WOW Internet

WOW known formerly as ‘Wide Open West’ provides its customers in the United States cable TV, landline telephone and broadband Internet services, which are offered over cable network. One of the main cases for problems would have to be with WOW Internet outage and speed problems, and when these occur they can have a huge impact on its customers.

WOW Internet

But a total WOW outage would be worst-case scenario, this may not happen across the whole of the United States because it could just be intermittent in a certain location. If you have slow or no access to the Internet, please comment below with your location.

Internet is what keeps you online and if you are experiencing any kind of dilemma sharing with the WOW community will help immensely. It allows others to know if it is just they or it is more widespread.

WOW Internet status reports for Tuesday 25th of April 2017

To find out if WOW Internet is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with WOW Internet? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Sam

    I think I am just about done with you wow, its time to say goodbye for good soon. I am always having issues with your Internet or TV.

  • Ting

    WOW cable, what is wrong with you? its just a complete nightmare.

  • Hope

    WOW internet is still down for me in Columbus. So now I have to wait two days for an engineer to come fix it.

  • Gray

    My internet is super slow right now, at least its not down. But looks like we are going back to the old fashioned letter sending soon seeing as it is so slow.

  • JB

    Internet is down in Huntsville, AL.

  • Larse

    WOW Interent is so slow for me, is this happening to anyone else?

  • S.

    Internet & phone is down in Clawson, mi.

  • Cain

    Do WOW adjust billing via email? I think not, so how would they do so?

  • Bruce Falls

    Down in Hazel Park MI right now.

  • Sidney

    WOW Internet seems to be down more than up lately. I am in Michigan just for interest.

  • Kyle

    Internets down in Huntsville right now has been for a couple of hours the cable was out for awhile earlier even when the internet is up it’s slow can’t help but be reminded of the old knology and how awful it was if it wasn’t for the lack of other providers in my area I would’ve never gotten this service to begin with

  • Tee Tran

    Internet are down in Saint Petersburg Florida just now!

  • Martin Carrier

    WOW tv has been down for hours now. Internet was down, but came back, still fading in and out. Melvindale, MI. (by Dearborn and Detroit)

  • Kat Sharp

    Ok hilliard, ohio here (columbus area) been dealing with speed & outage issues for the past few weeks! It’s down more frequently than working, & even on the off chance it is working, it’s only a fraction of the speed my family pays for! What will WOW do about this? You are losing alot of consumers due to this.

  • Elaine

    Harvest Ala plixlated tv since Monday. Terrible timing..can’t watch football. They said they are working on it. Well a week is not ok. I want a credit but more …I want to watch football.

  • danny newton

    My internet os down in madison

  • Emilee

    Prattville, Al also

  • George Giese

    Is any one having problems today or is it just me

  • Robin Moy

    Having problems with the router and dns server In Warren MI

  • Daniel Vogler

    Tv and internet both are down. Columbus Ohio.

  • Danielle

    TV and Internet is down. Garden city mi

  • Deanna

    Problems with the Internet and wifi keeps disconnecting, Hammond Indiana

  • Karen Densel

    Internet down going on day 2!!!!

  • John Ricker

    Internet down since yesterday at around 6pm EST. Just got off the phone with WOW Support, was told it only went down as of today (obviously B.S.). Was told to call back tomorrow if it’s not back online. They really need to setup a status page at this point, it’s crap. Largo, Florida

  • StPete

    Totally out in St Pete Florida

  • Kev Det

    Slow internet speed Columbus Ohio. Really slow

  • Michael

    Little or no internet access Taylor Michigan

  • lauren

    TV and Internet both down as of 1 hour ago. Columbus Ohio

  • Miles West

    Down in Ferndale Michigan as of 15 min ago. 1:04 AM.

  • Aric Koson

    Out here in N Olmsted, ohio since 430pm

  • Michael Lockhart

    I have phone service, but no onternet connectivity… wi-fi network seems to be ok

  • yesena

    Internet down evansville indiana

  • chuckler

    Totally down (internet, phone, tv) in the Chicago suburbs Friday from Noon to 4PM. Down again this morning from 8 to 9:30

  • James Pham

    Internet down in st. Pete, fl. I just switched to WOW too…

  • Samples

    Internet down Huntsville Alabama

  • Tim

    Been down in Charleston since at least 7:40am and no eta as to when it will be back up.

  • Christian

    I live In north Charleston south Carlina and I use wow and its slow when I play games online it lags a lot and on my phone its slow the box is in my kitchen and when I’m in my room which is not far from the kitchen its super slow and I’m sick of it wow needs to fix there wifi

  • Patty

    WOW Internet is all of a sudden not working for me.

  • Nancy Louise Papineau

    No cable TV at all, Internet off & on columbus oh

  • Troy

    37923 – Has been intermittent but now is down.

  • Charles Wheeler

    Appears to be up now in 37923

  • Conor

    Columbus Ohio, down for last hour and counting…

  • Christina O’Connor

    Sterling Heights internet down. We just got done with a three day cable outage!!!!! Now this…really!!

  • Connor Emsley

    Harrison Township TV Interrupted.

  • Stephanie Christine Morano

    Evans, Ga no internet connection. Two weeks no connection, one day internet, the next nothing.

  • David Bogardus

    Bexley, Ohio seems to be having an issue. I have no internet.

  • Paul Rettig

    Warren, MI having spotty internet service with it being down earlier this morning.

  • TheTeenyTiny

    43221(Columbus, OH) internet down since around 5PM.

  • Chris Cpg Galpin

    Riverview Michigan been down since last night. WOW. There’s nothing but problems constantly with your service and our neighborhood offers nothing else. I think you need to give the people free service for a month. HORRIBLE as always.

  • Erik

    I called WOW to see the issue, they had a pre-recorded prompt before I talked to anyone that said Cable is down for the entire state of Michigan.

  • Lisa

    Internet and cable has been down since 800pm 7.8.16 with no etc when it will be back up! Taylor Mi

  • RaChill

    Down in Allen Park since it came on briefly when power was restored at 8 30 last night

  • PT43221

    Down in 43221

  • xtinebalog

    Down in fort Gordon GA. Hopefully I won’t need a tech to come and fix because couple months I go I have to pay their tech to come and do a minute or two work out side the house!!!!

  • Laura

    I’m on post too.. It’s out here as well.

  • xtinebalog

    glad to know its not only us…. It seems to be working now but too slow.

  • James

    Down in Allen Park, MI for days now. No sign of it coming back. Is WOW! even working on this?

  • Julie

    Internet down in Madison Al

  • Anne Shultz

    Internet down in North St Petersburg FL. All Day!!!

  • Keith

    Down intermittently in north Alabama for the last two weeks.

  • Doug

    Internet down in Clearwater, FL…

  • James

    Internet down in Palm Harbor,FL

  • Brian Taylor

    Internet and cable down in St. Petersburg, FL since last night.

  • Skinner

    Down in Columbus, OH.

  • Bill Franklin

    Lincoln park ,Michigan Internet down right now

  • Taylor BurtonEdwards

    Down in Columbus, GA

  • CoralSands75

    Down now in Huntsville AL

  • CoralSands75

    Complain to corporate through website and demand service charge be removed.

  • Erica

    Down in chicago

  • Look @ ma Sketchers

    Having connection issues in Tampa, Florida. Internet and cable is disconnecting every 5 minutes. Have tried everything to fix the issue, no positive results yet.

  • Drew H.

    It’s working here in Huntsville,AL, but the speeds are terrible. Netflix quality is grainy and keeps freezing. No 4K programming available on Netflix because the speeds are so slow. Please fix!

  • Diana

    Been down in Chicagoland suburbs since Thursday afternoon. Three days and no answers or resolution. So very frustrating.

  • L

    No service in Fraser, Michigan area. Out all evening.

  • River

    Tried to disconnect lines. Tried having wow reboot from their end. Happening every evening lately. Was just slow. Now their assistance remotely totally killed my phone and Internet. Clinton Twp Michjgan.

  • Paul Kicklighter

    Down in Huntsville for the last three hours.

  • Susan Daney

    Internet thru AT&T/Verizon down 22-26 of September 4.5 days! I was told it was a bad port ???

  • Rick Sherk

    I have no internet in Hastings Michigan it’s been down for three to four hours

  • Anthony Joseph Brun

    Got off the phone with WOWWAY somebody used a backhoe to dig and cut the internet fiber optic cable so they have to wait for consumers to get done with there repair as soon as it’s done then they can move in and fix it and that’s going to take about anywhere between 6 to 7 hours so just bear with them

  • Chris Blake

    Columbus Ohio, it’s been out since about 10:45 AM.

  • Roger Atlas

    No service since 9am in Lawrence KS

  • Dan Tegarty

    Cable and Internet down for the last few hours. North Royalton, Ohio.

  • Peter m

    Internet down in Columbus. And there’s probably more complaints but people don’t wanna create and account just to update THAT THERE’S NO SERVICE

  • Jesse Barnett

    Evansville ,IN October 14-15 most domains can’t be found that I frequently use . Google and Facebook come in but I don’t remember any other domains that could be found. Using Verizon in order to do this. Service issues may be older than these two days but I was out of town.

  • Brandie Alexander

    Internet and TV down in Madison Alabama

  • bflosue

    Internet down in Charleston SC (West Ashley) as of 3:15 pm Nov 9.

  • Robin

    Internet is down

  • MrMojoRisin

    Internet is down/up/down/up in Charleston, SC – November 29, 2016 @ 12:05PM

  • Wogman75

    Down in Cleveland, OH right now

  • Justin Taylor

    Down in Taylor michigan right now.

  • Phil459

    Seems to be down in Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana

  • April Roga

    Down in Knoxville, TN

  • marteque

    Down in Saint Clair Shores, MI. Really annoying.

  • Tim Yorty

    Down in Eaton Rapids all day.

  • My input

    Down in grass lake but it seems to get better sound and picture than usual since being down :-)

  • Tom Klaber

    constant interruptions here in South Euclid OH. It looks like stealth data capping.

  • Matt H

    Down I Lawrence ks since 1130 cdt. We have to retail stores full of customers we can’t do anything with. Hope they get this fixed asap

  • Miranda Tucker

    Same at my store in Northern Lawrence.

  • Terence

    I live in Lawrence and my internet stopped working. upstream and downstream lights on modem are orange. Do we know what the problem is?

  • Todd Castrellón Forbes II

    Internet has been down in Basehor KS since 12:00pm

  • Adam Hafdahl

    Down in Lawrence near Iowa & Clinton since about 12 noon.

  • Celly B

    I heard a fiber line got cut and that’s the issue for Lawrence and the surrounding area.

  • Miranda Tucker

    From what I have heard is that someone cut a fiber cable and the entire town plus Tonganoxie is out.

  • Jesus D

    I need my internet back up, I work from home, this is costing me a lot of money.

  • Bradley

    Wow has been down intermittently for the last two days. This is getting insane. Wow needs to address this issue and provide some sort of compensation because their service is far to expensive to allow this much down time that is being paid for.

  • Amy Day

    Internet in Basehor KS is still down (six hours now), aling with 2-3 hours yesterday for same issue. Please help.

  • Ryan

    Yep Basehor internet down all day. Seems like a weekly thing lately.

  • Shelley Lawrence Durbak

    1-12-17 no internet, no phone in Madison,AL

  • Dave Wilder

    Out in Pinellas County area in Florida.

  • Richard Smith

    Internet is up and down in Auburn, AL. Goes from 30 meg to < 1 meg. Been doing this for last 4-5 days.

  • shades2u

    SUPER SLOW here in Augusta, GA. Taking minutes for pages to load. if they load.

  • Irma Arellano

    Internet slow (can’t load Facebook, son’s can’t play games, can’t watch Netflix) for two weeks almost. Potterville, Michigan.

  • Marika Zemke

    Down in Royal Oak, Mi

  • Amy Patrick

    Internet is down in Homer, MI

  • Mrs ziggy

    Wow internet slow in St Petersburg FL

  • Leo A. Gallego

    Wow! Back up St. Pete, FL

  • lyn

    3.00 download speed when I’m paying for 30…been like this for over a month and nothing had gotten done…charlotte mi

  • Dave Stepka Jr.

    2-13-17 internet and cable down in Strongsville OH

  • Phoenix Deanna Huth

    Evansvile in down :(

  • susan donnelly

    I have no internet in Grovetown GA it seems all too common on Saturday nights

  • Phyllis Waye

    Cable working but No Internet access. 4pm Delaware Ohio. Had the same thing happen for a while yesterday too. Not cool considering this is only the 4th day that we have been WOW customers.

  • Dimitre Tomov

    Schaumburg, IL. Talked to customer service and they told me my modem could be broken. Got a new one from Best buy now all of a sudden they have an outage in the area!?

  • Jon Hamby

    No internet north Evansville, in

  • Brittany

    No internet in Macomb mi
    This is horrible I’ve had so many problem with it being so slow.

  • Manic Morzan

    its down is huntsville AL, its been doing this for a week, going down, slow connections, slow loading….normally i do not have issues but the last few months it was slow, and random outs but not going out frequently..but here the last week or 2, its out every few hours..and then gets super slow…

  • Vandergrift01

    Down in Delaware Ohio right now… Typically it’s pretty good, but not today.

  • Rick Nelson

    Internet is out in Huntsville, AL. Cable is still working, but sometimes freezes or pixelates.

  • Rob West

    Intermediate internet Panama City Beach , FL 32407

  • Jessica Prout

    Semi took out a line around 9:10 this morning and still no cable or internet.

  • Rob West

    Seems to be back up Panama City Beach, FL 32407

  • Jason Earhart

    Down and out. Has been sketchy all day and the past couple weeks. Columbus GA.

  • Jonathan Mayer

    Internet just died around 9am. Thought I was having modem/router issues. Appears wow is dead in the water right now.

  • Theresa Morgan Alford

    Canton Michigan and the service has been off for the last 2 hours

  • AmericanBandSCAN

    Internet is out in Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48125

  • Vonrek

    What an amazing idea an internet site to report lack of internet access with no Customer Service phone numbers.
    This is the type of top notch service we can expect?

  • Tamara Tompkins

    No internet in Albion mi.

  • AmericanBandSCAN

    Still nothing

  • Rachel Bieber

    Internet down harrison township,mi

  • annekarima53

    Does Columbus Ohio have service? I haven’t had cable since this morning and it’s been acting up for days.

  • Eric

    I hvent had cable or internet since Thursday pm.

  • Melissa

    Internet been out since Wednesday afternoon here in lowell,Michigan.

  • Edwina Annabelle

    Internet down speed from 30 mb now only 2.95 :-/ I’m in troy mi 48083 stephenson hwy and 15,5 mile

  • Briana

    ours has been slow the past 2 days in Southgate, Michigan

  • Dan baker

    Down in saranac mi

  • Jonathan Poppell

    Down in Decatur Al

  • Harry

    WOW cable and internet is down in Largo FL

  • Harry

    Expected down time 3 to 4 hours

  • Steve

    Largo,fla down???

  • Steve

    What time did you call? And any idea when it will be restored?

  • Bret George

    Been down in Detroit area since Saturday around 5 PM

  • Gillian Jones

    Down for 24hours can’t purchase new level

  • Elizabeth Jones

    Down since mid-Saturday in central Ohio.

  • Kevin Kozlowski

    Down in saint Petersburg fl

  • Vandergrift01

    Down in Delaware, Ohio right now. Internet, and video. Wow has been so unreliable for the last two months, about to end the relationship here.

  • Pamela Klein

    internet down in Detroit :(

  • Angie

    Down in Delaware, Ohio on and off all week, but this evening is the worst. I take online courses and I’m an extremely UNHAPPY customer right now.

  • Scott Bensley

    Hi I also live in Delaware, Ohio and every night between 8:00 and 10:00 my internet slows or completely goes out this seems to be an issue in our area it’s bull$$$$ and is unacceptable fix the problem WOW or you are going to lose alot of customers fix the problem now please, here it’s Sunday the 9th of April and I have to wait till Thursday for service the 13th l get a 9.00 credit “WOW” bull$$$$!!! Service is horrible.

  • Lou McCallister

    Down in Dothan, Al. Going on 48 hrs as of 13:35 hrs Fri.14th

  • ACE

    Down in Dothan Al since Friday. No phone or Internet