Yahoo Mail problems loading emails March 2

Yahoo Mail users are sending tweets to both @YahooMail and @YahooCare asking if their servers are down. Twitter is being updated at a fast rate with angry email users.

Users seem to still be having Yahoo Mail problems loading emails on March 2, they do not seem to be able to send, delete or reply to emails. Even when they have tried login out and then going back in they are still having issues.

No one seems to know what is happening with Yahoo Mail, but there seems to be a pattern at the moment. Some are saying the problems on lie with desktop and nothing else, but after looking into this a little more people are also having problems with Yahoo Mail loading emails on Apple devices.

Users are a little angry because when they visit @YahooCare on Twitter they have not tweeted what is going on, and it clearly seems like a problem.

Are you having Yahoo Mail problems loading emails? If you are please do comment here along with your location.