WordPress problems

WordPress.com is used all around the world and as of January 2015 it was being used by over 60 million websites. It is a very highly popular system for blogging, and is ranked rather well with its array for high-class features. But, WordPress problems are out there, users have complained about not being able to login, uploading images are being rather slow and much more.

The free open-source software from WordPress allows users to create, update and manage their blog for no cost at all; of course there are premium features at a fee. Operated by Automatic the template and plugin architecture system is a breeze to use, when all running smoothly.

But from time-to-time problems occur and customers have reported in the past that WordPress with GoDaddy can experience technical issues, has had trouble opening in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Other issues worth noting include wordpress themes not rendering or not being responsive enough, uploading images can be rather slow or not working at all, customer service not being helpful and wordpress plugins not updating or disappearing.

Are you having WordPress problems?

Wordpress status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Wordpress is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Wordpress? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Nicola

    My imags are not loading quickly enough, have to sit hear for like 40 seconds waiting for them to load so i can add to set featured.

  • Mason

    Like an idiot I totally forgot to press save draft when in wordpress and i had typed out a 1600 word article. I type straight into WordPress so should have clicked on save draft on a regular basis. I am so annoyed with myself because I have NEVER done this before, must have been engrossed in writing. Is these any way you can have WordPress on an automatic saving setup.

  • Trudy

    I had trouble logging into WordPress yesterday, all day. Today has been wonderful though, when problems happen it makes you appreciated it more.

  • Jean

    I tried to login to wordpress and it said incorrect password etc when i know it is the right one. Has this happened to anyone else lately?

  • Maggie

    Sometimes loading images in wordpress even after using ImageOptin they still take a while to load up to set as featured image.

  • Jean

    Is anyone having the error establishing database connection message pop up for them when trying to login to their WordPress account?

  • David Colon

    I updated wp on 3 of my sites, now all my 22 sites are giving a 404 error message.

  • David

    keep seeing error 502 when in WordPress, this happens when i go to plugins and then add new. The rest of WordPress is fine.

  • Elizabeth

    Posting and loading content onto one of my websites using WordPress is not working, only happening with one particular website.

  • Chrissy

    WordPress must be under maintenance because I cannot even log in to post on my website.Hopefully it will not be down for too long.