Viber network problems

Are you having Viber network problems today? Over 100 million active users rely on Viber, the Voice over IP and instant messaging app for mobile devices. It is an application where its users can exchange audio and video media as well as photos and the ability to send instant messages through BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Symbian, Series 40, Windows Phone, Bada and Microsoft Windows.

Now and then the Viber connection might be very poor, in some cases the app is totally down and not working for anyone. In other cases the app might only be down in select locations or for certain users, if this is the case for you then please leave your status reports below.

Viber could simply be offline for maintenance, or a scheduled software update. But whatever the problem IS Down Right Now USA is here so you can list your issues and connect with other users.

Viber status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Viber is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Viber? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Karina

    Viber is not opening for me on my iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Anjie

    I have great connection but yet I keep getting booted from Viber, what is actually going on?

  • Sinjay

    Is viber down today for anyone?

  • Vegas

    Last night Viber was down in Dominican Republic, seems to running ok nut from time to time it slows down a little.

  • Gareth

    In Kuala Lumpur and Viber seems to be down for me. Well, it works one minute and then doesn’t the next. I am guessing there is a small maintenance going on or something.

  • Linda

    Viber keeps crashing on me each time i try to open it.

  • Fitz

    Upon opening Viber all I keep getting is ‘message connection problem’. Is there an issue with all or is it me only?

  • Chin

    I want to register to Viber but all i get is an error message. It seems i am unable to register.

  • Ivan

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S5 and having a few issues sending images on Viber.

  • Gwenneth

    Viber is not opening up for me, turn it on turn it off and nothing seems to help it work.

  • Jamie

    Viber is now working and over on Twitter they are aware, they say they are experiencing disruption in it’s service and working to resolve it.

  • Miles

    They have also said in another tweet, “We are aware that some of our users are experiencing problems with Viber right now. We are working to fix this quickly”

  • Anna

    Qld. Australia. Viber not sending or delivering messages. Checking now and then to send message overseas. Still not working. Can’t even make a call. Not working since PM on the 2nd of December till now 4th December..when its gonna work again?? Helppp…

  • Eza

    I updated my viber two days ago, and start having issues on it on status. After closing the apps and go offline, when somebody sends you a message my status will changed from offline to online once the message has been delivered. Even not using and opening the apps the status remain online. My sister is wondering why i am not responding even she is seeing my online status. And told her i didnt respond because i am simply wasn’t online.

  • Maria Cecilia Zamora

    No viber since lastnight feb 28 2017!!!!

  • Tore

    I’m not Connected is the message. No messages before I touch the app, then I gets messages sent to me hours ago. I tried to re-download, nothing works

  • Dawn Fisher Bowlin

    My Viber has been down all morning – never had this happen before.

  • EZ

    Friday Jun 21. Kindle Fire 10 Alexa 1080p. Viber is missing from the Amazon underground app store now and no longer in my backed up apps from Amazon, and the one in the Google apps store will no longer install. Why has no one from Viber said a word,
    or gotten back to anyone Oo?¿

    SINGS: Now I’m stepping in to the twilight zone!!!


    My Viber and WhatsApp has been totally down for me to connect or to be connected to from Tripoli, Libya for days


    Are there other international calling apps like Viber and Whatsapp?