Xbox Live status and problems

Online multiplayer gaming platform Xbox Live experiences problems on a daily basis, and Xbox One, 360 gamers etc are always reporting issues with the online service by Microsoft. The Xbox live status report is normally minimal with its information; most of the time people turn to the likes of Twitter to look for answers when the service is down or experiencing problems.

Xbox Live problems with the server and account login occur on a regular basis lately where gamers are having issues with Destiny, Advanced Warfare and many other games. It was only recently the Xbox friends list was down and out, these sort of issues crop up as so do Xbox connection, sign-in problems and much more.

Xbox Live Gold is a paid service with free games every month, and when the Xbox One released the free games they started of with indie titles. Do you have any problems with your Xbox Live and the Xbox One? If you do, please be sure to share them below with your problem and location.

Xbox Live status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Xbox Live is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Xbox Live? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jude

    Signing into Xbox Live is a problem my end, does anyone have a clue as to what is happening?

  • Hayden

    Losing connection all of the time, guess i will not be playing destiny today, ok so i will try cod aw. not happening either, so peed off its unreal.

  • Brent

    I have not turned on my Xbox One today, to be fair I am dreading switching it on in fear of not being able to sign-in like the last two days.

  • Lana

    How come it is on day two and my game has still not downloaded? Since the terrible garbage that happened to Xbox live over Christmas i have had nothing but issues since then. Login problems, crashing, games not downloading.

  • Lance

    I have to renew my Xbox live soon, but if they do not sort out getting us all back online i am going to forget signing back up. Forget it.

  • Natalie

    Is anyones xbox live down at the moment is Australia? I know this site says USA at the top but hey its one world my darlings.

  • Aston

    My Xbox One keeps freezing on me upon start up let alone trying to get onto Xbox Live. I am wireless so will try restarting router to see if that works. If it doesn’t then i haven’t a clue why its doing that unless its a fault console.

  • Chase

    Im gonna go back to PlaysStation, I have no idea why I left for the Xbox One its always offline.

  • Moby

    I can sign in to profiles but for some reason cannot use any of its features.

  • Grant

    I am having problems signing into xbox live, not happy with this at all.

  • Spence

    I have the 360 and keep getting disconnected. Are you?

  • Scot

    Cannot enter any in-game matches at the moment.

  • Whit

    Not able to access CoD AW in Indiana

  • Kimmey

    Xbox is still down for me, how long is this going on for?

  • jen

    Looking at server status reports and its all red, its crazy.

  • Stew

    Error code after I try to sign in, even though my details are correct, stuff you Xbox Live.

  • Andrea

    I keep getting kicked for Call of Duty AW online, I get back in and then get kicked again. Frustrating is the polite word i will use here, in my head h dear trust me the words are totally different.

  • Silvik

    Is anyone having xbox live problems today, let me know what area because i am down in new york.

  • Chubbie

    28 hours and counting and still cannot connect to Xbox Live.

  • Zac

    I pay for Xbox Live just the same as millions of other players, They earn money when we spend so much money to play games etc and yet we cannot even play them because Xbox Live is always down. I keep getting disconnected. All they will tell you is “Clear your cache. amongst other stuff that doesn’t work.

  • Julie

    Sort out connectivity or i will not be renewing my xbox live subscription.

  • Roxy

    I am in New York and cannot login.

  • Dougy

    Not able to log in Pennsylvania.

  • Tre

    Not logging in to Xbox Live, It is not my Interent so I am gussing its Microsofts end unless it s CoD AW end.

  • ben

    I’m not able to sign in and getting error code 8015000A.

  • Dave

    status page mentions core services are down for Xbox Live on both systems.

  • Danny

    Xbox Live is down on April 13, no updates on official twitters and no time for when things will come back up so we can play fifa online.

  • Billy

    Down in London, 4/13.

  • Lee

    is xbox live down for everyone or is it just me today? Not seen anything on social channels for Xbox.

  • tony

    cant sign in on xbox one in nyc, usa.

  • Chubbie

    Xbox Live was down for about 5 hours for me, it is now back up and running.

  • Roberts

    Back up now in Texas after hours of no online gaming.

  • Jill

    Xbox life off for 4 hours but now back up in Ontario, Canada

  • CJ

    I get to sign-in to Xbox Live and then after a few moments i get kicked out again. This is more annoying than anything I know.

  • Melany

    Now! Do we blame Microsoft or our ISP for constant down time (Not being able to login to Xbox Live)?

  • Jeff

    Xbox Live is down once again, all I have to say is, “Microsoft, you are terrible and need a revamp of some sort.”

  • Tim

    Forget going over to PSN gaming, both this and Xbox Live are the same – RUBBISH when it comes to staying online. When PSN was free things worked very well indeed, as soon as PLUS came out and we were charged for a service it become a non-service because it never bloody works.

  • Jan

    I have an Xbox 360 and can connect to wifi easy, but yet on my Xbox One I cannot connect. This is seriously a a problem I do not like one little bit.

  • Macie

    Xbox Live social is down, trying to chat with a friend in either a private or party chat seems challenging. Not even able to play online with a freind, not liking Xbox Live the last few weeks.

  • Lorron

    Not really worth spending money every year on Xbox Live if this is the sort of trouble we are always going to have. Xbox used to be the best for online gameplay, but now it seems it is just as bad as PlayStation Plus.

  • Fisher

    On my Xbox One and it is not letting buy anything from the store. Some games are not able to get my saves wither, what is going on i am paying good money for this service.

  • Lardel

    Party Chat and Multi-Play gaming are out of action.

  • Murdoch

    Xbox Live in down in Nashville.

  • John

    I am down in Memphis, cannot get part chat.

  • Larry

    Not able to use any game save content.

  • Matt

    I put in my email and password as requested to sign into Xbox Live and yet it keeps disconnecting me not letting me stay in. I try again and it says incorrect password etc.

  • Ryan

    I am really worried now because Lizard Squad are back in full force and took down PSN, they say they have plans and my guess it is us here on Xbox Live. Do you agree they are coming back to take Xbox down?

  • Faith

    Game keeps shutting down, trying to login is a nightmare sometimes, connection issues, and many more issues. These are just some that are rather annoying.

  • Raymond

    Paying for Xbox Live just to be kicked out all the time, what the hell.

  • Giles

    Knock the yearly subscription fee down a little, at least this is some sort of comfort. Or give us all a year for free seeing as most of the time we cannot play gaming online with friends.

  • Jenson

    The Lizards are already planning something that is for sure. They are actually calling this one a crusade and many are believing Xbox Live is going to be hit. People are already moaning about the service being down but this hasnt happened to me yet. But I know its coming for sure. Buckle down and get ready for the offline time.

  • Jmar

    My Xbox Live is connected to the Internet via WiFi and my Internet speed test is brilliant. Yet I am unable to sign in, so i am unable to play online with friends, there was no pint in buying this rubbish.

  • Damien

    Xbox Live is disconnection on a regular basis lately, happening like every hour which is stupid now.

  • Giles

    Dont you think Xbox Live has enough problems at the moment when trying to login, so we really do not need Lizard Squad messing things up even more. What benefit does it have for Lizard Squad to mess with Xbox Live and PSN servers. I do not get it.

  • Sanjay

    Trying to play Battlefield Hardline online but keep having connections issues with multiplayer, all it wants to do is keep loading.

  • Meghan

    Not able to get past the loading screen on all Xbox One games. Is this a widespread problem or location based?

  • Isra

    Keep getting disconnected from Destiny, I also have the PlayStation (Yes im a gaming geek) and on my PS4 i can play online, play on Xbox One cannot play Destiny online keep getting booted.

  • Nic

    Even thought the Xbox Live status page says all is well and runnign with no issues, the same cannot be said my end. Not able to sign in.

  • Sea

    On and on it keeps on going, getting kicked from the servers all the time. This is gettign stupid now that i have spent so much money to play games and cannot.

  • Junior Vasquez

    lizard squad!!!!! having same problemswith x box live as when they attacked in december

  • Imir

    Tried playing Destiny and cannot sign into Xbox Live, is lizard squad playing again?

  • andrew

    I keep getting disconnected from Xbox live itself! I’ll play borderlands 2 five minutes later I’ll get kicked off. Same with YouTube. Sometimes I can host a game or join one and it won’t have issues, nor any lag. YouTube doesn’t lag at all either even before I get disconnected. All other devices that us wifi work fine . 7 days ago is when this all started i couldnt even join my friends party but i did today .his friend kept getting kicked from the party as well as me ,but after i got kicked it automatically rejoined the party again and again .he claims that his friend wasnt having any issues until i joined the party. Ive played with people who have horrible connection ,but nothing like that has ever happened in a party . Is anybody else having issues like this ?
    we clearly were not ready for next gen .not only is the 360 suffering but one is as well . Which is precisely why i will not be buying an xbox one .

  • Brit

    Xbox Live not working in Austin Texas, access to connection is limited. Most of the time cannot login.

  • Larry

    Is anyone having issues with Xbox Live right now? I have no Xbox Dashboard or Friends List.

  • Danny

    I keep being asked to enter my password and email to login when i know i am putting the correct details in to login to Xbox Live, this is a joke.

  • Jenny

    Xbox Live is becoming a joke, keeps asking me for email and password even though i put the correct details in. Getting silly now.

  • James

    Today is the day of CoD AW Supremacy, are you able to download right now or not?

  • Morag

    For some reason when i went to my Xbox One my profile was offline, i dint even logout, which is the first weird part. Now when i enter my email and password its saying it is wrong when i know it is right. So now i have to change everything.

  • Greg

    What is happening to Microsoft? They are getting worse when providing a service such as Xbox Live. How the heck can they call it LIVE its always DEAD.

  • Keith

    Not able to sign in, all i want to do is play CoD AW new zombies map. When I was on damn the new map is good. wow. But very frustrating not being able to play down to being kicked Xbox Live.

  • Beth

    I am with Comcast and also have the Xbox One, i am unable to connect to Xbox Live, is this a problem with xbox or comcast as i have no other device to test internet. My phone is being fixed otherwise i would check net status on that.

  • Tucker

    I used to take the mickey out of people on PlayStation because of there service, but you know what i hold my head down in shame because PSN is a pile of poo. I have actually gone out and purchased the Xbox One because got so annoyed not being able to play online most of the time.

  • Tammie

    I got ESO for my Xbox One and not able to login, i know this has nothing to do with Xbox Live but i am stressed after spending money and not being able to play my game.

  • Jake

    I need to renew my Xbox Live Gold subscription and it will not let me, this is stupid because now i cannot play online.

  • Jiles

    Always having problem getting online, I am starting to wonder if we need a new name rather than Red Ring of Death, can anyone think of a catchy name for now getting online.

  • Hank

    I cannot renew my Xbox Live subscription, i have tried many times and its not happening. How do i do it because i want to play online and purchase map packs etc.

  • Mutaman

    I keep having technical issues when trying to pay for my renewal. Is this happening to anyone else as would like to know if its my end only, thank you?

  • Edith

    Xbox Live is not working for me on June 17, 2015.

  • Nicole

    Xbox Live is down, I cannot do anything online. What am I actually paying for now?

  • Vladimir

    Playing Destiny and then get connection loss. What is happening now?

  • Nick

    The Xbox Live server status says that social and gaming are limited. Apparently there are issues with matchmaking, slacker radio and viki are limited. But what has this got to do with Destiny being down? Because I am unable to play online.

  • Jess

    Getting logged out, not surprise there then hey gamers?

  • Lorde

    I am back in now but about 2 hours ago i was kicked. Happened a fair few times yesterday as well.

  • Wagner

    Partychat is not working which means i cannot talk to friends, keep getting disconnected from Destiny and yet you want my money still.

  • Leisha

    Not letting me sign in to Xbox Live, I have tried about 10 times now and nothing. My Internet connection is fine so its not a fault my end.

  • Mike Teufel

    Keep disconnecting my internet is fine. Tests comeback good playing advance Warefare

  • Larry

    Got kicked out of Destiny Nightfall last night on my PS4, was not happy at all I can tell you.

  • Jane

    Cannot get my Xbox Live app working, is there a problem with the apps server system?

  • Devin

    Great! I was nearly finished with my game download and then Xbox Live decides to go offline, now i have to start all over again as it did not leave off for where it went offline. Bloody annoying.

  • Danny

    It is the best feeling in the world to pay for Xbox Live and not being able to play online games like Destiny. So good to be giving money away and help a good charity out called Microsoft. Thank you Microsoft for taking my money and spending it on other services and leaving us gamers without online gaming, wow.

  • Clive

    Xbox Live status says all is ok and running but for me i am offline and NOT running.

  • Janet

    Down is San Francisco

  • Kurtis

    Cannot access multiplayer mode in Destiny on my Xbox One.

  • Evan

    Cannot join other members in online games.

  • Peter

    joining multiplayer matches seems to be a problem.

  • Jesse

    I just got kicked from GTA V, is this an Rockstar or Xbox Live issue?

  • Max

    I have connection CHECK, i am signed in CHECK, I cannot play online still CHECK. Whats going on?

  • Kerry

    Gamescom is amazing, but hey the new Halo multiplayer which is now official goes live will slow things up a little.

  • Rena

    Is there a way I can Xbox Live for free, then that way I do not feel I am getting ripped off when i cannot play online gaming.

  • Bobbie

    About time we all got at least one-years free live service seeing as the other 6 months of the year has been on and off with online gameplay. I have been playing campaign modes only as that doesn’t need online. Might as well call it Xbox not so live but campaign.

  • Danny

    I have the xbox one and canno tjoin any GTA 5 sessions.

  • Swatay

    Friends list gone like usual. Sure glad I have a ps4 and not have to deal with this constant BS

  • Julia

    Went down on me last night, then after an hour it came back. Now today its down again, what the hell is going on Microsoft?

  • Garrett

    When I first bought my Xbox One I was like wow, this really is the best kit i have had in years. Even went from PS3 to PS4 and then straight to the One. But now I am starting to wonder if I made the right decision. Keeps cutting me off from playing Destiny online.

  • Minnie

    Connection to Xbox Live is yet again not happening. Stupid technology, maybe its about time the Atari came out.

  • Melvin

    I was talking with some person on Live Chat but for some reason they do not have the time frame for my problem. Which means it not be resolved, they are not giving me any refund for not being abe to play Destiny for like 2 weeks now because i keep getting booted offline.

  • Whizzy

    I am not able to login under my own name, yet my friend can login under his name on my Xbox One. This is strange.

  • Wes Petersen

    For me, down 48 hours.

  • Larry

    Xbox Live is down right now, surely this has something to to with the new demo launch of FIFA 16.

  • Bill

    Xbox Live is down yet again, i am not able to get on right now. I am getting error code 8015820A!

  • Sofie

    Xbox Live is having issues with its NFL app. But would this surely knock the whole server down? I am not too sure, there is more to this i think.

  • Zhorxx

    So am I 🙁

  • Cory Craft


  • Robert Foraker

    dammit xbox live you are preventing me from downloading the new destiny update

  • Laura Kelly

    Least i know its not just mine. Hope its up and running for fifa 16 demo

  • Ladiie Rochelle

    My 360 isn’t allowing me to log in. Error 8015820A which, I’m guessing, is this issue now. Ugh

  • Ladiie Rochelle

    Somewhat glad it’s not just me. Still sucks …

  • Jack Cameron

    its destiny the new maps

  • Laura Kelly

    Didnt think they were out till next week

  • Jonathon Wesley Bishop

    this i bulshit

  • Jonathon Wesley Bishop

    xbox is turning into GARBAGE

  • familyfirst5

    What is happening?

  • Scrub Lord

    this is total bolloks im here with 7 people waiting for destiny and… we all pulled out our laptops thanks xbox live

  • Cory

    It is currently September 8th 2015 and my Xbox 360 refuses to connect to the internet even though every other device picks up Wi-Fi in my house. Is the Live service down right now? I live on the east coast in the USA

  • Laura Kelly

    We are in england and ours is down. Works fine on x box 1 but wont log in on 360 even though internet connection is fine. Hoping it will be sorted for fifa 16 demo

  • Yolanda Korson

    I find it odd that X-Box Ones are working but not the 360’s. Hope they aren’t try to force me to buy a X-Box One. I don’t really like the fact that the camra is on all the time! Kinda creeps me out!

  • Yolanda Korson

    Same problem here! I read through the other comments and its not only here other countries are experiencing the same thing. Some up to 2 weeks! I don’t want to wait that long!

  • chris

    In Germany is xbox live also down

  • Ladiie Rochelle

    Idk when it happened, but my 360 is back up and running.

  • Dustin

    I am trying to create multiplayer on my Xbox One and nothing is happening. For some reason NAT type is strict.

  • thomas childs

    on 360 its only been kicking me off destiny, it has been happening for 6 months now and i have lost to much time just to dilly dally with loading screens. I would be ok with this if it wasnt for the 100+ dollars i wasted on it, i know its my fault for buying a faulty game but i just wanted to enjoy bungie after they destroyed halo.

  • AJ Hanus

    How long do you think it’ll take for them to fix it? Like 2 million years?

  • AJ Hanus

    I lost it all on my Xbox One, I tried everything, nothing works! if they don’t fix it, I’m gonna go to their main headquarters, kick them in their dicks, hack into their systems and set it to “Stay up and online FOR ALL ETERNITY, NO MATTER THE COST!”

  • Brodrick

    I am in Hawaii and having issues trying to access any content within Xbox Live, logging in is ok but doing anything else is limited it seems.

  • Justin

    I just got kicked out of Netflix, so I decided to play a game online and that is not working either even though i am logged in. Surely Netflix runs on internet and has nothing to do with being signed into Xbox Live. I do not need xbox services to watch netflix.

  • Malcom

    Just bought a game and it will not start, when i try to launch the game it says there is a problem connecting to Xbox Live.

  • Craig

    I so want a refund after signing up to another year with Xbox Live, I am paying for a service i cannot even use. Purchasing and content usage seems to be down.

  • Kerry

    Microsoft have just updated its Xbox Live status page saying there are issues buying downloadable items. They also mention problems with purchasing content for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and Halo 5 through the games store.

  • DerpMcHerp

    Xbox Live Core Services are down, don’t expect to be playing any games online anytime soon.

  • Frankie

    Word I thought it was just me

  • xxxLONGxHORNxxx

    Is anyone else out there having problems with xbox one as of yesterday

  • Jedi jesi

    Resolve problem for Xbox 360 plz my dad is getting pissed off

  • Enterprise

    Titanfall unable to find data centers today all day. Xbox site says nothing down??? Definitely down today.

  • Josiah Hart

    Anybody having H5: Guardians problems?

    I get into Warzone, probably shoot 1-2 people, then it goes to the start menu and won’t let me leave unless I Quit the game.

    Has done this twice now and I’m definitely done, right now. Very irritating.

    COD matchmaking is garbage tonight, as well.

  • MLP Gabriel

    Dunno about multiplayer problems since I don’t really play games online, but I’m having issues with achievements, the store, and many other of the core services.


    I’m playing Deadstiny on Xbone in the southeast US, so it back up here.

  • Joanne

    I am still having issues with Xbox Live, even the official Microsoft status page is all lit up red with issues.

  • gabe wallers

    Live is down again wish this would stop going down. How about a discount on my live service that would be awesome. It’s happening way to often .

  • Mastaginge

    I haven’t been able to connect to Xbox one live for two weeks, and the Xbox 360 is fine, getting pissed because I can’t play halo 5 , black ops 3, or MCC because they require updates to play, which I can’t download.

  • Rod

    Is anyone having problems connecting to xbox live right now? It

  • Lucas

    Microsoft! Please sort out the issues so your customers can actually enjoy playing games. Xbox Live is always down and its just not funny anymore.

  • Brent

    My xbox live account seems to be down in florida.

  • Brett

    I am unable to get into Xbox Live even though I am logged in. My Internet is great as everything else opens, my PS4 works fine so it must be a Microsoft problem yet again.

  • michael torres

    it wont let me accept friend request and im have issues with online chat, i cant hear other players and they cant hear me, FIX IT NOW XBOX

  • Logan Revitzer

    My game download is super slow it says my on my friends list that there has been 5 online the whole day it won’t let me join party’s or make party’s and it says to connect to Xbox live but my connection is fine please Xbox fix this adapt I want to play with my friends

  • Brandon

    When I watch Netflix through my XB1 the screen goes dim. How can I fix this issue?

  • Spencer

    One month I have had troubles with connecting online, cannot purchase dlc for the store etc.

  • Jack

    Not able to get online in Texas, Xbox Live is useless.

  • Jamie

    Does anyone know what the xbox live free games will be for july 2016, i am asking this because this month i have been unable to download the June games, so hoping this will be different in July.

  • Will

    Having same problems in the UK

  • Chad

    Cant seem to connect to xbox live in the uk makes the xbox useless as it needs the internet to do pretty much everything

  • Elicia

    I have been having major problems with being kicked out of games, so i do what people are saying by signing out and then signing back in and it works for like 20 minutes and then logs me out again.

  • Lenny

    Microsoft cannot even fix their Xbox Live servers, even with the amount of money they earn they still cannot get it right.

  • Kayla

    What is going on with xbox live I wanna watch hulu like uggg

  • Streak Balmor

    Won’t let me join a party or send a message and there is a problem getting any content or apps to run why am I not getting paid for them making me lose RL cash

  • I am having the same problem. Every time I tried to sign in to play UMVC3, all of my saved data is gone.

  • Azusa Kirishima

    I have literally been getting signed out about every 10 seconds and Im getting hit with just about every error code imaginable. All I want to do is watch Netflix. ;-; GET WITH THE PROGRAM MICROSOFT.

  • ash

    I just got hit with the destiny anteater error. Xbox live has huge issues that need fix. I swear Microsoft I will be going to PlayStation if it persists with no compensation.

  • Mike

    Xbox Live is down October 11, 2016.

  • George

    What is everyones Xbox Live status right now? Mine is offline due to server issues I am guessing.

  • Tyler

    I was playing Gears of War 4 and it just went down.

  • Matt

    I am down in Cheshire, my friend is also down in Lincolnshire.

  • Adi

    Spent a good hour with support a couple hours ago trying to get my gold situation figured out because I was having issues…they couldn’t fix it and I eventually had to buy a new subscription with a different account. Just about ready to play a game of Fifa, and then live goes down. I give up…

  • Nathan Siverling

    I’m down also in Pennsylvania on two xbox ones. For the money they make they need to compensate or get it right…

  • Xbox live always broken

    Down in florida

  • Brandon Rhodes

    Down in crown point, Indiana

  • bean

    down in new york

  • nicco

    Still down, can’t play anything online, even saying I Dont have an Xbox live gold member ship

  • Firewalker

    Just reset my xbox live account password now says account to doesn’t exist can’t login for support

  • Beben

    Xbox Live Gold is still down in Australia, October 30 2016 with my xbox 360. Any updates?

  • James kerr

    Mines is also down I live in las Vegas is anybody also down in Las Vegas?

  • Aries Homan

    It’s down here in Utah, recently too.

  • JACKCAT 05

    Down in washougal Washington!!! Help, PLEASE!!!

  • Brian Schall

    Out in Wisconsin too.

  • michigan is down too

  • TheGuyFromPEI88

    Down in Tampa, florida

  • TheGuyFromPEI88

    Down in Tampa, Florida. Can’t log in at all and if I go offline then log in and then try to connect, it automatically logs me out.

  • Skeetboarder

    Indiana is down

  • Charlie

    I got banned from Xbox Live commsnand not able to get back on, the message saying something like enforcement violation on my account. So I followed the link to the enforcement and policy site and for some reason never able to sign in via chat. What can I do now?

  • Jason Wollersheim

    Have been trying to make a purchase for days now. It finally let me make the purchase but has stopped installing at 23% and will not start again. Is anyone else having issues with Xbox one store?

  • Bobby

    Party chat down

  • Keith

    Looks like Xbx Live is down – it says on the official status page that Xbox Live Core Services are limited. Basically people having issues signing into their account.

  • Chris

    I have been trying to enter my Xbox Live Gold Card but it will not eccept it.

  • Jodi

    I started to download this new update and then it stopped half way through. Now it seems the servers are down. Nightmare lets go to defcon 3.

  • Stacey

    Is anyone still getting the error code 80072EFD? is this to do with moving an update to another server!! I am starting to wonder if Xbox Live was hacked.


    hacks again im sure


    remember reddit


    im out new game time dont need internet for solo game skyrim and fallout4


    and that is exactly why i choose these types of games

  • ShadowKnight Gaming

    It’s down in Maine March 1st

  • Jenny

    Xbox Live went down for me and then I get an error message saying. So after checking my service status I get what is called Xbox sign in error 0x87dd0006, am I the only one!

  • Peter

    I tried joining a game a BL3 game and got chucked back to the menu screen, keep on getting “Lost connection to host” and then on Call of Duty Modern Warfare I get saying error code:SAVANNAH.

  • Ashiliniam Scar

    Trying to get Will of The Wisps, and nothings bloody working here in Canada