Windstream problems

Windstream Communications offers Internet over DSL, phone service as well as digital TV through Dish Network. The voice and data network company’s main issues are normally to do with an Internet outage, loss of phone signal / network or connecting calls etc.

Customers do have issues with the above and if you have a Windstream DSL problem, email, outage or anything else to do with the service, please do use this page as your self-service status page. You can add your issues as well as read what other customers are experiencing today.

Windstream has over 8.1 million customers in 21 states and no matter if you are a business or residential Windstream customer; if you are having any problems at all then please do share here.

Please do state your problem with your location and then say if it is an Internet, home phone or digital TV problem you are having.

Windstream status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Windstream is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Windstream? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Quinn

    My Windstream internet is down in Ohio again.

  • Elsa

    Currently unable to make calls for the last hour or so, there isn’t a problem Windstreams end because my friends is all fine.

  • Lincoln

    Gaming at the moment using Windstream’s DSL Internet is super fast, no game lag, not closing down due to outages etc. Everything is running sweet.

  • Billie

    In Velarde and my Windstream Internet is down, as so is my phone.

  • Charlie

    Windstream is being a little sketchy lately, service went down the other then it came back online but the internet was very slow. So it is either offline or when on very slow. Cant blooming win can we.

  • Marcia

    Texarkana AR, for the past 4 days we have to reset the router several times a day because of dropped connection, and we wake up to no connection everyday. It is getting worse, and I work from home!

  • Darcy

    Internet outage for me, i seem to be getting Issue

  • Calvin

    I have no Internet or landline, so far its been down for like 4 hours.

  • Albert

    Windstream is down in Canton, Ga. My friend said it is also down in Jasper.

  • Clive

    Is Windstream internet down right now? I cannot seem to open mine.

  • Benny

    I have n issue with my Windstream service, not able to open my email because internet is down.

  • Kitty

    I’m in Iowa. And just got windscreen not to long ago. I am figuring out very quickly THEY SUCK!

  • vin

    I am in Murrysville PA and the internet has been down since morning today. Don’t know where to call. It stinks.

  • Billy

    DSL Internet service is currently down in Sugar Land, Texas

  • Bill Essary

    Still down

  • Dadunn1700

    Windstream service down in Jasper, GA

  • Cindy G

    Someone said windstream was hacked

  • Stormy

    Since Windstream took over Cavtel, I have had nothing but problems. On Friday, Oct. 23 at 4:31PM, while I was talking to a client, my phone went dead. This
    is the second time in about 3 months this has happened and the second
    time this month I have had problems with no service (Internet/DSL). The last time my phone service went dead it took 5 days to fix it. Five Days! I called customer service to report it. No-one could tell me when my phone service would be restored. I called again Sunday, same thing. I have had no communications via my email which I gave them.
    I went to Windstream Online this morning (Monday, Oct 26) and there is a
    message that it’s not available at this time. SMDH I work from home.
    This is getting on my last nerve. Windstream service and customer
    service is terrible! I had Cavtel for about 10 years with few problems.
    When I had a problem with Cavtel phone service it was fixed within 24
    hours. Not Windstream. WHEN IS MY PHONE SERVICE GOING TO BE RESTORED? I will be looking for another phone service because I can’t go through this every other month. I am also a journalist and will be writing about Windstream’s terrible service. My next step is to contact the president of this terrible company.

  • Merry Hoppes

    No Internet for the last hour in Raymond Ne 68428!

  • RedBearded T

    Internet and phone was down for a couple hours in the lexington, ky area. They’re back up now but the internet is horribly slow.

  • windstreamsucks

    Brownsville ky _.03 MBS. Download speed .01mbs upload speed for past 1.5 year at least and all they could say is we can offer to disconnect you! No plans to upgrade yet still charging 60/month! They know where we are they are the only ones available legally available here. Otherwise they would loos 1000 customers at least! Rude to out rite meet customer suport. .if at all possible I would find a new dsl if I was y’all!

  • Nelady

    Lincoln, NE, Internet. There is a blizzard, so understandable.

  • David Friedman

    Mooresville NC.. Down since 9am…No end in sight.

  • Shaida

    High Springs, Florida Internet down for 2 hours and counting.

  • Greg

    No web, phone or email for 2 days in kansas city.

  • Dee

    Internet down in high SPRINGS Florida, down since yesterday morning.

  • Sick_Pleasure

    Down and out in Jasper, Ga

  • Sick_Pleasure

    Down in Jasper, Ga

  • thomasjbs

    Windstream down in CA for 17 hours now.

  • Matthew Gray

    Down in Monroe georgia for a week.

  • Knoturday

    Internet outage in Western, PA. Was told the outage is until 4pm Tuesday. Call in and tell them you want your money for the Days it’s been off – they will credit your account.

  • h murray

    man i wish there way an alternative to this junky network in my area it really sucks and has for years

  • Evie Schipper

    I’ve been calling about the SLUGGISH, INTERMITTENT internet for a month, finally eight days ago I was given a fix it ticket #. Two days ago their Windstream truck was in the driveway to turn around, stop on the street doing something, then drive up the street. This went on for 4 hours. Nothing changed on our internet service. I phone today again, the Windstream said that ticket number is closed, she gave me a new number.

  • Karen Georgia

    Here in Canton Georgia for the second time in two weeks!! They should give us a discount for the inconvenience this causes! Time to switch to Comcast. I’ve been paying for high speed internet and my computer is so slow!! Tech help is a joke!! They say it must be my laptop but when I bring it over to my sisters and hook up to Comcast I have lightening speed!

  • Kim Bratcher

    Can make local calls but when calling long distance get recording all long distance circuits are busy

  • Sven Ten

    York nebraska. This is the sixth time this year

  • Guest

    Canton, GA – Phone and internet down since approx 11am yesterday, June 27. Second time this month. (June 4) IDOTS at Windstream are sending someone to our house … even after I told them it is the same issue as June 4 and they didn’t send anyone to our home then!!!!!! ????? Wish Windstream would sell out to a company that knows something about keeping up with their equipment!!! I HATE WINDSTREAM!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Once you finally create a problem ticket ask to speak with billing. BEWARE…they only keep records for about 2 weeks so you will need to speak with billing EVERY time your service is down!!! Windstream sucks!!!!

  • Guest

    PLEASE share the president of Windstream’s contact info here!!! I think we would all like to have a go at this idot!!!

  • Guest

    Wifi hardly ever works. Have been on the phone for several hours at a time the past week. Technicians can hardly be bothered to come and constantly cancel. Was told a new modem would be delivered and never came. Horrible horrible service.

  • Chris Doehr

    Im switching to twc, 50 mbps speed for $60. I pay $75 for 20mbps that always has network issues, no thanks windstream.

  • Chris Doehr

    Get time warner, lesser of two evils lol. Better service and support

  • Patty Robinson Weston

    Currently down in high springs, FL. About 2 hours now.

  • Delbert Strahan

    Windsteam I am in process of hiring a lawyer for a class action lawsuit. I will publically post details for any of your customers to join. This service is crap. I pay for Internet that constantly has problems. I run my business from home and if internet goes out I LOSE MONEY SO NOW ITS GOING TO COST YOU! WHY ARE U THE ONLY PROVIDER THAT HAS ISSUES. DO U EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING BC IN OUR END YOU DONT. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE NEEDS FIRED AND NEW STAFF TRAINED BC THEY DO NOTHING TO HELP. THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE AND IM GETTING MORE PISSED AS THE MINUTES TICK BY AND I STILL HAVE NO INTERNET. EITHER GET WITH THE PROGRAM OR STOP OFFERING SERVICES YOU CANT PROVIDE!!!

  • Janet Redden

    Currently out in Commerce, GA area. This is getting to be Bull! I am tired of this. IF we had another option, I would jump ship in a <3 beat!


    Mooresville, NC Internet has been down since Thursday. Got told it would be fixed Friday. It’s now saturday and it’s still not working. I don’t think itll ever work. :

  • Lorri Mandernach Thomsen

    Collins, Iowa…no Internet or phone line

  • Lorri Mandernach Thomsen

    Same for us! What a joke!!

  • Dani Koski

    Roland Iowa…no internet

  • Susan

    Dahlonega GA internet is out, your maps are not correct, I work from home and I have to provide accurate reports when my system is down….you need to update our system!!! Not to mention provide better service, especially when you have paying customers!!! I am not losing my job because you all cannot get your service properly working!!!

  • danny

    Indian Trail, NC.. havent had internet sevice for a straight week which led up to a very high cell phone bill. Please fix it

  • Stephanie

    Internet down in Berea Ky. Been down since noon

  • Mike A. Maluchnik

    Internet down Inow Emporium, Pa again. Second night in a row

  • Ronda Whitford

    Windstream internet down in Jamestown NY again at our place.

  • Lorri Mandernach Thomsen


  • Lisa

    coaldale, pa internet down since 4am today. 3rd outage in 2 weeks. the recorded message has not been updated and just says that ‘expected resolution time was supposed to have been at 6:30 this morning. it is now 2:30 pm.

  • Jeremy

    Internet in Kershaw and Jefferson SC has been down for a week now, it will work when I unplug and plug back in, but after a few minuts it shuts back down not able to watch movies or play online. Sometimes it will be very very slow, and I have never ever had these issues before.

  • Michael Baker

    Windstream is down in Davidson, NC

  • Amanda

    windstream is down in Forsyth Coutnty, NC

  • Kim Fritton Roberts

    No Internet for 2 days in Jamestown NY

  • Just Meme

    Phone service is down in Shepherdsville, Ky. Why can’t windstream show an up to date of exact locations affected and estimated time of outage on the iniernet?

  • Moi

    Wake up everyday to to internet. In addition, at least 3 days per week it goes down sporadically throughout the day. ALWAYS on Friday through Sunday! Spend more time resetting the router/modem than actually being on-line. Been going through this for 4 mos or so. Gets worse every week. Done paying $45.00 per month for unreliable & problematic isp. Seeking a new provider.
    Campton-Monroe, GA

  • Carol lowater

    No internet for 2 weeks in Dimmitt, Texas.

  • Jessica

    Internet has been out since 9:30 this morning and absolutely have had no communication from Windstream or any idea when it will be working again!!! I run a business from home and can do absolutely nothing with no internet!

  • Beca

    My internet has been out since between the 19-24 of October and is still out why hasn’t it been fixed yet

  • Beca

    I’m in Uniontown,ky

  • Iowahorse

    Slower than frozen molasses flowing uphill in January here in SE IA

  • linda crognale

    No internet for over a week in Collins Ga. They keep telling me that the signal is being sent so it is not their problem. They also told me that it may be the modem and that is also my problem. I informed them that I rent the modem from them. They told me that they would try and someone on Monday to my home. That will make 2 weeks without a service that I pay for every month. This is why they get sued and lose. This is also why I am looking into othed internet companies. This is the worse product and customed sevice that I have dealt with. How are they in business???? In any company I have worked for all of the reps would be fired.

  • Da Vinci

    Down Chatsworth GA

  • Sally Siebert

    Down – 3rd time I’ve had to restart. Time to go elsewhere.

  • Debby O’Donnell

    If your carrier is for a business, maybe I can help. 🙂

  • Jeremy Smith

    Tonight is not so awesome, I’m on my ps4 and it’s not my system. I tried unplugging my ps4, resetting the modem and turning it back on. I’m tired of windstream acting like it’s not their fault. Well then it’s not my fault that I say [email protected]$K you A!%holes big time because I will not be paying for crap every month that does not work.

  • Leslie Cook

    Windstream internet and phone service has been down since Saturday afternoon…called today to report and said no outages reported. 4 of my neighbors who have Windstream also do not have service in Concord NC. Old Salisbury Concord Road / Neisler Road area. 28025

  • Betty

    Why is the internet up and down. I was working and then it said, no internet.. Then in 30-40 minutes it was back.. This is not good.> WHY WHY WHY. It was down for HOURS a couple of weeks ago.. Not reliable and I am a stockholder, …… for now,

  • Nate

    Internet is up and working. Phone services are down yet.

    Most likely Down due to storms that tore through state yesterday

  • Elaine Strickland

    I have internet but no phone. I went out to the box with my land line and get dial tone but not at the jack inside. also it shows on my phone that it is in use. I in plugged my phone at the jack , plugged it back in , nothing . I unplugged the power cord for 2 minutes and still says in use.

  • Wilson

    Internet has been down since early Saturday, June 17, in Kathleen, GA. We were told that the expected resolution time is 6:00 pm June 30. 14 days, unbelievable.

  • Jon Blankenship

    Internet is down as of last night still no internet connection Ashland ky

  • April

    Internet has been down since 8:30am in Chatsworth, GA. What is going on? It’s going on 12 hours!!

  • Ryan

    Texarkana, Ar. High speed internet has been down since 2:30am and still isnt back up.

  • Ryter Guy

    Phone and internet problems in Chatsworth Georgia for the past three days.

    Phone has an echo and DSL either has slow speeds or no connection at all.

  • April

    Windstream internet is down again in Chatsworth, GA. If this continues to be a monthly issue, I’m changing to Charter!

  • Dale Jenkins

    We are in Western Kentucky… our internet service with Wind-stream went down yesterday around 2:00pm & has not come back up as of yet. I believe it is due to the large X-flare that happened the day before. Any one else out in this area?

  • That man ur mom luvs

    Windstream down Clyde Tx area…fix asap i have a college paper due u fuks.

  • Kris

    Highsprings FL down a week

  • Daphne

    Internet has been out since monday 9/11/2017. Its saturday 9/17/2017 and still out. Dawsonville, Ga.

  • Tony Byram

    My internet has been down 8 days from 9/11/2017 through Tuesday 9/19/2017. I have repeatedly called and been told it will be back on by 8 pm for each day this week. Still no internet. I tried to find out where or what the problem is with the service and the answering service replied they did not know. I want to know if it is down lines or their servers down. Not “It will be back on when its on”. Extremely disappointed.

  • Hoelho Art

    Versailles, KY–DSL Internet has been down since 9/20 at 9pm.

  • mystic1der

    My internet is to slow websites will not load. Wifi keeps dropping off my kindle fire.

  • Magan Schrombeck

    Nets been down for an hour. Wtf why.

  • Glenn

    Very weak signal. Cannot even get onto youtube, my friends have the same issues and have done so for two days now.

  • Bob K.

    Internet out since 1:30 PM on March 13 in Rockton PP.

  • T young

    Internet has been down for a couple hours in Irvine ky

  • Denise Farley

    Daviess County MO has had no phone or internet service since around 9 am. Nobody knows why. We have many seniors with health issues who rely on their landlines. What is going on?

  • Tony

    Internet is so slow was slow yesterday but worse today Lone Star,TX

  • Janice Johnston

    I work from home and I have been getting gateway error 404 whenever I try to connect to web pages and is taking forever to load a page, if it even loads it

  • Brent Dugan

    Computer and email fine. web pages load slowly then crash. It’s been this way for 2 weeks and Windstream claims there’s no problem. I installed a new windstream modem and the problem still persists. I’ve run every possible test on my computer but it comes up clean and working fine. No malware either.

  • Sandra honican

    Internet down