Verizon Wireless network problems

A Verizon Wireless network outage occurs every now and then, and when it does customers are not too pleased. The service provider has a range of products including fiber broadband, FiOS, 4G LTE as well as the more popular mobile internet, cell phones, voice mail and SMS services and problems can arise with these too.

Dependent on your location Verizon Wireless network problems do happen, and this is where you can discuss them right here. In most cases some customers may not experience the same issue that you are and this is why it is a good idea to share them below. Please make sure you add your location as well as this helps determine where the main issue areas are.

The most reported Verizon Wireless problems include total network outage, text messages not being sent or received, mobile data access and many more. Please keep the community and us update with the Verizon network status below.

Verizon Wireless status reports for Thursday 22nd of February 2018

To find out if Verizon Wireless is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Verizon Wireless? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Pree

    Really poor network, dropped calls, no internet, so unlike verizon. Plainsboro, NJ

  • Kristin

    I’ve been having issues going on 4wks now. Started with occassionally getting the error msg when making a call. Then began dropping calls. Now all I can do is text. Been on with tech support a few times a week to get the same story, call us in 3 days and we will have it fixed. Meanwhile I’m still bring charged for service on 3 phones that don’t work. Seriously thinking of a new carrier. Been with Verizon 16yrs.

  • Steve

    911 calls aren’t connecting. Took 6 attempts to get connected. Kept telling me that it couldn’t be completed as dialed and check my # & try again. When I finally got thru it dropped the call! I’m done.

  • Kristin

    Grants Pass, OR

  • Todd Carlson

    I had service this morning and this afternoon. Now I have nothing. I can not make calls. I’m pretty sure that I can’t receive them either. I can’t send or receive texts. I live alone so it’s nice to know that you can make a phone call in case of emergency. A good friend of mine was in an accident last week and airlifted to a hospital that is an hour and a half drive from here so a phone that functions would be nice to receive any updates on him. I’m also unemployed right now and I guess any potential employers will just say screw me and hire the next guy in line because his/her phone works and they can answer it. And then the kicker is how do you even talk to someone to see how long your service is going to be interrupted? I’m pretty sure nobody is going to tell me on here. East Moline, Illinois 61244

  • Deb Allen

    Veizon messages stuck I sending since the update 3 days ago. If I restart my phone it resends those messages to those people again.. what did you do ??? Fix it

  • Dan Rozenboom

    Switched to unlimited data a few weeks back and now I have no usable phone service. Called Verizon customer service and got nowhere. Reset network and could never get a competent walk through on factory reset. Granted some of the problem was a lack of communication due to bad phone performance. They couldn’t get my phone to backup my contacts. Said my data was fine but that I needed to go to wifi to complete a backup. I asked them why I cannot use the Internet and they reluctantly admitted that they throttled my data to 3g when I was under 2gigs used! Don’t fall for the unlimited data scam!

  • Laurie Fein

    Can’t send texts or make calls. I did the network reset, turned my phone off and on and added the area code. They said it’s a network issue. At least they admitted it. All the reps were very nice and tried to help.

  • coco

    Still long time issues with Verizon internet. Poor quality service for high$.!!!

  • Diane Wilkins

    My internet is down in Danville Virginia come on people

  • Phil. C.

    My community has had issues with our service since the last snow storm. (one month ago) We all are losing calls to low bars/weak signal in zip code 80535. The neighbors have purchased new devices only to receive the same result. Can someone please look into this?

  • Barniferous

    “We’re sorry. Your call did not go through.” Any number I try. Columbus, Ohio, starting at 8:45, continuing at least past 9:00 AM. Must be a Verizon Wireless problem since my landline (AT&T) can call the number.

  • Chuck Rogers

    I’m in very rural Northeastern Washington, but have good service much of the time. I know they have a tower issue, and it’s difficult for them to get techs up on the mountain to work on it, but it’s no excuse. I deserve the same service as anyone, since I pay through the nose for it. I should be able to expect as good as it gets most of the time, especially when I have 3 bars @3G. If I’m 50 feet higher, I have 3 bars 4G, but the internet just doesn’t work for long stretches. They just about should know me by name, as I’ve spent hours on the phone with good techs and bad techs. I’m on the North end of the Spokane Indian Reservation. I’m not a native for whatever that’s worth. Lightning strike, bad service, rain storm, bad service, ice storm, bad service, holiday, bad service. This tower must be falling apart, and needs replacement with new parts, maybe a good ground rod and whatever, but it only gets fixed temporary. When it works, it works good, when it doesn’t it doesn’t!

  • Bob Ryan

    Outage in new Port richey Florida 34652

  • Patrick Starr

    lets just say that the nightmare started when i decided to upgrade to FiOS digital voice. The billing was so screwed up that I could not pay my bill for 2 months, I went to their Fios Experience store, they could not figure it out. Now I don’t have voice mail and the on-line instructions to set it up do not work. To complete the day, my FiOS set-top box is malfuntonng and I have been trying to talk to customer “service” (what a joke) and have waited for hours on-hold only to be cut-off after a certain period. So my advace: try another provider f another one is available, I certainly will. Verizon CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!! (pos)

  • Maria C Pomeroy

    I can’t get into My Verizon App

  • Maria C Pomeroy

    My son cannot download his apps on his cell phone. This is horrible service.

  • Johnny Barrett

    I live in Gray tn zip 37615. lost my 3g phone showing x1. data not working & keeps dropping voice calls. whats going on

  • Angela

    In Delaware, OH. No service on our Verizon Cell Phones.

  • marco polo

    Constantly dropping calls. X1 shows often. Cant understand local phone conversations. 27103

  • Allison Prosch

    My phone is saying to people that call that my # has been changed or disconnected…. I have had the same # for twelve years now. What the heck???

  • Kap Wasson

    Verizon down (days) in Venice Florida …. Can’t get any answers to problem,WTF? .. …. anyone else? …. Any other info, please share. Thx

  • CJ

    Verizon down for 4 hours on July 4, 2017.Just came back up. ZIP 13693. Unable to make calls, send text messages, connect to the network, NOTHING!!! Both phones in the house! This is absolutely ridiculous. Tried to call service.. call dropped over and over again. I pay a heck of a lot of $$$ for this. Really Verizon?? So much for for “the most reliable network” . I think you need to look up the definition of RELIABLE!

  • Shane Boller

    Helena, MT
    Slow data speed in 59602, normally I have 4 bars LTE, now i have 1 bar 3G. Issues started after the earthquakes yesterday

  • Jessica

    3 days now, no mobile connection. I can only do anything using wifi. Really annoying! Why am I paying full price for crap service. If I drive 2 minutes, I have 4g. I had service at home until 3 days ago! Fix it!!!! I have 4 children and am at home alone with them all day while hubby works. God forbid one of them get hurt or snake bit and I can’t call for help! Melrose, Florida

  • Opal Long Brand

    Since July 13, 2017 my daughter and her husband has had no data service on their phones. They live just outside of Wilburton, Ok. What could be causing this problem and how can they fix it.

  • Sheila Medley Foshee

    I have been having a problem with my data for a couple weeks now. I am suppose to have LTE but it mainly stays on 1x or 3G. Why am I paying for this service but have 3G or less on data.

  • Deb

    Outage in Kentucky. Can’t send or receive calls.

  • Deb

    For 2 days now.

  • Brandinn Orange

    Having the same problem in Michigan with them.

  • Matthew Deames

    Internet problems in northern Kent County, Michigan.

  • Lizz Dorsey

    Atlanta area. Data Network is in and out. Hey, Verizon, give us an update.

  • s.

    Nothing from Verizon can’t get answers no service to one bar, Kennesaw GA

  • Heather Campbell

    Madison, CT. Been down all day. Zero signal. This never happens!

  • Glenn Chapman

    Over a week now and still only one to two bars, same when I go to work over an hour away.

  • MarcySmith

    Having problems in Florida as well. Can’t get anything more than 1x or 3G while inside a building. The service goes in and out completely as well. I’ve always paid the higher prices and stuck with Verizon for over 10 years now for the reliable network and better customer service. All the reasons I’ve stayed with them over the years are slowly fading away. It’s too expensive when the other companies are more comparable now. Feels like we have regressed back to the old flip phone days and driving around looking for a signal. Ridiculous.

  • Dennis

    Both of our iPhones are having issues connecting to internet. Wifi signal is 100%. Since yesterday no connection to Facebook. Instagram local news, could it be that our phone contracts expire in 5 days? Planned obsolescence or just bad service.

  • Dezri Dean

    For the last month the signal strength has decreased causing constant “searching for service” issues!
    Hoodsport, WA

  • Patty Oderio Vosk

    No service in Englewood Florida!

  • Zheka

    Having issues since 3:00PM in Sarasota. Takes a very long time to dial. Calls are being dropped. When calling or receiving calls, other line can’t hear, and have to redial. I am only getting 0-1 bars, with no internet. But hey, it shows I got LTE..

  • Elisa2112

    same here in North Port. no bars on either mobile phone.

  • Bodya Shvets

    My phone and IPad, my brothers phone and iPad and my girlfriends phone is on Verizon. All of them say NO SERVICE. Been like this for hours. We were supposed to receive a very important business phone call and now we can’t.
    – Nokomis, FL


    No wireless service in Nokomis FL since 2:00 pm. No info from Verizon on internet

  • Anthony

    Has Verizon put out a statement explains what’s going on? Siri is no help on this one?

  • snowmanjack


  • Sandy Keith

    A local Verizon Rep told me Verizon will be down unti Sunday night at 10 pm and THEY will be billing US $25 for the next 3 months for THEIR service repair!

  • Timothy

    Love how this doesn’t just affect verizon customers, but those of us on other networks as well. I use Straight talk and haven’t had service in 12 hrs. (Straight Talk uses the Verizon wireless network)

  • Anonymous

    I live in middle Tn and the mobile internet as well as service is going from 4g to no service at all to 3g and so forth , as for the service It keeps going out from 5 bars to none and I live right by a tower.

  • dee

    Cant receive or dial out in Johnston, sc

  • anna dunwell

    Verizon email not working right now…so can’t send scanned work doc!

  • anna dunwell

    Location Durham NC: Verizon email not working right now…so can’t send scanned work doc!

  • Brandi Latham

    Cottage Grove, OR unable to make or receive calls & no internet access can only send & receive texts.

  • Chuck Rogers

    Here we are again. Verizon needs to fire the private contractor techs, and get some that care about service, instead of seeing how long they can make a job last. They just don’t get it right, or at best fix things for a few days. There used to be long stretches where service was good. There’s also the problem of Verizon over selling it’s product, without upgrading their network to handle all of the extra traffic they created with their ‘unlimited’ plan. There will be a class action suit over this eventually, but sadly it won’t cost Verizon much, and just like the other crooks, they look at it as the price of doing business.

  • L raeder

    No service Binghamton NY

  • Donna Huth


  • Deborah Benjamin Myers

    No service here, Groton NY, since before 4:00 pm

  • Liza k

    Useless Verizon cell phone in York, South Carolina. Job hunting right now, so really f’n bad timing Verizon!!!

  • Brenda Collins Smith

    Our Verizon is totally down has been down sence 3 am. We can’t even make a phone call. We our using dish network Wi-Fi Internet right now. We live in McEwen TN 37101. Please help and get fixed for we run a business and can’t receive phone calls. Thanks.

  • Jenny

    I have a $800.00 dollar Galaxy phone from Verizon and I’m paying $140.00 a month. No power outage and no network service before hurricane Irma even was near. Shockingly sicking. My Sister has a LG AT&T from Target $40.00 a month, that worked perfectly through the hurricane. It was the only thing that kept us up to date on the conditions. Verizon is evil!

  • Kay Dobbins

    We’re without service here in East Texas. First time ever for us.

  • Ember Allen

    This has been going on with my phone all day… Dropped calls or no signal and I can barely usey data right now… What is going on and I have a friend in Arkansas and she said it’s the same for her there too its been happening to her for the past couple of days… And it’s not just Verizon it’s at&t too

  • Beth Trissel

    Rockingham County Virginia is down.

  • Mike

    Northern California too never gas happened before

  • Dennis Sellers

    When folks call my iPhone 7s Plus, it just keeps ringing. However, I can make calls and receive texts just fine. this has been going on for several days. I’m in Nashville, TN.

  • Jose Velez


  • Karen Heaps

    Problem in Farmington Missouri with Verizon this sucks can’t get calls it goes straight to voicemail

  • Peter Koskey

    Service is down in Milwaukee since 3:30 a.m.

  • Radha Romensa

    Service down in a town north of Tulsa Oklahoma…it has now corrected itself.

  • Elli Loucks

    Anchorage alaska no data.

  • Zac Pitman

    Having issues sending/receiving texts, and making/receiving phone calls. I’m currently in Victoria, Texas. Just started happening a couple of days ago.

  • Lisa

    The last couple months I have calls dropped in places i never used to get dropped. Is the unlimited data causing this problem? Not enough band width?

  • Forrest

    Really poor connection things barely load just started today I don’t no what’s going on I’ve always had good strong connection but now I can barely load things

  • T

    I have an iPhone 7 but my husband has a flip phone. He sent me a text that came through normally but when I replied he said he got all symbols…Is there a problem with texting?

  • Michelle Shoup Osier

    husband cannot connect to internet using celluar data or home wifi anyone else having this problem

  • Fukverizon

    Verizon will only respond when it hits them in the wallet. We have had these problems in my area every 2 months for a year. If you file a complaint with the BBB about verizon it will get the attention of the corporate folks. The last time it was out for more than an hour I did just that. I made verizon give me a reimbursement on my next bill. I won’t say how big the bill was but they paid 100% of it.

    You can do this also, by filing a complaint with the BBB and calling verizon and demanding a refund. If you don’t you contribute to verizon’s overall attutide that they can treat you however they wish.

  • Al Yuen

    my cell phone in sugar land / houston call to california has been circuit busy since 10 am CT. Now is 11.15 am. No luck.

  • Sharon Angel

    Can’t make phone calls. It says that the number has been disconnected sometimes when I call, but not the case. If I finally get thru, I can’t hear anyone on the other end. Have had important phone calls & can’t! Get your act together Verizon!!
    Cocoa, Florida

  • Deborah Bender-Kreuger

    11/28/17 @ 7:00PM no service in SE Michigan!

  • Marcia

    No Verizon Wireless service in Coal Mountain, GA. Verizon support denies network problems, but it has been three days of spotty to no service. Ridiculous!

  • Rocky

    When we try to make an outgoing call or fax on our business landlines we keep receiving a message we are not allowed to make calls to various area codes. The message tells us to call 1-800-645-0005 We receive the same message when we call that number. Contacted Verizon via email as the site reads it is much faster to have Verizon return our call rather than called Verizon direct. Going on day 2 and no response from Verizon.

    Rocky Philadelphia Carbide Oreland Pa

  • Maggie Adkins

    I have good service and then all of a sudden I have no service. This is with me being in the exact same spot the whole time. Right now I have 4g let but I had to restart my phone to get my service back. Give it 5 mins and I won’t have any again.
    Located in southern oklahoma

  • Beth Bakucz

    No phone, no text, can’t even report to Verizon. It routes me to the help page and says to call. Smh

  • Vicki Trader-Oller

    Down most of the day today. So is my Comcast. What is going on? Trouble just typing this!

  • Winnie Bryson

    Fort Pierce, Florida. Don’t feel bad no sevice here either. 2-10-2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the russians didn’t get to you guys comrad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The worst part is nothing about a possible fix date, nothing! I sure hate BORSHT.