Vine problems

From time-to-time people may have issues with vine not working on their browser, Android or iOS device, worst case is when the app goes offline and no one can use it all. Vine is the perfect mobile app for sharing quick 7-second videos online; these can even be shared on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as having the embedded facility.

If you are having any Vine problems such as login and sign-up issues, not able to use Vine video search, videos not able to upload or having problems with playing them, then please take to the comments below and explain the problem below – Other readers here may be able to help you.

Sharing your life in motion is fun, and many top names such as Nash Grier with a staggering 11.3 million followers will tell you problems crop up with the service.

Vine is an amazing app when all up and running with no hiccups, but when there is an outage, apps not opening, videos not loading etc the impact can be immense and people need to report their problems Welcome to Is Down Right Now USA.

Vine status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Vine is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Vine? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Brody

    I cannot see any of my Vines, they are not playing even though I can see my likes.

  • Hudson

    When I try to watch some Vines they are so slow when playing, most of the time they are not working on my iphone 6.

  • Jeff

    Vine videos keep freezing on me when I open them, the app on my android opens well.

  • Brianna

    Is there a new Vine update happening or something because I cannot open my app.

  • Jin Tegoshi

    I can’t play videos on my browser using my smartphone. I used to play them some days ago and now I can’t! Please fix this problem soon. Thanxs!

  • Bekka

    When I try to upload a video to Vine it seems to take forever to upload, most of the time it doesn’t upload at all.

  • Richard

    I am trying to log in to my Vine through my Twitter account but it is not letting me, my username and password are correct so whats wrong with this. It used to work on but not today.

  • Shaun

    Just got vine and every contact I add doesnt save. Also, the fact Ive connected to twitter doesnt save.

  • Soffie

    I have a few issues, 1) Login seems to be a little temperamental sometimes with login button not working. 2) Videos not uploading.

  • Grant

    Not able to upload any videos, i have so many vines i want to share peeps.

  • Jack

    Is anyone having issues trying to load a vine? Mine are not working properly.

  • Ness

    I can’t get my vine to show any vidoes for the last three days !!!!!!!

  • farid.m Roushdy

    I just discovered a new similar iPhone app called channel, it’s is a video sharing app works perfect and has a great potential

  • Ariana Rodriguez

    My button for likes qand revine wont go to my likes or revines and i cat send vines to my friends
    and its on a laptop… idk if it was from inspect elemnts or if my vine is just acting retarded

  • FedUp

    Vine sucks and only accommodates to iPhone users. When are you guys going to actually make it manageable to use?

  • Noble

    My vine won’t let me follow anyone

  • Gala

    My vine will not let me record. I press on the screen, but the icons just darken and nothing is filmed.

  • Ivanna Acevedo

    I can’t login in to vine, I login and it only let me on vine for 2 seconds before it logs me out and a little icon pops up telling me to try again after

  • Abby

    I log in to vine and after half a minute it logs me out. When I try to log in again an icon appears that says try again later. I’ve been uninstalling and installing the app many times but it doesn’t work

  • Hannah Martinez

    I can’t upload Vines or comment on other Viners Vines. Plz help!!

  • Kate

    7 seconds, i cnnot even get 1 to play. Nightmare whats the point!

  • Diana

    Invalid argument when i send myself vines lol, getting worse this is.