Wave Broadband Outage

Wave Broadband customers in communities such as California, Oregon, Washington state, Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area have experienced issues with the service now and then. When they do have problems the main one is an outage, and small issues are to do with the speed they are getting, which could sometimes be very slow as well as TV going down or problems with channels etc.

The company does provide other services such as cable TV and telephone services, and if you have any problems at all with these please do share with the community your issue and location.

If you are having issues with Wave Broadband login, email, slow Internet or anything else please do let ‘Is Down Right Now USA’ and others in the community know about it. The more information you provide the better for others to read and reply.

Wave Broadband status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Wave Broadband is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Wave Broadband? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Marrie

    Wave’s cable performance isn’t anything special, as soon as it rains or climate changes the service is a little too temperamental. Does anyone else have this issue?

  • Jarrad

    My Wave emails at this given time are very bad. The seems to be a security issues and aks me something about a certificate renewal.

  • Mozzy

    No Wave internet connection in Oregon.

  • Sharin

    I have cable and Internet but no Wave Internet.

  • Maxine

    Wave Broadband Internet is down for me in Alaska, how about you?

  • Janice

    My phone is not working today, is anyone else having issues in Alaska?

  • Ian

    My Internet seems to have been disconnected, i cannot get onto my WiFi. I am in Winters California.

  • Grethel

    All I want to do is sit down and enjoy my weekend and all i get is problems with Wave Broadband, No TV service yet again, this is ridiculous.

  • Melona

    I am having very slow speed issues with my Internet, is this the same for anyone else?

  • Rita

    Slow speed since 10 a.m., it’s now 3pm. Haven’t been able to stream anything and basic web-browsing is painfully slow. 30 minute wait time to speak to Tecnical Support Rep. Sigh.

  • Sigh


  • Casey Evans

    Currently have no Wave Broadband service in Capitol Hill, Seattle as of 4ish am this morning, 8/31/15

  • Truereporting

    No Wave Broadband in Rocklin 95765 9/9/15 4:20 PDT

  • Dennis

    I am in Rocklin and have no Wave Broadband at all, so i play for a service then sit on the phone for 45 minutes only to be told they are sorting it out. Nice customer service, well done.

  • Nathan

    Currently my Internet is not getting a signal. It is producing a signal but no Internet reply. This is of 12/28/2015 at 4:03 in Arlington Washington

  • Bjork

    Down right now in Loomis

  • Roni

    Down in West Sac

  • Colin

    Down in Aurora Oregon

  • Ron

    Phone and Internet down in Snohomish, WA all day!

  • David Pace

    Down in Port Angeles since yesterday

  • Jason Williams

    My internet keeps going sown for a few minutes every 30-45 minutes. Silverdale, Wa

  • Lynda

    Wave Broadband connection is so slow, pages are taking forever to load up fully. I need to finish this work i am on as the deadline is by tomorrow morning, internet cafe once again.

  • Harry

    % hours and still counting and still no net.

  • Martha

    Both my phone and internet have been down for about 4 hours now in 94521.

  • Victor

    Sorry, that was supposed to say 5 hours not % ha ha.

  • Veronica V

    Zero connectivity for over 8 hours @ 98383

  • Disgruntled

    Really getting tired of the constant outages and or slow downs in 95650. Customer service rarely admits problems and is quick to suggest the issue is within my wiring. When tech comes to the house they never find an issue. Problems seem to most often occur on hot days or holiday weekends. Would prefer honest answers over smoke and mirrors. I do not recommend Wave but do not want to be forced to change email address. Any similar complaints out there?

  • Russ

    No internet connectivity fir 4 days now. Tried multiple modems, with/without router, different cabbies, different power supplies, different computers, so it is NOT my equipment, our outta the service. Time for a new provider. Hello Comcast?

  • Alec

    I am in 98104 and I do not have any cable, but I do have internet.

  • Sylvia

    I am also in the same zip code ara and i have not internet or cable. Both services are down for me.

  • Harry

    Is there a wave broadband outage? I have no service at all.

  • Myria

    I am down in Seattle, i so hope someone comes fixes y Internet soon as i need to start doing some work.

  • A.r

    No service in downtown Seattle

  • Kelly Mutch

    98104 still down.

  • Jonathan Walden

    Bangor base is still down.

  • Mark Franco

    Down in 95691 west Sacramento

  • Katie

    back up in rocklin

  • AL

    Bay Area 94015 WAVE internet is extremely slow , most of time unable to do speed test due server not response within a set time. Problem started 9/6/16 , PST 16:00.

  • AL

    WAVE internet service is BACK online ,Speed test at 23Mbps on WIFI. ,Area code 94015. Great Service.

  • Mike

    There was a Wave Broadband outage for about 30 minutes for me, but now all working again.

  • Russel

    My Wave TV went offline then after this static issue had problems with the internet.

  • Mary Jaffe

    I have no email, but internet was down several days ago, and my mouse refused to work. I called one service number that seems to have been disconnected. I then waited through another 30 minutes of “we-aren’t-answering-our-phones” music before I drove a mile down the road to the Wave Broadband office. The local office clerk, selling new service packages to customers, sent my computer a “reboot” message,
    but didn’t seem to know that this was a HUGE (aka YUGE) problem in three
    states. I told her that I couldn’t call the office when she suggested that I call if the reboot didn’t work. She actually told me that there was no problem that she knew of. This was after two days of no service. Really?

  • Your internet has exactly 0 to do with your mouse working. Your computer is probably the problem, not wave.

  • Stacey

    Internet out in Auburn, has been out for a couple hours. Called Wave, on hold for 44 minutes, then the phone started ringing and then it hung up on me. Good service

  • GB

    Down in Sacramento right now! Horrible service!

  • angelina jeanne Morrison

    Down in Sheridan Oregon

  • Drew Dahmer

    Down in Seattle WA, been down over an hour now.

  • Carol Swanson

    Cable down in Mill City, OR for over an hour.

  • Mark Lowe

    Outlook not connecting to email servers. Nothing changed on my end…..

  • jeanne

    down yet again in Sheridan Oregon since 4pm PST

  • First time down


  • Mike

    Down yet again.Ive been a tech for contractors and parent companies and have tried telling Wave BB over and over of some of the issues I’ve seen and even pointed out there is a chunk of distribution line that’s come unravelled from its wire holding it to the steel cable that supports it not too far away from my home but nothing has been done about it in over 4 years. Eventually this piece will pull out of the amplifier because of the weight of the line pulling down,but yet they do nothing .If I had my own bucket truck it would have been fixed the next day after seeing it.Ive even told a tech in a bucket truck who was working across the street at the time on you guessed it -an outage . We also have had numerous issues with our home cable which I later discovered was because there was ingress caused by holes in the cable .Not one tech ever bothered to physically look at the cable .While doing the detective work I also discovered that they didn’t even ground the ground wire . Instead they ran it under our modular home and wrapped it around a plastic pipe . No instead of looking for the physical problem causing signal loss they’re solution was to keep changing our modem.So I ended up breaking out my tools and repairing the entire system and ran new lines because it had so many splices in it it was rediculous . I mean 3 splices for a 15 ft piece of coaxial cable ? Well this is what you get when you pay your workers less than what McDonald’s or Walmart pays and make them work round the clock always on call and fail to teach them to be decent technicians .I once applied for a lead position but said forget it after what they offered me in pay and how they expected me to be on call 24-7 with no rotation to other techs like other companies do.Im a single father and can’t just bail in the middle of the night and leave my kid unattended but this is what they expected me to do.They need to pay their workers more,train them better and start repairing their plant sysyem or be bought out by Comcast because they’re going to lose customers and techs fast.Not that Comcast is any better . They suck,treat their techs bad and lie to their customers all the time.They too deserve to go out of business .

  • Stephen Michael Sarver Jr

    I pay for the best internet they provide and when it works it’s great. But right now it’s down again. Seems like there’s always some sort of problem with it lately. I pay too much for it to be having to deal with it not working all the time like it should.

  • KJ

    Power outage today. Everything down. Power came back on 6 hours ago, still Total Blackout on Wave, no TV, no internet, no telephone. Unacceptable.

  • KJ

    I’m in the Snohomish, WA area.

  • EG

    Sick of Wave!!!!! Our internet has been out off and on several hours per day for the past week! They need to DO something about their crappy internet (and high cost) we are in Arlington Wa

  • Heila

    Tv down in West Sacramento

  • Steve

    No TV or internet service in Rocklin, CA 95677. It’s been off for a hour now and nobody will answer 24/7 phone line. Typical Wave BS!

  • Roger

    And yet again Wave is down for me, you really need to sort it out now because normally you have a great service.

  • Samuel

    Wave having another outage issue in Seattle, my phone service is also down.

  • Ric

    Is it my imagination or is Wave having more and more outage issues? We are out in Skagit County again.

  • Melinda Brown-stalions

    phone keep getting message can’t complet you call as dail, also in the meddle of a call it hangs up it says if you need tech call how can you call Auburn ca

  • DanL

    Cable partially down )specific channels) in Salem, OR right now…..

  • Michael Thompson

    This is the third day of no internet service and no cable TV service. When you call them the robotic respose just keeps moving the “will be fixed time” another two hours into the furture. Looking more and more like WAVE Broadband does NOT know what they are doing. Sad, sad, sad.

    location near Stanwood/Lake Goodwin, WA.

  • Michael Way

    Stanwood here as well. Four days in a row of very intermittent service. This time, over four hours. Why do I pay for this?

  • Thomas James Macias

    Service is out in west sacramento