WWE 2K17 servers not working

WWE 2K17 servers not working! This is something you never want to happen, but sadly it does now and then and we at Is Down Right Now USA are here for you to vent out your thoughts.

The world of wrestling within a simulation game is vigorous and rather entertaining when you can get online and fight, but when WWE 2K problems occur this is where some player may get a little angry.

Published by 2K Sports and developed by Visual Concepts and Yuke’s you know this is a great game when running the way it’s supposed to, but problems can hinder the game. Other issues have involved players not being able to login, getting kicked out of games, as well as DLC packs not downloading properly.

If you own the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 or Microsoft Windows and are having WWE 2K17 problems please do share below with your issue / platform / location.

WWE 2K status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if WWE 2K is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with WWE 2K? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jerry

    I got kicked from WWE last night, but I went back in and all has been fine since. That was a weird glitch and have no idea what happened.

  • Dwayne

    Not able to get online, is this a problem my end or is WWE 2K15 servers down?

  • Lenny

    This game is awesome and never had any problems at all.

  • Aleaha

    I am in North Carolina and the 2K servers are down for me i think. If this happens once more then i will not be buying another 2K game. I keep getting booted for WWE 2K15 and its just not funny at all.

  • Grace

    I was right in the middle of a great fight and then snatch from me thanks to getting booted offline.

  • Joe mansfield

    Only able to get into community creations every five tries and once on only stays for about 6 seconds before network error message this is garbage

  • Onionman

    Here in Pa keep getting message of an error on the server for wwe 2k15 for Xbox 360

  • StraightEdgeSin

    Its everywhere, WWE2K15 servers are obviously down and im not sure how long they’ll be down for but the last time this happened to 2k servers it took them around a week to fix any server bugs. 2k may have there servers down so they can take away the hacked move~sets in the wwe creations or maybe someone has hacked the main fraim/server, I am also encountering this problem my idea is to just leave WWE2K15 alone for about are week and then try to use the online accessories

  • StraightEdgeSin

    It might not be your game it could be your source of internet and it could be the console your on, just check your internet strength it will constantly keep booting you offline or booting you from online games if your reception is only at say 1 or 2 bars if it’s above 1 or 2 bars then it might be your console.

  • ky

    when will they be up

  • ky

    do u know


    I cant get online at all otf 2k is straight garbage

  • Jay Acton

    I’ve been trying for days.


    Now I cant even get the game to start i try to play and it disconnects me from xbox live then kicks me back to home screen wtf. Smh

  • Luis Malaret

    I am from New Jersey & my online service for both my WWE 2K14 & 2K15 for both PS3 & X-Box360 as not been working for the last 2 weeks. Can anyone help me out!

  • Justin Roberts

    I am from Jersey City, New Jersey and my online service today on my Xbox 360 is down for WWE 2K15. I just found out today that it doesn’t work.

  • Brandon Dice

    I can’t play the game without installing the update?!? Wtf?!?!?

  • Joe

    2K servers playing up for me for the first time in like 4 months, not able to play WWE 2K15 as it will not open at all for me online.

  • Trevor

    WWE 2k15 for ps3 is not letting me get online for the past two days! Keeps saying server suspended. I don’t know if this because 2k16 is coming out in 2 days or what. I just wanna play online. It’s no fun playing offline when you have done everything there is to do!

  • Hank

    2k support is a joke 6 tickets in less then 2 months for repetitive issues such as this , They immediately tried sweeping it under the rug as it was merely game console error and nothing else typical THQ like response . Expect WWE2K16 to be exactly the same issues over and over and watch just how quick the servers get bombardment of porn as texture logo like all of 2k15 has been

  • Mr Annoyed

    My wwe 2k15 is working since 3 weeks ago. When I put in the disc it get stuck and I have to take the switch off at the main to get out the console. It’s really annoying especially their games are so expensive. Guest I will be discouraging anyone from buying their games.

  • Batman

    Says I’m not logged into the psn

  • wwefan4eva


  • Zedrick Curley

    The server is down and it keeps saying that an error occurred in that server. WWE 2K NEEDS TO FIX THIS NOW!!!

  • what


  • Josh

    Ww2k15 servers down in Charlotte NC 12:18 am July 7 2016

  • Isaac

    Why are the servers down still, like why cant wwe 2k fix this problem?? Do they not know??? How can we get them to fix it??

  • Sgt. Wolf

    what’s up with the WWE 2k15 severs? I swear they’ve been down for at least a month… not sure if anyone else is having the same problem, but it’s REALLY annoying.

  • Sgt. Wolf

    I play on 360, in AB, Canada

  • Tyling

    It tells me to check my connection but my connection works on everyone other game
    Orlando Fl

  • Tony J Washington

    My wwe 2k15 on my Xbox one not let me go community creations it keep saying that a network error has occurred you are currently disconnected from the network

  • Nigel Thomas

    WWE 2K15 servers currently suspended in the UK. Bloody useless.

  • Street-killer

    I live in Italy and i have the same problem

  • Tricia Johnston Di Ponio

    WWE 2K15 online services suspended for PS4 HELP

  • lee jay

    Www 2k15 servers are not anvail..

  • larry may

    I have Xbox 360 it tells me an error has occurred while connecting to the wwe 2k15 server please check your connection and try again later but my connection is just fine I think they won’t do anything intell after the release of the new game I hope I’m wrong I hope its fixed very soon

  • Saurav

    WWE 2k15 is one of the famous game but it tells 2k servers are currently suspended why?please reply my question…

  • Saurav

    did you got how to run it now

  • Junior den

    I live in Kazakhstan at me writes that “the server isn’t available try later”

  • Rash12356

    My online service is not working

  • Shubham Gaikwad

    Server is suspended dude …. how do i fix it ???

  • Lisa de Haas

    W2K15 has been down on PS4 in the UK for a few days already. Is anyone investigating/handling this?

  • Patrick Flynn

    Any idea when the WWE 2k17 server will be up?

  • Branden Dawkins

    I need help getting the community creations on wwe 2k17 to work pronto please how do i get the community creations network connection to work

  • Witnie Gilliland

    I am having problems out of my wwe 2k17. Server On ps3 ..how do I fix it

  • Mysterio Uchiha

    Like it works when I login.But when I try to login to the story it freezes me out the game.

  • Robert

    I can’t play on line