Yahoo Mail problems

When Yahoo Mail goes down this really is annoying and people vent their anger when it happens. Problems do happen, and Is Down Right Now users can stay up-to-date and keep other people in the know if the service falters in any way where you live. This is the place to be if you ever have any issues with Yahoo Mail, not matter what is wrong.

You can access Yahoo Mail via desktop, laptop, mobile devices using apps etc, which are on most platforms. People do run into problems such as Yahoo mail sign-in online, complete outages, emails not showing or sending. In a few cases people have left Yahoo Mail because they have had too many problems, but there are thousands who have no issues at all.

There are Yahoo Mail alternatives, but users would rather get to the bottom of any problem such as the service being down again etc. Are you having Yahoo Mail problems today? If you are please do explain them below as this is important to other Is Down Right Now users. It doesn’t matter if it is a connection error, mail not sending or saving to draft, Yahoo Mail not receiving emails etc, any problem is worth sharing.

Yahoo Mail status reports for Thursday 22nd of February 2018

To find out if Yahoo Mail is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Yahoo Mail? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Joan

    Accessing emails is crazy at the moment, does Yahoo have a switch and goes “Hey, lets play with our users emails today for fun”. I cannot open my emails for some reason, even when i click on the emails in the subject fields it makes all of the emails get checked, stupid i only checked one.

  • Lenny

    I’ve not had Yahoo Mail for 3 hours in Oklahoma, yes it is down again, again oh did i say AGAIN.

  • Susan

    I am really starting to reconsider my stay at Yahoo Mail, it is about time I made the change to Gmail, yes Google Mail does have problems but according to my friends no where as much as Yahoo Mail – Bye YM.

  • Billy

    Is Yahoo mail being unresponsive for anyone? I cannot empty the trash or send emails.

  • Lisa

    Email has been down for around about two hours, for some reason the response is t use another web browser so i did. I used Firefox rather than Safari and still no difference.

  • Sonia

    Yahoo Mail has been perfect for me, no problems for the last two weeks. Hopefully this is ok for a while now, a few of my friends are still having issues though.

  • Russ

    Has anyone else got annoyed that mch with yahoo mail they decided to move over to Gmail? If you are that person please let me know if it is worth making the move.

  • Bob

    Nightmare today, nothing but problems with Yahoo Mail on desktop.

  • Rick

    Yahoo Care on Twitter just confirmed the problems with desktop and laptop email. They are telling users to use mobile to access Yahoo Mail instead,

  • Kieron

    All I keep getting is the Yahoo Mail server not responding, this is happening nearly everyday. So to be rather blunt I do not care what Yahoo Care says on Twitter, they say they are fixing the issues getting YM to work on a desktop browser so use mobile device browser.

  • Jane

    Just seems to be one problem after another Rick, who thinks Gmail is a better option at the moment?

  • Jennifer

    I’m not getting email with yahoo mail, can’t send either right now.

  • Christopher

    Totally confused more than ever at the moment, I login to Yahoo through all browsers such as chrome, IE and firefox but for some reason still not able to mail account. Is anyone else getting the yahoo mail
    Temporary Error 2.

  • Jonah

    Cannot receive emails through Yahoo Mail, i can login but then it keeps crashing.

  • Destiny

    You know what, lets go back to the way that really works. Its called an envelope and stamp. recorded next day delivery job done. This works wonders in the UK, before you say, “But i need to chat with that person and ask them a question.” How about a PHONE, SKYPE, hey did i say PHONE they are amazing because you can hear people the other end.

  • Marcia

    This is crazy, how many times will yahoo mail be down this month, bet it will break Januarys record of most of the time.

  • Bill

    No Yahoo mail yet again,

  • Malcolm

    Yahoo Mail has been flacky for the last several hours, nothing coming in however can access legacy info ?

  • Gaz

    Thinking its about time i went gmail, yahoo mail is just pure garbage.

  • Darren

    I had very important emails to send yesterday for business and couldn’t, I had to phone the company to explain the deal would be finalized at a later time when the email actually sends. Nightmare is a nice word compared to what I really would like to say.

  • Peter

    Yesterday was ridiculous trying to send emails, maybe it is time we changed.

  • John

    Yahoo Mail is not working on my iPhone, cannot get emails.

  • Cary

    No emails coming either on my iPhone 6.

  • Steve

    All my iOS devices not receiving Yahoo email.

  • Tester

    I can’t receive emails via yahoo mail on my IOS IPhone6 since few days ago. Yahoo app and web mail works fine.

  • Betthany

    When I try to access my emails by logging in all i get is “Server Not Found.”

  • Chills

    I am getting can’t find the server ‘ com’ is anyone else getting this Yahoo Mail server error?

  • Ben

    I’m not able to download attachments right now

  • Jess

    Attachments are not working in yahoo mail

  • Angel

    Yahoo emails not coming ot me for arounf three weeks now onmy iPhone. I have the latest iOS update on my iPhone 5S as well, so what is wrong?

  • Emeile

    Not able to access Yahoo Mail via iPhone 6.

  • Wester

    When trying to access YM I keep getting “Secure Connection Failed Error”

  • Nikita

    Email not sending once gain today. C’mon now please sort this out.

  • Laurie

    Yahoo Mail works on iPhone buy not on my laptop.

  • Leslie

    Today is May 16, 2015 and Yahoo Mail is down again. Even my phone keeps crashing and not letting me check emails. Nightmare is a polite word i will use for today, offline trust me when i say the air is a little bluer with words.

  • Starlin

    Why do I need to re-enter my Yahoo Mail password? I keep getting this prompt and do not understand why, I put in the correct password yet Yahoo thinks I am wrong.

  • Germaine

    No idea what is going on but yahoo Mil has decided not to let me login in. Sre the servers down or something? I so need to check my emails before signing off at 6pm. Please come back online or I will not be happy at all.

  • Germaine

    I meant Mail not Mil, silly me. Goes to show how frustrated I am when I cannot spell mail.

  • Dwayne

    Is Yahoo Mail down because i cannot sign in?

  • Katie

    Even though i am able to see my emails again i am a little confused as to why I am seeing a blank blue screen.

  • Margie

    My Yahoo Mail delivery is super slow and this is getting highly frustrating now. The amount of money Yahoo has and they cannot handle the amount of people on its mail service.

  • Sid

    This Yahoo Mail is getting seriously tiresome now, I try to login and it says i am using the wrong password when I know I am not. 6 hours now i have been trying. Pathetic and a waste of my valuable time.

  • Eddie

    I open my Yahoo Mail successful but then i tried to open my inbox and this is where the problems begun, no emails in my inbox are showing and unable to send any emails to clients.

  • Hom

    My emails are not coming through, i know this because i have contacted my business friends to ask if they sent me these important files, they said they sent them a few days ago. I have checked spam etc and got nothing.

  • Narune

    Yahoo Mail is the cause of all stress and is why most people decide to take the option of swearing. I have said a few choice words this week, only on Wednesday and already ticked right off. Never get any emails, and the reason why!!!!!!!! CANNOT LOGIN.

  • Adriana

    Yahoo Mail website is down, i am having nothing but problems with it. Keeps freezing on me so i cannot open anything. Not relpies, no sending no nothing.

  • Greyham

    Yahoo Mail is up a running today, i am able to open my emails which is the first. OK IM LYING, i cannot login to Yahoo Mail let alone open an email. Hello Gmail are you ready for me. Are there any other mail alternatives that are good.

  • Mark

    I am getting Yahoo Mail, so thatch a start, but sending emails seems to be an issue at the moment. What is going on with rubbish Yahoo lately?

  • Virginia

    None of my emails are actually being sent, it says sent my end but recipients are not receiving them. Nightmare.

  • Carlton

    Using Yahoo Mail is what I call useless, pointless and not worth the hassle. It is time to move on from what was once the best email service platform. NOT anymore.

  • Jennifer

    I am receiving the usual spam today, but am unable to send any messages. I get a message that says “unable to send message” and then it gets dropped to my drafts folder.

  • Grace

    I wrote a very long email (Luckiliy enough I saved it), only for the email not to be sent via Yahoo Mail. It didnt even save it which angered me. But luckily enough i type my emails into a word doc with automatic save on before sending.

  • Beverley

    Majority of my Yahoo emails are not opening, even when i can open a few it will not let me reply to them. The strangest thing is that the DELETE doesn’t work at all, because when i log back on in the mornings the mail is still there the ones i deleted.

  • Ronnie

    I open Yahoo Mail, which is strange in itself because it actually let me in. Anyway, that is the good news, the bad news is that none of my emails will send and i have a fair few to go today.

  • Hurely

    Does Yahoo actually give a damn about its Mail using customers, have their servers been hacked or somethign and that is the reason we can never get emails or send them?

  • Carrie

    My emails i saved have gone, i logged in this morning and they were not in my saved files. I know for a fact I did not delete them before anyone asks.

  • Yannis

    Sending emails to my clients seems to be a nightmare the last two weeks, Yahoo needs to seriously sort this or they lose a customer.

  • Larry

    Yahoo mail is down for me, not able to login

  • Max

    Yahoo mail not letting me login, something is seriously happening today as it was working this morning.

  • Kerry

    Whats happening with Yahoo Mail today, tried to login and nothing.

  • miloui

    Phone says server password changed. PC says not available

  • Lee

    Yahoo is not deleting messages that I have checked to be deleted. Honestly, I don’t understand how Yahoo which built its reputation around mail, originally, is having so many problems. Too many inexperienced programmers, messed up work place, people just not caring. You would think such a simple thing as your email would be handled properly, yet, there are numerous problems. I think Yahoo just doesn’t care about itself as a company anymore. I wish someone else had bought up Alibaba instead of them — yeah, I know, Jerry Yang knows Jack Ma, and that was probably the connection — but I hope they don’t ruin Alibaba, too. So frustrated with this system and Silicon Valley egos. (I live in Silicon Valley, too….)

  • Tony

    All of my inbox mail has gone, been deleted for some reason with no fault of my own. I deleted my spam but then when i logged in again everything was gone. Even though my emails were retrieved by yahoo this is still not a good way to provide service. Expecting gratitude for their mistake they corrected will not be coming from me because it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

  • Rohan Shivkumar

    I am not able to download a single file through yahoo mail all day.

  • Baloney

    Yahoo is Doo Doo

  • Grishia

    Is Yahoo Mail down again? OK that was a stupid question, that’s like saying, “Is the world round?” Yahoo Mail is always down or having issues.

  • Marisa Estrada

    Is anyone having problems with Yahoo I can’t send any attachments. It keep saying error glitch. I am so angry!

  • Brittany

    I am not getting emails today, i have even tried sending an important email and it just sites in outbox drafts.

  • Debbie Gawlik

    Yes it is down. I am SO glad I am moving to Gmail.

  • Carl Turner

    Yep, it’s been extremely flaky for almost a month now. I think it’s time to ditch YM and go to GMail and just stay there. I have NEVER had an issue with my Gmail account. Stupid Yahoo…. you are a bunch of Ya Hoos!

  • L C Bell

    I am moving to G mail. Ever since Yahoo went from classic to the new format it sucks. I can’t send anymail

  • Wendy

    I sent an email on June 25th and the person just received it last night. WOW

  • Nita Jones

    Yahoo down again. Why is it that Yahoo goes down so much or has problems with email and gmail never does?

  • Alicia

    I have been having issues accessing my email on my Samsung galaxy s5 active yahoo mail app for at least a week now. It’s really infuriating that the issues haven’t been fixed yet.

  • Frances

    My yahoo mail account has been down the past two days. I keep getting “error 15”. Please try again. I’ve rebooted and refreshed. However, I have been getting it on my Samsung Note 4.

  • Miss Clover

    I can log in to my account but I can’t see my mails. I mean, oh man, I’m having business here. Dya know that?.. i’m so disappointed. Am thinking of switching to my other mail.

  • Stephen Thomas

    yahoo email page not available around 1:20, 1:25 pm Eastern. I have so many problems just trying to get into my email here at the public library free computer. this happens on a regular basis. seems like always a different error message.

  • oh

    I am stuck…
    I changed my phone number on my cell. Not thinking Yahoo only had 1 number on record. As I try to log in for the first time in 5 years it wants to send me a verify code on my cell. Of course I can’t get itso it won’t let me in and have noway to change the recovery number because I CANT LOG IN. I have tried unsuccessfully numerous times and cannot get any tech support. If anybody has any ideas I would much appreciate it.

    Also I have been logging in under my browser instead of the Yahoo app which is so much nicer. But trying to go in that way gets me a message saying the servers are down……


  • Brwnidgrl15

    Anyone having problems with their app? I haven’t been able to get my email since yesterday early morning. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and been on wifi and my phones network and nothing changes. Not getting any errors, just keep refreshing and nothing comes up, not even old emails.

  • tony

    yahoo having major issues with hackers

  • tony

    they really suck don’t they

  • tony

    I haven’t been able to login to my account since 2 days. No real response from yahoo just automated messages on changing passwords which I tried several times. They keep telling me my account has been locked for 12 hours. 12 hours passed, can’t still get into email. Lol! all they care about is Marissa having twins, who cares whether she’s having triplets or twins, just get my account working damn it.

  • Carla Carpentiere

    I can get into my yahoo email for my “home” account, but not for my “work” account. When I ran their troubleshooter, I got a message at my alternate email that there were some settings I might try changing in my yahoo email account, but I can’t get into the damn email to fix said settings!!!

  • John Justin

    same bs here. One of my yahoo accounts I can’t access and the yahoo page looks terrible in chrome and opera but not internet explorer

  • 11.42am & i can’t log on here in paisley scotland

    by the way i’ve never been a huge fan of the new email updates, its so much slower.

  • andris

    Same thing in Belgium, I can’t access my mail since this morning.

  • Majid

    13:25, The same in Oslo. Can’t access my account. And the recovery link does not work.

  • Alina

    Same in Romania. Can’t access my account. And the recovery link does not work.

  • Cathy

    No Yahoo Mail for like 4 hours now, this is just so pathetic. Whats wrong this time?

  • Marie

    I have not had any incoming emails today, i am hoping they get to the bottom of this and sort it out.

  • Baby

    I am so annoyed right now i could just explode. I have been waiting on a very important email and yet Yahoo Mail is down, i know this because i sent myself an email from somewhere else and have not received it.

  • Carolyn Callow

    I can access email on iPad and iPhone via the Yahoo app but not through iPhone email app. Better than nothing but Yahoo is getting worse.

  • Harry

    For two days now I was looted out and ever since I couldn’t access my annoying!..just when am expecting some very important mail.pls something should be done fast!

  • Tess

    cant read any of my buttons they are just small squares no writing on them Why?

  • roxana

    in this morning i see that my email for 30.05.2010 and 10.09.2015 was deleted :O:O
    and i dont do this never.

  • Matt

    Today 09/24/15, it would be the new full screen commercial they are trying to load. Money Money Money.. It’s a free account, what do ya expect..

  • Chase

    Yahoo Mail is down, when it was up it was very slow indeed. I know the Yahoo team are on the case but let us know what is going on please.

  • Jobs

    My Yahoo Mail is not working September 24.

  • Linda

    Yahoo Mail has taken to Twitter and said they are having issues and delays. They are trying to restore service right now.

  • Anita

    Frequent delays loading last few days. Just now several messages disappeared from Inbox. Please fix!

  • bytor

    Could not login almost all day yesterday with main email account yet a different one worked. Same thing is going on TODAY, RIGHT NOW as well. Login TOTALLY HANGS.

  • Brenda Hilliard

    I can NOT open any of my emails …. do not even get the twirly … click on the mail and nothing. Yesterday the way that my email was displayed changed and since then can’t open anything.

  • No buttons at all as in Delete…etc.. Can’t read any emails. The taking too long – load basic isn’t working either.

  • eitan

    last 24hrs can’t receive Yahoo mails. However can send. My server is the USA Yahoo server. Living and working in Israel.

  • Gumer

    can’t receive last 16 hrs

  • Enough’s Enough

    It just went down for me in Texas about 10 mins ago. I get the “We’re experiencing some technical difficulties… We’re sorry, but Yahoo Mail can’t load due to a temporary error. You can try back again shortly, or visit our help pages for ways to troubleshoot the issue,” message.
    It was working fine prior to that.

  • Enough’s Enough

    I deleted all tracking cookies and later restarted—Yahoo Mail was working again. That might have been a coincidence, though, as I didn’t restart for over an hour.

  • Fred

    It’s down. Tried with more than one of my Yahoo accounts. Irritating.

  • Kirk

    It wont send my verification code to my mobile at the moment that I have to sign in! WTF. I receive the code 1-2 hours later when I am not in front of my laptop anymore and have already closed the browser.

  • Mary Morris

    Yahoo page will not come up, and it goes directly to the Bing site.

  • Cecil Ruth

    If Iclick on the Yahoo Mail app it opens up and shuts down quickly!

  • Philippe Derfeuil

    I am having an error 15, can’t open my mail since yesterday…

  • dbsheffield

    constant yahoo mail problems again today, will not send a message or reload mail !! gmail works fine

  • Melissa

    Today is the second day in a row where mail is ridiculously slow and image are not loading. I’m getting tired of Yahoo if this is a trend.

  • MC

    Yahoo Mail is slow and basically inactive on all three of my desktop browsers- IE, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, my mobile Chrome browser, and in the Yahoo Mail application. Problems began yesterday- in desktop browsers it takes forever to load email in order to send a response and it eventually crashes the browser. In the mobile browser, able to compose an email but then when I hit “Send”, I get an error stating the page cannot be found. New Yahoo Mail app crashes on my S4 and does not appear to be compatible with either of the Android keyboards. INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING. Cannot respond to any emails.

  • jbgusa

    I cannot get the Compose tab to load

  • karyn

    my old emails diappeared how do I get them back

  • Oluwafemi Samuel Oyamakin

    I have not been able to send mails with attachment and receiving is also delayed.

  • Oluwafemi Samuel Oyamakin

    i get the following message: “Unable to send your mail,

    prevent abuse, your message cannot be sent now. If the message contains
    only a link, please add some text to it. This helps us fight spam. If
    it still cannot be sent, please modify the message or try again later.
    Sorry for the inconvenience”. What do I do please

  • James rippingale

    Get the message need internet connection,but everything else is ok

  • what’s the problem

    I can’t send email from my yahoo account. I’ve been having issues since last week. Today it won’t even open yahoo. I haven’t tried from a desk top, these issues are with my Galaxy Note 4, however my gmail works fine.

  • John Scarborough

    Yesterday and today, mails to people with Yahoo accounts are all bounced; no other emails are bounced. INternet connections are fine. I am not a Yahoo user.

  • Kelly Plaza

    I am unable to receive emails except ones from yahoo. This started last night. I did have the issue Monday but it quickly began to work. This is so fustrating and I don’t know what to do.

  • Loveland Law Office

    I am unable to send emails to yahoo accounts. I have legal clients that must get their documents through their yahoo accounts and yahoo is bouncing them. I am able to send documents to all other clients on other email systems, gmail, hotmail, and private email servers. What the heck is wrong with Yahoo???? I am going to have to tell my new clients to sign up for a different email service!!

  • Kathy Villabeza

    I can’t send and receive mails since Oct. 28 (this is when I’ve noticed that no new mails were received). I just hope they can fix this as soon as possible as there are important mails that I need to retrieve.

  • Alan Jhon

    delete your temp File

  • GJ

    November 4th. Can view emails. Cannot send or download attachments as of today.

  • GJ

    Adding to this message that I can now not compose or send a message!

  • Jacques Gheysen

    can not send mails to contact list. BCC shows only 1 or 2 contacts of the list. Same problem with all the lists.

  • Carciente Andres

    Unable to send a simple e-mail whole day… Even not able to save it as a draft… WHOLE DAY??? WHy

  • Carciente Andres

    has been yahoo hacked???

  • Bill Johnson

    It is down right now – my work email is dead, and we were lulled into using Yahoo – I’ve only gotten 1 or 2 emails all morning – wow – that sucks.

  • janice heide

    I have received email, today at 11:55 am today November 10 2015 California time. I am using mu ipad to see the emails. I tested sending an email to mysel but it did not work. Someday I will change from Yahoo as I have had way too many problems.

  • Aubree

    Down 11:30 California time. All work emails are at a standstill, very frustrating. It has been down for an hour now. Wont even open Inbox or anything. Clicked on “Mail” in top right corner and it shows an error code. I was in the middle of an extensive email as well, very inconvenient.

  • Fontana

    What is happening, I have tried to send an important email hours.
    Stockholm 23:00

  • Michael Chikindas

    Yahoo Mail is, as usual, unreliable. This time, the attachment function is not working. Thanks for the great job, guys!

  • Sam

    I still have no new email 4 days!!

  • Alix Reynolds

    I keep getting the message “There appears to be a problem loading the message list”. This has been happening for the past week. It doesn’t matter what network or computer I am using. Sometimes it will open and show all new emails, then I click one to read and they all disappear with this message. What is going on? It has to be something wrong with Yahoo because I’ve tried it on 3 different computers plus my phone, all on different networks. I wish Yahoo would address this problem.

  • lindajoyadams

    On the windows 8.1 screen it shows the e mails coming in . but when to go to site it would not load and got an alert that if slow to load try yahoo basic. but when tried to click on that still would not load. Southern OK

  • Michael Chikindas

    Once again, I report on less than reliable service provided by Yahoo. Again, the attachment function is not working. Thanks again for the great job to the Yahoo team.

  • Harvey

    From the UK, constantly having to sign back into my Yahoo mail + on my iPhone, the generic Apple weather App which has it’s data provided by Yahoo is out of sync, has the wrong days and not the 100% Yahoo normally provide. Have to resort to something not done for 30 years and stick my head out of the window! 🙂

  • sadtimetobeamainer

    Maine in USA. Can’t get into Yahoo mail Nov. 30, 2015 7:06 p.m. EST

  • Ken

    NE Indiana – can’t get past the Yahoo! home page. November 30, 2015 7:32 PM EST

  • Robin Eklund

    Illinois, Yahoo mail is down.

  • Terri Ballard

    Chicago, Yahoo keeps telling me I’m not connected to internet, but everything comes up except Mail. Now it’s saying “This Webpage is not Available” when can I expect this to be fixed?

  • Samantha

    I’m having the same issue. It will load on my phone but not my computer. Glad it’s not just me.

  • Midimagic

    It’s down here too (southern Indiana). It can’t connect.

  • John-William Noble

    My emails aren’t coming through including test emails sent from another email address I have. How can I resolve this?

  • Jeanie Fitchen

    Lately, when I click to open an email, I get only a circle going around and around. It won’t load. I go away and come back several times, and still nothing but the circle. It doesn’t happen all the time, just periodically.

  • Sharon Taylor

    There appears to be a problem loading the email “…(email subject)….”.

    Try Again

    Error code 4

  • Bert

    Jay, NY….E mail won’t load. If I click the Home Icon in upper right had corner the e mail will then load, I can’t use the Compose section to send an e-mail….Two days now???

  • Rob Fiorenza

    still having this problem for days now sometimes it works most time it says I have no internet connection which I clearly do

  • sallyann

    get the message that yahoo is experiencing technical problems or they are having a problem loading the emails. this has been going on since 12/7/2015.

  • Lynn Mosher

    Amen, sallyann! And even before that. I’m sick of this. All kinds of problems!

  • Joshua Schmueli

    I can’t access my account because I am asked questions for detais updated 6 years ago for which I don’t remember the answers for instance the name of my eldest niece. Ican not recall such because beeing wthout brother or sister Ihave no nieces of my own. May be I gave my wife’s Orly or Noga. If you do not have a solution to my problem I’ll consider to unsubscribe to yahoo mail. Meanwhile mails are accumulating and I can’t read them. Please help!!!

  • Elana Drake

    It will let me login, but heaven forbid I try to read my mail. If I try to go to my mail, it tries to get me to log in again. This is only today.

  • dhectorg

    It is definitely down. I can login, but haven’t been able to open messages for hours. Funny thing is, it’s still downloading new messages, I just can’t open them. It also seems to be working fine on my Android phone. At least I can read messages there, but I need to print an attachment, which I can’t do from my phone. I’m so tired of how crappy Yahoo mail is. I would have dropped it years ago if I hadn’t circulated the address so much in the early days. Now I’m basically stuck with it.

  • Linda Sabine Oleksa

    I’ve made the horrifying discovery that I can access my messages on Internet Explorer, just not on Chrome.

  • james

    My att email hosted by yahoo has been suspended, when I try to login it gives an ATT support number to call, yet I do not have an ATT account. When I call Yahoo support, no one picks up, ” all representatives are busy”. Is yahoo mail down?

  • nancy fiorenza

    so sick of this no internet connection when I try to open an email it was like this the begining of the month on and off …then the weekend it was good now its back to the same old bs

  • Mary P.

    Mail is down, can’t open messages, says there’s a “technical glitch”

  • james

    After waiting more than two hours on hold or being transferred, I finally spoke to a person, they said my mail was corrupted and will take 24 to 48 hours to fix and cost $99.99 to repair. I asked for a tracking number, which you only get if you pay. I asked to speak to a manager and was disconnected.

  • Sean Fiorenza

    sick of this email it sucks hours of my time just trying to read my email

  • Traci

    Can access my yahoo mail on cell, but not on desktop..anyone else?

  • Antonio

    OK … me pasa igual

  • Ted_R

    Kona, Hawaii….. I can log in but email only opens to my free account in some stupid, text based format with an error code on it…, there is no reference to my business account anywhere. My contacts lists, communications, etc… I paid for this “service” and I am not getting anything at all for it.
    My site was down because I received no notifications via my business emails that the site was going to be migrated. Spent about 8 hours on the phone with a series of customer service reps that kept asking my validation questions than passing me on to someone else….
    They definitely wanted to validate my credit card number but my site was down and my email isn’t accessible…
    It looks like my business email no longer exists. I am not changing or doing anything more on my end. If their service stopped working it is not up to me to add or reload or change anything. I paid for the service and they failed to deliver it. They will pay for my migration to a new host, provide all emails from both accounts and reimburse me for not only the time my site and email have been inaccessible but also for the time I have spent on the phone with their incompetent service reps. Thanks for nothing, Yahoo…. been a client since 2010 and you never failed to bill me…. losers.

  • ola

    For almost three month now I cannot send a mail. Each time I try to send a mail, I do receive this error message
    “Unable to send message
    To prevent abuse, your message cannot be sent now. If the message contains only a link, please add some text to it. This helps us fight spam. If it still cannot be sent, please modify the message or try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

    Please what can I do to resolve this Issue?

  • Relaena Sindelar

    Started getting this message today:
    “Unable to send message – To prevent abuse, your message cannot be sent now. If the message contains only a link, please add some text to it. This helps us fight spam. If it still cannot be sent, please modify the message or try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

    There are no links in my message, nor are there any attachments. My message has a subject. My recipient’s email address is verified (I email him regularly). Apparenly I’m not the only one having this issue… :-

  • WWJD68

    Well, it seems I am getting the same message and I do have text in my email I am trying to send. This is not good. Please resolve ASAP! Thank you!!

  • Linda Watson Regan

    I got the same message today and couldn’t send my email although I sent one a few days ago just fine. I also have noticed my inbox is full of spam when usually there is at most one or two a week. FIX THIS YAHOO!

  • Uptownman

    I just did an online chat with a tech and his “technical” response was that there was an overaggressive spam filter that is causing the problem. Clearly, this is bigger than just a couple of people. Yahoo mail is a joke.

  • golfer1265

    Truly amazing. I also have hotmail and it is never having technical difficulties. Wonder what seems to be the problem with Yahoo Management? In this day and age this should NOT be happening.

  • golfer1265

    What is the expected time that the Management of Yahoo will have the problem resolved. -+

  • bob

    Started getting this message today:
    “Unable to send message – To prevent abuse, your message cannot be sent now. If the message contains only a link, please add some text to it. This helps us fight spam. If it still cannot be sent, please modify the message or try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

    There are no links in my message, nor are there any attachments. My message has a subject.

    My wife can send messages from same computer and same browser. What gives?

  • DRaC

    Same here. I’m in Toronto, Canada, on Rogers: “Unable to send message. To prevent abuse, your message cannot be sent now…..”. Tried on 2 different accounts.

  • Paul

    Milwaukee, WI down

  • jec

    having the same problem in Singapore

  • Jazzy Reily

    Idaho, down. apparently it thinks I am trying to spam?

  • kayteelou

    Mid-Ohio down

  • Jazzy Reily

    it finally let me send an email again. 8:27 PM here.

  • itsmefool

    Fort Worth, Texas, where the West begins, is down, too, and it’s been that way for an hour…never mind, it’s back up!

  • bob

    Got to send one message then back to cannot send etc

  • Matthew Brien Kenji Ota

    Covina CA, Cannot send emails, get a pop up window instead:

    “Unable to send message
    To prevent abuse, your message cannot be sent now.
    If the message contains only a link, please add some text to it.
    This helps us fight spam. If it still cannot be sent, please modify
    the message or try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

  • Kim

    it works now. It looks like the email sending problem has been fixed.

  • ballerina1234

    i can’t respond directly from the email i want to respond to..nor can i access the contacts or anything else other than the calendar..i cannot star anything or check a group of emails and then delete or even move up and down without going back to the inbox!!!…and i’m in FRANCE and this sort of problem is happening all the time

  • det1957

    I cannot access Yahoo from my mobile phone. Either “Secure Connection Failed” or “Server Not Responding”. How do I rectify this. My phone doesn’t not show any certificates, either.

  • Vanesaceiba79

    all the emails I had in my inbox disappeared and they are not in the deleted file. What is going on today!!!!

  • Kona Rose

    Kona Hawaii – no Yahoo email “server not found” but I can get to my Yahoo home page 🙁

  • Mick

    My iPhone 6 yahoo email does not have a delete all button. I have 1500 odd emails but can’t find a delete all button. Can anyone help

  • turner

    Yahoo down in tn cant receive any email or log into yahoo

  • Mike Jones

    Cannot reply in any browser, doesnt matter if it is FireFox, IE, or Chrome… when hitting the response button, nothing occurs.

  • Ulrike G

    Cannot reply, compose or download attachments since yesterday. Tried all browsers.

  • Ray lood

    cannot forward from my address book. When I hit “to” to forward abox pops up that says add address and you csan not forward anything!!

  • Neil Hasid

    Can’t reset my password that I forgot

  • Florentinapetillo1

    In the new format I cannot retrieve some emails that I received recently.
    I CAN FIND THEM, though, on MY PHONE email box!!!!!!
    This is so effing annoying
    Plus I hate the new format. It’s way more complicated than the previous one.
    I am afraid I am going to phase out of yahoo mail.

  • Lis Roche-Halberstadt

    Cannot send emails. No problem reading or opening them but always get error when trying to send or forward. Also, new emails are not saving in the Draft folder when I start writing.

  • Cheryl Sajet

    1/20/16. Most of my Inbox email has disappeared. Yahoo retrieved it & sent it back on Sunday. Today it is missing again. ???

  • FiredupUser,angry

    To say this ,tops the worst day with Yahoo again !! have been all day trying to change password on e-mail after this 10th try.wish I could make someone at Yahoo have to waste hours of their time. to fix problems they Bloody well know..are out here.. Microsoft just upgraded to 10,on Monday..for the 4th day p/word won’t stay signed in.. have tried to help myself. Ha a joke.. my Google Chrome was normal UNTIL reset email from Yahoo messed that up as well, tried to go with Int/expl (now the edge) well now can’t get into any email.. As soon that can.I’ll dump them both…no wonder people get crazy wild.So much for all this wonderful exchange… I just invented new obscene words that Yahoo brings to the world.. THANKS /A—-H’s

  • Bernice Taggesell

    When I try to read my email the draft page pops up (I’m not making a draft. Just reading.) Then it shows 1 draft in my drafts.

  • Canyon MIke

    Apparently down al over California for days now. Lots of people moving to Gmail. You would think with all Yahoo’s problems, they’d make sure SOMETHING works.

  • Bill

    Yahoo mail down in Maine since before sunrise, Sunday.

  • michealkors

    What is the solution to this problem? To prevent abuse, your message cannot be sent now. If the message contains only a link, please add some text to it. This helps us fight spam. If it still cannot be sent, please modify the message or try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience… It’s frustrating


  • S



  • william

    my i-phone 6 shows no mail on my yahoo account since mid afternoon feb. 2, 2016 here in los angeles. i’ve restarted several times, deleted my yahoo account on the phone and re-installed…still nothing. wtf is going on with yahoo?

  • joe

    Yahoo mail not working with chrome browser on Feb 3, 16 9:30 am.

  • Pepperjet

    Yahoo mail compose button not loading correctly.

  • theredofshaw

    not working for me. been stuck at a half loaded page for 10 minutes, refreshed and now blank screen.

  • socalpa

    Yahoo stopped showing my comments on articles and replies and thumbs up for the past week.Anyone know what happened ?

  • Chris Pyle

    So frustrated with emails not loading telling me to try again and again and again. This has been happening for a couple of weeks now.

  • Thomas

    Chris Pyle – DITTO – I’m going to switch to Gmail pretty soon! – So frustrated with emails not loading telling me to try again and again and again. This has been happening for a couple of weeks now.

  • bingeradad

    even here Australia yahoo is doing same , worked perfectly good till about 2 weeks ago, funny my iPhone works , but on pc wont even open lists why do they fix whats not broken with new ideas that f up

  • Diana Hughes

    My emails were not loading either, I found a solution, but it’s only a work around until they FIX THIS!! (I use Chrome) go to the menu list click on “relaunch Chrome in windows 8”. Your email should work much better now. I don’t like using Chrome in windows 8 and have to switch back and forth between using Chrome on the desktop and in windows 8.

  • Tommy Raines

    Mail not working at all in either my PC browser or Android. My account is not accessible through app or browsers of any kind. Shows “Error 2.” Cannot access my mail any way I try.

  • Frustrated


  • Patrick Kleaver

    Yahoo has been getting slower and slower and slower for me over approximately the past week. It takes quite a while for the log-in page to load and even longer for my mail to load – I almost always get a message when the mail page is about half-loaded (where it hangs) saying “too slow-load basic mail” which I then click on. THAT too takes quite a while to load, but at least I have access to my mail. Sometimes clicking on a particular email won’t bring it up until it’s been clicked numerous times and many times it won’t delete any “trashed” emails until it’s good and ready. I’ve used Yahoo as my primary email for YEARS and have not had the multitude of problems I’ve just described until recently. It seems like with all the turmoil surrounding the future of Yahoo as a company, it’s letting its service go down the drain. A shame!!

  • Rander

    I cant compose an email, reply or forward emails. Also, in the last week, anoying, trying to conpose an email and it delays, because it is saving every minute. Whats wrong with Yahoo Mail with these rash of problems lately. Not good for my home business.

  • Another Frustrated User

    This evening the Compose button, which now has a Valentine’s Day heart for autogenerating a Valentine email, is totally unresponsive — no reaction, no timer, nothing. When I switched to the Basic version through the settings, the Basic version did get me to a Compose Email input screen, but could not send the email. I’ve tried on different browsers and even different PCs, all the same. The Yahoo Quick Fix thing said the system was working fine, so obviously it doesn’t seem to catch email issues.

  • Anasarca

    Can’t compose any new emails which is a problem is you need to start a new thread with your team! It’s cumbersome to have to go to an alternate mail account and use them instead. It’s been happening more frequently the past week. Grrrr. Badd Yahoo. Yahoo quick fix has been rather slow. I continue to get the 9999 tech error. The standard help page is a frustrating page of drivel.

  • Jaclyn

    Can login on my iPhone with the app. I type in the correct email address and password and keeps saying it’s not correct. However when I enter the same info to the Internet yahoo mail, I can check messages (sometimes) it says I don’t have Internet connection (every other time). I have Internet BC I’m looking stuff up. What’s the deal???

  • Jaclyn

    Can open yahoo mail with iPhone app. When I use safari yahoo mail search it sometimes works and sometimes says I have no internet connection-which is untrue BC I can search the Internet. WHATS THE DEAL? This is my work account!!!! ARGH!!!!

  • Jaclyn

    CANT open yahoo mail with iPhone app. When I use safari yahoo mail search it sometimes works and sometimes says I have no internet connection-which is untrue BC I can search the Internet. WHATS THE DEAL? This is my work account!!!! ARGH!!!!

  • Rasheed

    Can access yahoo mail from my iphone app, no problem there. But I am unable to access yahoo from my new Lenovo laptop. I got this laptop sometime during the 1st week of Jan 2016 and I was able to access yahoo mail until 3rd week of Feb 2016. I can access the yahoo website and I am also able to sing-in, but when I click on the mail icon it says “This webpage is not available
    ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”. Also the wired part is I am not able to access yahoo answers too. Get the same error. The only change I made to the laptop is I installed iCloud during the 3rd week of Feb 2016. Could it be the culprit? Please help.

  • Ibrahim

    Emails stuck in my outbox and won’t send. This is on the yahoo mobile app (android). Anyone else having this problem?

  • Dee Wasness

    I have saved many emails into folders but when I go back to look at them, they are gone. There are ones from 2015, 2014, and earlier but none of my 2016 emails are there. Does anyone have an answer to this issue?? Thans

  • Rae K

    can’t open the yahoo emails from the yahoo home page on the laptop. But can open open emails on my iPhone!

  • LuK

    No yahoo mail yesterday. Missing some email today..know mail has been sent by friends but have not received it.

  • patricia hayes

    Yahoo e-mail has been down 4 days. I’ve reported it but so far it’s still down. Patricia hayes

  • Linda McGuire

    I can get mail but cant send..since Monday 2/29/16

  • Michael Nowacki

    Login page code is corrupted. Default page has no input for password. Clicking continue button provides password entry field, then clicking gets no response at all.

  • floki

    Yahoo POP mail retrieval has been hit and miss for the last couple weeks…sometimes it works fine but at other times, when I notice haven’t received any new mail for a couple hours I’ll check my “Accounts and Settings” in gmail only to find POP mail from Yahoo hasn’t worked for several hours. I’m not sure what remedies the issue…sometimes if I log onto Yahoo mail directly, delete a few unwanted emails that have yet to be delivered to my gmail account, and then exit Yahoo mail it will self-resolve and gmail can gather the Yahoo POP mail. What’s going on with the Yahoo POP mail?? Inquiring minds want to know…if this continues I’m cancel my YahooPlus account and move to some other mail.

  • queen antonette viloria

    when i am going to sign up on yahoo and creating my own yahoo email address by not following its given yahoo email . my question is why i cant create my own yahoo email address?

  • Nancy Sutton

    Lost all emails from Feb 22 to Mar 10, 2016. What gives? Any recovery?

  • Vega

    Lost all my mail from before February 29th. There was some important stuff in there. I’m panicking a little. I hope this is fixed. I sent for an account recovery… but that’s going to delete all of my emails from this week. I hope they sort this out soon. However, if I do a search it will find some emails from years ago. Very odd, very frustrating.

  • Vega

    All of my emails from before 2/29/16 are missing.

  • Elaine

    Although I emptied my email and spam, video ads still remain. Cannot delete. The status also changes to not secure and cannot be changed.

  • Mailme Devas

    Report to Yahoo Customer Care +1-844-441-7440.Get your issue resolve.Thanks.

  • Mailme Devas

    Report to Yahoo Customer Care +1-844-441-7440.Get your issue resolve.Thanks.

  • Mailme Devas

    Report to Yahoo Customer Care +1-844-441-7440.Get your issue resolve.

  • Mailme Devas

    Report to Yahoo Customer Care +1-844-441-7440.Get your issue resolve.Thankyou.

  • Mailme Devas

    Take help Yahoo Customer Care +1-844-441-7440.Get your issue resolve.Thanks.

  • tom

    ever since yahoo update the sign in process to two screens I have had problems with yahoo in general not loading my selection, today is the worst. from my desktop I have not been able to sign into yahoo email.

  • Matthew McCormick

    Ever since “upgrading” sign-in process cannot send/rcv POP email. Tried to follow their directions for “enable ” POP, cannot find “enable POP”. I’d rather take the risk w/a good password that WORKS!!!!!!!!!

  • DR Rao

    Yes it is down and I cannot send any mails from yahoo. It is really annoying. I do not really why Yahoo is only having problems for accessing, sending etc, while no problems with other s like gmail, hotmail etc

  • Starlarvae

    from Yahoo mail ::

    We’re experiencing some technical difficulties…

    We’re sorry, but Yahoo Mail can’t load due to a temporary error. You can try
    back again shortly, or visit our help pages for ways to troubleshoot the
    issue. Temporary error: 14

    Anybody know what Temporary error 14 is?

  • Gamer Punk

    Yahoo has been a total mess since the new CEO took over. I seriously hope lives are ruined and dreams are crushed for the people at Yahoo today after this complete lack of respect for the customers who use their services, and not even respecting us enough to acknowledge what’s going on.

  • Amanda

    I’m having trouble loading my yahoo mail

  • caroline

    To prevent abuse, your message cannot be sent now. If the message contains only a link, please add some text to it. This helps us fight spam. If it still cannot be sent, please modify the message or try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Brian Burchfield

    down again right now, I can get into my yahoo, yet every time I hit the mail link, it keeps sending me to the log in page

  • Lady Gozen

    I’ve been trying to login to my email for hours now, and it just continues to pull me back to the beginning. Telling me that my session has timed out. I’m trying to run a business, and this makes my company look bad, for situations completely out of my control.

  • Naomi Parr

    Down AGAIN! Cannot clear trash or spam, nor view what is in them.

  • Cathy O’Brien

    May 13 – 2:37 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time – I live in Canada. My Yahoo email was up and running last night as usual. I’ve had that account for about 16 years. Suddenly it went off, I could not get back in. Kept saying my password didn’t match my yahoo id. Changed password 3 times. Got redirected to he most irritating screens. The “help” section does NOT help at all. I wrote a letter to the headquarters at 701 1st Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089 explaining it all which I will mail tomorrow. I AM INFURIATED, EXASPERATED, EXTREMELY ANNOYED.

  • tileman

    I haven’t received mail from my yahoo account since May10. For years it was THE most dependable account I used. Wtf

  • Khloe

    I haven’t been able to upload any new e-mail for 5 days now! I have very important documents that need to be downloaded and sent out already!! Is there anyone else experiencing these problems? And is there anything that can be done? This is really getting old. I’ve used yahoo for a very long time. But really thinking about switching my accounts to Gmail…

  • lah122

    My yahoo email hasn’t worked since yesterday. It keeps asking for ID and passcode, bumps to a password change, and then circles back to login.

  • Yahoo Customer Support Number +1-844-444-0101 Tolfree

  • Andres

    I can not access the portal at all, is giving me an error.

  • Marse

    Having problems keeping my email in old classic version. It will switch back but as soon as u click on one of my emails and open it it won’t stay in the old classic version. This is on my iPhone. Always stayed in the old classic version before but just about a week ago it no longer works. HATE the new version!

  • Email support +1855-777-1707

    Call free help.

  • will

    I am starting to believe that YAHOO stands for ‘You All Have Other Options’, as though begging us to seek other email providers. I have been unable to access my email today, and also had no email between the times of 8am-3:30pm (which consider to be lucky seeing as though they have been down most of the week).

  • Tom Edword

    Yahoo Customer Support Number +1-844-444-0101 Tolfree

  • Hema Janee

    You may call USA number 1 8005852494 for support

  • Carina

    My email hasnt been working for over a month I have been resetting the password constantly and called technical support and they havent been helpful. My email just doesnt allow me to login saying my password is wrong.

  • Jennifer

    I am able to login to Yahoo Mail but once I am in my account I am not able to read any of my mail that is sitting in the inbox.

  • Babara

    I can connect to Yahoo .com website using Edge but not Firfox or Chrome. Is there any reason for this?

  • Rob William

    Call now Yahoo Customer care 1855 777 1707 Free Helpline.

  • servantoftruth

    I’ve “Switched to the newest Yahoo Mail” about 30 times today.

  • Yahoo Support +1-800-585-2494

    Call Now Yahoo Customer Care at +1-800-585-2494 Toll Free

  • Jaymm

    Lost all my emails and folders. Have reset passwords, gone through account recovery – although account history did not seem suspicious. Submitted an account recovery form. Have yet to hear anything back – been waiting 4-8hours. Seem to be getting new emails, but lost a lot of data and important messages. Would be fine if customer service was faster or accessible…

  • Hadley Weinberger

    Same here. Can they be recovered? What do I need to do?

  • am5

    I lost all my emails and folders. My trash is even empty. But, I’m getting new e-mails. Please help all of us. Thanks

  • am5

    I’m on hold with Yahoo Customer Care at 1-800-478-8053. Don’t know if this is better, but on hold 12 minutes so far.

  • Fed-Up

    I’m in Texas…same problems…

  • Peter Bazzana

    Same as everyone else, years of emails, documents and folders have vanished. WTF can Yahoo possible do to compensate if it can’t be fixed?

  • Angie Bonin

    July 26th 2016. My Yahoo email just got fixed yesterday. Yesterday morning I noticed that all of my inbox and all other folders disappeared with out of Trace. Going on to Yahoo’s help and filing a complaint issue with mail disappearing will get them to fix it. You will get a incident report. My Yahoo has been read instated

  • Rob William

    Get Help from Real Yahoo Customer Care 1 855 777 1707 Sunnyvale, CA.

  • SKM

    Yahoo email stinks!!!! It keeps freezing! I’m ready to switch to another email service!! I can type without stopping on any other page, like here. Earlier it took me half hour to do a small two paragraph email!!! PLEASE HELP!!! I am so upset right now!

  • John Curtin

    I got hacked on Friday night. Yahoo suspended the account which I understand and I am glad they did, but……….Today is Monday, I have no email, no answers, cant talk to anyone. Are you kidding me? this is terrible.

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Yahoo Customer Care 1 855 777 1707 Toll Free Helpline.

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Report Your Issues Now Call Support 1 855 777 1707 Toll Free.

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Having problems with Yahoo?
    Contact Now 1 855 777 1707 Toll Free Helpline.

  • ServiceNumber l8OO-585-2494

    You should call on 1800-585-2494

  • Anthony Pelliccio

    Use another browser. Chrome, no. Edge, yes.

  • Anthony Pelliccio

    Try another browser. Worked for me. Went from Chrome to Edge. Haven’t tried Firefox or Opera or IE (which I wouldn’t use if you paid me).

  • Michael Chikindas

    It was so boring until Yahoo Mail hit another disaster just a few minutes ago. Thank you, Yahoo Mail for the most adventurous service you provide us!

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  • Yahoo Mail

    Yahoo Mail Customer Care Phone Number +1-800-608-5160 Toll Free

  • Abdullah Fissi

    Two days ago it went down, and today it does not allow me to upload files

  • Heze Clark

    Yesterday, August 31, 2016 it takes 10 minutes to bring up an email I have received. I have two yahoo email accounts. It also takes at least 10 minutes to switch from one yahoo account to another. This usually takes a matter of seconds. I use one for personal and one for business clients. Today September 1 is no better. How long is this going to take. It does not take this long to search out information on the web or use other off line programs like Quick Books, excel, etc.

  • Mark

    I tried to login to my Yahoo Mail account and it says they are having difficulties.

  • Jason

    Yahoo mail is down, what the hell is error 14?

  • Orlando

    Is Yahoo Mail down for anyone else, because i cannot access my account.

  • rux

    I cannot access my account for the last 4 hours. I get the following message:

    Inactivity Timeout.

    Description: Too much time has passed without sending any data for document.

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Login issues? Mail problems?
    contact now (1)855 777 1707
    Yahoo Care.

  • samanthaf63

    You’re full of CRAP. When I called I got a message that this number was disonnected or no longer in service. Yahoo sucks – can receive but can’t send a single email.

  • Anna

    When files with russian names come to me and I download them, the names become a mess like”%89%filename*utf-8″ They even lose the file extention, word or xls. Tried on different browsers.

  • Looks like Yahoo mail is down. I haven’t received a new email in 3 hours and every time I try to open one it just spins. I am getting the technical issues error message. Says to try again later.

  • E Van

    Can’t send or receive, but somehow (I’d love to hear an explanation) SPAM is slipped through earlier. Past half-day now. Are you kidding me? Anything you install that causes an issue should be able to be immediately yanked out and restored to “before issue” status. Why is this not happening? Does anybody over there know anything at all about IT?

  • E Van

    If you don’t have the proper program software installed on your computer that the creator of the file has, the file cannot be downloaded and used. This has nothing to do with your mail provider.

  • E Van

    On the Yahoo Help Page, it specifically says if you see a phone number posted, it is not fact.

  • Fred

    Is the yahoo mail out of service?

  • Christine

    notifications n

  • Christine

    notifications not enabled in settings but keep coming up and ringing, driving me bananas

  • Pam

    Why does the login page have the word “trouble” spelled “trobule” when it asks if you’re having trouble signing in? Appears it could be a spam page

    Sign in

    Enter your email

    Stay signed in
    Trobule signing in?

  • Trish

    My version has changed and it tells me to update my browser version. I’m on IE 11. The new version is very hard to work with.

  • Darren

    Not able to login to yahoo mail again. What is happening YAHOO?

  • Andrew

    I try all my efforts to open my emails or compose one and all i get is nothing in return, Yahoo is a nightmare at the moment.

  • Kp

    Can’t delete old emails so in box out of control, then some new emails that I need disappear, has been going on for days… yahoo do you want people to go elsewhere?

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Yahoo Customer Care
    Contact Us 1 855 777 1707 (Toll Free Helpline.)

  • Mark

    Yahoo Mail Login is down for me, what is happening ow?

  • Simon

    I have Yahoo Mail problems, are the servers down again?

  • Lauren

    What is the point of the yahoo care twitter page when they do not let anyone now when they have an issue with its servers. I hear about them here first, maybe they should help you because you are helping.

  • Stephani M.

    My incoming mail is not showing. Haven’t had email in 3 days.

  • Since 10/11/2016 I’ve been unable to log in to Yahoo Mail, and also I cannot read news stories produced on Yahoo. The pages that appear look similar to the early days of the internet. No graphics whatsoever!

  • Gmail right now doing the same thing unresponsive

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Contact Us
    1 855 777 17O7 Toll Free Helpline.
    Get Instant Live Support Staff.

  • Angelo

    Yahoo account won’t allow sign-in. I get a “Sorry, we were unable to proceed with your request. Please try again” message

  • stace0401

    my yahoo mail keeps logging me out on my phone and then when I try to log back in it tells me my password is incorrect, but I can log into my yahoo mail on my laptop with the same password and get in just fine. I’ve had to change my password several times because of this. anyone know how I can stop this from happening?

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  • Sal

    Old emails not showing!!! Anyone else have this problem

  • Beth Brown

    When I click on a message to read it, i get a blank screen instead of the message. I can see that I have messages I just can’t read any of them. The problem exists with both my desktop and laptop but not my iphone.

  • Sandy

    I am unable to send Zix(encrypted mail) to anyone..I use it for work..

  • Paul Walker

    Yahoo Mail Customer Support Toll Free @ +1-888-746-8421

  • gdod25

    Message: Cannot get mail, the connection to the server failed

  • SVan58

    Message: Cannot get mail, the connection to the server failed

  • Yahoo Support

    Yahoo Mail Support 24 * 7 Call Toll Free @ +1-888-508-5401

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Yahoo Customer Care 1855 777 1707 Free Helpline

    Toll Free Helpline

    Contact Yahoo Support Staff
    -Login Issues
    -Password Reset
    -Mail Issues
    Helpdesk Support

  • Paul Davis

    Yahoo Mail Support 24 * 7 Call Toll Free @ +1-888-508-5401

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Yahoo Customer Care 1855 777 1707 Free Helpline

    Toll Free Helpline

    Contact Yahoo Support Staff

    -Login Issues

    -Password Reset

    -Mail Issues


  • Paul Davis

    Yahoo Customer Care @ +1844-551-3555 Toll Free

  • sparrow456

    Yahoo is saying my password in incorrect when it is the same password I have been using for the life of this account and it is stored on my computer so it pops up automatically. I tried over and over to sign in and now I’m blocked for 12 hours!

  • SoundMind

    Sorry to hear that, sparrow, hope it’s fixable. Mine’s okay.

  • sparrow456

    Hi SoundMind! Yeah, same problem today. Last night I tried those phone numbers people gave for help but didn’t get through. I’m about to try again.

  • Yahoo Mail

    Yahoo Mail Customer Care @ 1844-551-3555 Call Toll Free

  • Yahoo Mail

    Yahoo Mail Customer Care 1888-613-1444 Toll Free

  • Yahoo Mail

    Yahoo Mail Customer Care 1855-315-3657 Toll Free

  • Yahoo Support

    Yahoo Mail Technical Support +1-866-925-9112 Toll Free.

  • Shan naks

    I’m having trouble logging into my yahoo mail. I was just logged in all day and decided to log out to check other emails. And all of a sudden I can’t log into any of my accounts. I haven’t changed my password. What is going on?? Please help!! I tried all the options there is to getting into my account and nothing is working for me

  • Gwendolyn Chapman

    Mail is very slow to load and I get that pesky no internet connection icon even though my wi-fi is working just fine.

  • George Harris

    Cannot get mail on iPhone since Friday. What the hell is going on?

  • Grew Up in Akron

    I can’t send yahoo mail on either my iPhone or iPad. This just started today. Anyone else?

  • IsoTired

    Icons for Delete, Spam, etc are just shadows and not showing at all for Calendar, Newsfeed, Notepad, etc not showing at all in Yahoo Mail.

  • IsoTired

    Icons for Delete, Spam, etc are just shadows and icons for Calendar, Newsfeed, Notepad, etc are not showing at all in Yahoo Mail.

  • Discussed in Texas

    My inbox won’t load as of March 17th and I missed out on several employment opportunities because I was unable to respond to their correspondence. Obviously very upsetting. I have sent 5 emails to yahoo tech support and they have not attempted to responded whatsoever. Very annoyed!

  • Artemis

    I have forgotten my password for my yahoo mail. Please help to change password. It is with US link

  • dml

    Time to call it quits with yahoo. I can’t get into my mail, or anything else with yahoo. Think I will be using another carrier, gmail etc.

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Yahoo Customer care
    1855 777 1707
    Contact us.

  • kelly

    Temporary error: 2
    I cannot get into my Yahoo Mail?
    April 14, 2017…

  • myviews4you

    I pay for premium and my email keeps giving me error 19. This is happening very frequently.

  • Carol Fisher

    Unable to log into our Yahoo acct – States invalid password (I know it is correct).

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Contact Support
    Yahoo Customer care
    1855 777 1707

  • Jacque

    I’ve used my correct password then gave u Asked for a code, 3 times, and it still will not let me in. I think this is a MSWindows10 issue but don’t have a clue. I CAN access my mail with the IPad but not with my Dell computer running Windows.

  • Deidra Thompson

    I can not get in my Yahoo mail since June 1st

  • Max Andres

    says password invalid for email since the first

  • Alex

    Yahoo! Mail is down for me since today; no Yahoo Mail in Russia

  • Customer Service

    Contact us 185577717O7 Toll Free Helpline.

    Report us your problems

    Login issues

    Mail problems.

    24*7 Customer Service.

  • Jack Harry

    Yahoo Customer Care
    185577717O7 Toll Free Helpline

    Problem in login
    Mail issues
    Customer Service 24*7

  • Bryan Reed

    I can no longer access yahoo from my mac’s iMail, nor will quick books send out emails anymore. This started yesterday. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the Verizon buyout that completed on June 8. Anybody find a solution to this. I have the setting set to where it allows less secure sign ins from other apps. That’s one of the only solutions i could find but it was probably old. I disabled Avast antivirus, which worked previous to this problem…what’s the solution here!?

  • Sieglinde Proctor

    I have had the same email address forever. But in the past few months, I stopped getting a lot of my emails. People send, and I do not receive them. This has happened from my work, my bank, and others. I sat on the computer with my bank yesterday for a long time. He sent me four emails, and I only got two. They were not in my spam folder, either. My work pay stubs every other week were not coming through, and they said that they were sending them. I should be getting more emails in general, but every day I open it and most of the time there is nothing at all. This is highly unusual. And the mail (as in my examples) are not being returned to sender, which makes them think I am crazy. My real estate agent sent an email to me yesterday, which I did get, saying that she was changing to GMail because ever since the Verizon buyout, she has been having problems. I wrote her just now and asked her what kind of problems she is having, without telling her what my problems are. I don’t like GMail, even though I have an account. I also wish I knew how to have all emails sent to my Yahoo address to be forwarded to my new address, so I don’t have to keep checking two accounts.

  • Louisa Redman

    I can see my see emails, just can’t load them to read. This is getting old, too many frustrating problems, time to find a new email.

  • Dazual linda

    YAHOO MAIL Customer service.

    Customer Free Helpline l 855 – 777 – 17o7.

    @Email Recovery_

    @Email login Issue_

    @Can’t send & receive emails_

    @Other Problem_

  • Linda Wisniewski Kumler


  • Free Helpline +1855-777-1707.

    Email Problems Contact FREE Helpline now.

    Contact Customer care.

    There are other issues as well which are due to some technical errors at the user’s end which could be rectified performing some rectification steps on the device in which the Email account is being used.

    here issues are not just with #outlook email accounts, one can encounter these kind of problems with any Email account. There are some activities that should be performed on the device at least once a week in order to get the Email account working fluently. Occasionally it has been noticed that a user is not able to sign into the account and there could be various reasons behind. May be it’s the server or may be you are not using the correct credentials or may be even if you are using the correct credentials it’s not letting you in.

    Thank you.

  • kelly

    Thanks for helpline number.

  • Marcus D.

    Yahoo is completely inaccessible from Firefox for days now. I get the same screen every single time. Using Edge, I get that screen once, but on a reload I get my mail. However, mail is excruciatingly slow. I type relatively quickly, but the characters appear at about 1 second intervals. It takes thirty seconds to a minute for any e-mail to either load or be deleted. Two e-mails have completely disappeared after reading them in the last two weeks–and they are no where to be found. I do NOT have time for this. I have been using Yahoo Mail for years and I like the program, but this is intolerable. P.S. I have Charter High Speed Internet and I do not use a WiFi connection. I have cleared by caches–with no effect.

  • Joe Fortunato

    i have “frozen’ page problems with yahoo late at nite 12pm-2am normally every night. error says
    ‘page not responding’, then i have to “kill” and reload, and it may occur again and again after doing
    all this. look, life is too short to tolerate yahoo mail and its poor performance plus its insane ‘news’
    headers/’stories’. i suggest you go to gmail, i have alternate gmail accounnt, and NEVER have
    experienced a problem there, but ive had the yahoo account longer and most of my mail is sent
    there, but i’m changing that. sorry i dont have a fix for your problems, but getting a different mail
    acct would be the judicious move. yahoo is road kill.

  • JJ

    Been down since Friday evening around 5pm. Still not sending emails as of 10:30am Saturday 9/9/17.

  • Skye Clark

    Good grief. I thought it was just my email. I’ve had the same email with them forever as well! I sent an email from yahoo email to AOL and it never went thru last night. Still have random mail received but mostly none and that’s not the norm at all. I’m really fed up.

  • george benton harbor

    e-mails bounce back in Mailer-Daemon error 475 stating ‘suspicious activity on this account.’ Even e-mails to myself

  • Free Helpline +1-855-777-1707.

    Free Helpline and Support.

    Dear Customers
    There are other issues as well which are due to some Yahoo technical errors at the user’s end which could be rectified performing some rectification steps on the device in which the Email account is being used.
    here issues are not just with Yahoo email accounts, one can encounter these kind of problems with any Email account. There are some activities that should be performed on the device at least once a week in order to get the Email account working fluently. Occasionally it has been noticed that a user is not able to sign into the account and there could be various reasons behind. May be it’s the server or may be you are not using the correct credentials or may be even if you are using the correct credentials it’s not letting you in.

    Thank You

  • lan

    We appreciate your help Thanks

    Corrupt browser is one of the primary issues that might trigger signing in problems, Browser hijacking issues , cookies , caches or other issues might not let you sign in to your account, So in order to fix the issue, you need to go to the browser settings, check the option and clear all the cookies and cache.Once the cookies and cache has been cleared, you need to restart the browser and try signing into your account.
    If your computer or device is infected by virus, it may not let you sign into your account, so run virus scan to your and your computer. if you have founded any virus, malware and spyware there, simply remove it and reboot your computer, After running the scan, reboot your computer and try to sign in to your AOL account which might help you to sign in to your account.

  • Courtney Murff

    I’ve tried several times to get into my account but it keeps sending me to a page that says suspicious activity… And try to send a code to an email I no longer have access to and a number that doesn’t work. Is there any way to bypass this.

  • Sue Menolasino

    It shows I have unread messages in the column on the left, but they’re not always showing up in the list of emails.

  • Karla

    My yahoo Mail Login here in the UK is not working. I flew from USA here in LOndon for a holiday and not able to open my email account.

  • Nathan

    I have Yahoo Mail problems and not able to login to my account, yesterday when I was logged in I was not receiving any emails.

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Yahoo HeIpIine@…

  • Ry

    Can send and read emails, but to reply it takes forever to type in the message as there is a 20 second or so delay in what you type, vs when the words show up. Weird

  • KATB

    I can receive emails but cannot send. What’s wrong?

  • KATB

    Can receive emails but cannot send. What’s wrong?

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Yahoo HeIpIine…………..

  • Helpline +(1)855-777-1707

    Contact us for problem and issues.
    Free Helpline and Support Staff.
    Thank You.

  • Get Human

    Aol services are Up and running
    If problems are going on with you Contact AOL Support Staff @@disqus_2xVIdBV8sZ:disqus
    Thank You..

  • Get Human

    Yahoo Helpline Number @@disqus_2xVIdBV8sZ:disqus
    Free Helpline and Support Staff.

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Yahoo HeIpIine…………..

  • Jose de Barros

    down all over the UK – we ca t send emails from our Macs or iPhones or iPads….. get messages saying our passwords are incorrect when they aren’t — thousands have reported and it is so big that it has hit national newspapers …. YAHOO are crap.

  • Rose Tirino Martins

    On iMac stuck in outgoing mail flashes on and off. Iphone won’t send says password is incorrect.

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Yahoo HeIpIine…………..

  • Flippincute

    Three weeks ago I noticed problems w infrequently used laptop tablet. Told my account needrd updating. Tried to check psssword. Could not access link.
    So my droid has been fine. Till a few days ago when I noticed lag in synching.
    Lasy night atound 7pm a pip up appeared when clicking email icon
    Unable to sccrss account.
    Nevrr saw this brfore on ANY phone.
    Still there. Rebooting. Eiping out yemp chche good.
    WHat do I do?
    Need to access tbis account.
    Oh. If I hit Forgot password..the link dors not allow me to all necessary fields.
    This is a continuing nightmare.

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494


  • Ian W. Derrick

    I have lists of email addresses separated by commas. I use to be able to cut and paste these list into BCC and send the email. Now it only gives the first and last on the list.. Has something changed with YAHOO? Anyone else seen this problem? Anyone got any idea how to fix it?

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Get HeIp
    Regarding Email Hosting
    Could Base Hosting

  • Vinayak J

    None of my messages are being sent. All messages though visible in sent folder but not received on the other end.
    It gives a Prompt Unable to Load Draft.

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Get HeIp Email
    Regarding Email Hosting
    Could Base Hosting

  • L G

    that 800 585 2494 seems fake. just is a vm saying leave a message. Doesn’t even bother to say it is yahoo. anyone verify that that phone number is really yahoo ? anyone get a solution? Can’t access my email at all. Says error 15


    I can’t get in my yahoo mail every time I try to get in its like it’s loading and never loads keep going in a circle frustrating I tried to go to settings and still it’s the same

  • Rick Martin

    same thing with me in henderson, nv

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Get HeIp Email
    Regarding Email Hosting
    Could Base Hosting