2017 , 7:41 pm
    In Transit to Destination

    January 19, 2017 , 7:41 pm
    Arrived at USPS Origin Facility
    DENVER, CO 802

    January 19, 2017 , 6:03 pm
    Departed Post Office

    January 19, 2017 , 3:23 pm

  • chi

    my package supposed to be here from jan19 to jan 24 and its the 26

  • Ajlaa Hisamudin

    Hey i have the same problem too? Do you receive any update?

  • Komi

    I shipped a package from USA to my cousin in Senegal -Dakar since December 8,2016 but until today January 30, 2017 the package still in Washington DC. I went to the post office and they told me they can’t do anything about it.What should I do?

  • The Joyous ResearcherMO

    My package was shipped on 2/1/17 from Tuscon, AZ to arrive in mid Missouri allegedly on 2/4/17. Instead, it shows in transit to location, and sat in Kansas City, MO for at least 24hrs. I really needed it to be here today, and it still shows that it SHOULD be delivered today, but I know from experience I won’t see it until Monday. Way to go USPS.

  • Buby baby

    Tracking is not working since 2/6/2017. All labels printed on this day forward shows delivered on 2/9/2017 – same day. This is still down.

  • Lili

    Waiting on my passport and my trip is tomorrow evening!! Called the passport agency but they could care less. They gave me a tracking number for usps but that proved to be just as useless since for the past 2 days my tracking number “cannot be found.” I’m thinking of just going to a passport agency tomorrrow but I don’t want to pay another $200 on top of the $200 I paid for my expedited passport at the post office.

  • Usps


  • Usps

    Fy stupid people’s we hawe power to do what we want and how !

  • Rebecca Choy

    mailed a first class and a large flat rate box on the 4th from hawaii destined for california. tracking shows both were in transit on the 6th and expected delivery on the 8th. still somewhere in limbo, maybe on the boat? or worse case someone stole them. i opened two search cases and still waiting any updates. eventually will submit a n insurance claim

  • Lori Edgar

    I dropped international package priority into the slot over 12 hours ago. No sign of it in tracking. My customer paid for express handling and I need to show her that it has been shipped. This really pisses me off. And Hawthorne Florida Post office has done this before. I stopped standing in the line better get back in line when package is crucial. That way they have to scan it in front of me.

  • chucknazty

    I’m having the same issue my tracking number reads not in system pls help

  • Rebecca Rivas Swan

    Ugh I am missing tons of packages from California to the UK since 2/9- today. All they say is in “transit” and all info stops at Los Angeles, Ca 90009.There is nothing after that info for ALL packages for two weeks! This is ridiculous. This is my business and USPS isn’t doing its job. What should I say to all my customers who paid for their shipping and want to know where there stuff is??

  • B Jordan

    I am seeing similar issues here in California. I use them for almost all of my eCommerce shipping. I am seeing several packages that just stop tracking, or haven’t started tracking at all after drop off. I work hard to get my packages sent out on time. Now this… It may be more expensive, but I really have to consider using a different carrier where I can at this point. This has been going on for the last couple of weeks. I haven’t seen it getting better, and no one seems to be taking responsibility for it.

  • john doe

    I live in Pittsburg Ca. and my prepaid priority mail packages show no tracking at all. All it says online is that I printed the label and USPS is waiting for receipt of the packages. I handed them to the window clerk on 3 separate occasions, in the past two days. Still nothing shows up as being scanned. Are they purposely not scanning. Maybe because they are unhappy about the federal government freezing all new hiring.

  • kelly

    My package was shipped USPS priority from conn yesterday it arrived in providence at 4am today so why hasnt it been delivered to my house i live 15 min from providence .so its been there all day not even moved yet.but yet it was in ma only for 35 minutes

  • Ty Blake

    I’ve ordered three different items on three different stores online in three different areas and ALL of them just say “shipped” or “shipping label was created” and that was weeks ago. I highly doubt all three shippers have it sitting in their home with the label on, so this is a fault on usps. Go figure, when something like this is government owned they’ll never get their act together or try to take responsibility.

  • Nikhil Gandra

    Hi I have same case. Did your package got delivered. Please reply

  • Zzzz

    Usps sux. Slow as all hell. Irresponsible. Unreliable. Hires idiots. Won’t fire these idiots. Loses packages and won’t be held accountable. This is the crappies business ever. If others ran their business like this, they would go under (unless its supported by our government which are coincidentally a bunch of slow, irresponsible, unreliable, won’t be held accountable idiots too). USPS should be boycotted. This is the only way things will change!!!!!!

  • Autumn

    I was supposed to receive my priority envelope in the mail yesterday and i didn’t i called usps and the lady i spoke to looked up my tracking number and said “its still or the last tracking was in LA so it must be lost forever” i was like excuse me it can’t be lost forever those papers are my life she just told me there was nothing she or usps could do and to have a good day.

  • Kostas

    Same thing I sent a priority mail that was supposed to be received yesterday at noon and tracking shows that it still is in Shrewsberry Massachusetts. It was supposed to be in Miami as of yesterday at noon. No one there it’s giving me any answers to the whereabouts of the item

  • jshock

    Sent a parcel with expensive merchandise to an eBay customer on 3/1. P.O. clerk scanned it, but here it is 3/2 and nothing shows in the system. No acceptance scan, no arrival at sorting center, NOTHING.

  • jshock

    The moron at the post office that accepted my parcel had the personality of a wet mop. He didn’t look like he could boil water, such was his level of incompetence. Have had a bad feeling about him since I saw him a couple of weeks ago. And now my parcel isn’t showing in the system.

  • David Price

    my poster was shipped on the 22/02/17 from California to the U.K using USPS First Class mail , and all i can see in the tracking is delivery information recevied so far and has not changed since the 22/02/17.

  • Celeste

    My friend express priority mailed me an important letter yesterday for delivery by noon today tracking says left post office and in transit it’s supposedly going to be delivered in three hours but tracking doesn’t even show that it’s in the state! What the heck?! Is this normal ? Will the envelope still get here on time and people just aren’t scanning it or what?

  • Anya

    My first class letter has been in transit since March 3rd 4:47 am and it is currently March th 7:16 pm. The letter was mailed from Hawaii to Utah. The letter was originally shipped on February 28th. Now usps is saying there are technical difficulties with the tracking system after I refreshed the page.

  • Anya

    It’s currently March 6th*

  • Michael Hurst

    Mailed a 3 lb box with over $150 worth of merch from FL to OK on Feb 21. It’s March 6 and it’s still ‘in transit’, not having even been scanned since Feb 22. Can’t file for the missing package either as I keep getting an error code… WTF?

  • Ann Ireland

    I mailed 2 packages on Feb 27th each has a MAJOR issue! A customer messaged me about a package she had not received. I specifically remember I sent it and another package Fed Ex Ground and took them to the Post Office with another package on the 27th of Feb, 2017- The items were purchased over the weekend and the 27th was the first business day after the purchases.

    The box of mugs: was scanned and shows it went to Warrendale, Pennsylvania on the way to South Western OHIO coming from my Post Office in Northwest Ohio!!! It is currently “in transit” to the “local Post Office”. It doesn’t show where it is specifically. The last scan was Warrendale, PA location. The value of this box is $5.94 with shipping the total was $14.54. Tracking is 9261299998825425696968.

    The tin signs: was not even scanned! Shows a label was created and that is it. I only noticed this after checking on the other shipment. I looked at the shipping record page on my ebay account and saw that it went out the same day and had not been delivered. I messaged the buyer and asked if it had been received …NOPE, and of course he sees by the tracking that it looks like I have not even sent it out!!! I have an ebay policy to send orders out within 1 day of payment so… I will take a hit on my rating with ebay because of this!!! The value of the item is $14.99, with shipping $24.61.
    Tracking number is : 9405509699939720173995.

    Next, I called my local Post Office in Rossford, Ohio and spoke with Lori the clerk who I normally see and took care of me the day I mailed both packages. She said that the first box could have gotten lost or “miss routed” and I should give it 2 -3 weeks and file a report if it is not received. . The second box: she said she must have missed or double scanned the 1st and not scanned the second and I should not be too concerned and It may not show any tracking until it is finally delivered. I asked where I should go next and she said usually I tell people to wait 3 weeks to 30 days to file a claim… I feel terrible for my customers and will refund both if this takes much longer.

    What can be done? I know some Post Offices say that they do not even give receipts- Wayne, Ohio and Dunbridge, Ohio. I didn’t get a receipt for this because I really didn’t think I would need one since some don’t even offer one to begin with! The USPS needs to be more accountable for the items they handle! I once sent an item to my son and it was left in and apartment building mailroom in the open no locked box… he never received it. -$40.00 on that. I filed a claim and they didn’t even consider it!!! The Ebay seller was not at fault and didn’t step up at all either… I will because it is WRONG to not give people what they pay for!!!

  • Marie Doe

    Mailed a package Tues from Virginia 2-day to Denver – still not there as of Friday. Tracking froze as of Mar 9 – says still in Va. post office basically says, “oh well”. Baked goods – totally irritated.

  • mfaisal mn

    My packages from Philadelphia in transit from Feb 25 up till now. Soo BAD

  • WarriorZ24

    One package (Priority mail)($500 value) I have sent out on March 7, 2017 have been “in transit to destination” since March 9. It’s supposed to be delivered by March 10. It’s still stuck on that same status since… Did this get LOST? .. Then another package that was “out for delivery” on March 9th has a “no status update” (needed a signature confirmation) on their tracker. ($450 value).. I don’t know what’s going on with USPS system…never had a problem with them in the past, just this past week when I sent out 10 packages and all of them were a few days late (i used priority 1-3 days)

  • Lovely

    I had to send my package ground on March 9th and the tracking says “in transit” since the 10th, today the 15th so I not sure where my package is as of right now. Going to another state but I’ll give it a couple more days due to the snow storms up north. Hopefully it should make it before the end of the week in one piece.

  • Tristan “Photo Rockstar” Ervin

    I had a package sent to me on Thursday, March 9th and was scheduled to be delivered on Saturday March 11th. This package was shipped Priority Mail ($300 value.) It is now Wednesday, March 15th, and my tracking still says “In Transit to Destination” as of March 11th. 6 Days. What the hell is going on with my package?

  • Nightrunner4

    My package says in transit to destination as of 3:05 AM, and is coming from CA, to FL, and was shipped on the 13th. Normally it says it hits the Orlando, FL hub, and my local hub, and says out for delivery on the 3rd day (today), however the last hit is 3:05 AM between CA, and FL. This was sent priority 2 day.

  • Nightrunner4

    They dropped the ball. My package did not come, and there’s no update. Its still says delivery date is today. The USPS site says delays in the areas of this winter storm, however in my experience a storm in the Northeast sends their nation-wide issues through the roof. USPS is something to be desired and they seem to just operate as they please with issues cropping up for whatever reason.

  • Space Cadet Midnight

    My package is coming from japan and my tracking says Arrived at USPS Facility
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90009 March 8, 2017 and then no updates since then it is now the 15th, I called usps yesterday 2 times and waited 1 hour for each call the usps operators are useless telling me oh it’s the tracking you used and we are not required to track anything…really?? Then she tells me I can’t file a claim only the sender can even tho there usps websites says otherwise, Then the next useless usps operator says oh we watch packages with tracking very closely and it’s very hard to lose them we also track them till their destination…(as you can see I get 2 different answers) Then I start asking why is my package not moving? And the useless operator says I don’t know why but you can file a claim then she hangs up on me LOL…. If I had the option to hire a donkey or the usps I would go with the donkey for sure! useless people! I will not stop bugging them till my package moves!

  • Henny Augustina Liem

    I have the same issue except my package was sent from Los Angeles to Costa Mesa (just 40 miles south in the same state!) No updated tracking since 3/10, still says “in transit to destination”. It’s v.frustrating. I’m on hold right now w/USPS and it’s been 46min holding…

  • You need to know

    Priority package shipped 3/7/17. Tracking showed that on 3/9/17 it was 2 hours from me and scheduled to be delivered on 3/10/17. Did not arrive that day and tracking now shows in transit to destination. It is 3/16/17 and I still have not received the package and there is no update in the tracking. I have called but no one has any idea what the problem may be. We have not had any weather problems so that should not have anything to do with it. Very frustrated.

  • mewsu

    My package has been sitting at the Los Angeles USPS facility 90009 for about 9 days and tracking has not been updated since then. It says it’s on its way to the destination but nothing has been updated. There isn’t bad weather in Cali atm and I don’t understand why it’s taking so long. I live 4 hours away from LA so i have no idea why its taking longer than needed.

  • Brooke Terieux

    1st Class package left Albany NY on the 13th, stated it was supposed to be delivered (to Seattle) by today. Stuck on “In Transit to Destination” as of today (March 15th). I thought it might have been the NE storm, but site states all ops are running ok.

  • Jess

    Kinda glad it’s not just happening to me. I went kinda on a shopping spree and bought a smartwatch.. was dropped off at the usps store, never updated again. I got refunded after 2 weeks ..never updated after it was accepted by usps.
    Next day bought some face mask stuff, that was bought on the stuck somewhere in Florida on the 9th.. it’s now the 17th and it says out for delivery it also never updated after the 9th when it was “processing”.. so since I didn’t get my first smartwatch I bought already expensive once and it should of been here days ago but usps was taking its sweet time having it sit whole days at stores before sending it out. Finally it hits tulsa which means next stop me (this was 2 nights ago) next morning it’s in some town I’ve never Even heard before.. I’m like OK wtf, I check today it’s back in Tulsa since 130am last night.
    Im seriously so fed up with usps it’s unreal.
    What happened to “rain, sleet or snow! Up space will be there “..

  • TheNightmareIsReal

    The USPS store is called the Post Office, unless you mean the UPS Store, in which case this has nothing to do with the USPS..

  • Ian

    Printed label at home which the tracking data reflected, took pkg to get acceptance scan, it provided a different tracking number and neither one is showing up in the tracking data base, though before the acceptance scan it recognized the original number. Go figure. And now there is zero data with either tracking number. So I have no idea as to what is happening.

  • What gives

    I’m having the same issue with that Los Angeles facility, my package supposedly departed there 3.10.17 in route to destination
    and said scheduled to be delivered Monday 3.10.17. Its now the 17th and the tracking information is still the same. The expected delivery date hadn’t even updated still says expected Monday 3.13.17. I have emailed USPS 4 times now over the last 4 days and not 1 reply

  • Mewsu

    2 days later and nothing has changed. Wth is happening, seriously.

  • Larry

    I’m having the same issue with the same dates with Los Angeles

  • Mewsu

    USPS finally updated the status of my package saying it finally left their LA facility. I filed for a missing item search, so I wonder if that may have helped. Hopefully you both get your packages!

  • Snippy Snowflake

    If you want to impersonate a business, you should probably capitalize their name correctly. A profile picture would help, but there is no reason to bother as long as you are “Usps.” (Nobody is going to buy it anyway) Good try though.

  • Larry

    Did it arrive yet mines hasn’t updated and I filed a claim on friday

  • Mewsu

    It’s in my city atm so I assume that it will arrive either tomorrow or the next day.

  • Larry

    My packages still haven’t updated and I filed claim on Thursday!!! Haven’t got a call back either

  • Mewsu

    I got my package today. (I don’t know if this helped but I read somewhere on etsy that signing up for tracking updates by text or whatever may work. It’s a myth but I did that as well.) I’m not sure if it’s just luck.

  • Fran

    I placed an order in the middle of March and received an email with my Tracking number on March 21st. When I checked the tracking number, it showed that USPS picked up the package on 03/21/17 in Opalocka, Florida. It is now March 25th and I’ve checked the tracking over the last several days and it still shows what was stated above. Has not shown any change. I tried calling USPS but all I get are recordings and no help. What should I do?
    I need the package as it is medication and I will run out of it soon.

  • Kersten Daniels

    My package has been sitting in Fort Worth, TX for a few days now. Package was supposed to arrive this past Thursday but hasn’t. I checked with multiple tracking sites and they all say the same thing: In transit- but delayed. I figured hey TX is a big state but my package hasn’t MOVED for 2 days. I’m gonna wait until Monday afternoon to see if there’s any progress.

  • Christopher B

    Ordered an item through Amazon on 21 March. Initial tracking showed that it was going to be delivered on the 24th. That day came and went. On the 25th, tracking showed that it would be delivered on 28 March. That day came and went too. Now the site shows that it may be delivered on 01April but if that does not happen, to contact them on 02 April (that is a Sunday.) Second Item ordered (not Amazon) on 26 April. Tracking shows that that it will be delivered today. Well the mail man came and went with nothing delivered. Both Item being held at Jacksonville USPS distribution center 32099.

  • Oliver Walker

    Ordered a package from seller. Seller says the package was sent i checked the tracking number and for a week mow it’s been saying pre shipment with no change. I want to know if a company can make a fake lable and not send the package.

  • Farida Al-Balushi

    I ordered many items from colourpop cosmetics on 17/2/17, my order shipped on 20/2/17 and last tracking update was on 2/3 ( it has been stuck in Jamaica NY since then ) it’s supposed to be in transit to destination ( to oman ) why it getting that long ???, . I’m so frustrated

  • Adore Glenn

    my cousin sent me a large flat rate priority mail package 3/29/17 at 11am from Livermore CA and i’m supposed to receive it by Friday 3/31/17 and i still have not received it though it’s already Saturday night 4/1/17. When i checked the Tracking number, it shows that the package arrived in usps destination facility 3/31/17 at 3:19am and then departed usps destination facility the same day 3/31/17 at 5:58pm, without even delivering it to my address and/or my mail box and i want to know why is it that the package was sent back to usps facility for Richmond CA 94850 the same day without any attemp to deliver to my address(i know cause i’ve been waiting for it and keep rechecking my mailbox for it or the front of my house but nothing at all.) And that package arrived at usps facility in Richmond CA 94850 4/1/17 at 2:05pm. And in the Tracking Results, it shows that the package is ” IN TRANSIT, DELAYED” and it’s not fair that the sender has to pay the fee for Priority Mail and knowing that the package will be arriving in it’s destination at least no later than 3 days, but it did not. And i’ve been expecting to receive it on time. So what am i supposed to do now? It’s so very frustrating. Any explanation from usps why this happened to my expected package?

  • Hector Milanez

    That’s funny the exact same thing happened to me. My package was supposed to be delivered yesterday Saturday 4/1/2017 it got late to the San Bernardino facility at around 11:00am and just last night it tells me that it left at 8:09pm and it has not made it to my city Redlnads it’s only like 13min away from San Bernardino. So what I did was sent a request to have it Hold on my local post office that way I could just pick it up Monday when they open plus it’s much safer that way there is no excuse to lose my package. Hope yours shows up.

  • cc

    I’m having the same problem I sent a package and been keeping up on the tracking and last tracking info was March 26th,2017 and it says left the Jamaica NY but nothing new..and last year I sent a package and the same thing but it never left Jamaica NY and the package was never recovered.. What is going on!?:( Very Very frustrated and annoyed

  • Michael Malak

    I am an ebay seller , I sent 50 packages last three days and the clerk scanned my scan sheet but all the tracking numbers for all the packages not updated and it looks like it is not even shipped.

  • richard manning

    I have 2x parcels sent from the USA to go to the UK and both tracking number are not recognised in the system? So confusing

  • Joe Rossi

    First Class packages are consistently taking up to 10 days to be delivered. Also many are not being scanned for acceptance for up to a week. Many angry eBay buyers, and also getting beat up by eBay. What is going on USPS!?? We pay you to do this, can you at least scan the packages?

  • Ilana Black

    I mailed a package on Friday before 3 pm in Seattle going to Texas. Expected delivery date yesterday. Saturday the 15… tracking is still showing in transit expected delivery date hasn’t changed. Package hasn’t arrived. Could this be due to Easter weekend?! Or?!

  • harold kilburn

    I mailed my US Tax Return via your EMS Priority on 16 March 2017, no record of it ever getting to IRS Office in Charlotte, NC yet, important stuff here, always arrived when mailed from Baguio, Phil same way many years took 6 to 7 days, Important mail, will go some other method from now on, big let down. Price High, went up, Service went down.

  • harold kilburn

    Well if the IRS does not get my Federal Tax Return, I will tell them, when President Trump presents his, I will present mine, I did keep a copy. I am 78 years old hardly can walk, and all this tracking to no avail has got me sick and going up the long hill to the local post office here in Baguio City and telling me the problem is with U.
    S. Post Express System, not the Philippines, the old blame game all over I have tracked many times, the EMS Tracking, The Phil Post Tracking, The U.S. Postal Service Tracking, all say same thing, stuck on 17 March 2017, now it is April 17 here in Philippines. A retired Postal Worker told me it started going down hill when it became not under U.S. Government the mail that is any longer, it is now a Corporation, oh well something else got broke all over, the system needs an overhaul, the system is broke. Post far as I fan tell is right, is in the U.S. some place, they can not seem to know where the IRS office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, that is the office you submit you return to when you live and retired overseas. Why wouldn’t they know that, I have no idea. $30 is not cheap to get a simple letter delivered, and that is what it cost me, I would not mind if they could deliver it, but never had this problem with Pony Express.

  • Kevin Teodosio

    I’m an ebayer and printed the shipping label from home and dropped off the package yesterday. I try to track the package and it states “awaiting for item to arrive” as if I never dropped off the package. It also is saying I created a shipping label at 9:18 pm yesterday when I created the label at 2:18 pm. That’s a 7 hour difference. There is something going on and it better be fixed!

  • Ezell Moralez

    My package shows no movement since the 14th its been a week since any scans?

  • Kenny Porter

    Tried for several days to track a package and it keeps telling me “Status not available “. Ugh!