Verizon Wireless network problems

A Verizon Wireless network outage occurs every now and then, and when it does customers are not too pleased. The service provider has a range of products including fiber broadband, FiOS, 4G LTE as well as the more popular mobile internet, cell phones, voice mail and SMS services and problems can arise with these too.

Verizon Wireless

Dependent on your location Verizon Wireless network problems do happen, and this is where you can discuss them right here. In most cases some customers may not experience the same issue that you are and this is why it is a good idea to share them below. Please make sure you add your location as well as this helps determine where the main issue areas are.

The most reported Verizon Wireless problems include total network outage, text messages not being sent or received, mobile data access and many more. Please keep the community and us update with the Verizon network status below.

Verizon Wireless status reports for Sunday 28th of May 2017

To find out if Verizon Wireless is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Verizon Wireless? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Silvia

    Having issues sending a text message to my mum, so i decided to text a few other people to see if it was an individual problem but its wasn’t. I can send messages to anyone. I can recieve and answer calls, go on the interent but cannot send texts.

  • Denzel

    I cannot get onto Facebook, is there a network outage in California.

  • Derren

    My network seems to have a mind of its own, one minite it is working and the next minute it is not. And no i am not moving around, this is whilst`I am sat at my office desk, lucky i have office phone to make phone calls hey.

  • Cornelea

    My 4G is not working in 42518 area, is there a problem with VZ Wireless network?

  • Margey

    I cannot send or receive texts in 76651 area

  • Mack

    Verizon messages are not going, i keep getting send failed, i keep retrying and still not sending.

  • Graham

    I am not getting any Verizon 3G or 4G in Washington, so getting on the internet whilst out and about is pathetic.

  • Grant

    Verizon Wireless data is still down for me, even though calls are back up and running.

  • Orville

    Verizon Wireless network is down for me in North Judson, Indiana

  • Robbie

    Also down in Knox, Indiana.

  • Tania

    I got no service in North Judson Indiana either.

  • Purity Jade

    Verizon Network is currently down for me in Pittsburgh PA

  • DM Brown

    Richmond, va … Total blackout

  • Andrea

    My Verizon data is not working, what the hell is going on?

  • Cox

    I have many devices that I need, and yet my 4G is down in San Diego.

  • Paulio

    I have no LTE in North San Jose on personal hotspot. Data is needed here come on guys and girls.

  • Ross

    mobile phone coverage in Alabama is not really good today, Internet connection is also very poor leaving me not being able to send emails. That’s it VZ keep charging me money why dont you.

  • Nana

    Pay a lot of money per month for a good service, but there is one catch. VZ is not a great service, they would soon cut me off and charge me lots if i didnt pay them.

  • Bruce

    77407 and my friend is in 77406 and not able to make any calls out.

  • Jake

    No VW signal phone service in Phoenix, AZ.

  • Mandy

    I am in Larchmount NY and got no VW service, my friends in Palm Springs, CA are also offline as well.

  • Jamie

    My data,phone calls and text message have been down for hours in tennessee

  • Mandi

    Verizon is not working in Indiana.

  • Nolene

    Down in Pennsylvania, no Verizon Wireless service at all.

  • Charlies

    My signal is so poor its about time i changed over to another provider. I live in Phoenix, AZ so are there any other alternative i can use that are good service?

  • Mildred

    I so need a new phone and my contract is up for renewal next week. But the issue comes with who do i choose as my provider. I am not really happy with Verizon Wireless as i keep losing signal and call service etc.

  • jerri

    i have 2 phone numbers and neither phone will let me call or recieve calls. i am in longview tx no cell service can only text . son in dallas could not call me today to tell me i had a new grandaughter. verizen told my daughter for me to call 611

  • Em Y

    In Auburn AL and my text has been messed up for a month. It doesn’t wasn’t to send and I have to resend.

  • Irwin Stotler

    My mobile jet pack says i have 4g bars yet im not getting any service in Rancho Cordova

  • Useyourhead

    No mobile data right now in Rockford IL

  • Carrie Tuttle

    Can’t call out in Auburn, WA.

  • carolyn puckett

    Henderson nc cant make calls are get calls

  • TBurden

    Goldsboro, NC
    Can’t call out, only text

  • Oscar flores

    Verizon sucks can’t call or receive calls being a customer for twelve years time to make a change

  • Star

    Serious Verizon 4G issues all over Texas this morning. Most websites failing to load. I have tested this problem on 2 phones and 1 hotspot device. Some cities reporting problems in are College Station, Huntsville, and Houston.

  • Lynn

    Haven’t had phone or text service since 1:00pm today.

  • Stella

    Phone service in Hawaii is sporadic. Calls are getting lost and dropping.

  • Lisa

    can’t send or receive texts all of a sudden. In Northeast Ohio

  • Cindy Plocinik

    No data at all today 10/25/15. Aliquippa PA 15001

  • JulieB

    No phone or text service for 2 days Los Angeles area. Your communication re: the problem is nonexistent. I know service is down, towers are out. What is approx timeframe for getting them back up? YOU NEED TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS.

  • Johnna

    No phone service at all. No incoming or outbound calls Rockford Illinois all day

  • rockorbe

    No service in Odessa Tx since last night.

  • Stephanie Lynn Carter

    Phone freezing text not sending or receiving Google play store not loading. Showing I have missed text or phone calls slow slow slow!! In Trion Summerville Georgia!!

  • ItsNoha

    New Albany, IN. Mobile Data issues. SMS issues, and phone’s battery is draining like it’s got a hemorrhage.

  • Mandy Bullock

    No text sent or received before Monday October 26. Replaced SIM Card. Playstore still does not load and phone is just slow over all. Went to Verizon Store got no help and chat on line and still waiting for a phone call/email or some communication that they are working on the problem but nothing. Abbottsown, PA

  • Danielle Towers

    Just starting tonight, my boyfriend’s I phone 4 will not send texts. It will send picture text and he can receive them and he can make calls. He uses straight talk which uses Verizon Towers. We are located in western Maine

  • Susan

    No texting ability since Oct 31st at around 10pm EST, I live in CT. Still not fixed Sunday morning. I have an iphone6

  • Tonya

    No service on my IPhone 5C in Searcy Arkansas!!! No call no text no email no internet…Nothing!!

  • Kathie

    internet going in and out, mostly it’s out for 3 days now in Mexico NY

  • Whitney

    No service in Atlanta, Ga

  • Whitney

    How long is the service gonna be down in Ga

  • RavenFB2

    Total black out on my phone. Can only connect via wifi. Charlottesville, VA

  • Sara

    No service in Allentown, PA

  • Juliette Bravo

    Down in Riverside, California

  • Scott Shemwell

    Cannot send texts for three days now?

  • RSB

    No phone service PDX area, can message, but calls drop immediately coming in/out local and LD

  • hoj_sc

    no service union sc

  • JodiLyn Keller

    No service in Port Angeles WA

  • Mindi Lyon

    No service in Lebanon, OR – text and phone

  • Leslie B

    Very poor data/phone connectivity yesterday and today in Cincinnati, Ohio. Verizon was completely unhelpful, did everything they said and it is still not working

  • Megan

    No service in the Bakersfield/Delano CA area.

  • Mikayla

    No service in Heathsville, VA

  • Fawn Danielle Williams

    No service now for 2 days in Danville/act on area

  • Tash

    Suddenly no service in Richmond hmond, IN. I can’t send text or make calls.

  • Jeanie Sebby Phillips

    Can send/receive texts and access internet, but cannot make or receive calls in Powell, TN.

  • Dr F

    Internet down in Beaumont California.

  • Kris

    Hi – I’m in the Baltimore area – thought i made an error in settings – my iphone 6 and ipad lost all web bookmarks – siri left and someone else has replace her –
    is the turn over for 2016?

  • Miss Stacy

    I am in Sacramento, CA and I have all services except calling out on my phone. I can receive calls, but I cannot call out. I am getting a message that there is a temporary connection problem and to call *611. But when I do, I still get the same message. I just need to know what is going on.

  • TED

    I’m down in Pleasanton CA

  • Jordan

    Yes, we have been having very slow Fios Speeds for weeks now! Verizon won’t admit there is an issue

  • Lance Greene

    Down in West Central Georgia right now.

  • JMK

    Northwest NJ (Sparta) has no mobile coverage (no phone calls or texts)

  • Lea

    no service suddenly every time i drive by valleyfields QC???

  • Paul

    No data LTE or even 3G here in Lubbovk. Even spotty 1X.

  • Patrick Wilson Sr.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4, loss of data. My wife have Galaxy S5 and no issue on her behalf. What’s going on?

  • Thomas Gunderson

    Chicago no 4 G LTE right now. Called 611 , and they said they had ticket on it and were working on it.

  • Thomas Gunderson

    tower down. ComEd is doing some work all over city on smart meters, ….related?

  • Nick baatz

    No 4g in vermilion

  • Cynthia

    takes very long to call out , once connected other party cannot hear me speaking. same then when receiving calls. texting and internet continue to work . Carmel NY

  • Brenda

    NO Service in NE Georgia 30553

  • LynJosha

    No service in Raliegh NC. Cannot do anything if not connected to wifi. 4G LTE is unavailable & cannot receive or send text messages

  • Rachel

    if i dont use wifi i cant send or receive anything. I can still send texts and calls which is weird but only when connected to wifi.
    Logan, UT

  • Simon

    Slow internet in NYC

  • Bonnie Arias

    All of my calls keep dropping!!! If I don’t use wifi I can’t send or receive text messages and other social media. I can’t stay in touch with my family now. They are in California and I’m in North Carolina. Please fix this. How long do these outages last for?? I though joining Verizon was a great choice. Why am I regretting it?

  • Stan

    4G LTE not working since yesterday in Sparta, IL area

  • Tony Cook

    Down in Minneapolis

  • John Powell

    Down in Minneapolis in many areas most of today

  • Anna Baker

    Down in Redondo Beach, CA

  • Allie House

    Spotty/non existent 3G service
    Where 3G service was once reliable.
    Homer, alaska

  • Sharla

    NO service in McGregor, MN and I just signed up with Verizon yesterday! Not a good first impression!! If Verizon is sooooo great with Excellent service coverage, WHY in God’s green earth have I only been able to make one phone call since I switched over??? I should’ve stuck with AT&T! Where are the email updates for service outages?????? I can’t call customer service, I can’t chat with a rep online because my account isn’t “registered” yet because I can’t receive texts to get my registration passcode! How F’d up is that! BS!

  • MJB

    These things happen… VZW is up more that other providers and their coverage is superior to ANYONE else’s!! Just stop the bashing… Good lord

  • james lee

    I live in Orange County, California. zipcode 92780. I have not been able to dial out or receive calls for an hour. Is anyone else in this area having the same issue?

  • Bill

    I’m in San Diego , and my phone is not making outgoing calls. Then is does, and then it won’t. Must be having SoCal problems with the system

  • Don

    I’m in Anaheim, CA. And I got 1 call at 2:30pm and no others. Texting works intermittently.

    This is disastrous for people working and the thousands of people on vacation at Disneyland etc.

  • Debbie

    92688 Rancho Santa Margarita!

  • FU LA

    Thought I was living in a first world country but between LA power outages and now this I know that America is now 3rd world

  • Carlosinator

    Working in Corona, live on Hemet area, no service for 3 hours, I cannot contact anybody from work, some texting works

  • Duece bigalo

    I have Samsung S6and get 1x internet in Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga

  • Alex

    Help!!!! zip 91107

  • Selina DiNardi Gosnell

    Very poor service in San Jacinto

  • Richard Gallego

    How long is this going to go on for? HELP!!!!! 90804

  • Alejandro G. TOVAR

    No DSL internet service in 93907 Salinas, NORTHERN CA. My antenna is not showing the green light since yesterday. When calling Verizon they told me the towers in L.A are down with no idea when they will be working. :/

  • robert

    Inexcusable service outage – without warning too. All I want to know is how much of a rebate or credit will I receive…

  • Faith


  • Mikey

    I got Moto X I have problem send text messages San Diego area turn off my device 2 – 3 times and re-send and nothing any idea ?

  • Chris

    Note3 won’t connect to 4G. Have been on 3G all day.

  • Pam

    Not getting any service bars in my area right now. Anyone know what’s causing the problem?
    Hope they get it fixed fast.

  • firstlast

    Unable to dial US from Mexico Have service bars

  • Yooooo

    I have service but my texts will not send and have imessage problems from it as well

  • Regina V

    All circuits are busy? Really?

  • Anne

    on my android tablet, it keeps disconnecting me from hotspot internet. WTF Verizon, why am I paying for shoddy service?


    Why is it that I am paying for Verizon Wireless and the majority of the time I cannot even use it. When I log onto my tablet I am logged onto the internet with wifi but I get webpage is not available. So frustrating. I guess its time to look for another internet provider in my area.

  • Helen Morris

    texts keep sending over and over and are extremely late. very annoying

  • Eric Collier

    Family’s phones keep randomly dialing each other and we hear other people in the background. This has been going on for a week.

  • Elaine

    Texts arrive late. Voice mail says I have to set it up AGAIN!!!! It was already set up for 2 years!!!

  • Toni Purdy

    We have never had any issues with our service working, ever, but the past couple of days, we have limited service, calls dropping and unable to connect on calls. What is going on? We are in the Mobile, AL area.

  • Sonja Milner

    Phone won’t dial out, then when it does the call gets dropped. If I am lucky enough to actually get through, and if the call isn’t dropped then the voice on the other end is completely cutting out. This has been going on for a few days now and it’s getting old.

  • Drew Davis

    Havent had service all day in bluffton IN. Cannot use internet or send texts or make calls. Very dissappointed probably going to switch to sprint.

  • tori

    service/coverage sparse 1x or nothing last 3 afternoons topeka, ks grr

  • Stevie B

    Worst it’s ever been past few weeks … Wondering if it has something to do with strike

  • Kim

    Find Verizon the supposed to have all this coverage but not so true it hasn’t been any good at all in the Auburn Illinois area last two weeks needs to be fixed

  • John H.

    Brookville, Long Island, New York (ZIP 11545) oN 5/25/2016, Verizon service went from spotty, at best, to NOTHING in 80% of locations in area. NOT useable! The STRIKERS ARE WINNING.

  • Rachel

    I’ve got no Internet service ~ what’s going on Verizon? Metro west Boston area

  • D.A

    I’m in Tx.. R.G.V this is my 3rd day my network has been on 3g all day won’t stay on 4g Lte. I even connect to my, mifi, and same issue is happening with my mifi box.. fix it fast Verizon is expensive network so it ain’t fair paying so much for a shitty service..

  • June K

    In Maine can’t find the network at all on my cell.

  • D. Star Aguilera

    Mine drops from 4,g to 3g then 1x

  • Lisa Jorgensen

    Lakewood, OH 44107. cant make/receive calls. only get 1x in my apt. all non iMsg texts fail. been an issue all week!

  • Lisa Jorgensen

    this is BS!!!! been having call/text issues for THREE DAYS!! what a rip off!

  • Bill

    I can only send messages to myself, which is obviously useless. I can’t text anyone or receive texts from anyone and haven’t been able to since early Sunday morning.

  • mike

    Can’t make or receive calls or texts! I’m in northeast kansas

  • D. Star Aguilera

    Wtf Verizon I’ve been like this for over a week!! Fix it!!

  • George Shafnacker

    Cape Cod 02667 5 days with 1 percent of the normal speed I am paying for. When I call support (in India) the last 2 calls have been cut off while they were checking the lines! Who can we get to talk to? I’m about to switch carriers.

  • Janet

    Boca Raton. Text and data working but no calls in or out.

  • Eric Brandt

    Leesburg Florida is down. I can’t make calls but I can text and still use data related apps.

  • Bruce F.

    Holiday Florida, can’t call out! Can receive call from another provider! Text is working!!

  • Smith

    Atlantic Bch FL- everything good except dialing out… Uuggh…

  • Stephen Barzelatto

    Delray beach data working but cannot dial out? peoplebelow are saying it was like that for weeks? is there any idea of eta on this or switchin to att is the quickest solution? Verizon wake up

  • Noah

    Go to settings, Go to roaming and Turn LTE back on.

  • Morgan Lindsay Cole

    i am in Nashville, and keep dropping calls. I only have 1x and service keeps dropping EVERY call I try to make. Last week I could not dial out at all. I have turned LTE back on..

  • Kye

    Greenville, NY 12083 area, Internet working but so slow their is no download speed that can be verified fix this Verizon! Already deal with shitty service and had to deal with drop outs and annoying employees.

  • Amy

    Fort Lauderdale, FL. Calls taking forever to connect, or not connecting at all in some cases. People can call me, but I can’t dial out. When people call me, it will connect, but the calls often get dropped mid conversation. Data works fine and I can still text. Many of my Verizon customer friends who live in IL are reporting the same issues.

  • Tiffany Martin

    I’m not getting any of my texts. Is there an issue with Verizon?

  • Ryan

    Not getting service in Pittsburgh area, neither are any of the people I’m with right now

  • walkman750

    Mobile network not available in San Dimas, CA.

  • mwa

    We lost all Verizon services (FiOS) yesterday, June 25th 2016, for almost 12 hours. No explanations, only automated messages which were sent to our landline (which was down) and our email (which was also down) which were able to retrieve after the services were restored. I’d better see a credit on our next account statement!

  • Luke White

    My phone yesterday started saying to people trying to call me that my number is no longer in service and if i try to call out it says that my number is no longer active. I cant send or receive any texts either.

  • Lanette

    No service Sunday June 26 2016 text works no calls received and can’t call out

  • Kim Turnage

    Phone,text and mobile data service is working,I just can’t get on the main or mobile Verizon web site to check my data balance.Please get it back up soon!!!I need to know how many megabytes I used today!!I live in zip code 70805,but I think one server my phone uses is in Houston.

  • Doris Gaumont

    Can’t call or receive calls, if I dial the message I get on the phone’s screen is”mobile network not available “. I don’t know about messaging have not used it today. Went down to the Verizon store and they took the battery out and tested it but when I got home the network was not available. Shapleigh, Maine 04076 June 30,

  • Belle Bisda

    The whole network is down. Can’t open basic webpages or even watch TV. I’m from Union, NJ.

  • Karen

    Columbus, Ohio must be down. Home phone and cell phones won’t receive or make calls.

  • Michael Donahoe

    No phone service in South Columbus at 3 pm. Text, email and Internet work.

  • Liz Dimcneal

    Not able to call out or receive calls, but I am able to send and receive text messages.. Internet also works, so just making and receiving calls is my issue
    Reynoldsburg ohio

  • mlalonde

    Just finished a live chat with Verizon. They confirmed a problem in central Ohio. They said it should be fixed in the next couple of hours

  • Sheila

    I can’t call out or receive calls right now. Northwest Ohio. Anybody else?

  • Tracey

    Haven’t been able to make phone calls, or get voice-mail all day today July 7, 2016.
    Midwest, Upper Wisconsin, Michigan.

  • Sonja

    I’m located in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. I’ve been having problems with my network since July 6, 2016. It showed no service. It’s been on and off every since that first day of problems. At the moment, it’s working but for how long no one knows.

  • Robert

    My friends would send texts to I would not get right away it does get about 1hour to 2 hours to get the texts I am in hacienda heights ca

  • Sheila

    Data down in Maine. Text not going through also

  • Linda Fath

    No Verizon network near Houston, TX. Cannot send or receive txt messages or phone calls. Wi-Fi for data is okay, which comes into the house from AT&T.

  • Mike

    Having mobile data issues in Sullivan County, Tennessee. Slow, unreliable, times out, and even drops entirely for minutes at a time. Please fix this!

  • Sunny

    Only able to connect with https website in Herdon….I would cancel my verizon service ASAP

  • David

    Data and phone go on and off. Signal strength is poor. Great Neck NY

  • Jen

    can’t make phone calls.. horrible data reception. NYC

  • thesaneguy

    Cannot make any calls at all , not even customer service . Rockville, MD

  • Gadgetgirl

    Cannot make calls. Cannot call customer service. Olney, MD

  • Marianne D’Amato Marburger

    If you have an Iphone (or this may work on all phones but I do not know), go to settings, then Cellular, then Cellular Data Options, then Enable LTE, and check Voice & Data, this should allow you to make and receive calls during the outage.

  • j ramirez

    Its pissing me off how many timed will this be a outage first one now another etc is going on I can’t send messages its pissing me off

  • R Whitehead

    I can’t make any calls from my Verizon phone. I pay a lot of hard earned money for the privilege to be with the best and most expensive mobile carrier, so please understand why this is so upsetting to me. I realize things happens, JUST FIX IT!!

  • Rose

    LTE is really slow and at times doesn’t work in Nashville, TN

  • Rose

    Goes down to 1x

  • Alicia Arnold

    Dropping calls, slow or no internet and text message send failure as well as delayed reception of text messages within past 24 hrs. Columbia, SC

  • Doris Leesman

    my phone keeps repeatedly messaging me that it cant get my voice mails, i clear it and it sends again even when i dont and it drains my battery to the point it wont charge unless i turn the phone off.

  • machattan

    typical verizon instead of building and maintaining a reliable structure we’ll get the same verizon reaction: more fios commercials.

  • sherri herrom

    Picture messages not sending well will randomly but not consistent and I’m on wifi. Had issue for over a week. Southern California

  • Carey Carr

    I cannot call or receive calls since Monday 3 days ago, Have Verizon 4gLTE Neeses, South Carolina

  • Carey Carr

    Verizon just text me on the phone a bit ago ..they told me to power down the phone and remove the sim card put the sim card back in the phone and boot it back up and it fixed the problem for me. Maybe it will work for some of you I hope. My phone is a Droid Mini. I hope this helps.

  • Matthew Dougan

    No phone service in Rimrock, AZ this morning Wed. 3 Aug. 2016

  • Jennifer Michaud

    No service Medina ny 2 days now wtf

  • Kent

    Wifi and text shortage making our phones and consoles not work properly and tampering them PA

  • Don Yaxley

    So glad I kept the landline as a backup!

  • Teresa Styles

    My boyfriend has been in Pennsylvania for two days I have not heard anything from him. Is the service down around Pittsburgh? Jeez..

  • Samantha Kine

    Data is so slow today it reminds me of dial-up service. It’s been going between completely gone and barely there all day.

  • Brooklyn

    No service at all. – Jacksonville Fl

  • Penny

    Tower must be out going off the mountain from Saluda to around the SC state line on I-26

  • Glenda

    Not able to send or receive texts. Powered off phone and back on. Still not working. Tennessee

  • Erin Lynn DuLong

    Can not send or receive picture texts since yesterday Macon, Ga 31211.

  • Andrea

    Not able to send message or make calls

  • tiffany

    Can’t sent or receive text messages regularly. Restarted several times

  • Eric

    Also unable to send regular text messages. I believe this is since I updated to a new plan 16gb xl instead of 12.

  • FiraFirecat

    19703. My spouse and I have no call signal. Restarted the phone several times, to no avail. We’re actually mostly new customers, so this is NOT a good sign for you, Verizon…

  • Mel

    Text msgs not being received by others. Happening more and more.

  • Elizabeth

    My laptop keeps saying Google Chrome not responding when I try other ways to get on it won’t go there either. The Little Wheel just keeps spinning. What is up? Can it be the Heat? I’m about to throw the laptop out the window Dash help

  • Amber hirz

    Low to no cell service here in Moses Lake, WA. Been a couple of days.

  • Giani Vitiello

    No cell service Dingman ferry PA usually have really good service here

  • Rob

    Still no mobile data service for at least a day. I can only use my wifi for phone and internet on my cell phone.

  • Anne

    No cell service in Silverton Oregon at all. Can’t call anyone. Text is fine if you connect to WiFi.

  • Josh

    Still no cell phone service for Mt Angel Oregon. Have not had service for most of the day.

  • Lola

    I cannot make a call???

  • Lola

    When people call me, a recording says, this phone number has been changed or disconnected.

  • Guest

    Verizon time was off by 6 hours, alarm went off at 11:30pm on 29 August instead of 05:30am on 30 August. Alarm was set right but Verizon time changed sometime during the night. Lexington SC

  • Cyn

    I’ve been on 3g since yesterday and I just update my software with the latest update and no change.

  • Diana

    I am not being able to make outbound calls.

  • noname7364

    WV texting not working.

  • Hieu

    To solve the problem of not being able to make or receive calls, just turn your airplane mode on for a minute then turn it off. That should work. It work for me

  • Marty

    Verizon is experiencing issues with service in the SF Bay Area

  • Ken Penn

    Turning my phone off and on, then in airplane mode for a minute restored my service, also my girlfriend, Cupertino and Marin.

  • Cindy Haas Hickey

    In NYC can not make or receive calls – anyone else?

  • Mya

    Atlanta GA can barley use my service. I have one bar

  • chas

    98498 web speed very slow for a week

  • Dave

    San Francisco. Potrero Hill district. Calls dropping like crazy. Device reboots unhelpful.

  • RLC4

    two inbound calls to Fargo ND wont connect both on Verizon- anyone know if its a problem there?

  • jon

    I have I phone 5 s through straight talk but uses Verizon tower ,is there towers down

  • Wayne chin

    I have galaxy s7 on straight talk, in Akron Ohio…haven’t had service in over 5 hours..And yes my service plan is current

  • Wayne chin

    Phone keeps saying “not registered on network” Samsung 27th edge on straight talk

  • Dawn Higgins

    I am in Pottstown, PA (19464) and for the past hour my phone teeters between no service and 1 bar. If I try to make a call with 1 bar it disconnects me. My bill is paid. Help?

  • kitti

    bill payment is having tech problems. cant pay my bill. do I need to switch to another carriers. I use to love Verizon.

  • Scott Borchardt

    Sterling, IL: unable to place calls from ATT landline to Verizon wireless. Verizon wireless to ATT is OK.

  • Katie

    I go from 3 bars of 4GLTE to 0 every few minutes and I can’t call anyone because of it. This has been happening every day for 2 weeks and I usually get full bars at my house.

  • Ash

    Have almost 3gbs and I’m unable to use it. I’ve been through all of the steps with no results. This has been happening for nearly a month.

  • Phil

    FIOS INTERNET Been down for 2 days in Fredericksburg, VA

  • Phil

    Anyone else down on fios internet?

  • Kristine Atkinson

    FIOS internet down since noon, Boston area. FIOS TV, Verizon landline and cell phone okay.

  • Chris E Adams

    having internet issues all week here in va beach area

  • DeAnn Kamp

    Traveling on the gulf side of Fl (heading north) trying to call Chicago land area.. Calls out and receiving go right to voice mail

  • momzwordz

    Using roaming setting for first time ever on my IPhone 6s in Currituck NC. No LTE service all day.

  • Litha

    In cape town south africa I can’t open the game, fifa16 it says severs status is unavailable,

  • Courtney Parsons

    Regular TV working but on demand and wireless Internet are down. Boston area

  • Lisa Deneka

    Tmobile down straight talk down metro pxs down is verizon down 2?? Wtf

  • Kay Leon

    Metro down in Massachusetts

  • Rachel

    I can’t call out . what the heck

  • Candace Rice-Daniels

    Thanks for showing me how stupid a college graduate actually is without a GPS #verizonoutage #noData

  • Linda

    Verizon wireless and landline are down in 20187 zip code. Anyone know what’s happening? Can text and search internet. Hmmmm.

  • Lacy Polich

    Only getting 1 bar of 1x no data
    Southwest Oklahoma

  • Britta Hultgren

    No bars at all. No service to call or text. This has been going onn in The Riverton and Hartland, CT area for awhile now. It’s mostly in the early am, but is sporadic and happens at any time of day. I never had a problem until a few weeks ago I noticed it.

  • Brandon Moy

    No internet connection from my PlayStation 4 (I was live-streaming and it got cut). My phone and iPad show a connection to the Internet but cannot access Facebook, messenger and other apps that require Internet usage. Really frustrating.
    Location, New York, NY.
    Service provider: Verizon

  • lord merle

    “No Service” north of Springtown, TX off Hwy 51.

  • Lacey

    Outgoing calls are constantly stalled with no ringing noise or volume of any kind… been like this since midnight last which would have been the 2nd. Near Conway/Little Rock, AR.

  • Curtis Starr

    Have been trying to get into Verizon Billing now for 2 days. System temporary unavailable – 2 days isn’t temporary

  • Sally

    I went to verizon yesterday and they told me it was a problem with the older model phones. I have galaxy s5. My husbands has the iPhone 7 and it works perfect..I guess they made in update and it not working on older phones..

  • James Beekman

    iPhone 5, Orlando area. are we having issues?

  • hotcappy

    Galaxy S6 Upstate NY no network are there any known issues?

  • retiredinboyntonbeach

    Phone has NO SERVICE as of 8 AM Fri Oct 7 — Boynton Beach FL

  • Winter

    I pay way to damn much for this service to be out

  • Sumner31

    No connection and when trying to log in doesn’t recognize code 6:23 am 10/9/2016

  • Linda

    No service rincon ga 31326 after hurricane. Using ipad pro and iphone6s on home internet for access

  • James

    Is there a fios internet outage right now, i cannot get any service on any of my verizon package.

  • Clary

    I am getting the Verizon red light showing on my router, what does this mean?

  • Orson

    I am experiencing a Verzion Internet outage at the moment, not had not net for like an hour now.

  • Austin

    Verizon is down and out, might as well go elsewhere. What is the best Verizon alternative?

  • KingOfAllAnimals

    Why am I paying for a phone I cannot use? I either get a single ring and a beep and that is it or my calls go to voicemail and that is not exactly how this is supposed to work. While I can expect a call to go to voice mail once in a while depending on who I am calling having it go to voice mail all the time means something is wrong! Does this lack of service entitle me to a pro rate for next month?

    I really got to wonder if the Yahoo acquisition of Verizon has anything to do with this.

  • Frustrated American

    I have no idea what is going on with Verizon wireless phone and internet service! But something has been happening since the strike and causing my wifi internet to go offline every 5 seconds and more often than not, the access code won’t take. Sometimes it will freeze up on websites I am viewing. I never had a problem with dropped calls in or out of US. Since the strike, it’s always happening and can’t get through either.

    I heard they turned towers around. Will someone please let me know if it’s going to get better??? I’ve had Verizon Wireless from the beginning. Twelve years for me….HELP Please!!!!! So frustrating!!!!!

  • Frankie2006

    I’m having the same problem.

  • Frustrated verizon user

    Getting all circuits are busy on verizon new phone mail system that we were changed over to on Saturday the 22nd. Was working Saturday, after setting up a new mail box, not today. People get this message every time they try to use the phone mail, also when you dial *86 to get to your phone messages get the same message. Gone thru two support levels at Verizon, now sent to network/server support level. Still waiting for a fix!

  • TiraB

    VZW text service no longer syncing across multiple devices can only receive text on primary phone this is a known outage since around Oct 20th across the NE corridor

  • Jennifer Modica

    I was on a phone interview. The call was dropped and I got a message about wifi. I went into a Verizon store and told them. The guy told me to update my IOS 10.1 and that take care of the problem. I hope they t does.

  • Chris Roberts

    Verizon in the Warrior/Hayden Alabama area has little to no 4g today and 1 to no bars of service. This area normally has full service. My home fusion 4G nearby only has 1 bar and has always had full signal from the outside antenna. I suspect a damaged tower.

  • marianneciccantelli

    Been happening a lot lately in Hamilton Heights and the West Village, Manhattan. Internet is fine but no 4G service at all. I have only 2 bars right now. This as been happening a lot the past two months.

  • Jamiee

    Verizon cell service has been out for the past three hours in central Texas, City of Kyle area. Verizon does not have a legit way to report outages or report to its customers of any outages.

  • nicole

    My son is in Washington State and although service can be spotty where he is, calls typically go through and texts typically work. For the last 2 days, texts are bouncing back to me and calls say “all circuits are busy.” any idea what is going on?

  • Kerry Deihle

    I’ve been extremely spotty since Saturday. I’m in NH. Incoming calls are going straight to voicemail and outgoing calls are either going through after 4-5 times trying or the call is saying “call failed”. Text messages are on a major delay as well. I’ve been talking with support since Monday and as of yesterday they decided to send me a new phone. My family here is having the same issues. Very frustrating.

  • Rob wheeler

    I’m getting T Mobile service now with Verizon, so they can lower my payment or I’m switching.

  • Christal Jackson

    Why are ALL circuits busy with Verizon sporadically, I sure don’t want to continue to pay for a service that can’t give me service. Will Verizon pay for a switch.

  • Hodgkinson

    Anybody else in the Greensboro NC area unable to complete calls since 8am Nov. 21?

  • Debbie Ostermyer

    I am having trouble in Temperance, Michigan. Cant make called and messages are not going out.

  • Wanda Louise

    In the Seattle area we have ~ 10 phones used by family/business. Many, many calls are dropping on several of the phones. Is their customer base too big for their

  • Deborah Gray

    Chelsea, OK & texts arent sending & some texts that are sent seem to be on an endless loop. Recieved one text 23x so far….

  • Stacy Springer

    No service in Troy, Idaho right now.

  • ApqIA

    4g Internet down in Roseboom, NY

  • AuntBalloon

    can’t get a Verizon signal in Vero Beach, FL

  • Josh

    No signal Jackson Minnesota

  • decypher44

    1x in Orange County, CA

  • Sue Ellen Hardley

    Naples, Florida…I can remember eine text messages, but they won’t send to my contacts.

  • Kate Johnson

    Cutchogue, ny 11958

  • glennsmooth

    Can’t send or receive texts or make phone calls about 1/2 the time tonight 12/19 Los Angeles

  • DanaDane

    Can’t call, send texts or anything. On here because I’m connected to home wifi.

  • zeph317

    Totally down – using Charter internet now. What is going on? Dallas, OR. It has been down for hours.

  • Lauren

    Cannot call out today, no signal and it worked this morning 12/27/16 Minneapolis, MN What’s going on???

  • deedee

    I can’t call out or send messages…but can get on wifi at home…Arkansas

  • Sarah Morefield

    Service issues in Tennessee. I am where Va, NC, & TN meet. This is going on the 3rd day. Low signal, not wanting to connect to he internet while out away from wifi.

  • Blake

    Can’t call or receive calls Fargo ND 58104

  • Catherine

    I’m in Mexico City and am unable to get cell service. Verizon Global Support said there was a problem with roaming in Mexico and they are working on it.

  • Carol J Clausson

    Mine has been down now for 2 days. No incoming or out going calls. Sucka please help

  • Counterpoint

    I can’t make outbound calls with Verizon or AT&T receiving All Circuits are Busy for about 20 minutes.

  • Andy

    Messaging not working.

  • Andrew David Timothy Snyder

    My internet is down fix it right away

  • Newyearbabie

    Wireless data has been extremely slow, unable to open many websites, for 3-4 days. This is our only internet service. Location is Trappe, MD on the eastern shore.

  • Ebo

    Internet won’t stay on for more than 15 minutes at a time…ughhh

  • Lynne

    Internet down (New FIOS line) since yesterday afternoon. Gaithersburg, Maryland.

  • Christian Harris

    Phone and texting network down can’t even call *611 which is exactly what it tells me to do. Lodi, CA

  • Kennedy

    My phone is down can’t even call *611 to see the issue. Las Vegas, NV

  • Cm

    internet nyc – manhattan down!

  • Andres Correa

    Verizon wireless still down since yesterday Manchester NH

  • keithbrekhus

    928 area code in Arizona appears to be down.

  • ColleenC

    440 area code Cannot make or receive calls

  • Lin Ohio

    What is going on with Verizon? I have not had Cell Phone service since Monday afternoon. I am in the 330 area code, new Akron, Ohio. Verizon is going to lose a lot of customers if they continue to be this unreliable.

  • Angelina

    No service with Verizon since Monday 01/30/17 sometime before the afternoon. Today is day 3 with no service. Verizon says it can be my phone is too old….Its a 6 plus, no damage, and completely updated. I am able to use the phone on my home wifi perfectly fine, no functioning problems, but still no service/not on the network. Several times a day, the phone will say it needs activation, or the phone has been activated, and the service comes back on. Within moments, the phone will say ” no service” again. Frustration!!!

  • Alicia

    I have a 6 plus and my phone is doing the SAME thing.

  • Tom Schrock

    SAME ISSUE in COLORADO 303 area code. still today 2-4-17
    Some txts are going thru and some are not going at all!! this is so bad for Verizon!

  • Rus

    Spring Mills PA

    No service both phones down!

  • Dee

    My bf and I on a VW plan together. I could NOT call him from a landline (I was at work), operator said “Number you have dialed is not in service,” however, when I call from my cell to his, I get through. NO TEXT MESSAGES ARE GOING THRU AT THIS POINT. VERY f*cking frustrating!

  • Janice Evans Pfeiffer

    Down right now in Frederick MD cell service D.C. beltway

  • kayla

    no service and is searching in clayton, north carolina

  • Kody Masters

    Sf bay fix today or I’m going to t mobile

  • Susan Howell

    Verizon out in Georgia? Getting no signal on my straight talk phone

  • T

    My LG2 Optimus is not receiving any signal and been to Verizon store and called from another phone tech support, and many factory reset trials and nothing. However I did notice this morning the date on my phone is stuck on Jan. 1 1970 which I tried to change but it would not. Can not get into my phone settings but other things still work except signal. Therefore since signal don’t work can’t reactivate phone so I am stuck. There is a bug that hit apple phones concerning the same date Jan. 1 1970 but don’t know the relevance to my Verizon just shooting in the wind at this point.

  • gryffid

    Unable to make calls in North Fort Myers Florida

  • val

    Voicemail has been inaccessible all day long. The first Verizon rep in their chat system said it was a nationwide problem. But when I checked later, nothing online or in Verizon’s outage chart indicated a nationwide problem. The second chat rep I contacted tried some things but could not fix my voicemail. She confirmed that there was no broader problem, contrary to what the earlier rep said. In attempting to fix the problem on my phone, the second rep said this would lose all the voicemail messages I had previously saved, which had become inaccessible anyway. So now, still no voicemail access AND the previously saved messages are lost. The rep said a technician would contact me in 15 minutes. Hours later, I have heard nothing from any technician and nothing in response to emails I sent the rep to the Verizon email address she provided – and the voicemail remains inaccessible.

  • Chris Anderson

    I can’t get more than 1 bar at the moment

  • Lonnie William Craig

    Mobile network is not available right now. I can still text and access internet, though. Conway, AR

  • Melanie Moran

    Having trouble receiving wireless calls. Phoenix AZ

  • Scott

    Plainview. Tx no service issues

  • Jenna J

    Im in metro DC and i cant make any calls.

  • google user

    in nc

  • Douglas Scott

    Unable to make calls to 202 area code.

  • Rhonda Loughridge

    can not call out or receive calls. everything else works

  • Mark

    In Hesperia, CA, and I can’t make any calls or text messages.

  • Mark Zeedar

    WiFi stopped working after signed up for unlimited Grant Al.

  • Cheryl Arnett

    No service in Craig, Colorado since late yesterday afternoon.

  • Rusty Swenson

    Here in Brooklyn Park Maryland we have been experiencing intermitant outages where during a browsing session everything’s working fine, then suddenly there’s a “no internet connection” when one tries to go to a different website. This happened this a.m. at approximately 0700 a.m. EST today. By unplugging the router and re-connecting after a few seconds , things were restored. This has happened many times over the past week or so.

  • Jennifer J. Krieger

    Can’t make or receive calls in Charles City Iowa. Not even my “Obamaphone” is working. Both show roaming and nothing is helping. Can’t even access voicemail

  • K

    Problems in Wilmington Delaware with internet.

  • Rick Germano

    I recently moved to Youngsville N.C. I can’t believe how poor the cell service is here. This area is building up very fast and I can’t see how Verizon can be so far behind on providing customers with better service.

  • Ahernandez

    No wireless service in Pasadena,Ca

  • Ashley Yetter

    I can’t make or receive calls right now in buffalo, NY but internet and everything’s else work

  • Angel

    I can’t call out!!

  • SINternet

    This is when they use the network to monitor specific numbers. It affects different services depending on what they wish to monitor or control.

  • Elizabeth

    What’s going on with Verizon?!! I can’t make any calls out CLT, NC.

  • John

    After a brownout, my wifi and phone line stoppped working out in Northern Virginia. Looks like the east coast is having a lot of trouble lately?


    I can’t send text msg in either the Verizon app or the on at is on my phone.
    Eugene OR

  • Valerie Brescia

    White screen on messages. Cannot receive or send texts. All old texts have disappeared. White screen with messenger no responding prompt.

  • Whitney Carrington

    White screen message+, no able to receive and send text messages since 7:30 this morning.
    -Slate Hill, NY


    Why am I paying such a premium price for no service? I cannot send nor receive messages! Blank screen only! My work depends on it.

  • Patricia Nickel Green

    My messaging has been going off and on the last 2 days…now I have no texting

  • Beth

    Still have no text capabilities…WHITE SCREEN and internet is cutting in and out!!! Since 3/23/17….Dutchess County, NY

  • mbwwalz

    What’s up with messaging right now? I can not reliably text.

  • Linda Woods Rowlee

    Texting not working, Sacramento

  • joeys_mom

    Message+ down since yesterday near detroit. Spoke with customer service they said 48 to 72 hours!

  • Montana Cowboy

    Messenger + is currently down in the Phoenix Metro area of Arizona. Has been down since 9:45 pm March 22nd, 2017

  • MamaMia8878

    Calls work periodically but message+ hasn’t worked in over 24hrs! Located in Concord, NC.

  • Cor

    WiFi has been cutting in and out for a couple hours at least. Middletown, DE

  • Brandon Conchola

    Text messaging not working only white screen on start up in Los Angeles, CA

  • Kim

    Have had no signal for over 3 hours in Rochester, NY.

  • Randy W Blackburn

    My phone keeps saying it is searching here in Columbia, SC….no service since 2:00 pm

  • code Xp

    I’m having this problem where I can’t pay for my phone bill nor pay on the website
    Pascagoula, MS

  • Pam

    My phone says “out of network” in Hudson, IL

  • Mike D

    Haven’t been able to make a call in Charlotte for an hour now….maybe the Can you hear me now guy had the right idea…jump ship

  • Barb

    Woodland Park, CO cell completely out – no phone service, no texting.

  • Joe

    Yep since 10:30 a.m

  • Pat

    4GLTE service is out in Marshall, VA 20115. Been pretty much out since late Thursday night. They claim to be working a ticket on it but over two days?

  • Hillary

    Morenci, AZ is out of service and has been since 430 this morning. Why aren’t you giving us more information?

  • Laura

    Cape Fair, MO. Internet works but I can’t make or receive calls. This happened a few days ago too.

  • Brian Wright

    Down in Georgia. Can’t receive calls or make outgoing ones. We pay to much for this to happen.

  • Annie Marie Nelson

    Horrible!! No service all day..still no service..can’t even call out in case of an emergency. SO DONE!!

  • Melinda Cheatham

    Data is down in Atlanta.

  • jla734

    I have been having wifi issues for quite awhile with fios. It goes out ALOT and my kids cant connect to do their school work.Today my internet is completely out in dover de.

  • Tim Yaw

    Wireless cell phone issues in Bremen GA

  • Jonathon Baker

    No service in Marianna, FL (one hour west of Tallahassee)

  • Charles

    No service in crawfordville Florida

  • Anthony Siekbert

    Went down in madison fl (60 milrs east of tallahassee) at 2pm. Whats up?

  • Sueann Douglas

    Been down in crawfordville for over 2 hours now, I can’t make no calls, but can text.

  • Tim Baker

    Mobile network unavailable Jackson Co. Florida since AM, still down at 5:00pm 4-14-17.

  • Sue Mello

    No service all afternoon in Havana Florida

  • Emily Thornton

    Wifi issues in cranston ri

  • Ellen Campbell

    No internet from late morning in Montclair, NJ

  • Marianne Austerberry

    No text messaging all day today. Souhfield Michigan

  • Vickie stidham

    Service cuts in and out on I95 between Daytona Beach and new smyrna beach Fl everyday

  • Yvette

    Service down off and on for months…Greensboro , NC

  • Keith Sebera Jr.

    Service is down in waverly va

  • Bobbie Jo Grady

    Jay Oklahoma has no service for verizon customers, and straighttalk that runs off of verizon towers. Our t mobile Wi-Fi has full strength .

  • Mae

    With as much money as we pay for supposedly the best service, no one should be having these problems. I’m getting text messages 2 to 3 hours after the fact. Just fix it it Verizon, we don’t care about your excuses. How about giving everyone free data. I bet that’s a problem for you right?!!!

  • Mike stokes

    No 4g today

  • Amanda C. McBrayer

    36272 zip. Calls drop and it’s saying no signal.. Carrier is Straighttalk with a Verizon brand phone and runs off of Verizon towers. Constant no signal your call is lost error message. I can’t even call or receive calls… fix it please

  • Cindy Young

    37388 (southern middle TN): periods of ‘blank’ during calls, echo in call, gurgling sounds. very low ‘bars’ (1-2). Brother reported in East TN he did not receive notification of missed calls until about 12 hrs later.

  • Ron

    Can you here me now????
    No service in Bridgeport Ca.
    It’s been service for a while now.

  • Theresa Martin

    Sacramento callers can’t hear me talk, all six office phones same

  • Tina

    Texts will not deliver. Valley Springs, CA

  • Michele

    No service again!

  • Jake

    Can’t make calls, only txt.. I might miss a call about a job because of this if a haven’t already it’s been going on for a couple weeks now Greensboro NC

  • Alex

    North western Pennsylvania and i cant make or recieve calls or texts or use data i have wifi luckily or id be dead in the water thanks to you imbeciles. Anyone else in PA getting F***ed over because of these idiots?

  • Kris

    I can’t receive any calls or make any calls. There is only 1 bar for a signal or it says no service. This is crazy. It has been going on for a few days now.

  • Kris

    Forgot to add this in the lenawee county area of Michigan

  • Lindsey

    I can’t make or receive phone calls. But i can send and receive texts just fine. I am in Monroe County Michigan. Just started happening this morning. I have reset network settings and updates to software. Nothing helped.

  • Lindsey

    Also saying i have no service or only 1 bar quite frequently in the last few weeks. Dropping a lot of calls lately. Currently going back and forth from 1 bar to no service

  • Helen Shapiro

    Texts show sent but not delivered??

  • No Service

    1x service in Horsham, PA. Cannot access apps and text messages get stuck.

  • 1581IQ

    Sent text messages not being received until hours later. Not receiving messages from others for hours later. Message+ app on PC and tablet are coming through no problem, however.

  • Maryjane D’Elia

    Calls are constantly failing and screen freezes, messages not delivered for six days now. I am in PineBrook, NJ. Showing only one bar.
    Maryjane Delia
    Pine Brook, N

  • Bob Candler

    Service has been spotty, not like normal, causing dropped calls and no service. 95713 Seems like we lost a tower?