Warframe Server Status, Login Failed

Warframe is a highly popular third-person shooter game, which was released for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One and from time-to-time problems do occur such as Warframe login failed which leaves an on screen message saying check your info. But the worst case scenario is when the servers go down completely leaving the game unplayable.

Other than the problems above many more issues have been reported such as losing connection, Warframe missing from the library, weapon mods not working in the way they are supposed to.

Gamers have also had issues with not being able to chat in the shop when pressing the left trigger, as well as not being able to use Steam Wallet money to buy things.

What is your Warframe status right now?

No matter what your Warframe problem is, please do report them below.

Warframe status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Warframe is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Warframe? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Chris

    I have tried to login to Warframe and all i leep getting is for me to check my info. What is this about?

  • Macey

    I think the Warframe servers are having a few difficulties.

  • Logan McCreedy

    Fairly certain they are having problems again cuz I haven’t been able to login since yesterday morning

  • Rob smith

    Pretty sure server is down again cant log in

  • Annexie

    Warframe login failed, this seriously cannot be happening again.

  • Martin

    Is the Warframe servers down right now?

  • Scott Dominey

    Was online and it was fine, finished the mission and tried to join my dojo to trade and it was stuck on Please Wait for over 5 mins. Closed the game and reopened now at login screen and it’s saying Login Failed Check Your Info. Lot of people having the same issue apparently.

  • Ken Ho

    Having same issue for ages. Can’t login. What’s up DE? So many bugs and servers being down makes me start to question if WF has gotten more stable but it doesn’t seem to be any different from version 1.0 very disappointing DE

  • Nathaniel G.S

    Didnt get reward or affinity from void twice.. Keeps saying login failed

  • Solitaire

    Just formaed chroma and was going to take him to draco, highly annoyed

  • Xano Mims

    Is the server down right now

  • Xano Mims

    Never mind login issue fixed

  • TurkeyNek

    Starting yesterday,my chat on ps4 is loading and just has the blue circle spinning in the top left corner of the box,help please

  • Fallenshoes1

    Just went down for me and my 4 friends

  • Nick

    Me too

  • Fallenshoes1

    Any ideas y

  • TrashQueenNikk

    same i was in the middle of a mission and it just gave me the boot -.- i had just finished farming an ash system -.-

  • chelsea

    Xbone Server isn’t connecting

  • DONKY42

    Getting a login failed. Check login info. On Xbox one
    June 18 0100 hours

  • Rightonbro

    Same here. Idk what to do. Most fixes I see revolve around PC

  • niktr

    Login Failed
    12:20 June 18 2016

  • jeff

    Getting the login failed. Check login info. On Xbox one.

  • Andrew

    Login failed here too! Wtf

  • Josh

    Login Failed here also

  • Drew

    Login failed Xbox

  • Matt

    Login failed here Xbox one

  • Tom Brown

    Login failed here also Xbox one. In Arizona

  • Colby ward

    Log in failed here Xbox one Texas

  • Matthew Hammer

    Login failed. Check you info. Xbox One. What is this crap.

  • Sarge Kalel Mortis

    same in the uk

  • Tommy

    Login failed in cali guys

  • Isaiah Perez

    Same in Chicago.

  • Camron Wolff

    It is down right now in Arizona.

  • ibsolum

    Stuck on the launcher here, Switzerland.

  • will

    servers down – australia

  • Sandra Gould

    Can’t log in. Server won’t connect. Az

  • Dzman

    Still down – Ontario

  • Logan Iliff

    cant log in – grand forks bc

  • Rand0Command0

    can log in….but get kicked after 5 or so minutes.

  • Jonathan Phillips

    currently down on website and game server

  • KairuTeleos

    ok so first i can’t login/make an account but i also havent been able to login for two weeks. and then i haven’t gotten an activation code for two weeks for another account i made, annnnd i can’t connect a email to my xbox account

  • Tim Jenkins

    When attempting to log on today, I keep getting “unexpected server delay” messages then screen reverts back to log on page. Can’t get into game at all.

  • Tim Jenkins

    DDoS Attacks 15/07/2016 [Investigating]
    [DE]Danielle replied to Zdeadfallout’s topic in General Discussion
    Hey Tenno, It seems we are experiencing a series of DDoS attacks. We are fighting back to keep you guys in the game, but despite our efforts you may still experience disruptions. During this time you may get the “unexpected server delay” message and/or be logged out from the game. We’re terribly sorry for these interruptions. The team is staying on top of it a monitoring the attacks to increase our defenses.

  • joe

    I’m doing the second dream and making the child on ps4 when i finish it disconnects

  • Owen Neckles

    my warframe isn’t starting up
    showed some stuff bout update and never reopened

  • BoodieSnatcher

    It keeps saying failed to create session, faild to update warframe, its kicking me back to xbox home and shutting down completely, loading for ridiculous amounts of time, while decorating in my dojo its glitching me to where i cant jump, nor press start, nor place the decoration anywhere WHAT IS GOING ON!!?

  • Pissed Off

    Been playing this game for about a month and the reliability is horrendous. The worst thing is the “Failed to connect to server. You will be logged out.” message. Every few days I find myself unable to use Navigation at all. Any attempt results in that message. Logging out does nothing, rebooting my xbox does nothing. It happens when my son is playing warframe on another xbox, and it happens when I’m playing alone. I can’t believe such a fun game is so completely worthless sometimes. The game may be free, but people are paying money for platinum, etc. If you’re taking people’s money, you have to provide something that has better than 85% uptime.

  • brandon woodhull

    I can’t every login to the servers

  • Hunter

    Everytime I use navigation and salt art a mission it gives me “lost connection to the server. Returning to main menu.” Tried reinstalling and everything.

  • Stranger

    When I open war frame on PS4, it brings me to the screen where I can check the new updates and stuff. It will never leave 0% though

  • John Manibog

    i dont have any problems in the updates n the launcher but i do have a problem in logging in the game there always an error”log in failed please check your info” any help regarding this issue? TIA

  • Having same issue here too… logging in the game, error “log in failed please check your info”

  • yyBlaze

    Can’t freaking log in at all, And when I try it on my ps4 it says there’s some issue with the network…. WTF FIX THIS CRAP.

  • Nick

    It’s down for me now. How long is this going to go on for?

  • Sedriik Fortet

    Right now, website and game is down. :'(

  • shanedragonsteel

    down for me

  • First roblox and now warframe what’s happening !

  • Decayz Hatt

    its down for me has been for a week

  • Lavette Ray

    keeps saying failed to connect to server.

  • Red5Mom

    Keeps logging me out everytime I start a mission, failed to connect to server.

  • House of Gryffyn

    Failed to connect to server.

  • derp

    i keep getting network not responding at random intervalls

  • TheFancyWaffle

    It doesn’t even load, can’t even TRY to log in.

  • Dan Shank

    I bought 4 3 day boosters thinking I would have tons of time to enjoy playing warframe n leveling up guna n so forth boy was I wrong network problems nonstop, n when I did finally get in the game I play one level bam right back to getting the boot on out of the game again so if anyone from the game is reading this I want my refund of my 160 platinum name is Shankkilla0789 on ps4

  • Marvin Henry

    Wont let me log in for past week now i like the game very much if this continues imma have to stop trying to play

  • Phil

    Warframe servers status for is DOWN, not working, not happy so please fix.

  • Phil

    Warframe is down for me and the website is not responding either.

  • Irwin

    Down for me also, servers not working in Florida.

  • Mike

    Down here in the UK 🙁

  • Shawky Morgan

    Down for me also, servers not working in egypt

  • Technics Man

    Down in Sweden (Europe)

  • Hey

    Down in Germany

  • Powerman

    Down in Switzerland (Europe)

  • LoKvette

    Down in the UK

  • Hello

    Down in North/South America

  • JMAN

    Down in US

  • apostateCourier

    Down in midwestern US

  • Mike

    Down in Eastcoast US, funny though I still just got an Alert of the app lol. FIX SOON PLEASE DE!

  • Wojtek Czemas

    Down in Europe

  • Lollo

    Down in italy

  • rav

    Down in Malaysia

  • Equick

    Down in Czech (EU i guess)

  • Paul

    Servers DOWN for Italy too.

  • Ben

    Servers down in Western US. Cannot even update the game.

  • Kern

    In twitter they said: Hey Tenno! We’re currently investigating connectivity issues across all platforms. Apologies for any issues you may be experiencing.

  • Deloy

    Unable to connect eastern time zone.

  • Yayben

    Thank you.

  • Deloy

    Only experiencing the one issue. Unable to connect. Kind of trumps all others.

  • Barry James Harris

    its down in the UK to

  • Powerman


  • Maz

    Still down in the UK

  • Jerry Mennes

    Please fix this quickly or I will lose my Distilling Extractors. I am moving and won’t have Internet until Friday night.

  • Diego Dal Magro

    Down in Belgium

  • Nicholas Haddou

    Down for indonesia aswell, can login for a few minutes and then got disconnected again

  • HEHE

    They should post something more about how troublesome it is to fix this, It’s been down for 2.5h…

  • HEHE

    Seems to be back up again!

  • Gabriela Souza

    It’s back in South America.

  • JMAN

    Back up in US!

  • Wojtek Czemas

    update is comming in now!


    Down in Philipines

  • Isaiah Quinn Gibson

    Its was working, then crashed all of a sudden and now it wont load past title screen. What happend? Lol


    I Keep trying to get into navigation but it logs me out when I do. its been happening the last 2 days. I have an xbox one

  • Santee

    Down is Florida US

  • Hewwen

    Down in malaysia

  • MeGusta Cartof

    Down in Romania EU

  • A Lone Tenno

    Down in NA East

    Client shows the following
    Update failed!

    The content servers are temporarily unavailable.


    The update will be restarted shortly..

  • Nyree

    Dwn nz

  • DE Kletskop

    Down in Belgium.

  • Kamii

    Dwn uk

  • Douko

    Down on Asian server 10/24/16 until now 10/25/16 FIX THIS

  • Goong

    Down in our sever

  • Wumbo

    Server Down on Bangladesh 10/27/16 please fix this 🙁

  • Gio

    Down on Philippine servers for a long time.

  • Bilal Rizvi

    Down in Pakistan since the past 4 days.

  • Kuobi

    Its Down here in Singapore ~ ‘Update Failed’ unable to download content from server.


    Why i can’t log in it say to check the info. i’ve changed my password 4 times still can’t log in.

  • stanly ganancial

    how come when i log in to warframe on the launcher it said that login error please check info. im wondering if warframe is down right now and i think some people are wondering to play post something up on the actual website or on twitter so that we can keep in touch and dont have to change our emails and passwords all the time thank you


    cant login too. tried changing my password already

  • Goidooo

    I cant login to Warframe anymore 🙁

  • Sean Tachado

    If you can’t login or it says “login failed, check your info” that means Servers are down

  • TechnoJohnny

    I Can’t log in to Warframe.I hope i’m not the only unlucky guy I just want it fixed!

  • stanly ganancial

    OK! now I’m concerned they just put on a new update for The War Within: Update 19.2.0 and i still cant login. I don’t know why I still can’t log into my account or if the servers are down. We need to know if something is happening so please place something on WARFRAME WEBSITE to keep in touch. But so on so fourth i don’t know why they had a update without fixing the bug or if its just that the servers are down. WE NEED TO KNOW ~LOWKEY~

  • Ciocoiu Cosmin

    I cant login. Neither in game or site. Please fix this.

  • Edwin Cinco

    I cant login. Neither in game or site. Please fix this. Basically 4 days now. IG name Sebio_Pasmado

  • Altjen Berberi

    Down in Albania too. but weird that 2 of my friends play, and I cant login..

  • Teo Languebien

    1 déc
    New Augment and Melee Mods
    Community Announcements – Wintermaker

    Give your Warframes and Weapons a boost with new Augment and Melee Mods!

    Frost: Icy Avalanche – Grants allies within the radius a coat of ice that absorbs 60 Damage per enemy hit.

    Hydroid: Corroding Barrage – Each projectile has a 100% chance of inflicting a Corrosive status effect.

    Loki: Savior Decoy – If Loki takes fatal damage, Decoy absorbs the damage and swaps locations. Also increases casting speed of Decoy by 50%.

    Rhino: Reinforcing Stomp – Iron Skin is replenished by 3.0% for each enemy affected.

    *Stats shown are for Augment Mods at Max Rank.

    Earn them now through Syndicate Offerings!

    Guardian Derision – Taunt your enemies and make them attack you instead of those around you.

    Enduring Affliction – Increase the duration of any active Status Effect on channeled hit.

    Relentless Combination – Combo chance when Slash Status deals damage.

    Condition Overload – Increases Damage dealt to targets who have Status Effect active.

    Healing Return – Heal a set amount for every Status Effect active on your target.

    Dispatch Overdrive – Temporarily increases Movement Speed for every Channeling Kill.

    Pick these up from the bodies of your enemies or find them in Mod Packs.

  • Onega

    so today is 11/12/16 and i cant log in in warframe is that normal???? ive tried a lot of times changed my password and anything but doesnt work anywone have solved this issue>>????

  • Mamadou Diakite

    Today is the 11th of December and I can’t log onto warframe. I tried reporting it to the official site, and their twitter; I tried restarting my PS4, I even tried deleting than reinstalling the game. Nothing seems to be working in

  • Bruano

    I can´t login today wtf is going on?

  • murphY_47

    warframe is down again

  • Joseph Duff

    i play 5 minutes ago and cant login now it says not respond internet connection wtf ?

  • Gromerder

    was just ending relic farming with like 100 platinum in the bank and it goes down :’)

  • Joseph Duff

    do you know how much will it take ? im newbie sorry im wondering about it

  • WarHawk769

    Just lost my riven mod from sorties fml

  • LR

    Network not responding is message I’ve been getting for past 15 minutes.

  • annoyed guy

    all i got is no network connection this is a bit annoying

  • CroeTheNeoDragon

    just was about to get my opticor. youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ****

  • Aiyaz Yusuf Reza


  • lz

    My launcher trying to check for updates for 2 mins and then it says:
    Update failed!

    The content servers are temporarily unavailable.


    The update will be restarted shortly..

  • Ahmad hajj

    same here, i was faming my frost QQ

  • k

    we should start a discussion about this

  • xdddddd


  • I hate warframe

    warfme suocks get ret faeggits

  • I hate warframe


  • Aiyaz Yusuf Reza

    u sad lil guy…. i bet u just want friends…. in warframe….

  • Manzy

    ahem…let’s play the age game… you start : )

  • Manzy

    hahaha when I started warframe I didn’t know you could play with other people for 2 days

  • Manzy

    round 40 on defense : (

  • kys dino XD

    hes mai frund hez 240 yrs old XDDDDD

  • Troll detector 9 thousand

    guys i think the guy below is just a troll


    Uhm. well since im here ill ask a question since i ever got to the ceres junction ive never been able to beat the trinity spectre i use chroma (acid) Gorgon/Twin viper/Galatine

  • Beating the Spectres is Very easy if you have a stun move. Stun > Melee.

  • Manzy

    hahaha, but I think you meant (square root 240 divided by 2) if he’s old enough to solve it it’s 7


    Yeah but the godamn link ability! when it stops and i stun i dont do enough damage does valkyr have a stun move?!

  • we hope you die from slit wris

    we wish you to die from slit wrists we wish you to die from slit wrists we wish you to die from slit wrists will you kys please? also the guy is 400 years old you idot

  • Manzy

    … I dont get it… was that an insult? who’s 400 years old?

  • ur mom masta


  • ur mom masta


  • Manzy

    dammn ok then XD



  • I only use Excalibur for now. It’s second ability + melee is good enough to weaken the spectre and some more melee hits kill him. Doesn’t really seem too hard to me, at least not with Excalibur.

  • Manzy


  • Puritan B

    It is the same for everyone from what I can gather. I have only been playing for 2 weeks and Love the game but I am disappointed they couldn’t just send a tweet out to let us know what is wrong and how soon it will be fixed!

  • Khaloud9

    use nova’s second it doesn’t matter if even if you die after the ability is cast and you shot the orb to reach the required damage to kill her she’ll die

  • Ahmad hajj

    Servers up yet?

  • GenericCookieDo

    Does anyone know why they are down?
    Also how do you get a warframe spectre, I can find the bo for it, or is it in the market

  • Chin Chun Haur

    every time i try to open warframe it says checking for update and after 5 minute it say the content servers are temporarily unavailable.

  • hidden_fury

    after every mission it says network not responding

  • Veevslav

    Get Nyx, Mind control any specter and damage them until Nyx’s 1st ability wears off.

  • Toby Boyd

    Unable to connect. Please try again.

  • misterhelpful

    blueprints from spectres are obtained from junctions

  • Wilfredo Rivera

    “Login failed. Could not connect to server.”

    It’s not even connecting to the server now, I tried to open an axi relic earlier and at the end it wouldn’t show any rewards…. Everyone left and I had a host migration then at my ship (which took forever to get to) everything was frozen except my character then it logged me out now the game is unplayable. I hope the relic was not used up I was trying to get the nikana prime blueprint. Fix this soon please.

  • Leon Dessertines

    Today is chaotic, I’ve lost at least two hours of experience!!!

  • Ultim8

    Man 🙁 its still down wtf?

  • Alphaneos

    warframe is under Ddos attack from some childish morons

  • Toby Boyd

    Well I just connected after about 8-9 tries. In my ship now.

  • Hayden Tierney

    LOGIN FAILED. CHECK YOUR INFO. Why is this happening it’s lasted 2 days?

  • Asmodean Black

    Currently cannot login recieving message “Login Failed. Check your info” have changed password twice still not allowing me to log in

  • Dracneya

    Got the same thing.. Has it fixed itself yet?

  • TheStache

    login failed, check info again….grrrr

  • Obey King

    I got the same thing this morning and earlier today

  • Obey King

    Login failed please check info and I clicked retry dozens of times

  • Pleas Help

    i’ve tried like 5 times, even restarting my Xbox but every time i get ‘Login failed Check Connection’. are the servers down?

  • Hereticalcashew

    I keep getting login in failed check your info on Xbox 1

  • flawlessbeatbox

    i thought i was only one with problem right now. i keep getting that

  • Orvisdan2

    same exact issue jsing and it sucks i was just going to work on a few things and didnt work so goin to wait

  • Anthony Pridgen

    “Login failed. Check your info”. Restarted, hard restarted and cleared save data on xbone.

  • DStevo14

    Can’t login and have refreshed, uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted console and completely shut it down.

  • Kuasynei

    “Update failed!
    The content servers are temporarily unavailable.
    The update will be restarted shortly..” – PC, steam.

  • SheWolf2

    i am not able to login and it will come up with the (check your info) bar even tho i have checked over and over. i have also tried many different ways to fix it and none of them are working. PLS HELP!!

  • Anthony Lally

    I’m stuck on a black screen with Warframe logo on after clicking “A” to start. Tried a hard reset, tried uninstalling and re downloading and I’ve even tried deleting the save data and restarting. Nothing. Help!?

  • Kimberly Heath

    Network connection error for the last 3 days what is going on?

  • Kimberly Heath

    I’ve tried everything too

  • Dale Harmon

    Login failed check info on xbox1

  • Donald Shepler

    Login failed on ps4 for a week wtffffff

  • Ryan Angelo Buan (ElRabzter)

    Login failed on others pc besides from home for a week

  • Hah Sorry for late reply. I know it will be useless but I guess she does and that’s her hysteria. She stomps the ground or something and that gives a knockback effect.

  • Tyson Carthel

    Login Failed. Check your info. Seriously? Right in the middle of an event….

  • Nate Mcmillin

    Log in epic fail. Network not responding?

  • Anita Bruce

    Getting the login failure check your info for xbox 1 is anyone working on this?

  • ray

    I aborted the update because it kept failing. Went to home screen and restarted the game. Went back on and said login failed. Check your info HELP?

  • Eminentskillz

    Warframe is down east coast, Ohio.
    7:04pm network down. Login failed

  • Jordan

    Xbox One still down at 19:32 – “Network Not Responding” Followed by “Login failed, check info.” Near Michigan.

  • Blass

    Xbox one still down at 7:40 pm.
    “Login failed, check info” near Virginia

  • Brayan Alexander Beriguete

    Down 8:54 pm EST

  • Allen Elder Daal Chiu

    i cant login. Philippines

  • Allen Elder Daal Chiu

    i’m playing PC

  • Nightterror

    PC steam ver. keep saying update failed the content servers are temporarily unavailable

  • Gian Franco

    Same here, Indonesia, ive been waiting for 12 hours already. Can the jesus of DE help us?

  • Rucifer 54

    Same here, Update Failed
    Is your issue resolved yet? If you’ve fixed it in some way please share

  • Daniel

    On the PS4 It’ll let me in to the point where it says “start x” but it doesn’t respond when I press x it just acts like I never pressed it and I tried restarting my PS4 and redownloading the application but it still doesn’t let me log in.

  • Arhyst

    Its down right now 13 april 2017 11:32pm

    Sent ticket to support hour ago, still no reply. and this is happening 2nd time in 5 days. Idk whats wrong…but it should be fixed now and forever.

  • Blackcat

    I wasn’t able to play warframe for five weeks. When I try to login, I waited 2 hours and it still won’t login. It wasn’t my internet connection, warframe is the only game not working. I wasn’t the only one going through this problem. I been waiting for an update to fix this. I didn’t​ want to wait for a month but it look like I has to. Still not working Thursday, April 14 2017 10:58 pm

  • wQnxy

    PC, “Login failed, check info”, happened also to me yesterday for like 10-20 min.

  • Admonisher80

    i keep getting kicked after each mission, very annoying ill play once they fix it….

  • Zomb360

    Xbox One – “Login failed. Check your info.”

  • Ndefo Chuks Emma

    cant login now. update failed

  • Ndefo Chuks Emma

    pc login , still showing update failed

  • Sandy

    XB1. Can’t log in. System Network error. 🙁

  • TayShamekia Means

    Can’t login into chat can’t recruit or trade won’t even show up what’s the problem

  • Cano RODZ

    Unable to connect try again ps4

  • Cano RODZ


  • Josh Micek

    Can’t log in Xbox one

  • Ryan Santo

    Can’t log onto with xb1 nor the website

  • Deus Tempestas

    checking for new content… 10 mins now

  • ApoX

    can’t log in on Ps4 . seems to be down

  • OnionBro

    Warframe has been lagging whenever I play on public but not on solo and it keeps saying not connected to network even though all my other games are fine I Rly need help figuring out the problem

  • OG Hazy (XboxGT)

    Have been getting “Login Failed, Could Not Connect To Serve.” Error code after pressing green to agree to the games T’s&C’s

  • It keeps logging me out in the middle of missions all day. Something is a bit off it seems. No idea, if it’s only Croatia, but it’s impossible to play today. 🙁

  • StiVix28

    the same here in germany.. Since 4 hours i cant finish a single mission. just befor the mission ends.. it kicks me out of the game and I have to re-login. No drops. No exp. nothing…really annoying :7

  • Oh great, I was almost gonna try again… guess it’ll be tomorrow! (hope, hope)

  • StiVix28

    yea i hope so too i want to finish some planets (all the planets) before the openworld update comes out (hope and hype) :3

  • Drizztstargazer

    “Login failed, check your info” but roommates acct logs in without a hitch

  • Matthew Conway

    It’s down again

  • fullofstar

    “Login failed, check your info” i cant even login for 3 month what happen?

  • Luyanda Mpongoshe

    Login failed, due to server being down.


    I have an answer. Perhaps, just perhaps, Warframe is dying and devs suck. Played for 3 years, sad funeral to witness.

  • Ivan Simm

    Update failed!

    The content servers are temporarily unavailable.


    The update will be restarted shortly..

  • natidrew513

    Is anyone else having network error issues on ps4? “cannot connect” or “unable to update profile”

  • Noah

    Yea I play on Xbox too and it’s doing the same thing

  • is the server down again? i cant log in it said log in failed, check your info or something like tht

  • Aaron Anderson

    same cant long in

  • Xephu

    same here

  • screamingpanda23

    is the server down its saying network error and then saying to check the info
    i have closed and reopened my warfram launcher 3 times and it keeps doing it


    Yeah I’m pretty sure it is down rn
    just booted it up and wouldn’t let me log in

  • screamingpanda23

    do you know how long it will be?

  • XxNightWolfxX62

    I am playing on Xbox one and i keep getting login failed. Could not connect to server. It is working on my roommates xbox

  • Mghost99

    i can’t login

  • Zach Ferri

    Login fail please check Info, can not sign into warframe website either. Says email is wrong. Please help/fix save my profile I am not prepared to lose 100s of hours invested into this game for nothing.

  • Dang Thai

    Update failed!

    The content servers are temporarily unavailable.

    The update will be restarted shortly..

  • Jason Chevalier

    since two updates ago my chat hasnt worked right i can see the DE replying but i cant see the players chating

  • Israel Pacheco

    Help!!!!! i can’t log in, i keep on getting an login attemp failed message on XBOX1, what should i do, by the way, i can’t log in the website either.

  • Matthew Wint

    Same on Pc

  • Binlong

    Unable to connect for days now on warframe Xbox one help

  • richard ambler

    xbox one in a game for about 5-20 mins then kicks me saying internet connection has been lost now being return to the main menu fix it been about it about 5 weeks

  • Yungjezzey21 __yt

    I’m on xb1 and everytime I launch it it says unable to connect

  • Jonny Jay

    Yeah I’m I’m getting the same as of a few hrs ago. (Unable to connect) This really sucks and hope they fix this soon. Thanks for making a great game though props to you guys keep it up.

  • Brandon Wright

    Yea warframe won’t even open on my Xbox one now…

  • bryane

    yeah on my xbox itl say checking for updates for 30 min dats crazy

  • Jigsy Syndangmoo

    In my case it gets stuck on the loading screen which you get after pressing play. I cant go to the login part. It just gets stuck on the main loading screen


    I’m getting disconnected from missions constantly. Its not my WiFi. Ps4 version.

  • Jilles Almario

    Can log in on the website but not the game. Error message: Check login info.

  • Chris Jackson

    Keep getting the same error no matter what i do. Restarted every thing & switched accounts….i received the same error “Log in failed. Check info.” Wtf is going on?? I played it all day yesterday without a single prob.

    Any solutions?

  • Johnathin Wright-Martin

    It says there’s an update, but there is not reachable?

  • Marios Demosthenous

    it kicked me out and im unable to join now

  • SauVerbally

    Unable to login, unable to connect PS4

  • Dakidd

    Same here, keep saying that I need to update but it’s updated to the latest version already

  • BigbillyBounce

    It says I have 2 download an update on the first loading screen -_-

  • Fatty

    Does it work now?

  • Fatty

    Wt about now

  • mystic_full_iq

    Says “Login Failed Check Info” or “Login Failed Timed Out” etc on ps4 i just want to level up my titania and get my tysis from the foundry ive had this problem since last nights hotfix

  • ludde ́s plays

    nope unable to log in check log in info and if i try login on the site account lookup failed

  • Griffin Cox

    this is all i’ve gotten after uninstalling and reinstalling. twice
    Update failed!

    The content servers are temporarily unavailable.


    The update will be restarted shortly…

  • Haydon

    It says login failed couldn’t connect to server on xbox one

  • Thorsman33

    down right now, can’t log in due to hotfix just released

  • Charlie F. Jones

    DE use too many resources and hire too many accountants to nerf everything, not enough money to maintain the servers.

  • Ryan

    The game keeps losing connection with the other servers, I end up all alone while the others are still together…I think

  • Mikael Soper

    Game freezes on title screen after pressing a on first loading screen. Been relaunching for hours now nothing’s changed . Playing on xbox one

  • Luis

    It says I was banned till 2035 but I didn’t do nun I wasn’t even playing for weeks and I logged on a few days ago and it let me play but now I can’t and it keep says login failed

  • Haar Jaani Aa – Mehtab

    ed till 2035 but

    Customer service helpline number +1 8O5 2O3 8OO1

    Customer service helpline number +1 8O5 2O3 8OO1

    I didn’t do

    nun I wasn’t


    for weeks and I lo

    gged on a few days ago and it let me play but now I

    can’t and it keep says login failed

    Game freezes on titlkjhgfghjklkjkl;lkjhgfghjkl

  • keha hoyar tum


    ⓢⓔⓡⓥⓘⓒⓔ ⓗⓔⓛⓟⓛⓘⓝⓔ ⓝⓤⓜⓑⓔⓡ    +①    (⃝⑧   .⃝Ⓞ   ,⃝⑤   /⃝   )⃝  
     (⃝⑥   ;⃝Ⓞ   ’⃝⑧   .⃝   )⃝    (⃝⑤   .⃝④   ;⃝Ⓞ   ’⃝⑥   ”⃝   )⃝

    ⓢⓔⓡⓥⓘⓒⓔ ⓗⓔⓛⓟⓛⓘⓝⓔ ⓝⓤⓜⓑⓔⓡ    +①    (⃝⑧   .⃝Ⓞ   ,⃝⑤   /⃝   )⃝  
     (⃝⑥   ;⃝Ⓞ   ’⃝⑧   .⃝   )⃝    (⃝⑤   .⃝④   ;⃝Ⓞ   ’⃝⑥   ”⃝   )⃝


  • keha hoyar tum


    .ꜱᴇ.ʀ.ᴠ.ɪ.ᴄ..ᴇ .ʜ.ᴇ.ʟ.ᴘ.ʟ.ɪ.ɴ.ᴇ. .ᴘ.ʜ.ᴏ.ɴ.ᴇ. .ɴ.ᴜ.ᴍ.ʙ.ᴇ.ʀ. .. .+.1.
    .8.0.5. .6.ᴏ..8 .5.4..0.6.

    .ꜱᴇ.ʀ.ᴠ.ɪ.ᴄ..ᴇ .ʜ.ᴇ.ʟ.ᴘ.ʟ.ɪ.ɴ.ᴇ. .ᴘ.ʜ.ᴏ.ɴ.ᴇ. .ɴ.ᴜ.ᴍ.ʙ.ᴇ.ʀ. .. .+.1.
    .8.0.5. .6.ᴏ..8 .5.4..0.6.