Virgin Mobile Service Status, Problems

Is your Virgin Mobile USA service down right now? Problems arise now and then and customers need a platform to have their say. Welcome to Is Down Right Now USA where you can report your Virgin Mobile service status and any other problems your are having.

Virgin Mobile offers mobile internet and phone service as well as operating other services such as payLo, BROADBAND2GO plans etc. They also offer many great smartphone and accessory deals, as well as limitless music and more. Being a part of the Sprint network issues do arise and here is where you can report them.

Some of the main Virgin Mobile USA problems include customer care service not being helpful or lack of contact, not able to login, error codes popping up such as 2120, no access to the Internet, when trying to top up nothing is happening. But the worst is when there is a total outage where customers are not able to send or receive texts, and calls not going though and of course lack of 3G data.

Virgin Mobile status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Virgin Mobile is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Virgin Mobile? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Tim

    I haveno Virgin Mobile service at all in Michigan.

  • Hugh

    Twice in one month and yet again no VM service, strange how i pay my bill on time each month yet they never give my service on time in full.

  • Sunita

    Is anyone having service issues in Rutland? Virgin Media is truly a virgin considering the service by me has never been used to its full potential.

  • Sally

    I have visited your website a number of times, in that I mean Virgin Mobile website and add-ons and plan updates are not purchasable. Something to do with the Calculate Taxes button not working…

  • Jed

    I have been with Virgin Mobile for years and now it says I do not have an account with them. The best service ever is not what I am getting.

  • Garry

    Not getting any mobile internet and it’s so frustrating. All the money I pay a month as well.