Yahoo Messenger (Y!M) issues

Yahoo Messenger (Y!M) issues such as not being able to login, connection errors and not being able to chat, as well as not being able to send or receive messages do happen. The instant messaging service is wonderful when running smoothly, and because it is totally free it makes it a client well worth having.

When you download Yahoo Messenger being it for Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS X or Symbian you will need to use your generic “Yahoo ID” and sometimes login errors can occur, they have happened in the past and they will no doubt happen in the future and this is where Yahoo Messenger problems with connection comes into play impacting millions of users.

It was only last year in January Yahoo decided to add voice calls and video calling on iOS and Android. In the past when people have tried accessing Yahoo Messenger online they have been prompted with error codes such as code 100, 40402, 401 and many more.

Are you having any YM issues? If so please do provide your status update of problem and area you live.

Yahoo Messenger status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Yahoo Messenger is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Yahoo Messenger? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Allan

    I trying my hardest not to panic, but Yahoo Messenger will not stay open for me, it keeps on closing and i do not understand why. Is this happening to anyone else?

  • Matilda

    YM is not working on PC or mobile

  • Renato

    When I login to YM it is all ok for me, no problems at all.

  • Chas

    Does Yahoo actually know when its own service goes down or not working? Yahoo Messenger seems to be a little erratic at the moment, one minute it is up and running and the next it crashes.

  • Nick

    I cannot login to my Yahoo account, can anyone help me please as i am putting in all the right details and password etc.

  • Libby

    I am having issues with Yahoo Messenger on Mac 3.0.2 – Just seem to have issue signing in all the time. Even when i do get online i can see my friends but when trying to contact them it never goes through.

  • Candy

    I can make audio calls but video calls seem to be faulty. All I ever seem to get the last few days is audiocall not working or stopped.

  • chris

    im having issues with yahoo messenger getting duplicate message from others cant receive files or send photo share not working correctly

  • Lee

    I was in the middle of chatting with my brother using messenger and then all of a sudden when i started posting my message it was going across in the wrong order.

  • Ixit

    I am not able to upload pictures in yahoo messenger for last 10 days. It shows waiting to finish uploading attachment. But its not moving. While I can receive/see pics posted by others. how do i fix this? any ideas.