YouTube Not Working, Problems

When YouTube is not working you can bet your bottom dollar users will want somewhere to have there say. They may also want to share with others what their problem is or want a place to find information as to why the video sharing website and apps are down. If this is the case for you, then welcome to Is Down Right Now USA.

Is YouTube down for you? If you are having issues using this service on your computer/laptop, Smart TV, Android, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV etc please do share below what troubles you are having.

If you are experiencing problems then please do share what it is, what location you are in, the platform you are using and what web browser you are using if you are using one as this helps others decide if its individual or widespread issue.

Some of the main YouTube problems include not being able to login in to an account, videos not loading, slow when playing, crashing, not being able to upload videos etc, the worst case is when YouTube is completely down on all platforms.

YouTube status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if YouTube is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with YouTube? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Kyle

    Things seem to be a little better today, but yesterday June 22 YouTube went completely down with a 500 internal server error message on screen.

  • Prince

    I opened YouTube on My PS3 and it would not show anything, it was like the whole page was blank.

  • Arthur

    When ever I try to play a video it keeps freezing on me, i thought there was a major problem yesterday not today.

  • Harry

    Is YouTube still playing up for you? I have tried to upload a video for the last 3 hours and still not working, i am upload what i would normally upload but its problematic.

  • Marcus

    The YouTube website is working but the APP is down.

  • Alex

    My YouTube app on my iPhone 6s is saying there is no connection, looks like the app is down peeps.

  • Maxine

    The YouTube app is not working for me.

  • Youtube

    Youtube Customer Care 1888-613-1444 Toll Free

  • TheVidLab

    every time i go on youtube theres a little monkey carring a hammer

  • TheVidLab

    well maybe not every time, but when i try to play a video it says theres an error

  • Sasha Tchigirinski


  • Simon

    Not able to watch any videos, youtube is not working. Its down baby.

  • Kate

    When opening the main website or app the homepage opens fine, search is working OK too. But for some reason no videos re playing for me using either Firefox, Safari or App.

  • fosterpop

    down right now

  • ChainFeeds

    for me it is

  • Cpt Kirk

    Me too and I was even being productive and trying to lesson plan! 😉

  • ME 2

  • RubySnail StarEye

    yt isnt working for me lol

  • Olivia Q

    i was just about to watch the new jake paul episode

  • Shab Chique

    when will it be up?

  • RubySnail StarEye

    the shane dawnson one?

  • Randy

    Down for me also whats wrong

  • Shelby Wiesner

    i waS listening to music and it stopped working so upset

  • Emaline Wilson

    I was worried I had some how downloaded a computer virus but this is crazy youtube is actually down

  • Xavier


  • Xavier

    I think its back up bois

  • Xavier


  • holdittogether

    hey y’all anyone else having problems with this right now??

  • holdittogether

    me 3

  • Skylar


  • Tiff

    I think Youtube is down for sure. I played a video and got this weird error msg.

    An error has occured, please try again later (Playback ID: fjosG490X_SoBGx3)

  • S1lv3r1

    yeah wth?

  • Photon

    Don’t worry RedTube is still running

  • Jason VonIrsik

    No one I know has it working right now.

  • Jason VonIrsik

    What country

  • Cameron Morgan

    first off, we aren’t friends therefore we aren’t bois
    second off, why would you lie to me and everyone else, i condemn your actions
    forth off, you have minority disease

  • Jason VonIrsik

    Where you at

  • Jason VonIrsik

    What part of the world

  • Tetraman

    YouTube down on my PC, down on iPhone app. Tried to get outage report and get a “host error”: Error 502 Bad Gateway. Whoa!

  • Jerry Butler

    I was wondering if it was just my pc.

  • S1lv3r1

    anyone think YT is getting hit with the hack that facebook got a few weeks back?

  • holdittogether

    ok cool i’m not the only one

  • holdittogether


  • owowhatsthis

    aaa i dunno when it will be back, but everytime i tried to watch something it gave me some weird screen with a monkey and a huge line of code text

  • S1lv3r1

    just realized this website uses the same chat as hentaihaven……

  • Jarrett Jost

    now thats powerful

  • Leonila Darlucio

    Youtube doesn’t work as well here in the Philippines!
    ! Everything else works except Youtube.. this is bad! this error never happened before 10:03 am

  • S1lv3r1

    you suck XD

  • XxOblivionPhantomxX

    Down in Florida rip. Welp :p

  • Dayton Christofferson

    I got it to play a video, but then I paused the video and when I tried resuming it failed again. Their server may be overloaded.

  • S1lv3r1


  • S1lv3r1

    who wants to play a game to pass the time?

  • Sidney7

    We’re back everyone…USA.

  • Red Mob

    YT – deceased in NY black screen only – the Alien Agenda is real!
    UPDATE* search works – you get thumbnails of vids – but they wont play – everything has that evil error message

  • Lianna Singing-for-you

    I thought my phone wasn’t working at first

  • Lianna Singing-for-you

    I’m so pissed right now
    When is it going to come back

  • holdittogether

    west coast of the US!!

  • holdittogether

    not for me!!

  • Zolo Ziamonds

    I thought I was crazy for a second, Now I know everyone’s youtube is down 🙂 so im not the only crazy one :D!

  • Ch

    Down in Norway

  • Xavier

    Unable to see other videos and comment but can lisin and watch! So I say it’s fuckin back! Again it’s just me I think

  • SunderedSpark

    Johnstown, PA Down since I got home an hour ago. Wonder whats going on?

  • holdittogether

    apparently it’s down all over the world, don’t worry we’re all suffering together right now

  • patti

    Down still in Washington. Just get a back screen

  • Xavier

    I think it’s back up! I’m watching youtube!

  • holdittogether

    I think we’re back!!

  • Shab Chique

    yesss! Thank the Lord!

  • South Florida it came back around 10.00 pm Eastern time for me

  • fjohnst1 .

    not working right in Georgia, USA

  • Bobby

    And yet again YouTube is down again, this is just getting tiresome now. I am in Alabama East Central.

  • Carrey

    Using the YouTube app on Android and no ability to play in background. The adverts are all playing on premium. All was working fine yesterday but not today.

  • Susan Ford Keller

    Is youtube down today, June 2, 2019 in the US?

  • beuh

    Yeah, not working for me either. Same with google

  • Scott

    Youtube just went down.

  • Gregory Dvorkin

    Youtube is down. Google search, drive and gmail seems to be working, though slower than usual. I am in Staten Island, NY

  • Jody Blane Ballard

    YoutYou down in SE VA

  • Books

    well at least im not the only one

  • Christopher E. J. Cobb

    WTF!!!! Somebody at Google needs to be fired then sacrificed
    to the Internet Gods to appease their anger. This is the problem with having all our eggs in one dam basket.

  • Christopher E. J. Cobb

    What am I supposed to do now on a sunny Sunday? I guess I will try out that clean air thingy by actually stepping outside IRL.

  • Sabi – Chan

    Is anyone else having the error come up for them saying: “Error, Unable to log you in at this time. Please try again later” when you try to log into Gmail or some sort on the YouTube website? I’m from Maine, USA and it just shut down for me like 20 minutes ago… I’m using Google Chrome right now and I’m on PC.

  • Sabi – Chan

    YouTube is working!! At least it is for me anyway for now…

  • Sabi – Chan

    It’s still down for me some ugh!

  • Admin

    Yea it keeps asking me to Sign in and Analytics aren’t working..

  • Admin

    Yes. I’m having the same issue in Pennsylvania.

  • Admin

    Yea we need a REAL YouTube competitor!!!

  • Admin

    Yep. Exactly the same here.

  • Admin


  • Sabi – Chan


  • BigBroKnows

    The share link doesn’t work when trying to share to twitter, facebook, etc.

  • Larry Bloodworth

    YouTube has been down in Draper, Utah (SLC) for the last 6 hours as of 2:15pm Labor Day.

  • Mellfang

    YouTube is down in temple 2 38 pm

  • Haydon Smith

    Temple tx?

  • Haydon Smith

    Its down in tyler to

  • R Alonso

    YouTube is down Los Angeles CA 11:20AM

  • Gregg_Chmara

    YouTube down again in Tucson AZ on IMac, Safari. I say agaion as it went down last night in the middle of something and would not reload past 33 per cent bar in Safari. 8:20 p.m. 11/4 and 2 a.m. 11/3/19.

  • Tim Hofstetter

    Dead as a croaker.

  • Chez

    Gmail and YouTube down in tx

  • Sue Tom Sevitz

    Youtube is so large, it can’t fill the screen!!
    The words overlap and the youtube motto is just showing You very large

  • Youtube page comes up, but videos just keep buffering and loading and loading and never playing. It’s been like this for a couple days now on our laptop. We’re in MI. I’ve tried everything recommended to fix it, nothing works, even bought more data on my ISP.

  • Rockman Rock

    Youtube is buffering like crazy today. Probably the salty tears of Trump fans have rusted the gears.

  • TheLance3185 .

    Hee hee!

  • Deela

    Youtube keeps buffering. I think it’s the far left commies/socialists having a soirée. 7:30 PM, East Coast.

  • Draglorr

    youtube keeps buffering endlessly… sad!

  • Wafaringts

    Ok so its not just me?

  • Draglorr


  • Vv

    YouTube is down for me too right now :/

  • Steve

    Youtube totally down right now. Videos just won’t load

  • ???

    Rip youtube

  • Jim Mooney

    Youtube censors Americans. God censors Youtube.