YouTube Not Working, Problems

When YouTube is not working you can bet your bottom dollar users will want somewhere to have there say. They may also want to share with others what their problem is or want a place to find information as to why the video sharing website and apps are down. If this is the case for you, then welcome to Is Down Right Now USA.

Is YouTube down for you? If you are having issues using this service on your computer/laptop, Smart TV, Android, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV etc please do share below what troubles you are having.

If you are experiencing problems then please do share what it is, what location you are in, the platform you are using and what web browser you are using if you are using one as this helps others decide if its individual or widespread issue.

Some of the main YouTube problems include not being able to login in to an account, videos not loading, slow when playing, crashing, not being able to upload videos etc, the worst case is when YouTube is completely down on all platforms.

YouTube status reports for Tuesday 25th of September 2018

To find out if YouTube is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with YouTube? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Kyle

    Things seem to be a little better today, but yesterday June 22 YouTube went completely down with a 500 internal server error message on screen.

  • Prince

    I opened YouTube on My PS3 and it would not show anything, it was like the whole page was blank.

  • Arthur

    When ever I try to play a video it keeps freezing on me, i thought there was a major problem yesterday not today.

  • Harry

    Is YouTube still playing up for you? I have tried to upload a video for the last 3 hours and still not working, i am upload what i would normally upload but its problematic.

  • Marcus

    The YouTube website is working but the APP is down.

  • Alex

    My YouTube app on my iPhone 6s is saying there is no connection, looks like the app is down peeps.

  • Maxine

    The YouTube app is not working for me.

  • Youtube

    Youtube Customer Care 1888-613-1444 Toll Free

  • TheVidLab

    every time i go on youtube theres a little monkey carring a hammer

  • TheVidLab

    well maybe not every time, but when i try to play a video it says theres an error

  • Sasha Tchigirinski


  • Simon

    Not able to watch any videos, youtube is not working. Its down baby.

  • Kate

    When opening the main website or app the homepage opens fine, search is working OK too. But for some reason no videos re playing for me using either Firefox, Safari or App.