Wells Fargo Online Banking Login Problems

One of the main issues with Wells Fargo online banking is when trying to login, many customers have had problems when trying to do so and if you are one of them please do share with us. The retail bank service can go offline for one reason or another especially when the servers go down, but what ever concern you are having please do report here.

Other problems further than accessing Wells Fargo online via the login page include not able to get through to customer services, the official website not opening because the servers are down, as well as mobile banking apps not opening and when trying to do so they just crash etc.

Maybe you are having problems trying to get online with Wells Fargo mortgage customer service, or you have a question to ask such as, Is wells Fargo open today? We and other readers are here to read and reply, see what other customers have to say. Please do let us know if you are having any problems with checking, savings, loans, credit cards or mortgages or anything else..

Wells Fargo status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Wells Fargo is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Wells Fargo? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Chad

    Wells Fargo login in not available, tried a few times today and still no access.

  • Mark

    I went onto the website to log into my account but the website is not loading for me in Safari.

  • Carlie

    wells fargo online banking via my iPhone 5s app is ridiculous slow, logged in and then all was working fine until I tried to make a payment to someone and then it crashed.

  • Henry

    Not letting me login via laptop using Internet Explorer or Safari but yet Firefox is fine, strange.

  • Stish

    Online is down when you try to login

  • jay honey

    you are correct. firefox did work

  • Kim Espinal

    DOWN in NC ! Cant access online banking or mobile app, cant get customer service on phone, cant check balance on automated system! NOTHING WORKS!

  • G Heffner

    Same in PA! Cannot log in to see anything. Nothing works. Just says that the system is down.

  • Jack Pugh

    DOWN in Alexandria VA.

  • Kim Espinal

    I just called the branch in my city and they can NOT access my account either to give me a balance, I can not withdrawal my money even if I walk into the actual branch! I asked if my direct deposit should be in my account which would’ve been deposited last night, The customer service rep stated that direct deposits should have gone through but she is not sure. I was asked to check back in an hour! I want my Money!

  • Alyson Bendzinski

    DOWN in Charlotte, NC — No mobile, No Online, No phone help. Nada.

  • BK

    Time to open an account somewhere else. This is a recurrent issue at Wells.

  • Ybarr

    DOWN-Bay Area this is unacceptable Wells Fargo!!! you have left my child unable to get to School he couldn’t put gas and was embarrassed by card being declined when using his debit card. then when he tried using another bank to withdraw money it would denied him 20.00 but allowed him to withdraw 40.00. THIS DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE WELLS FARGO! Get it together or all my money will be pulled out today!

  • Jim

    I just was able to log in after several failed attempts but none of my deposits showed up? WTF? is going on Wells Fargo????

  • Jeff

    Down in Des Moines, Iowa. Lots of mega angry people. Today is Bill day. Hope Wells Fargo covering all the penalties

  • Rudolph Kornmann

    Both the website and phone systems are now unable to access account information or process payments

  • Lash

    Online down in Portland, OR.

  • Alejandro Martinez

    Wells Fargo returning payments and not able to give online payments.

  • Sharon

    Not able to schedule any payments from my mobile phone or MacBook Air. No I am not going to close my account because normally they sort issues quickly, please do not prove me wrong.

  • Hans Beinke

    Wells Fargo login sucks!! I’ve changed my PW several times, been told this was successful only to not be able to use it. What the hell!

  • Paulag JPG

    I have not been able to access my online account all day(5-31-19). What is going on? There is no information on the Wells Fargo website.

  • Kim Bland

    I can’t access online bank account June 13, 2019

  • Christopher Matheus

    Online banking has been down in Wilmington, NC for almost a week

  • kerlampert

    Could not access Wells Fargo accounts Sunday, June 23….the technician told us we did not have an account! We have been with WF for 25 years !

  • T Brown

    I have not been able to get into my mobile banking app for the last 3 days. It keeps telling me my acct was suspended for too many failed attempts and I have to change my password. This happened on the very 1st attempt. Every time I change the password it says its been updated but then I get the same message when I try to use the new password. This only started happening after I switched to an iphone, never had this issue on my android!

  • Eric

    Wells Fargo made some sort of change to the Online Banking website in the last week or so and ever since I haven’t been able to login on Firefox on a Mac running El Capitan and keep getting this message “Online Banking is temporarily unavailable”, but can get on with Safari on same computer and either brower on a Mac running Mojave.

  • Nam Nguyễn

    To all those having issue with Wells Fargo logging in and getting error message of password being wrong please do this:
    _Type your password to a text file (sticky note or word doc)
    _when prompted to log-in, Copy and paste that password into the textbox
    I have learned this the hard way. I have yet to understand why such issue occurs, however, I had a wild guess that this will happen to every user who changed their username once. (I bet when you contact customer support, they will tell you that your account doesn’t exist)

  • RisingGear

    Tried checking my balance after grocery shopping. and it said it didn’t recognize my login info. What the hell?

  • dee fearn


  • Smitty

    Spent 3 hours last evening trying to access WF online banking. WF rep (1 of 3) had me access ATM (did it), call Sprint for phone service glitches (45 minutes spent). They finally got access to my account for me. I honestly believe the problem is theirs, but shame, shame they would not own it.

  • Chuck Kirkpatrick

    “your session has ended”….every damn time I try to log in.

  • Ken

    I enter username and password then click sign on and nothing happens. All morning long.

  • Maddie McLeod

    I have been trying to log in on my app and on line for WEEKS every time it says my password is wrong and asks me to create a new one. I create a new password then try to log in again then it locks my account.

  • Aaron Cabezud

    Day 3 can’t sign in mobile app

  • N.D Santa Cruz

    Not working in Santa Cruz ,Calif

  • Hmmm

    Not working in Maryland

  • Ralph Jackson

    I get a temporary password over the phone, and the website tells me that my account is still locked do to too many access attempts. It can’t find my user name either. –Everett, WA

  • Trinity Redwine

    Still down in Durango, Colorado. Since Thursday.

  • Yabberdabber

    I’m on the site and can easily sign on and off. I can see all of my accounts, EXCEPT MY ***CREDIT CARD *** SAYS IS UNAVAILABLE, AND ALSO HAS A RED BANNER OVER IT WHICH READS “SOME ACCOUNT INFORMATION IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.” Since I got and email today from a hacker, thay included info that stated several of my passwords, current and past, I called the bank. I’ve been on hold for 37 minutes. It’s 8:54pm. This sucks.

  • frustrated as heck

    I’m having the same issue. I called and the dude was just like “oh we know we’re working on it check back in a few hours or tomorrow” like, can they just explain WHY our accounts say unavailable???

  • Pete_TX

    perhaps the main Wells Fargo service centers use CenturyLink as their provider. Here in North Texas, I lost internet access for over 3 days then after CenturyLink came back up my up link is under 10 mbps. If the same is happening to Wells Fargo with Internet Speeds being throttled they won’t be able to work. However if not, WF needs to get their act together. All my banking and some of my trading is done through WF and I won’t tolerate this much longer.

  • Lynda Harrison

    Transactions have not been posted online or in the app for over 2 days

  • Adela Butler

    Many issues with online. banking with Wells Fargo. Using chain of command with local, regional and headquarters via letters, phone calls and in person visits have not resulted in favorable outcomes. Received a stock letter from corporate with the usual lingo six weeks after inquiry. Insurance premiums have not been paid on time, notices of double payments come up, I’ve had to fight late fees with different customers. Wells Fargo says they don’t have a problem, Their bill pay system is internal not a third party. They need to revamp and upgrade the entire system and bring it to competitive standards.

  • Irandle

    My account is unavailable

  • norcalfoothillmountainmanrich

    I spent half of a morning trying to access my stupid WFB online banking account. Wouldn’t recognize my name/password and kept flashing the stupid ‘CRAPCA’ screen at me. I felt like a rat on a treadmill after a while. Up until now, I never had any problems. I tried 3 times resetting my password to no avail and naturally, after you’ve tried unsuccessfully to access your account, they shut it down tighter than a drum. Tried to call Customer ‘Service’, but after about 10 minutes on hold, I gave that up, too. All this ‘password BS’ is killing me, I don’t have the time nor inclination to have to jump through all these hoops just to see my accounts. Seriously considering another bank because of all this inconvenience….

  • darkanser

    I’ve been tying to access my Wells Fargo online accounts since April 2020. I’ve NEVER been able to logon despite having spoken with a Wells Fargo operator, AT LEAST TWICE!! I don’t know what the problem is — if they think I’m trying to commit fraud. I’m contemplating just taking my money out of this bank!!!!

  • Rahul Karajgikar

    Stupid website DOESN’T LET ME LOGON. I’ve changed my password like 5 times, all of the other details work but it keeps saying ” We do not recognize your username and/or password. Please try again or visit Username/Password Help”. Fix this now. I want to get my money out of this awful bank.

  • joe struppa chincoscow

    cant log in 10/19/2020 They blame my toy, we all know its theirs.

  • Jan W

    Cant log in. Have tried over the past several days using several different web browsers and smartphone but all give a message saying website temporarily unavailable. 10/22/2020

  • Lynda Alverson

    Every time I go to login it logs in and immediately logs me back out. Why does it do that?

  • Jay Reafs

    OK, its been over 2 weeks and I’m still not able to log into my account on the webpage. I can access on my phone (android). I’m not buying the DDOS attack anymore, time to roll back the update ya all did to the system and get it up and running! IT Guy

  • Nick S.

    I am having trouble logging in on the Wells Fargo website. I can still log in to my accounts on my iPhone app, but on a web browser I try to log in and the website just flashes and goes right back to the login prompt.

  • Trisha B

    I can log into my account, but as soon as I click on the account I want to manage, it logs me back out “due to inactivity.” I’ve tried from both IE and Firefox and have the same issue.

  • Zelle has been giving me the service unavailable message for 3 days now.