Yugioh Duel Links Server Maintenance or Problems

If you’re having Yugioh Duel Links problems of any kind such as a server outage, or wish to know when there is maintenance on then please do bookmark this page. Many issues do occur with this game such as game not downloading from the App Store or Google Play, server error 1 messages showing up when trying to login etc.

Now and then Konami will decide to switch on its staggering logins when its game is being overloaded during high usage times as this can prevent total server outages. Maybe you have had issues with no network connection, game crashing in the middle of a game or updates not installing.

Are you having Yugioh Duel Links problems? If the answer is yes please do report your status below, the name of your device and OS. You can also discuss anything else to do with the awesome online card game such as your favorite character, what challenges have not worked for you and more.

Yugioh Duel Links status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Yugioh Duel Links is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Yugioh Duel Links? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jamie

    I still cannot login to this game after getting the error 1 message, guess the staggered logins is still on.

  • Carlie

    Yugioh Duel Links is still down for me, I am in Texas.

  • Craig

    Staggered login is not good at all, I know the servers are getting smashed and they only want a certain amount to log on at one time but who do they choose that can get on?

  • Liston

    Arggghhhh error 1 problem still for the second day running.

  • Simon

    How long is the staggered login process going to be switched on for?

  • Yes

    Cant login with wifi connection, sad

  • Clint

    Yugioh Duel Links is just playing up yet again, I am getting the dreaded Server error -1 in Dallas.

  • Jiles

    server error no-1 in the netherlands, what is this error?

  • Marty

    I cannot login because of the because of error -1 popping up on my screen, I am in Indonesia.

  • ijkl

    Server error no -1 in SEA

  • abdulshemul

    server error no -1 in Europe. Meizu m2 note

  • Gnat887

    Server error no 1 usa

  • yes

    error no. -1, canada

  • Shidohari

    error no -1 USA

  • Leo Cesar

    Can’t install the game moto e² brazil in google play it says that i have no memory but i havê 900mb free space

  • Kriss

    I got Error No 1 again, this happens a lot lately.

  • Rayka EuOr

    Error en el servidor error no. 1

  • ThatOneDarkNut

    Error No. -1

  • Grant Williams

    Error No. -1

  • Dacian Cioc

    Got fixed now 🙂

  • Yugioh

    Server error no. 1

  • Gary

    Server error no.1 android galaxy s7

  • Anthony

    Server error Kyocera hydro wave staggering log ins been 2 hours still can’t enter game

  • Anthony

    Is this still occurring for u?

  • Moy

    No network connection error for at least 3 hours iPhone 5

  • Dante

    I can’t buy the discount packs in the game. My phone is an Elephone p8000

  • Marion

    I keep getting error 500, this is crazy.

  • Jamie

    Yep, servers are down with error 500, something to do with authentication error. Does anyone know how to fix it

  • Carlton

    The Yugioh Duel Links website is a little sporadic today as well, one minute its working next minute its not.

  • Niki R’ Van Kwartel

    Since i downloaded version 1.7.0 the last; i cant play screen stays black, you can only see the character down tonthe right and the lvl none of the menus work. Anyone help?

  • Allain

    I am getting Yugioh Duel Links error 501 each time i try to open the game.

  • Kessy

    This is getting on my nerves now, the last 2 weeks the game has been mainly rubbish to get on and play.

  • Mcslown

    Every time I do the card flipper campaign. An error persists and I have to restart the app. Even when i do restart the app the issue persists still after selecting a card.

  • Carlos Efrainx

    I have a very recurring error and I think that several users of the game we happen, happens that when we decide to play the world GX suddenly closes the application alone, and it is somewhat annoying to lose the duels alone for that, I would love a response and the solution to problem about everything as fast as possible (Galaxy Core 2)

    Atte: Efrain Islas

  • Jay

    When will the servers be back up and running in MST?

  • Brian

    I’m having problems with android. After a match it gets stuck on loading scene and I have to keep restarting app just for another match.

  • Greg Swanson

    Any reason you it’s down right now? It says due to surge in access we r currently staggering log ins to the game? What’s that mean?

  • Tricky

    Bad timing for an update… i woke up 10 min after it started…

  • Cordero Austin

    When will it be back on mst

  • Shasta Miller

    Is it down right now i cant get in and i restarted my internet and still cant get in

  • Mohan

    My game tells me to install the latest update but there’s no update out.

  • Gekko YT

    My game just will not open
    Device: Google Pixel 2
    OS: Android 9

  • Gekko YT

    I just wanna play my favorite game again

  • Tyler Andrus

    Me too, Google pixel 1

  • Brad Bertels

    My game won’t open after I updated it
    Device: Google pixel 2

  • Alex Logsdon

    I have a pixel 2 XL and it’s not working

  • Sam Mason

    Google pixel 2 not working

  • Angel Rodriguez

    Do anyone know when it will start working for the Google pixel XL 1? The app tries to open than just starts black and shut down… Ever since the update this game has not been working.

  • Gregor Fox

    same…XL pixel

  • Yassien Haddad

    Connection timed out .. pvp

  • Jall Kennedy

    Error Reboot . But keep given same error

  • William Dm Ross

    I got the same error

  • Juan S

    So during the epic yami yugi event I didnt get the master of magicians skill even though I beat him 20 times I dont know why this happend can someone help me?

  • Brent

    Me too I even tried contacting to Konami

  • Keith

    My game does not load games for crap! It loads me in and then when I click on someone to duel it stays on the load menu, I have even left my phone on all night and it still won’t load into the duel… Yes I’ve closed and opened the game (over 100 times)

  • Clyde Dawson

    Nearly two hours since maintenance was supposed to be over and it still says staggering logins. What’s the issue?

  • Clyde Dawson

    Also, I am a veteran player, but the device I had my account on last year was stolen and it was the only thing with my duel links account info on it, as far as I know. Is there some way to regain my old progress? Would really like to know, as I was a world championship qualifier last year and it was stolen before I could try to advance further.

  • amazingDino

    today’s maintenance was already over a while ago, but I’m still staggering on the login page.

  • eben wienke

    I can’t login because the terms of service doesn’t desplay correctly

  • Carlos Alberto Monroy

    hola alguien sabe si hoy konami esta en mantenimiento

  • namsu kun

    Been 2 days, cannot update. Uninstalled and try to install again, does not work. I have been playing this since years, and now this happens!!!

  • Jon

    I’m having the same exact problem. My game will not update. It has been down for 2 days

  • Allan John McKim

    I am having the same problem and I am using an android and it is not working on google play did you get it working yet

  • Jon

    It’s still wont update for me. Anyone else having problems.

  • Allan John McKim

    I am

  • Jon

    Have you found out why it’s doing this?

  • Justin Frey

    It won’t show the Konami screen.

  • namsu kun

    Halooo any update yet. Cant install ????!!!

  • Allan John McKim

    Been trying to find out just don’t know where to looks

  • Allan John McKim

    I know me either

  • Allan John McKim

    I just sent a thing to the companyto see if they can fix it

  • Jon

    It still wont install for me and it’s been about a month now. Is anyone still having this problem ?

  • Allan John McKim

    I am

  • Jon

    It sucks. I really miss playing this game. Konami needs to fix this already. I still cant install it

  • Jon

    I’m trying to play on a galaxy s8.

  • Daemon

    Cant Install duel links it been well over a month

  • Joseph Ocampo

    I always get the connection error whenever I click anything but as soon as I click retry it works fine for a minute and then stops working again. Been happening ever since the update. Please fix. Also I have a good stable internet. This is the only game which has the issue so it is not my device or my connection.

  • YaBoy

    If you are having trouble installing:
    Uninstall until you have more then 16GB free
    this worked for me
    (I also have a Galaxy S8 and this worked)
    (i cannot guarantee this will work don’t shoot the messenger)

  • Daemon

    I’ve tried everything it still wont install please fix it’s almost been two months and I’m missing limited time events

  • Hotpizzle69

    Mine is down ( after I installed update too)

  • Travis Bachand

    Just downloaded the update and now I’m having issues. Played for 30 minutes and I got kicked out of the game and cant sign back in. Same error screen keeps popping up

  • Rene F

    Same with mine

  • Sonny Shine

    Got booted in middle of pvp: Cardians RULE

  • Jerrad Bailey Thompson

    I was in game then it said error was has occured kicked me back to main screen now i cant log on keeps saying error occurs please reboot the game Ive done that 5 times now still.no.luck anyone else got this problem?

  • Matty Mo McKay

    Mine was working just fine up until a few minutes ago… now it keeps giving me the reboot option and wont open
    Is the google play account connected to my online ID? If I delete my app and re install will I lose everything?

  • Ivan Dejesus

    Emergency maintenance maybe.

  • Yamiscotch

    Now I’m getting a server maintenance message…mannnnn.

  • Nathaniel Stahl

    How long is it down you think

  • timdaferret mailman

    I sure do hope this maintenance thing finishes soon. The error freaked me out like, “No! Not my progress! I worked hard on my decks!”

  • Matty Mo McKay

    Oh thank god it’s just a maintenance thang
    Cant remember if I’m backed up
    Man if I lost this account I’d die

  • z

    i was kicked out too when will this maintenance process end ?

  • Grahm Polly


  • Yamiscotch

    Hope it’s soon. I was loving the new content.

  • Tony bigbee

    My game booted me and I went to look for my app and it was uninstalled so I redownload and it said something about maintenance, will this make me start over?

  • Nathaniel Stahl

    Right me to I uninstalled also thank god I have Konami acount so it’s backed up

  • Matty Mo McKay

    If you didnt back up yes

  • Tony bigbee

    Because if I have to start over I will have lost alot because I did spend my birthday money on the game. Wasnt alot just 17 dollars but still.

  • timdaferret mailman

    The first thing I’m gonna do is back up my account when Duel Links comes back online. Better safe than sorry.

  • Nathaniel Stahl

    Does anybody know when it’s going to be done

  • Bruce Eliot Somerville II

    Don’t they usually tell us when they’re going to perform server maintenance? This was kind of random and out the blue.

  • timdaferret mailman

    I got back in just now, but idk about anyone else.

  • Jolfr Anderson

    My game will not load. I open the app and it goes to a black screen. It started last night

  • Cameron vansanford

    The same thing is happening to me too

  • S0rA93

    Anyone having problems logging on today? Keeps telling me that there’s a problem with the game and if it keeps happening to restart. This keeps persisting and is making me a little upset.

  • Arsenio Berrenstein

    Lol what is up with the game.

  • Nefashu Blooded

    They should at least post updates on emergency maintenance on Facebook or Twitter or something.

  • Cyberninja

    Every time I play the app on my phone, the screen goes black when a character appears! It also freezes and closes sometimes! When will Konami fix these issues?

  • Kitty Kat

    Yellow rectangles just keep coming up and the screen stays black, I’ve uninstalled it and re-installed it but it still doesn’t work! What’s with this?!

  • Joseph

    The game completely froze after a duel with an ai and now refuses to load to the main menu screen so i can log back in

  • sup

    the game is back on and working again!!!