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USPS tracking problems can occur when say the tracking number cannot be found, or there is a total outage where has gone offline. Other issues encountered could be to do with forwarding and priority mail, deliveries of packages etc. Whatever reason you have a problem with USPS share with Is Down Right Now.

The USPS (United States Postal Service) now has over 617,000 workers with over 211,000 vehicles working to get you delivery to you. But services to falter now and then and the U.S. Mail service, the main issues that will impact users the most would be a outage and of course mail or packages getting lost or not turning up for delivery when they were supposed to, and if this happens we want to know about it.

Complaints in the past have included a few customers saying they would use UPS rather than USPS because things do not get delivered when they are supposed to. The overall service is good, but if you are a customer with a complaint about the website or service then please share with the community below.

USPS status reports for Monday 18th of June 2018

To find out if USPS is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with USPS? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Dixie

    It has been five days now and I still do not have my package, it was sent to me via USPS Priority 2 day.

  • Pret

    I am still waiting for my parcel to arrive, its been like 3 days now, which is not good considering it was supposed to be delivered within 2.

  • Rhonda

    It seems their priority isn’t so much of a priority. Its ridiculous, still waiting for my Amazon products to turn up. Maybe we should all start using UPS rather than USPS.

  • Marcy

    My mail got to me on time, but parcel on the other hand we are still waiting. Its only like a day late so not too much of a worry.

  • Francessca

    My tracking number is not being recognized online, I keep trying to see where my parcel is on the USPS website but nothing yet.

  • Larry

    I am still waiting for my package to arrive, I so hope it is today because I have taken today off. I have been checking the tracking number thing and today is the day of delivery, so if it doesn’t i hope they will be paying me loss of earnings.

  • fafa flunky

    No tracking number recognition on USPS site on package from a musical instrument company. Company says that the problem is on the USPS side, and has been for about a month. The good news is that the money was debited from my account with zero delay! woohoo for them.

  • Stacie

    I am sitting here tracking my parcel but for some reason tracking is not updating. Is there a problem with the USPS tracking website?

  • Dakota Lilly

    Having an issue with mine too. Norhing is updating

  • Miranda

    I am having issues with USPS tracking, people say it is still on route so why not update its tracking service then.

  • Karen Maher

    Waiting for package to move from Texas since August 28th

  • aye

    i have been waiting for my package since august 28th. its been 5days and no update, it has been in transit.

  • nel

    They should leave a note that they been in my house to deliver my package so that I can pick up my package at the post office coz I’m not always in my house all the time…now I don’t know where my package.

  • fetch

    Is USPS tracking system down today 10/10/15? They pickup packages this afternoon, and I haven’t seen any tracking history except the pre-shipment. They normally update within half hour after pickup.

  • Angie

    I have the same issue. My shipment was in transit but it stopped being updated on 10/10/15.

    Have you received any news?

  • fetch

    Yes. Looks like tracking have been posted / updated. Good luck!

  • David Green

    I am having issues with USPS tracking.My International shipment was in transit but it stopped being updated Yesterday was at New York .Today 10/16/2016 USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for ‘ ??Is there a problem with the USPS tracking website?

  • Josh

    Having the same problems and lost packages!

  • maja

    Ive got the same! Do you contact with usps or still waiting?

  • jd

    I have that problem also for package from Serbia.

  • Hunter Stanfield

    I ordered a package from San Francisco CA to Alabama. It was shipped on 10/15/2015 and scheduled for a 3pm OVERNIGHT delivery on friday 10/16/2015 which was yesterday.. Never showed and not once has tracking been updated since thursday night.. help..

  • Hunter

    I ordered a package from San Francisco CA to Alabama. It was shipped on 10/15/2015 and scheduled for a 3pm OVERNIGHT delivery on friday 10/16/2015 which was yesterday.. Never showed and not once has tracking been updated since thursday night.. help…

  • Nono

    Same issue. Any news?

  • PJ Martini

    i had a package from poland coming to new york, updated through customs, arrived at sort facility now it says tracking information for this item unkown

  • David Green

    Yes. I did contact usps,but they told me probably system is down and to check today after 2pm (I am in Chicago)

  • Robert S.

    Priority mail envelope tracked properly from Chicago to Littleton, Colorado, said it was out for delivery, never came, now tracking says “NOT FOUND”….

  • Robert S.

    Yeah, I get the “Not Found” message too..

  • at

    After waiting for a package from Singapore for 2 weeks, I get this message…”USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for Singapore”

  • Crystal Richter Sarcopski

    Waiting for a package from TX (I’m in WV), got the tracking number on 10/10 and I’ve been watching it on the USPS site but it’s been slow as molasses. The expected delivery date was yesterday, it says it “departed origin facility” in TX early yesterday morning and there hasn’t been an update since, it still says the expected delivery date is 10/16. *sigh* No error messages or anything, just stuck.

  • kecola

    This is my EXACT situation also except that I’m waiting for a package from Malaysia. Usps has had the same “origin is preparing shipment’ for THREE weeks now. I just checked usps for the first time in two days and now it says “tracking unavailable for this package for Malaysia. Maybe since so many people are having this problem it means that the site is down. I hope that’s the case.

  • Ray

    I am having this problem too with a Hong Kong package

  • Alex

    I’ve been waiting on a package from Moldova. It was trackable, went to NY, then MA… now it’s “not found” and has been for 4 days. I really hope this gets fixed soon and I receive my package.

  • Gabby

    I’m having the same problemas forma Spain.

  • Dorinache Dorin

    Same problem for Romania.

  • Dorinache Dorin

    Same problem for Romania

  • Dorinache Dorin

    Since October 17, 2015, the only message I am now seeing is “USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for Romania.”

  • Kim

    Same here

  • Keith

    Well glad to see it’s not just my packages. Cannot track my package from Hong Kong and was starting to wonder…

  • Kim

    Has anyone received their package yet? I’ve been getting “not found” since the 17th also.

  • Jesse Burt

    My package was suppose to come the 17 and its the 21 and its still not here.

  • Andrey Georgiev

    ??????”tracking unavailable for this package for Bulgaria” – What’s happening?

  • teodora petrova

    Could anybody answer our issues-it seems USPS tracking does not work for all packages from abroad.Someone working for USPS-can you answer please????

  • Martin

    The tracking information is hidden, but usps have the tracking info.

    If u are ebay seller (or buyer) you could see the trackimg info via ebay mobile’s still visible there… 🙂

  • Martin

    The tracking information is hidden, but usps have the tracking info.

    If u are ebay seller (or buyer) you could see the trackimg info via ebay mobile’s still visible there… 🙂

  • Bianca

    I can not see any info using ebay mobile. Anybody have any info from usps about what is going on? I have few buyers already complaining about undelivered parcels and cant check it.

  • Vikram Chaudhary

    USPS tracker is not showing status of any SpeedPost & Regd Post articles sent from India for the last one week. Can somebody help me in this matter?

  • Bianca

    Can anybody confirm the tracks are visible from the ebay mobile app? Im on ebay uk and not showing any track.

  • Johnny Tung

    you only can see tracking before 10th october, after 10th october cannot see anymore

  • Johnny Tung

    USA is the most advance Country in the world, what a shame USPS is suck and not provided tracking now? Even India is better than USPS now

  • Johnny Tung

    you only can see tracking before 10th october, after 10th october cannot see anymore

  • Johnny Tung

    you only can see tracking before 10th october, after 10th october cannot see anymore, USPS suck, They purposely do that

  • Johnny Tung

    USPS purposely disable the tracking to encourage consumer to use expensive shipping, than you got to call the robot answering machine and have to wait 30 minutes human to speak to you

  • Johnny Tung

    USPS purposely disable the tracking to encourage consumer to use expensive shipping, It take 100 years for USPS to built a good image, But it only take weeks for USPS to destroy the 100 years image just with some stupid director decision to disable the service because they are greedy

  • Johnny Tung

    that s not the case, USPS purposely disable the tracking to encourage consumer to use expensive shipping

  • kecola

    Good news! My package started saying tracking is unavailable for this package for Malaysia on the 17th and I received my package today! What this means is that once your package reaches the States you will get the unavailable message to let you know there will be no further tracking from the usps side. You should get your package in the next week and a half. Maybe sooner. Either way, it’s now in the US and on the way to you.

  • kecola

    You’re right Johnny! My package finally came today so basically once the package reaches the States usps stops tracking. I have an epacket package coming from China and it reached Miami, FL yesterday. I can still track it because it’s an express service. The usps is already on thin ice so how stupid to get rid of tracking for registered mail. I agree. They are greedy.

  • Martin

    It’s very stupid decision. Instead of improving the service, they do the opposite. The director who has taken such decision is an idiot. I don’t know another country who purposely hide the tracking info (except Australia).

  • Johnny Tung

    Australia & Canada also do the same thing

  • Dany

    what is going on? why tracks not showing up?

  • Kim

    I suppose that USPS Tracking is down for everyone? I ordered something recently and they emailed me the tracking number but no matter how many times I copy and pasted, it would always show up not found. I was getting worried. I hope USPS can explain something?

  • Mike

    Same here, I have product coming from Romania and i’ve ordered with his company 6 times prior and have received my package within a week from shipping. Its been almost 2 weeks and no tracking? In the past 24 hours after the product is shipped I could track it. I spoke with my mailman and he asked what the tracking number started with? I stated RN……..3651RO etc. his comment was if it starts with RN then it would be able to be tracked once it hits the states? So in the past it took 2 days to hit the states from Romania and now 12 days later, still not info? I also read that depending on how busy they are, they don’t scan all packages? Not sure whats going on? anyone else who couldn’t track has your package ever shown its face? Starting to get concerned, its time sensitive materials that i’m waiting on!!!

  • mike

    did it show up?

  • mike

    did it show its face yet???

  • Ladyj

    I have 8 PACKAGES that just stopped tracking on the 17th! They were shipped from different locations and most had an estimated delivery date that has already gone by?!!
    I regularly get packages without issues, but the past two weeks have been TERRIBLE! What is going on with Usps???

  • Ladyj

    Edit to add: October 27 not 17th. And two were sent priority 2day and are now several days overdue with no update on the site.

  • Dawn Breidenbach

    I’m disgusted with USPS. I returned an item to a well known shopping channel and the tracking says the package is not found. I also ordered from a cosmetics website, and that says my package in enroute to its destination. It doesn’t take four days to ship less than 90 miles. Both of these shipments occurred the same day, October 27th.

  • Johnny Tung

    Just manage to talk to USPS customer service, It seems USPS don’t providing Tracking for Register mail Or Product starting with Latter R , if you want you shipment to be trackable , you have to spent more money for C or E latter, that is a very very bad news for Online Sellers and Online Buyers

  • Johnny Tung

    since your item is not traceable, it will be much much more easier for it to be stolen by the staff who working there, because there is nothing you can do about it

  • Kim

    My tracking info starts with L. What does that mean then?

  • Derrick C Cephas


  • Johnny Tung

    L mean u can track until it left USA, than bye bye and luck

  • Derrick C Cephas

    Maybe it did not get scanned,Customer Service Rep. usually do known anything either

  • Kim

    USPS Tracking isn’t working for everyone, right? Or at least that’s what it seems like.

  • Shawn Lee

    I am ebay seller from malaysia. I can upload malaysian tracking starting with RR to USPS all along until recently it just stopped showing any signs of tracking after 17th Oct. When i track on ebay it says ORIGIN POST IS PREPARING SHIPMENT. When i track on USPS it says USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for MALAYSIA. Its been 3 weeks & nothing updated. Now my buyers have a good excuse to get a refund. Am i alone or is everyone having the same issue here?

  • Ashu

    I am ebay seller from India. I can upload Inida tracking starting with RG to USPS all along until recently it just stopped showing any signs of tracking after 1st Oct 2015. When i track on ebay it says ORIGIN POST IS PREPARING SHIPMENT or it just no tracking information. When i track on USPS it says USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for INDIA. Its been 3 weeks & nothing updated. Now my buyers have a good excuse to get a refund. Am i alone or is everyone having the same issue here?

    I am also here like to you and I have already call to ebay and thay told me that it is not our issue, you should have to check it,

    So buyer are using this policy and got to misuse the seller,

    There is no policy to protect seller ?

    worst ebay for this


    Wait for your all

    How many are going part of this frustration event ?

  • Diane

    Im ebay seller too and I stop shipping to USA. I heard all this happened because USPS will raise prices from January.

  • Diane

    What means C or E ?

  • Sirp

    USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for HONG Kong. USPS Tracking isn’t working for everyone I think……… 🙁

  • Johnny Tung

    what is your store name?

  • Johnny Tung

    can i know which forum you heard?

  • Abdul Jamil

    about hundred of my tracking results cannot found on USPS

  • Abdul Jamil

    me too

  • Tris

    I bought 2 posters for my friend’s birthday on November 4th, and tracking just says “pre shipment is sent.” Nothing else. Same with something I sold. I know for a fact USPS picked it up today, and tracking will always say “picked up” after few hours. But nada. Nothing at all.

  • Johnny Tung

    i have call USPS for manual tracking, and i got to wait 60 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooow!!! USA is still the greatest country in the world? i think India is much much better

  • Karl

    so i just gotta wait for it to show up at my doorstep or will i get a new code ones it reaches europe?? i know for a fact that i can track packages from Germany or France which is were the packages from outside EU is ususally sent ??

  • ubsubs

    I am ebay seller from malaysia. I can upload malaysian tracking starting with RR to USPS all along until recently it just stopped showing any signs of tracking after 17th Oct. When i track on ebay it says ORIGIN POST IS PREPARING SHIPMENT. When i track on USPS it says USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for MALAYSIA. Its been 3 weeks & nothing updated. Now my buyers have a good excuse to get a refund. Am i alone or is everyone having the same issue here?

  • Johnny Tung

    me too

  • Diane

    USPS will raise price from 17 January. Google it and you will see what I mean. I try post a link to the site with increased prices but was deleted.

  • Michael

    I sent parcel overseas to the US. Up to November 15 USPS tracking was OK with last status from the November 14 “out for delivery”, but starting from November 15 all tracking data about parcel tracking within the US have dissapered, and now it’s showing only “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment, i.e. export to the US.National (origin) post showing “Item arrived to the delivery office” but it’s not capable of detailed tracking within the US. Hopefully the buyer has got the parcel and he will be honest enough not to scam.

  • mmk

    For international Ebayers, it seems to be sad but it is true. Status report from Hungary, Europe: no update is available any longer for registered letters (including small packs below 2 kg sent as letter). For some time I thought Ebay and USPS interfacing does not work properly and that is why I cannot track the shipments online, but no, I had to learn the reason from the website of the Hungarian Post: “Based on the decision of the United States Postal Service (USPS),
    starting from 1 October 2015 tracking information relating to registered
    letters sent to the USA is not posted on their website.”

  • Mike Lasley

    Greetings I just moved to Sacramento 95814, And since August I have had 2 packages postage purchased through PayPal/Ebay Tracking number provided and printed on the shipping label, No tracking information available 6 days after mailing the parcel, This causes lots of anxiety and loss of revenue,

  • King

    USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for MALAYSIA. < Is it temporary or for forever ? Some of my customers has opened case against me on ebay and i have to refund them . Should i just stop shipping to USA? Thanks

  • samet

    same from Turkey

  • Muhammed Enes Kırca

    Samet bey aynı sorun bizdede var çözüm buldunuz mu ??

  • M.Ivanov

    Same From Bulgaria…..

  • defiant1

    USPS website is not working for package pickup scheduling 12/7/15 @2:15pmEST (zip 20895). USPS has been crashing with AppHang81, etc.

  • JingFei

    I have sent many many packages from Hong Kong. NONE have been scanned by USPS as of October 1st 2015. They have been ok to all other countries.

  • orientblues

    LOL! tahts’ funny actually, I can track my shipment from Turkey to Vietnam for example, but I can not track my shipmet to USA… That’s really interesting, also causes damage, cause I can not proof my shipments to USA receivers…..

  • dianna diaz

    I mailed xmas gift on 12-11-2015 to clearwater fl, from lenexa ks went a, s far as kansas city,ks. the just stopped usps has been no help, This is unexceptable, I could have walked it there by now and it would have been there. It is funny there site is down I;m sure they are getting flooded with complaints.

  • Paul Lerner

    I ordered two watches from Malaysia on 11.19 it shipped on 11.24 it has an R tracking number. No updates to any of the international shipping sites after posting to USA. I also see from this forum that R letter packages cant be tracked in the states. How ridiculous. So now no Xmas present for my kids. Buyer swears shipped. No way to know if stolen in NY or nothing. Totally sucks! No way to do anything but wait until ebay claim period starts. Any suggestions? Weird because other orders came without issue.

  • Angel Ricardo Ramirez Antola


    Registered Mail shipments cannot be tracked on USPS site on the last weeks.
    I also have this problem with my Registered Mail shipments sent from Paraguay.
    I believe the problem is in the USPS side.
    Other kinds of shipments like parcel Post and EMS can be tracked.
    Epackets from China can also be tracked.

    You should call USPS and ask them why does registered mail from China cannot be tracked on USPS site. I believe they have the answer

  • Becky Renick

    Shipping from Grain Valley, MO to Surprise, AZ. These are Christmas gifts for my son and grandchildren. First package was sent Registered on 12/18/15, w/an expected delivery 12/21/15. Second package was sent Priority Mail 2-Day, 12/21/15, with additional postage to ensure delivery on or before 12/24/15. As of 7:37pm CST, 12/24/15, packages have not been delivered. USPS tracking shows only the two packages making it to Kansas City, MO post office. Finally able to reach a live person at 1-800-ASK-USPS and a claim was filed and sent to local USPS in Surprise, AZ. Still hoping for a miracle.

  • Thush

    When I traced tracking number of RF011346277LK it says USPS tracking unavailable for this product for SRI Lanka tracking but in eBay tracking details we can see item is successfully delivered. PayPal has traced the above tracking number on your web site and decided item is not delivered and refunded my money to buyer. Earlier we were able to trace every tracking number which are issued from Sri Lanka in your web site. From last month those tracking information displayed time to time. I already lost 45US$ due to your site error. This is the second time I’m complaining about your site bugs.

  • Turkan Gençalp

    This is disrespectful and also a ‘infringement od the contract’. Postal Services of all other countries have contracts with USPS and it can’t change the rules after the game started. If you ahd such an intention not to let us track our registered mails, it should have warned us when we dispatched our packs. Even the delivered packs can’t be seen on their site and what if our recepients weren’t kind enough to send messages saying they got their pack !!!! They are slow, arrogant and disrespectful. If US government wants to interfere other countries regarding the level of their democracy; it should teach this to its firms first…

  • Juan

    USPS is saying it cannot find my tracking number?

  • Juan

    Is there aan issue with it right now?

  • Shartok

    Is it normal that the status of package shipped from Texas with USPS Priority Mail Military to an APO in Germany still hasn’t changed tracking status?
    Last entry on the USPS Tracking page is “01/20/2016 – Departed Post Office – Friendswood, TX”
    I am starting to get worried :/

  • Realizo habitualmente envíos de paquetes desde España y desde hace casi medio año es imposible seguir los pedidos a USA.
    La web de USPS ya no ofrece seguimiento de sus paquetes y la única respuesta que da tras introducir el número de seguimiento es: “Not found”.
    Incluso después de que los paquetes han sido entregados la información que sigue figurando es ese “Not found”.
    Tras contactar con ellos son incapaces de dar una explicación satisfactoria o justificar esta falta de información.
    Siempre ha sido una compañía muy problemática (era normal que los paquetes quedaran retenidos en sus aduanas por días, semanas o incluso un mes sin ningún motivo) pero al menos antes era posible localizarlos y saber donde estaban siendo retenidos.
    Pero ahora ya ni eso…

  • Angel Ricardo Ramirez Antola

    Contacta con Correos de España. Ellos tuvieron que ser notificados por USPS. El correo de mi país fue notificado. Tengo que ir a sus oficinas centrales a indagar cual es el motivo dado.

    Por que no mandas así nomas? Yo siempre envíe como simple, y llega sim problemas. Muy pocas quejas de los clientes

    O sino busca un amigo en USA que te haga el favir de enviar tus cosas desde allá. O sino contrata los servicios de alguna empresa de logística de USA. Que almacene tus artículos y envíe a tus clientes

  • .
    Tanto Correos de España como otros servicios de seguimiento se nutren de la información suministrada por USPS.
    Si ellos no dan ningún dato los demás estamentos no pueden inventárselos.
    Básicamente si preguntas en Correos te dicen, lógicamente, que ellos se hacen responsables de su parte del trabajo a este lado del Atlántico y no tienen por qué hacer el trabajo de los demás.
    Ofrecen por tanto la información de la que disponen que es su tratamiento de los paquetes, la gestión el envío y la salida hacia el país de destino. Del resto no saben nada porque ya sale de sus sistema para entrar en otro.
    Tengo una tienda en ETSY y estaría encantado de enviar los paquetes con un franqueo normal pues me saldría más barato.
    Pero si ya tengo problemas con envíos que puedo justificar con un resguardo que efectivamente se han realizado y existen imagínate cuantos problemas podría tener con envíos de los que no puedo justificar su existencia.
    De hecho ahora mismo lo único que me salva de no tener que devolver el dinero a los clientes que aún no han recibido sus pedidos es que puedo justificar que esos envíos existen gracias a los resguardos de Correos.
    Por otro lado los envíos por agencia de mensajería a USA tienen unos precios prohibitivos.
    No creo que tuviera muchos clientes si tuvieran que pagar más por el envío que por el artículo adquirido en sí.
    Grandes compañías como Amazon y similares tienen contratos con agencias tipo UPS o Nacex que les permiten ofrecer unos precios competitivos en los envíos. Particulares como yo no podemos permitirnos este tipo de cosas.

  • King

    USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for INDIA.

  • King

    Usps is no longer providing tracking facility for incoming registered airmail from any country other then Canada. It’s a bad news for all the international sellers. If we use any other service of post office, it would be expensive such as EMS or Priority Mail. No idea what to do with it. If we increase the shipping cost, we are losing customers. Any suggestions please?

  • Clara

    USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for Spain

  • Johnny Tung

    the problem is solve with DHL Global Mail, Shpping cost is almost the same as Register mail

  • GettinScrewed

    DHL Global Mail – is it cost effective for small packages…like under 50g? Or only larger packages?

  • GettinScrewed

    See my recent post…

  • GettinScrewed

    See my recent post on this subject. It’s not just Canada.

  • GettinScrewed

    Spain hasn’t renewed it’s agreement with the USA. Check my recent comment.

  • GettinScrewed

    Check out my latest post on this. It may be the same problem we are having shipping TO the USA.

  • GettinScrewed

    Check my newest post on the issue. It my be that your country hasn’t renewed its agreement with the USA.

  • GettinScrewed

    See my recent post…

  • GettinScrewed

    unOfficial word from USPS…. See my most recent post on the subject. It’s MANY MANY countries.

  • Company Police

    Tracking is up and running now, But Click and ship is down now.

  • juan rodriguez

    ” Now tracking is better than ever ” This is like the biggest sarcasm. I can not track parcels shipped from outside of the USA. This afternoon I was not even able to trace a package shipped within the USA.
    Whoever made these disastrous changes should be fired right away and bring back things to normal.

  • USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for Ukraine.

  • USPS Tracking RC021770446UA

    is unavailable for this product for Ukraine.

  • Daphne Feeney

    The tracking page is telling me to “enter up to 0 numbers separated by a comma”. How am I suppose to track a package if I can enter “up to” 0 numbers?!

  • Skilledfire

    Can you link your post? I can’t see it cause your account is private.

  • GettinScrewed

    Sorry, should have said comment. I wrote a long reply here in these comments.

  • Nersih

    When i type my tracking no. EC774003048US. It says
    Sorry, the tracking system is having technical difficulties. Please try your search again later.

  • Sean McVan


  • Sean McVan

    same as well all today and a phone message reported conflicting estimates, supposed to be today but then it said 4 days from now.

  • Daphne Feeney

    We had the same problem. We had our local post office check the track as it is more detailed, and the package was delivered… To the wrong zip code.

  • nac

    Same today 3/03/16.

  • Seandiddy Rick

    have 4 packages stuck in new york for 2 months now what s going on?

  • MusicBizSurvivor

    Just tried to check a tracking number, and while the number is valid, the online tracking form is simply not working, at least coherently. It keeps saying in red (though the proper number of numbers is there, exactly as in the samples and on my receipt, and it’s domestic mail) “Please only enter up to 0 numbers separated by commas”. That’s rational, or even possible? Hm. Enter up to zero numbers (which means none, zip), but separate the zero numbers with commas?? WTF? I’ve never seen such a bizarre message, and this doesn’t exactly give me confidence in USPS tracking! Shaking my head…

  • Chris

    Tried to check tracking number but it says not found its been 4 days :/

  • Venus Ramay

    Tracking still down

  • Brittany Leann

    I live right outside of Los Angeles and my package has been sitting in the LA carrier facility for 4 days now. Supposed to be delivered today(Saturday) but wasn’t. I hope it comes next week.

  • JM Baumann

    Is the tracking down right now?

  • JM Baumann

    I text messages from last night w/status and now it says the tracking # cannot be found

  • HT

    I got an email from USPS that my package was delivered to my house in Hawaii on March 16 at 5:15pm, but in the tracking info it says it’s still in California dated March 16 at 6:44pm with expected delivery date March 17. It’s March 19th and still no package.

  • Robert Karlsen

    Hello. Someone have problem whit usps tracking search no?


    SOME OF MY INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES ARE NOW SAYING: USPS Tracking is unavailable for this product for AUSTRALIA & CANADA

  • Robert Karlsen

    The same Come up for NORWAY too. I dont knows why…

  • Richard Smith

    Same here when I search for packages sent over the last couple of weeks. Some show the tracking, some the message you’re seeing. I’ve also just noticed that when I select Japan for my online postage the service ‘Delivery Confirmation’ is now no longer available. What the hell is going on here? It’s bad enough we’ve been stiffed yet again with price hikes!

  • L.Naresh NARESH

    recently i bought two items from US through USPS First Class Package.
    very first time i was checked tracking number which is given by sellers it was worked smoothly.
    when i checked yesterday, it’s says USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for SRI LANKA.

    But earlier packages still working smart.
    one package already took to transits 46 days up-to today.
    another package 10 days since purchased.

    please advise.

    Thanks in advance

  • L.Naresh NARESH

    Yours working right now.

  • Robert Karlsen

    Its the USPS tracking stil now.?

  • Robert Karlsen

    I hope the USPS fixing the tracking problem werry soon…

  • Ales

    same here US to UK

  • Patricia

    Packages to Malaysia is showing: No tracking information found. Please verify your tracking number and try again later. Has this been an ongoing problem?

  • Jessica Allison

    I have had the same problem with ALL of my packages going outside the US. I have 6 international customers at the moment, going to Australia, Canada, and the UK, I get the same message for every single one of them. At first, it only did it once the package left the US, but now, there’s nothing! I have one package that should still be in San Fransisco, that is saying “USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for Canada, United Kingdom, ect”. Very frustrating! I emailed USPS and they can’t account for the issue.

  • Harry George

    I just called into USPS today and they told me that the reason why first class package with tracking international is not showing up is because they changed there system. They tried telling me that they never tracked those type of packaged yet when I pointed it out on the webpage she said well it may have let you then but not anymore. So in other words they said you will not be able to track international mail unless it is sent registered mail or regular priority mail or express mail global express and so on. So then I said well I guess everything will be going to the global shipping program. And I told them that they need to take hat false information down on there website about first class package tracking because they said they will no longer track that type of mail. Basically they want international buyers to pay 40-60 buck for a 20 dollar item…… Yea right they are only hurting themselves there will be another company in the future that will take these kinds of orders and be glad to take my money. So my advice is to use the global shipping program or tell buyers it’s going to cost extra. I’m not going to risk my business online because they are falsely advertising a service that they won’t provide. Oh and here is the kicker they can see where the item is at but I can’t how stupid is that unfortunately that is not good enough for buyers protection there word.

  • Jessica Allison

    OMG!! That is total BS! If my customer says that they didn’t receive their package, that is my butt! And if USPS isn’t providing international tracking anymore, I can’t prove anything. If this is the case, I may have to stop international sales, that’s just too much risk. I sell on Etsy, and all that tracking is supposed to be included. One thing I have been doing is taking the tracking number and putting it it to the countries tracking sites (Royal Post, Canada Post, ect), and that has been getting me some info. That is total crap though. As if USPS isn’t already crappy enough, now they are messing with services, which by the way, they just jacked the price on too! So now we have to pay more for even worse service! Affordable privatized shipping please!

  • Shara

    Whle tracking my package from the States, it read’ “Sent from NY on March 1st”. Now a month later it reads, “USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for ISRAEL.” Never received it, yet. Is my package in cyberspace? It never takes this long.

  • Phil Ossey

    down mahopac ny trying to track from cali

  • Jessica Allison

    My international tracking is working again today! All the packages that weren’t available yesterday are now available. And the tracking through the other countries is more detailed then it used to be. It used to just show that it reached the international country, and then when it was delivered. The tracking now is showing the various steps in the destination country. So I’m thinking it was just unavailable while they worked on it. So the person you spoke to on the phone must have been miss informed, or just didn’t care to really find out. Mine is working now anyways, I hope others are having better luck too. 🙂

  • Garrett Bosley

    ordered a lightweight first class package, it’s a week past when it shoulda arrived and the tracking says it hasn’t moved from the original location .-.

  • Harry George

    Yeah now it is working for some reason as of now lol. At the prices they are charging for international mail it should all come with tracking and insurance via registered mail an no additional cost anywhere in the world for first class mail. They would make more money because who’s going to pay 40-50 bucks to ships a 10-20 dollar brooch in the mail. Lol it’s hurts us as sellers and hurts USPS as well. I have had great luck selling worldwide. But since they have raised there rates it’s cheaper to use the gsp on eBay. As long as you ship with registered mail regular priority express mail and so on you won’t have any problems. I’ve never had problems with the U.K. Canada Australia Switzerland Netherlands I’ve sent to Brazil and I’ve never had problems there they scan all there mail any class of mail but it takes along time to get there. I never send anything without tracking. So you said you sell on etsy is it hard to sell on there how does it work? I wouldn’t mind trying to sell on there. Do you do pretty good on there Jessica.

  • Jessica Allison

    Yeah, the tracking is working for me now too. I’m actually getting a little more detailed info when the package leaves the states. I think maybe they were upgrading the system or something.

    Selling on Etsy is actually pretty good for me. I sell bridal jewelry and it’s my overtime job, lol. I do well enough that I don’t have to work (or have time for a social life). I sold a little on Ebay at first, but it was too generic for me. On Etsy everyone has a nice shop that is easier to organize. I personally love it. We also have the option to add third party insurance to our packages through U-PIC, and it’s really, really reasonable. So shipping international with tracking and insurance isn’t too bad. I normally insure anything over $30.00. So an average sized package (say around 3oz), with insurance would be like $9-10 depending on the value (that’s for international shipping). I personally love Etsy.

  • jonezy

    My tracking number said acceptance and departed but now out of no where after 2 days of not updating it says tracking number not found

  • Matthew Thompson

    Same here, tracked it since last week and just checked now and it’s not found

  • Paco

    Same here man, ive been tracking something from china and all of the sudden today it said tracking not found

  • MG

    Are you guys having the same problem where it worked a couple days ago now it acts like the number doesn’t exist? Very frustrating

  • Matthew Thompson

    Well obviously there is a trend here so hopefully the system is just down for some reason because I checked other website to track it right now and it’s not coming up on any of them

  • MG

    Are you guys having the same problem where it worked a couple days ago now it acts like the number doesn’t exist? Very frustrating..

  • Ch

    I have like 12 packages that I am tracking and none of them are exsisiting right now . It’s already bad enough that the tracking is usually a day behind . However, I can’t get anything on my packages right now.

  • usps tracking is down, i think they got hit from a cyber attack, but nothing else comes to mind.

  • Ashley

    My package last updated yesterday going through customs in US and now it says no tracking found. I was worried something happened in customs that they took it away but I am hoping not now that I see everyone else is having a problem with online tracking !

  • Fb

    Must be down. As of the other day my package was in transit and just now tried and says not found. I’ll try it tomorrow.

  • Phewww….. I was in panic mode when I see my in-transit parcel changes to NOT FOUND. Looks like you all are having the same problem.

  • jarrod

    Im assuming its down

  • Jason

    They are just updating.. It is Sunday at midnight.. Think about it. I been tracking 3 packages and within 2 hours they all went from being tracked to unable to respond. Im sure it will be up and running better by 6am.

  • danwat1234

    They should have a maintenance banner so people don’t freak out about their tracking numbers.

  • Star Warrior

    My tracking said on March 31, Prepared to leave for the United States. Never heard another word about the package. It never updated and it’s April 4. Does this happen frequently? Like the rest of you, it’s now listed as Not Found.

  • S Gray

    Well you all answered my I have a package I have been tracking since Thursday due to be delivered in the morning that has been updating regularly as it should until about 10 min ago it went to NOT FOUND UNABLE TO RESPOND.. Sorta freaked out a little

  • Winnie

    This is what’s happening to me. I have been keeping check on my package since it was shipped on Tuesday, and it was updating on up until a few hours ago. Now it states error like the tracking number never existed. I started to freak out because I am expecting this package to be delivered Monday, and now I don’t know if it’s going to show up or not. I’m glad I found this page as I was beginning to think that the usps had lost my package.

  • What the Sam

    Down Mon 04/04/16 @ 3:00 PM EST

  • LobsterGator

    I’ve been tracking a package from US to Israel for the past 3 weeks. The tracking number was there, then it disappeared, and now reappeared. I cannot get USPS to track the package and my customer is driving me nuts, wanting to every inch the package travels.

  • Down Monday 4/04/16 12:50pm PDT

  • Jordan

    USPS tracking working very slowly and sometimes not at all over the past couple hours.

  • Nextum

    USPS Tracking is down, that or they lost my package which wouldn’t be a surprise. USPS sucks.

  • BGo

    I’m glad to see these updates 4/4/16. I sent out a very important (insured, but still…) package today and got a little nervous that it got lost. After taking forever to load, it’s saying that the package isn’t found in the system, even if I go into my account and click on the number itself. Thanks for posting!


    The usps finally got things streight , seemed like for me they updated there system fully between 10am and 3 pm yesterday 4-4-16
    I was suppose to have a package est. Delivery day as 4-4-16 ,so I was just sure it was a issue I never received a update tell 730am said was in sanston va, I’m in colonialheights so I was pretty sure ithat had dent gone out for deliverys because it didn’t update although yes if appears usps has a backup of course for there own use cause not the same link we have cause my package finally was randomly delivered at 9.45 am , it bipassed updating via text or email notification, it just pope outta nowhere sooooo yes there must always be some kinda backup they use only to assure delivery as expected .

  • Mark Eriksson

    I’ve had a package coming from the USA to UK for the past week and a half and there’s been almost no updates on it. They’re happening days apart and sometimes the tracking system is down. Very frustrating.

  • Star Warrior

    Me too. Mine finally showed up in New York but instead of going to it’s proper destination in Texas it’s now in Maine. Last time I checked Maine was in the opposite direction. : (


    4/7 tracking has been down all day.You can track manually but not to my account.

  • Becky

    Warrendale,Pa is the worst. I’ve been waiting for a package that was stuck there then sent back to the sender. Now we are trying to get it back to me….

  • Katie2772

    I have a package that was shipped from Anaheim to Seattle on April 2nd. It’ll be April 10th in 30mins, and it’s still in Anaheim.

  • Crystal

    Is usps system down right now? Tracking not updating

  • Goldfinger

    Mail delivery is at a standstill except for junk mail which I always get. registered mail is being delayed for weeks. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

  • Nathan Daniel Willets

    I had a package shipped from California to me yesterday priority express mail so it’s scheduled to arrive tomorrow but the app and the website both say that this package does not exist. Is that due to what I found on this thread? Is the post office not able to update their tracking right now?
    And if so because from what I’m reading it seems like the answer is yes, does anyone know if I should expect to receive my package on Saturday?

  • Alex

    I had the same issue with the Priority Mail 2-Day, It shows as “Not Found” i don’t know what is wrong

  • iHustle247

    Anyone else experiencing tracking issues with USPS as of April 26, 2016 to April 27, 2016?

  • ANO

    Yeah, nothing seems to happen when using that page

  • Kate

    Yes, again !

  • Danksta TheOG

    It’s back up. Thank god.

  • Roger

    Not working for me.

  • Danksta TheOG

    Back down

  • Alma

    Tracking down all day

  • Hope Fisher

    My package was being tracked and now the tracking number apparently cannot be read and doesn’t exist.

  • quelinda1

    Still down @5:15 p.m. HST

  • one4All

    Who kicked the cord out of the wall on the USPS Tracking Server?
    No Notification on the Website; so Scruffy the Janitor must still be Sleeping

  • MollygizerBunny

    Tracking is down. Grrrr.

  • saina23

    Tracking Number stalled since the April 21, 2016

    The status of the item Processing Exception

    The Postal Service has identified a problem with the processing of this item at 8:21 pm on April 21, 2016 in SAN BERNARDINO, CA 92403. The local facility has been alerted and is taking steps to correct the problem.

    nothing new

  • Nader Eid

    I ordered two separate orders from the same company on the 26th of April. Each order has its specific tracking number. One of those orders has no issues with tracking, while the other gives me this error: USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for .
    Can someone clear this up for me? I really would not like to worry about whether or not I will receive my order(s) or not. I am sure it has happened with someone before. Thank you.

  • Chris Palmitesso

    What is going on with tracking? Sometimes the error page comes up, and other times the package shows absolutely no movement whatsoever.

  • Joe Quint

    STLL down after 24 hours. May 4, 2016

  • Vladok

    down for a week

  • murrs

    didn’t even ring and left with my package…….website down….tracking doesnt work…..i don’t even know which post office they took my things to…….purposely got amazon prime to have fast shipping….but USPS is really fuckin it up…by not properly delivering it on time.

  • Wallingford Pickles

    You think the postal service is bad? At least you have other choices. Wait til the government completely takes over healthcare.

  • Shoshana S

    priority first class 1-day shipping…supposed to be delivered today before 3:00pm ….needless to say package did not arrive; not only that it has been more than 24 hours without a tracking update; the last update was on May 3rd at 8:53pm stating that my package was in transit from Raleigh, NC …..and now 24 plus hours later no update on tracking….no package….really really annoying.

  • bamfzagoon

    Since this morning USPS stopped recognizing the tracking number of a package I’ve been keeping an eye on for the past week.

  • phritzg

    No tracking is possible right now for new or previous tracking numbers, plus nearly all of the links on the page don’t work, either.

  • James Radabaugh

    Not working for me im in Firth Idaho

  • Myers Tyson

    Doesn’t work today as of 0700 DC time on 10 May.

  • Mike

    Hasn’t worked for a good many days, good work USPS raise the rates and provide no service as usual. No wonder they keep losing money, it’s all broke.

  • SirLancelotTheMisspelled

    Douglassville, PA. “Please enter up to 0 numbers, separated by commas.”

    Is this why the USPS is losing money hand over fist? Because their customer service blows? I’ve given up trying to track anything.

  • Max

    I have a package that was supposedly shipped on Friday. I can get through the tracking it just says tracking number not found…..5 days later. Is this the same for you

  • Calluna Vulgaris

    I’m seeing the same error when trying to track something that I bought online, and the customer service link on that page isn’t even a link. It was doing the same thing a couple days ago too

  • Florida

    Tracking down all day today and yesterday as well!

  • Kitty Star

    Meow 🙁 don’t work says please enter up to “0” numbers and stuff

  • Michael J. Motta

    My package was being tracked all over some bizarre route, then days ago, the tracking site was still up but my package stopped being tracked . . . now the site itself is down! I used to defend the USPS against its detractors — I found it remarkably efficient and professional; now it’s a joke.

  • Stephen J Ketchen

    USPS Tracking not working on Chrome (Windows Desktop). Just receive an error in red letters over the search box saying “Please only enter up to 0 numbers separated by commas”. It does work on Firefox and IE, plus it works on Chrome for Android. Still, USPS doesn’t seem to be updating information on packages for several days either. Submitting an issue report to Google, but it may be a combination of multiple problems with USPS Tracking. I’ll update if I find anything else out.

  • Stephen J Ketchen

    If you have this issue on Chrome for Windows make sure Chrome is up to date. Go to the three lines on the upper right corner of the screen (below the Close window red X) and click on it. In the drop-down menu select “Help”->”About Google Chrome”. If it is up to date, close Chrome. If it updates, relaunch chrome when it tells you to, then Close Chrome again. Check your Windows system tray on the bottom Right side of the Windows Taskbar, including in the hidden icons that you can reveal by clicking on the little white triangle. If you see a Chrome icon here, right click on it and select “Exit” from the menu. This will close Chrome’s background processes. Now reopen Chrome and search for your USPS Tracking number. This procedure fixed the Error in red letters above the tracking number search box saying “Please only enter up to 0 numbers separated by commas” and allowed Chrome for Windows to display USPS tracking data properly. Similar steps could probably work on other OS platforms. Like they always answered the tech support phone on the show The IT Crowd, “Did you unplug it and plug it back in?”

  • Stephen J Ketchen

    I had the exact same problem using Chrome for Windows. Check out my post above for details, or the fastest way to fix if it Chrome that you are using is probably to reboot your whole computer.

  • Stephen J Ketchen

    I had the exact same problem using Chrome on a Windows PC. Check out my post above for details, or the fastest way to fix it if you use Chrome is probably to reboot your whole computer.

  • Stephen J Ketchen

    I had the exact same problem using Chrome for Windows. I posted the details above, or the fastest way to fix if you use Chrome is reboot your whole computer.

  • Lisette

    The same thing is happening to me but im using Safari on my iphone

  • mo

    WORST SERVICE in the USA Site says tracking is down, what am I paying for??? Last time I will send an overnight letter with the USPS they are UNRELIABLE

  • scruffthemuff

    My tracking number is not providing any information on my packages the last 3 days! Is there something going on with tracking & scanning of packages every where or is it only with my Houston post office? Is there a problem with the USPS website? This is extremely unsettling not knowing what has happened to my packages or if they are in route for delivery.

  • xlyte

    My tracking number is not providing any information since the last 5days..please what can I do


    I had an overnight package tracked. It arrived on the 18th at the correct location and address. However it wasn’t picked up as of, yesterday.
    So I wanted to check on status again today, but my package is no longer trackable. Is this because it was picked up, or because a certain number of days already went by for this overnight package, so now the track number is dismissed??

  • Just now tracking a Certified Mail package on the website. Got a screen telling me “Sorry, the tracking system is having technical difficulties. Please try your search again later.” This will be my first and last time using the USPS for anything critical. #USPSfail

  • Jonathan Mayer

    I’ve been tracking packages until today, getting an error like tracking doesn’t exist.

  • Jennifer Stuart-Anderson

    Same!! It must be down right now! Glad to know Im not alone!

  • Michelle

    I mailed THREE certified letters to the SAME address (a credit bureau). Two of them made it within 3 days. That was a month ago. When I filed a claim for my last letter, the representative that called me a week later from a private number, told me to simply count that as a loss and that my only option was to attempt to mail the letter again by going into my local post office and “nicely requesting” the manager to send my second attempt for free as they wouldn’t be able to give me a refund. I asked him if an additional follow up certified letter wasn’t company policy – as I don’t think it’s right that I have to beg for accommodations and depend on the “attitudal whims” of a post office clerk with a managerial role when it was USPS that lost my letter. He told me that it wasn’t and I could ask or not ask but there was nothing more USPS could do.

    Now…tracking is down. And they wonder why they’re losing business to UPS & FedEx by the boatload. Horrible service.

  • Shrimp Lo Mein

    Don’t worry folks…you’re not alone!!!!!!!!!

  • Vavee`

    My package have been sitting in Texas unaccounted for the last two days. I live in Florida for petes sakes! So much for “2 day priority “. Sometimes when I try to track the package , it reads “Not Found “. I’m becoming frustrated with USPS and their Houdini tricks. I’m not too fond of their “disappearing acts”. Next time I will pay the extra for Ground Shipping with UPS or FEDEX. I guess this is what I get for being an El Cheapo!

  • Maggie Marting

    Vavee, just because the tracking system is down or acting up, that doesn’t affect the movement of packages. You should still receive your package on time, but let us know!

  • Maggie Marting

    And it shipped via Priority Mail?
    Unfortunately, Priority Mail is not a guaranteed service, but it is usually pretty reliable. I’ll bet you’ll get it Sat. 5-21-16, let us know.

  • Vavee`

    Thank you, I surely will.

  • Vavee`

    Good Afternoon! My tracking says “In-Transit Delayed”. I was supposed to receive it on Friday now I will more than likely receive it on Monday since the post office doesn’t deliver on Sundays. This is not 2 day priority shipping at all.

  • Shani Bani

    I can’t bother with these ppl. There is always some mess. I shipped 2 packages on Saturday and there is no trace of them anywhere

  • Keith

    A seller on EBay shipped me a package using USPS ground on May 12th.Still have not received the item.There Is a big issue with the tracking number.It says the item was shipped on the 10th and delivered on the 12th.Thats impossible of course.Its s bigger package that costs over $500.Still hoping but not sure what to do.Its May 23rd ,4:30 pm eastern time now.

  • wendy

    My package is not received 3 weeks dy , and acannot track in the website ,what happen ?tat was very urgent for me , suck company

  • wendy

    how to do still not received parcel so many week? the company still can open for business ? unbelievable @@ and the internation postage is very expensive , from new york to malaysia , is damm angry n sad , the document is very important to me …how to do ??????helpppp

  • DP Clark

    Shows tracking not fond. It was mailed at the counter by a family member yesterday, two states away. Very frustrating.

  • Julia

    My tracking number is not providing any information since the last 4 days! What should I do now?

  • Jacqueline Garcia

    Vave. did you received your package now?

  • Vavee`

    Yes. It came last Monday.

  • Jacqueline Garcia

    That’s good luck you 🙂

  • Jacqueline Garcia

    As long as you received it.. it’s not a problem, it becomes a problem when it’s really lost! However fingers crossed i guess

  • Tyler

    Hey my usps just got here he’s at the apt mailbox but no update since the 1st of June and it’s stuck on origin post is preparing shipment so hopefully my items are here.

  • Jennifer Malia Cathcart Berke

    Did you get your package? Was it priority mail?

  • Amanda

    My package has an expected delivery date of June 9th.. It’s now June 11th and the tracking number does not have an updated status. It says my package is still in Southern California, I live in Northern California, does it really take that long? What’s going on?? I called customer service and they said it should hopefully arrive by June 13th but they are going to make a search inquiry and try to locate it. Okaaaay? We’ll see what happens I guess.

  • yinsui

    My case is even worse… The German Consulate in Boston, Ma mailed my passport with the Schengen Visa back to Providence in Rhode Island on May 25th, 2016 via USPS priority mail. The package arrived the Providence USPS sorting center on May 27th. However, the Providence USPS did not deliver my package. They sent my package to Oak Creek in WI. There is no further update scan since May 29th, for 16 days… For the past two weeks, USPS people cannot locate my package. The tracking number is 9114901230803384928229. We are waiting for the international passport for international flight. USPS people told us, what we can do is wait, wait, wait… Anyone once has similar issue? Do not know what else we can do

  • Yinsui

    BTW, we sent the passport via USPS 2-day priority mail.

  • USPS Theft?

    USPS Has become a JOKE! Shipped package on June 06 expected delivery June 11, 2016! Today is June 23, 2016 after many visits to post office and effortless calls explaining same thing to different people just to put me on hold and send me to another Joker…same story no results or answers to an “Insured tracking number “Shows not found!” Even postal employees have told me themselves that seems odd as it never left Post office where it was dropped off! Now I’m out of the money $1600 + $27.00 shipping, no product and supervisor at that location is rude could careless. Keeps saying for me to wait it will eventually show up cause nobody at his location steals!? ODD why would he even say that?

    BEWARE! when dropping off packages at “Encino Park Station post office, 20403 Encino Ledge, San Antonio Tx 78259. Clerks are really nice until they loose your package supervisor sings the same song ” It will eventually turn out we don’t loose packages!” If he didn’t get paid at the end of his pay period and someone would tell him the same thing I’m sure he wouldn’t be so happy! 15 Days on a 2-day Priority mail box with insurance does that mean anything to post office or is it just another way to scam for fees and not pay-up!

    Plus supervisor says no cameras at post office when I stood on line for over an hour looking at cameras all over the lobby? Has anyone had same experience with a positive outcome please let me know. Any proactive suggestions please let me know. Thank you

    I’ve lost a huge loss financially and no product either, seems to me that purchasing $1000 insurance is a joke.

  • Leke

    Am having issue with my packaged two box was sent to me with different tracking got one yesterday and the other one is yet to arrive.. We did run a track on it and showing still in usps facility in Miami for over 3 weeks now the other box that was sent same time just came in yesterday usps is frustrating.. Advice needed urgently..

  • Candice Ana Maria Chea

    I got this problem since yesterday apparently it got sent yesterday and i wrote my tracking on USPS Tracking and i am worried if its the post not able to deliver it or i am getting scam by my seller on ebay . My tracking is LC928934387US it says “usps tracking ” is unavailable for this product for australia ” should I wait or be worried
    I contacted my seller but they removed there item once it was sold :/
    Any help?

  • Sheryl Diane Hansen

    I ordered a birthday gift for my daughter that was supposed to be delivered on July 7th. The tracking info shows it in Hebron, KY since July 6TH! WTH!!!

  • chou

    I checked my tracking on USPS Tracking and it says “usps tracking ” is unavailable for this product for China I sent my package by express package and should be arrived in 6-10day. Now after 5 days, there is no tracking info available. Should I wait or be worried?

  • BuriedJewels

    Three packages not scanned, gold coins, tracking, gone in the wind. Wasn’t even scanned at drop off location. I’m probably going to lose my ebay, paypal over this. So pissed off; of course there’s no help from usps. I put them in the inside box myself. Never had an issue before, now it’s devastating.

  • BuriedJewels

    It’s been 2+ weeks,

  • Jensen

    Have been waiting 22 days for an item to arrive and the tracking number still says ‘Not Found’ whenever I look.

  • Jolivanra

    Ordered two items on monday, one from Arizona and the other from Texas. Both are showing “accepted” status from Monday, both Priority Mail 3 day and apparently haven’t moved since Monday. Three day period for both is tomorrow.

  • Bryan

    I ordered two items on Monday also! from GA to FL since Monday they haven’t move… they are 3 day shipping so they are late… Is USPS tracking system down?

  • Emily

    Tracking hasn’t updated for 2 days, it was supposed to be delivered today and is a time-sensitive thing, but hasn’t been updated since “Arrived at origin facility.” Emailed post master. He said that it was en route to NY when he called the facility. Still not updated 12 hours later. I could’ve drove it there quicker. Lady at the USPS office wouldn’t even let me get 1 day shipping and is so clueless that she almost messed up another package I sent out earlier in the year.
    Anyways, I just want an update. And it seems like I’ll never get one.

  • Lisa

    Ive sent out two packages and are supposed to have received two packages all in the past week. Still no updated tracking info for any of them.

  • albert

    i have also sent a flat rate envelopes out via USPS and what i have till now is just the tracking to show preshipment over 3 days now

  • albert

    please does the usps now have a new postage now?

  • stephen ellison

    USPS not recognizing a package dropped off at 2PM on the east coast and it is 846 on the east coast now. It was personally taken to the post office and handed to an agent but still does not show up. What is the problem with some stations? don’t they enter their scan into the national database?

  • Jayden

    Me too anything happen since

  • Luca B Mitsu SunBlack

    Hi, my LZ602943975US still on:

    July 27, 2016 , 12:40 pm

    Picked Up

    No updates. How solve?

  • Zack

    Website was down for maintenance overnight SAT-SUN (8/6-8/7). Ever since, tracking system is either not working, or packages are at a stand still. I have several packages on 2-day delivery, that still say “accepted at origin facility” on the day they’re to be delivered. Will update if they come when expected or not.

  • Dee

    I ordered something on JUly 27th. PRIORITY 2 day delivery. Sat in Colorado for 5 days. Took total of 7 days to get to philly. Now at a standstill. Has been in limbo for 2 weeks. My local post office has no idea where it is. How does a 12″x12″ package just get lost.

  • Zack

    The page finally updated this morning when the package went out for delivery on time, and all the transit stops posted from the past few days. Packages will arrive on time despite not being able to track the process.

  • Matthew Daniel

    I’ve made an order from Kansas to Oregon that has been sitting on accepted for 3 days and no shipping update. Package was supposed to arrive today on the 9th and did not receive on time. This ofcourse happened after the maintanance on Saturday

  • troy

    I have the same issue Zack had the last tracking update I had was 8/6 and it still says “processed at origin facility” is there still an issue my package is not moving

  • Tim

    Yep, same here. Shipped a package full of important documents from Houston to Dallas Friday 10am (8/5) and the tracking page still says “Accepted”. Went to the post office today. They confirmed that the tracking number is not getting updated and tried to guess that the package probably didn’t get scanned in Dallas. Very wrong time to have the server update and malfunction… But I’m still glad to learn that it’s probably the server problem, not the actual shipping disaster.

  • Lizzy

    My package is already three days late and there are no updates since 08-05-16, still says that it’s been processed at the Chicago sort facility.

  • Tim

    Now I’m worried about my package… It’s kind of time sensitive, too…

  • Tim

    So, as it appears, it was not the server. My packaged just got scanned in Dallas and the tracking page got updated. Houston to Dallas = 4-hour drive. It was promised to be delivered on Monday (shopped Friday morning). These distances have always been taking USPS no more than 2 days. Almost a week this time! I’m glad at least it’s not lost. Good luck to y’all!

  • aishu589

    Hi Dee, It happened with my package too it was sent on July 28th and myne status just says arrived at USPS Sort facility at warrendale and intransit to destination on 30th July Later i don’t see any updates and i have been calling customer care the best answer they said was they cant help me and it might be lost or sent to recovery center.

  • Dee

    It turns out, the seller put an incomplete address on mine. I keep getting different answers from different people. Mine is still in limbo. Post office says the other post office has it where it came from. that post office says seller has it. seller says, I dont have it. I dont think I will ever see it. Not sure. Only thing I can say is to put in a claim with usps. as soon as you do that, all of the sudden your missing package becomes more of a priority to them because it will cost them $$

  • Moat217

    USPS is literally the bane of my existence. I’m fairly certain that they are on a mission to ruin people’s lives, one lost, damaged, and stolen package at a time.

  • USPS Lisa

    I can’t tell if I am still in good shape or not. Seems like some people are getting packages even through it’s still only saying accepted but others not.

    I am agreeing with others: USPS is set up to slowly destroy me. This particular shipper said they won’t use FedEx as they have had problems with them. Just leaves me shaking my head.

  • Somnath Banerjee

    Registered parcel to India cannot be tracked in USPS website. Is it at all available ? How may I know if at all the item is delivered or not. The consignment no. is RE503103349US.

  • Danièle Mercier-billout

    USPS tracking is down this morning… It’s a pity…. ;(

  • Renee Aaliyah-Rose Diamond

    My package is meant to be here tomorrow, its been nearly 30 days i ordered the item on the 19th of july and I’ve been trying to track the item from ebay and usps for a week now and i have had no luck. I did order something else from the same site the same day and it showed up a week ago. So i am a bit concerned. This will be like the 5th time my parcels haven’t showed up with usps. And i tried the 1800 number and had no luck and i can’t email them.

  • DeathMerchant

    Click and ship is not working and hasn’t been for several hours at least. Just when you really need it. No excuse for an organization this big and with this many people. Maybe they need some H1-B Visa people. This is what happens when you have very little competition.

  • James

    Have not had tracking updates in 2 days. What’s up with that?

  • Zunaid Ahmed

    the tracking or scanning system seems to be down, but you should get ur package on time hopefully, I am facing the same problem, 7 packages, no movement for the last 2 days

  • Zunaid Ahmed

    you should have opened a case with USPS and eBay, if the package doesn’t arrive with the estimated time frame of eBay, just ask for a refund, and forget about it.

  • Keanen

    I ordered something from the US (to England) and tracking is still unavailable 7 days after the company confirmed that it had been dispatched

  • Iwilleatursoup Kim

    Are they still down

  • Zunaid Ahmed

    Yes, still down, they stopped scanning packages and are delivering them anyway, you should still get your package on time even though the tracking may not show any movement

  • Zunaid Ahmed

    Yes, they take quite a long time. I ordered a couple things from China before. Check on the China Post website to see whether your parcel left China yet, if it does show that, it should usually take about a week from then to get to ur place, unless the custom stops it to check what’s inside. Contact ur local post office if needed, give them a heads up about ur situation and leave your phone number, they will usually help you and give you a courtesy call when you parcel arrives.

  • Misti Moser

    Yesterday, I had two prepaid Priority mail packages picked up from my office building mail room. One was a bit larger than the other. I received shipping notification for the smaller package, but nothing for the larger package. The tracking number only shows that the shipping label was created. I am concerned that the package was lost. Has anyone ever had this happen, where the shipping notification scan was skipped, but the package was ultimately delivered?

  • Pooja

    I’m having the same thing happen with me. Any update on your package?

  • Misti Moser

    The package arrived today, so everything turned out fine. It was scanned before it went out for delivery. Nothing like some of the horror stories that are related on this thread, but one still questions what is the point of tracking, if the package isn’t tracked along it’s route. Also, it makes me look like I am delaying delivery to the buyer if they do not receive shipping notification.

  • Avery6x

    Mine’s been stuck at the Chicago sort facility for three days, should be in on Friday. Wish me luck.

  • Bryan west

    I have not had tracking update for 2weeks and was sent from the U.S to Nigeria which was supposed to take 5 days to get here (Nigeria ) .. Its a Priority mail and start with a tracking CX , is everything gonna be fine .. Please help cuz i am so worried

  • Jesus Yeahyeah

    Same here I haven’t had an update on a priority package I sent 2 days ago

  • Kristian

    I ordered 4 packages on monday only 2 have showed up on the tracking. technically 1 since the other was ups so…. anyone have anyway of answering this also if anyone wants to know which shipping company is faster i’ll post after i get the packages

  • Lucy W

    I has several packages picked up a couple of days ago. First class, Internationa and priority. All were scanned in except the priority which was a large box. It’s fully insured but I’m very concerned as it doesn’t even show the acceptance scan, just that the labelow was created! I try to call the postmaster, the message states all lines are busy, repeatedly, and says leave a brief message. I try, but within 10 seconds it says “goodbye” and hangs up. Getting very frustrated. Of all the packages picked up this is the one that is pricey:(

  • Kristian

    i wouldn’t worry about it 2 of my packages were never scanned and arrived on time aswell as the one that was not scanned

  • Z

    No updates for 4 days. 9/4/2016

  • Michelle Wood

    I have a priority package that was supposedly sent out august 30th 2016 from India to usa There has been no movement in tracking since then. What’s up? Company who sent package says the tropical storm. But I see no problems in new York from that storm. That’s where it comes into.

  • Joy S

    Last year, my sister sent me an early Christmas gift. When she asked if the package arrived, I figured she’d just sent it out, & I should be on the lookout for it’s arrival. She gave me the tracking number & told me it was supposed to have arrived 2 weeks prior. I checked the tracking & confirmed it’s supposed arrival. I don’t know to whom it arrived, but it wasn’t me. I told the post office, & had to explain to them that I never recieved the key in my mailbox for the parcel locker. (Apparently, they thought I didn’t know how parcel lockers worked.) A postal worker checked that the package wasn’t sitting on a shelf in the back, & left a note about my package’s misdelivery for my mail carrier. I didn’t hear back after a week, so I spoke to the carrier in person about the situation. He turned out to be a temp, but stated he’d pass on my info to the regular carrier. I’ve never heard back. My sister went to her post office & tried to do all she could there as well. I don’t know if it was a problem with the tracking, or if the post office was unable to do anything about finding my package, if it was indeed misdelivered, or if they just didn’t care. No one got back with me about my package, even to tell me nothing could be done, or to apologize, so it feels like the latter was the case. I’ve since told everyone I know to send packages via UPS, & to make sure packages are delivered to my door. I no longer trust the cluster boxes. I think maybe, if it wasn’t a tracking problem, then my parcel locker key was placed in the wrong mailbox, & a total stranger is enjoying my Christmas gift. I hope they’re enjoying it. I’m not. If I had an individual mailbox in front of my house, I don’t believe my present would’ve ended up elsewere.

  • Vicky

    Is USPS tracking down today? I cannot seem to track my parcel!!

  • baldViking

    Lol. Does the tracking service go down daily? It was the same yesterday.

  • Christopher Carr

    It’s been down intermittently for the last few days.

  • Stephanie

    Yep looks like the USPS tracking site is down as of now !!!! I’m so annoyed cause I had a overnight package which was supposed to be delivered yesterday and it never did. I called and will get my money back once I get my package and it seems it’s been stuck in Oakland sorting facility. It arrived there but never left ….. WTH?
    Now I’m trying to check and sign up for cell phone updates, but the damn site is down ….. SMH

  • James

    tracking shows label was created on 9/4 but hasn’t been picked up or anything since, even thought it was picked up Tuesday.

  • Diane Niederman

    I sent a check to the Illinois to pay taxes and it tracking so I don’t know if it arrived. This has happened before when USPS employees do not correctly the envelope. This has to be resolved. What good is a tracking num ber if the enevelope is not scanned.

  • Duncan

    Same problem here and this is a $90 International Express package for which the tracking is a major selling point. Tracked as “picked up” over 2 days ago and no scans since. Goodness knows where it is. At this point USPS is selling products that don’t exist as the tracking is very much part of the product.

  • Michael

    I was supposed to get 2 packages of the same order and ordered the same time and shipped the same time just we’re coming in 2 boxes and today I received only one of the boxes and the inside invoice said everything in my order but only 2 of the items I ordered were in there and the other box with the rest of my items weren’t delivered I checked the tracking number on the box to make sure earlier it was around 1:00 this afternoon on September the 10th and the tracking of the package showed up as delivered already so now I’m worried that the rest of my order is lost somewhere and I can’t get any answers till Monday morning it seems cause both the post office and the place I ordered from are closed till Monday morning and I have a nervous condition (anxiety) sorry to share that with everyone. I’m hoping I can find anything out to where my package can be and I went to check the tracking on the one package I got earlier today one more time just a few minutes ago and now the tracking system is down so of course that makes me more worried now.

  • ShinobiShazam

    Tracking from Amazon and two different statuses come up. USPS says it hasn’t shipped yet while Amazons says it has. USPS’s site took a good 5 minutes to come up (no problems with my wifi) so I’m so sure I trust it as of now.

  • Kirby

    What does “IO” and “UN” type of packaging means?

  • Jason

    Package hasn’t moved in 5 days delivery date was yesterday and still nothing.

  • Mark

    Has anyone been experiencing slow delivery of regular mail? I mailed a standard envelope last Saturday to PA from IN and it hasn’t arrived yet…wondered if anyone else has had issues…

  • Liz

    Tracking has been stuck since 9/21, today is 9/25. Status is “package arrived at carrier facility”. That’s on the other side of the country from me and I’m worried my package will be late.

  • Rima

    Package is said to have left Morocco since September 15. No update till today September 27. Ugh

  • Tom Hanks

    I had a priority package that the shipper says that they definitely took it to the post office for shipment however the post office tracking shows that a shipping label was created bur no package has been received. I called the postal customer service and spoke with them and they told me that although a priority shipping label was created they have never received the package even though the shipper says it was shipped, so what do you do when each one the shipper and the post office deny responsibility for this problem . I guess it is time to go to small claims court to find out just who is responsible for this mess.

  • Tom Hanks

    There are problems that occur in shipment with the USPS but if the package as in my case shows no record of acceptance even though the shipper swears it was shipped the postal service will deny any responsibility although they may not have scanned the package when it was accepted. I have read too many reports that this has happened which has convinced me that this problem of packages not being properly scanned does occur even though the postal service denies it

  • Tom Hanks

    Another thing that I forgot to mention is that if the package that the post office says was not received was indeed received but not scanned at acceptance and there is no record of it and no further scans are available the package could be delivered to a wrong address with no record of it and someone else may be enjoying what you should have received. Just today UPS delivered a package to me that was not mine and I called them and told them about it. However if I had not called they would not have known that it was delivered incorrectly to me , it would only show the package scanned as delivered even though it was delivered to the wrong address. So you see scanning only shows it was delivered not that it was delivered to the correct address

  • Cody Casado

    Package has not moved in 5 days on the tracking system expected delivery was 23rd tracking as stating that it hasn’t even left my state yet it was expected to be in Florida 5 days ago

  • Angel

    Has anyone gotten a USPS tracking number that starts with EL? I recently got a tracking number that starts with that prefix and I can’t track its progress.

  • Joe

    Package was sent from San Jose CA Monday 9/26 early AM. Still waiting for it on the east coast today 9/29

  • joe

    did it arrive?

  • Leah Matthew

    Did u use priority?

  • joe


  • Leah Matthew

    Package was supposed to be delivered Friday still says in transit ….. what’s the deal?

  • Sunny

    My tracking number can not be found in system .

  • joe

    Need some details. Have a tracking number?

  • joe

    did it arrive?

  • Leah Matthew

    Do u work for the post office? I’ve tracked it but it just says it arrived here in Ga and is in transit from main post office

  • Diem

    I have a package supposed to arrive today. Its priority mail from la. Im in norcal. Ive purchased things from socal that arrives to me within 3days days priority mail. The scan says it’s arrived in my post office and usually updates again once it’s been “sorted through facility” and “out for delivery” by 930am pst ALL the time. It’s now 11 and still no scan. It’s time sensitive I need it by tonight. What’s the deal???? Frustrating!!

  • RoKphish

    Four eBay sales dropped off at my local USPS this morning at about 8:10am AND SCANNED while I was standing there. I have the receipt. As of 10:13pm absolutely NO tracking info at all. It’s like I never dropped them off at all. WTF?

  • Leah Matthew

    Do u work for them? I have tracked it

  • joe

    No i do not work for them. have you received an update?

  • Leah Matthew

    No I called today and I guess they enquired

  • joe

    Where was it coming from? Also where was it last updated?

  • Leah Matthew

    It was coming from the west coast last updated on Friday the 30th and the day it was supposed to arrive but it never got to my local post office just the main one I believe it’s by the airport

  • joe

    so you had a gap in the updates? when is expected arrival for you?

  • Leah Matthew

    It was supposed to be here on the 30th

  • Leah Matthew

    Min never made it to destination

  • Jacque

    Please check EL230528661US ! Not updating!

  • joe

    when was it shipped? have you called usps?

  • Marina Marlena

    What is happening why is my parcel not updating too. USPS really lazy and lousy.

  • RP

    I was supposed to receive my 1 day shipping today and still no package, I am getting extremely frustrated

  • joe

    How late is it?

  • Singh Harmanjot

    I Return My Device To T-Mobile Through USPS, Its been 10 Days, T-Mobile Is Saying they Didn’t Recieved Any Package And I am Unable To Track Package. They Are Saying You Have To Pay the Whole Amount For The Device If We Didn’t Recieve It Because I was Trading In My Old Phone Which I trying To Track.

  • Hind

    LT127336010CN Check this track it’s told my not found and it’s should delevred to day

  • Bobby

    LT261454473CN Please check this package it says it is in china but not giving me any other updates

  • Lauttie

    I have a package sent to a customer and the tracking on it doesn’t even show it was scanned into the system. Other packages sent at the same time show that they are scanned and some even delivered. I’ve had this happen before and it’s very frustrating to both seller and buyer.

    Currently I can’t even submit a search for a lost package as I get the error message ‘Error: 400 – Bad Request. Please try again in a couple minutes.’

    Please fix the processes!

  • Thomas Rodgers

    i bought 2 day shipping on a package for 25 dollars because i really need the item by then and it didnt come on the second day, and now i cant even track my damn package. fix your services. its no wonder people like ups.

  • FallenAngel

    It’s out. Fix it now USPS!

  • what did you buy?

  • what did you buy???

  • what did you buy huh?

  • Elp

    It’s been messed up for 2 days now! What’s the deal?!?

  • Elp

    Been having issues like this as well from eBay and Etsy. Something weird must be going on with their computer system. Things are showing up in tracking at all

  • John Smith

    Took 10 day’s to receive a package I ordered with2-3 day service,& that was after the USPS tracking page said it was delivered! Then I had a friend come over and said this was on your front porch.SMH,I live in an apartment complex and anyone could have walked by and picked it up! NOT COOL!

  • Ashley best

    Hate USPS(liars)…never again

  • FromTokyo

    I’ve sent my passport in order to get my visa and included a self-addressed return Priority envelope. The office said they sent it back to me yesterday but the tracking still says Not Available and it’s late evening now. It’s absolutely critical I get it, of course, because it’s my passport/visa, and I need them to go abroad and start my job in a week!

  • Jason Grimes

    Trying to track my overnight package, but it can’t find number. Anyone care to explain? Pretty understanding fella, but paid extra to receive next day. Someone should have to give explanation. Will wait for your response, much like the package. FedEx never has problems. USPS, needs to either crap or get off the pot. Customer service doesn’t seem to be high on the priority list
    . Sad

  • Jc Raven

    I can’t track my package at all as a matter of fact it says it’s still in the area I ordered from and I ordered on the 12th what’s up with the tracking of usps

  • Jessica

    yes ! am facing same challenges i ordered a package around 11 th Oct yet when i track the package is still the same area !

  • Jessica

    i ordered a package around 11 th Oct yet when i track the package is still the same area !what is happenning I trusted you USPS VERY MUCH

  • Jc Raven

    That’s odd, hopefully our situations both are fixed soon this is frustrating

  • Laura

    Why did they even make all that tracking stuff? 2 weeks ago I send a package to my parents in germany, after it arrived the tracking said for 2 more days it is still being shipped even through it was already there. Now my parents tried to send me a package, the german tracking homepage told me it was shipped on sunday and should arrive soon but USPS still tells me it isn’t even in this country yet? Since sunday I have no idea where my package is, it should have arrived yesterday but I’m still waiting. Sorry for any english mistakes, it’s obviously not my native langugage.

  • Jc Raven

    They’re absolutely horrible with customer service..

  • Jc Raven

    Has your package moved yet?

  • K

    sent sister 1day to spokane from phoenix 4:45 pm wanted 1 day but usps could not guarantee 1 day because of the late hour but for $5 more he can guarantee delivery by 10:30 am friday 10/21 $30 total well its 4:43pm and still no package and tracking says left usps phoenix 7:30am 10/20/16 ok, where the heck is the package and do I get a refund?

  • “Deplorable” in a Basket

    Why do you ask people what they bought?

  • BigBoss

    Everyone knows USPS is as lazy as the day is long, good pay/crappy employees. Simple lazyness.

  • are u the package police? stfu worry about urself nosey ass monkey

  • Guest

    After leaving a track-able package at my PO the other day, it never showed up as accepted until a week later when it arrived then all info showed up. After that, I was told to bring the packages to the front desk to watch them being scanned.

    Today, I watched her scan 4 packages that I took in, and later at home, when I checked, two showed as being accepted and two show that they have not been brought in.

    This is unacceptable and causes my customers and myself unwanted stress and wastes my time filing lost packages, waiting hours on the phone, and negativity from my customers. The USPS is incredibly sloppy, unorganized, and basically just shrugs their shoulders….No wonder they are broke. No wonder I don’t trust them any more.

  • Guest

    I have a package that is only showing it was in transit to usps and hasn’t updated since. It is supposed to be here Friday. I have another package that has been waiting on usps to pick it up and it has been 2 days since it was supposed to be picked up with no update.

  • Emma Clarke

    Hi has anyones package moved yet ? usps got my package on the 7th and still not showing as moved anywhere and saying .> Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item

  • Sleeis

    mattoasted – AKA – Underrated, your actions make it appear that you are attempting to steal other people’s packages. By only responding to the comments, of which list the tracking numbers, you attempt to obtain further information that will allow for you to know the contents within said package. With doing so, you will probably attempt theft by rerouting the package to a location of your choice, and validating that the package shall be relocated by confirming the exact contents of said package. Also, as this seems extremely likely, based on the behavior you’re exhibiting, I have reported you.

  • Mike

    USPS tracking was down last night and still is today.

  • fjsjjdbd

    Got my tracking number last night and checked it to find it had only updated to say the label had been created. I decided to wait till the afternoon today to check it and there hasent been any activity. I know it was sent im hoping this won’t cause my package to be late.

  • Maya Rivera

    I ship a package 10/24 using priority it’s supposed to be delivered today but my tracking hasn’t been updated since 10/24!!!!

  • Sesn P Niemier-roark

    A2 to 3 day shipping for my package is now a week

  • Tanya Shearer

    I was supposed to receive a package today, the last time it was scanned was in MA on the 25th and it hasn’t updated and now the tracking application is down. I really need this package by tomorrow.

  • Tanya Shearer

    Mine hasn’t since the 25th, last seen in MA and was supposed to arrive here today

  • Larry

    I am supposed to get a package tommorow, but the last time it was scanned it said it was leaving the TN orgin facility.

  • Rachel

    I was suppose to get a priority package yesterday on 10/28 and here it is Saturday 10/29 and still never came. When I check the tracking number it says it left a usps facility in San Jose last night at 7:11 pm and that’s the last update I have. If I don’t get this package by Monday I’m in trouble Monday will be day 5.

  • Daniel Denson

    It’s not even season yet. I have a package that has been stuck in CO for 5 days and another stuck in WPB FL that is days late. UPS, Fedex, DHL are better options and I will insist on using them. Time to make my mailbox a USPS spam box. I’m done with them. I know when I send or order though UPS it get there on time.

  • Michael Kristman

    this is my second package stuck in customs this one now for 8 days my last one for 29 days!!

  • Lisa Torres

    Don’t know where my priority parcel is. WAS last updated on Tuesday, nov 1st and should’ve been here today, thursday nov. 3rd. I even went to the address that is similar to mine, who sometimes gets my mail and vice versa. Negative on that. I’ve been waiting on this parcel that was shipped out last friday. 1-3 day shipping on priority is false advertising.

  • Kahli Pickett

    Ordered a galaxy s6 edge from eBay and was supposed to arrive yesterday but didn’t so I figured it was coming today so I check my USPS app only to see it’s been delayed again and I have to wait for an update of another expected delivery date. I’m starting to get sick of USPS my package had better not get damaged.

  • Sabrina

    Usps priority mail tracking not updating! I had a delivery date of nov 4th but tracking hasn’t updated from nov 3rd! I’ve contacted usps as well as my local post office and can’t get any information on my delivery! Really annoyed! Glad I got insurance!!

  • James Parker


    i am unable to see details of this tracking, please help me ASAP

  • Nathasha Monnaie

    LK007122803US My item has not arrived to its destination yet. It was supposed to arrive by now. The tracking information is dated since 31st October and until today nothing. What is going on?