WhatsApp server status

The WhatsApp server status could either be up, down or running very slow indeed. When this occurs users are not very happy at all and need a platform to say how they are feeling or to ask questions, hopefully we can provide that community.

WhatsApp server status

WhatsApp problems can be worldwide, but majority of the time they are more resolute on individual platforms or countries. Some of the main WhatsApp issues that arise is when the service goes down completely, i.e. servers offline for maintenance or another reason.

Other noted complaints include people trying to download WhatsApp for Android, iPhone, Mac and more. As well as sign in / log in errors, messages and photos not being sent or received.

If you are having any of the above issues please do share them below, others may relate or want answers.

WhatsApp status reports for Sunday 30th of April 2017

To find out if WhatsApp is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with WhatsApp? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • James

    I cannot get connected to WhatsApp right now, this is silly because i talk to my friends and family through this. I am a student and need this.

  • Diego

    I am not able to receive any messenger today, been trying and not being successful. Sending and receiving is down.

  • Kasimir

    Not able to receive whatsapp messages but yet i can send them, strange.

  • Bobby

    I can also send but not receive, not happy at all.

  • Brett Wilson

    could not connect to whatsapp service. please try again later.

  • Brett Wilson

    Also, prior to not being able to connect, I couldn’t send images or audio for the last week. WhatsApp used to be reliable. What’s Happened to it?

  • Kate

    WhatsApp seems to be down for me today, are they doing a maintenance or update or something or is it a server issue?

  • Gray

    It is a global issue with whatsapp being down and it seems to be a pin right now. I cannot see any sort of tweet or official information saying there is a maintenance update.

  • Chrissy

    WhatsApp is down in USA, I am in New York and i cannot seem to send any messages or open chat. Strange, what ois going on.

  • Mauricio Ferreira

    It is global, it’s down on brazil too

  • vuqar ismayilov

    In france not working

  • John

    Is Whatsapp down today? Not been able to use it for like over an hour now and its frustrating.

  • Luke

    WhatsApp went down but it seems to be up and running again in Italy.

  • MJ

    what’s app calling feature not working. I cannot get incoming calls. Outgoing go and then disconnect at some point. Sometimes I hear the recipient answer but they cannot hear me. Also, my messages are being delayed for hours.

  • Monica G

    is it down still??

  • Taz

    Yesterday was a nightmare for us whatsapp users, it was down for a while. I am in Greenwich and could not use either online or mobile app version.

  • Ranjani

    Apparently if you update with the latest update current issues with app crashing will sort the problem. Seeing is believing as they say so here goes.

  • Arthur

    When I open WhatsApp all i see is a blank screen.

  • Billy

    I am also getting the blank screen problem.

  • Harthan

    Apparently if you turn off all whatsapp acess by going into settings / whatsapp / whatsapp access this will solve the blank screen issue.

  • Vicky

    I am getting a blank screen when i open whatsapp.

  • Raj

    I would suggest going into your phones settings then select whatsapp and then deselect photos and contacts so that you can access, once you have access go back to settings and turn back on what your switched off.

  • Ronak Shah

    Whatsapp status is not working. While check for my other friends status, i am unable to get it, as when they had set privacy for my contacts.

  • William

    WhatsApp is not connecting on my laptop all day but it’s working on my iPhone. I’ve restarted the laptop several times, uninstalled the desktop app and reinstalled it and t’s still not connecting. MacBook OS X 10.11.6 and latest version of WhatsApp.

  • Kausar Parveen

    Whatsapp is crashing aince last night. Can anyone help me pls. Its not opening at all pls help.

  • Kausar Parveen

    My whatsapp is crashing. I am unable to open it. Is it working for u now??