Verizon Email problems

Verizon email problems with login are the most common when customers have troubles, and when things like this happen millions of users like a place to come and complain or vent a little anger we are here just for you.

Other Verizon email issues include total outage when the service is down, one error message that pops up when there is a problem I, We’re sorry, but we are experiencing an email system issue. Please check back in one hour. Customers have seen this a few times since using the mail service.

Customers have also said they had troubles entering their Verizon email settings on their Android, iPhone and Windows devices. If you have any Verizon Email problems please do share here with your location and device.

Verizon Email status reports for Wednesday 14th of November 2018

To find out if Verizon Email is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Verizon Email? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Alexandra

    I cannot even login to my Verizon email, but then again what’s new.

  • Lisa

    Tried to access my verizon email settings to make a few changes and it will not let me, what am i doing wrong?

  • Darrel

    Is anyone having Verizon Wireless email issues today? I am not able to login right now.

  • John

    I am not getting any emails, nor can i send any via Verizon.

  • Kerry

    Verizon is down in Forsyth MT.

  • Nancy

    Cincinnati, Ohio and my email is not working at all today, was working fine yesterday.

  • Vanessa

    My Verizon email is playing up, i keep getting two of everything. Is anyone else getting this?

  • Lockey

    Verizon must be doing something wrong their end because i am unable to open up my emails on my smartphone. Is Verizon email down?

  • Henrietta

    Did you know that yellow snow should never be eaten, thats just like saying never use Verizon Email because it is just as bad as Gmail. I am always having issues with Verizon Mail.

  • Rocky

    I have had the same Verizon small business email account for about 12 years. there are 3 separate email addresses associated with this account, I will call them 1,2 and 3. #1 is used by me daily, #2 is used by my office manager occasionally and #3 has never been used. Two days ago when I logged on to my email, as I’ve done daily for 12 years, I couldn’t get on because “the information doesn’t our records”. In other words, I couldn’t log on. I have spent about 9 hours over the past 48 hours with tech support people from the U.S. to Mexico to Guam. They all go through the same routine questions, then share my computer and then tell me that accounts #1 and #2 do not exist in there system. This is a small business and all my email contacts are on my #1 account. There was also a couple of time sensitive emails that I could not access or respond to, which may have cost me about $100k. I then tried to set up a new account using my normal email user ID, since they say it doesn’t exist, but it tells me “sorry, that user ID is already in use”. Also, if someone sends me an email it doesn’t get kicked back like you would expect, if it was sent to a non-existent email account. So the emails are going somewhere. But the poorly trained telephone techs at Verizon are clueless about what has happened and why. Anyone had this problem before? Anyone know the phone number of the CEO of Verizon? This is like the twilight zone.

  • Gary Yoder

    My email has been down for 9 days now.I called and they transfered me 3 times.At least the last tech was honest and said they have no clue about how to fix the server,or how long it will take

  • Email support Free Helpline.

    Call Customer Care and report Your problems 1855 777 1707 Toll Free

  • Ann

    I signed on to check my emails and my email account was locked. Have no idea why. I called Verizon and waited 36 mins to reach an agent. Could not hold on any longer. I figured I would try a new password. a temp password was provided and I was able to access the account. I signed off. I decided to make sure I can sign back on, but no luck. So asked for a another temporary password. Entered it. Now it says that’s not my password, it’s my ID. Nooooooooooo! I tried again and it did the same thing. Had no time last evening to call Verizon. So tried again this morning to sign in, no luck! From what I am reading, Verizon has no fix. That’s just unacceptable. Funny! To post this comment it asks that I enter an email. Why? It doesn’t work anyway.

  • Frustrated

    I am experiencing the same thing right now. I thought I was crazy I called and spoke to someone, it worked for a minute and I tried to log off and back on and it said the password was wrong. I have tried 3 different password. It started off with an email stating my password was changed.

  • Mishel

    my Verizon email has not worked properly for weeks on Safari. At one point I was able to open it on Chrome but now not at all.

  • Verizon Mail Customer Care

    Contact Us. 1 855 777 1707
    Toll Free Helpline.

  • TMAL

    There is no other way tostate it. Verizon is not a technology company. They are in the dark ages. 3 business related email down for the last three days. Locked out of My Verizon for 6 months. Their Executive Services team is clueless. Know nothing. Never call back. Why would anyone use this old and tired company?

  • Felicia Kelly

    For several months my emails on my cell have been dropping off . I call Verizon and they do something and I am able tof get them back but yesterday it happened again and this time Verizon can’t do anything . They are saying it is problem with my phone and Samsung says it is Verizon. I am getting the message that the pop/I map account is not set up. Someone please help I use my email for work

  • Felicia Kelly

    Yes this happens to periodically. But this time I can not get them back

  • Deb tobin

    Haven’t been able to receive or send emails in 3 days

  • Maxine

    I am having the same issue with my Verizon email. Since Friday 11/11/16. I would enter my username, then I get to the password screen and enter password and all I get is a weird blinking of the screen that just will not go anywhere. I have tried to sign in from desktop, iPad and mobile phone hoping that it would be different.
    I really hope Verizon can get this under control asap. This is an email used for business.
    Please Verizon!!!!

  • BetsyO

    Same issues here for the past several weeks. Have finally dropped Verizon altogether. This happens too often and is ridiculous for what I’m paying

  • Scott

    My Verizon Email is down and when trying to access via my laptop all i am seeing is an error message saying, “http status 404.” What does this mean?

  • Clemments

    I am located in Coachella California and my Internet is down, this actually is garbage now, where are technical support when you want them.

  • Verizon Mail Support.

    Contact us
    1 855 777 1707 Toll Free Helpline.

  • Mark Bailey

    Having problems logging into the verizon webmail. It keeps looping through multiple addresses. Have tried using it straight through the My Verizon website (not using the bookmark) and the same thing is happening. Tried calling the helpline below and I am unable to get through.

  • Lisa Miller

    Same problem as Mark Bailey

  • Aaron

    Can not login in to email and when I do it say’s I forgot my password but I did not

  • Nasty In The Pasty

    Keep getting a “502 – bad gateway” message for the last hour or so.

  • JerseyDA

    Verizon messaged estimated time of restoration will be 9:00PM 12/18/2016.

  • Tom Early

    Verizon email down since yesterday afternoon

  • Tom Early

    I’m in NJ and haven’t been able to sign onto my email account since yesterday afternoon.

  • R Guariro

    502 Bad Gateway message for last two days – No access to email, no help from Verizon

  • Ken Frey

    I’ve been getting the following message for the last 2 days:

    Bad request | Your browser sent a query this server could not understand.

  • Vic Schreck

    I have been having synchronizing passwords issues in my email clients programs to Verizon I am using W-10. The Verizon server will not recognize them and rejects them.
    Email Clients: Outlook 2016, Thunderbird,
    gmail and android on my smart phone. Also tried changing on my 2 lap tops and
    desk top. Browsers will not make it work: Firefox, Edge, IE and Chrome Issue:

    My master email: I cannot change the password
    on my email clients. I must use the current one. I can change at will in my
    webmail, if I change the p/w on any client email, the Verizon server rejects
    it. I change it back and it works.

    My sub account: I was emailing back and forth
    on Wed. Dec 21 and got a message I was blocked for logging in too many times. I
    was bewildered, thought maybe someone was trying to access my account. Message
    said to obtain a temp password and log in. From that point on I have been not
    able to log on, on any of my email clients. I can change the p/w at will on my Verizon
    webmail but their server will not recognize my p/w’s from my email clients.

    Multiple calls to Verizon and screen sharing
    has them confused. They blamed Microsoft I knew better I called MS anyway they
    reinstalled my MS office professional 16 and still outlook will not connect.
    Call Verizon back am finally told they are having server issues with their
    server recognizing passwords from clients. I figured they were blowing smoke
    and I am right. Contacted Verizon Christmas morning and am told there are no
    technical issues for emails. They cannot figure out what is going on and are
    passing me off.

    So here I am 5 days with Verizon’s server rejecting the passwords from all 4 of my email clients. They cannot help me.
    Master email account I cannot change P/W and sub account cannot get it to work.
    I tried creating a new sub account cannot do it am told I can have 4 email
    accounts, I have 3 cannot add more to see if it will work.

    Anyone have any ideas? I am out. These morons all they do is play with my settings and say its working fine because my
    webmail works. They don’t get it their server is rejecting my passwords on 4 clients on 3 computers and with 5 different browsers………….. I need help.

  • Vic Schreck

    I called 10 times I get a run around. Read my issue. I am to get call backs never do I receive them. Had 5 different techs take control of my computer and do the same thing >> check settings. There is no excuse for this.

  • Jojo

    I’m getting “bad webdriver” and most of the time, things don’t load or delete. Then I have to refresh the page in order to get it fixed. Then it works for a bit and then it ends up getting screwed back up again. Aggravating when trying to do webmail.

  • JerseyDA

    Again, issues with Verizon my Verizon site. When I tried to pull up my bill, it produced one from May 2016.

  • Anon E. Mouse

    I get this error in Safari: “se the current one. I can change at will in my
    webmaixt5messagey p/w’s from my17">

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  • I am not getting any emails

  • 64 Deb tobin
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  • 81id="dsq-commedsq-author-user-29675">Deb tobin
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  • 89 Scott89
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  • 91 Nasty In The91
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