Yahoo Mail desktop service down, told to use mobile

We received reports from Is Down Right Now readers about problems accessing Yahoo Mail on a laptop, or desktop, and can now confirm there’s widespread issues. If you are seeing messages about Yahoo Mail servers not responding and this is on a desktop, then you are not alone thanks to confirmation coming from the Twitter Care team.

You can see a screenshot above of tweets between Yahoo Care on Twitter and one user. The response seen above confirms the desktop email problems and explains that Yahoo engineers are “aware of this issue”.

There’s no ETA on a fix, but Yahoo Care explain users should access Mail using a mobile at rather than the traditional methods through desktop/laptop. The fix is being worked on, but this is the only workaround for those receiving problems on Feb 16.

If you are seeing Yahoo Mail down today, or any other problems then try using mobile access and share your status update on our dedicated page. This is also where you can connect with other Yahoo Mail users having problems today.